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Alola! Pokémon Sun and Moon are officially released today!


One year x

Thank you for coming back, TLSP <3


“One of my favorite Beckett quotes is, 
“Ever tried. Ever failed.
No matter. Try again.
Fail again. Fail better.”

…so that’s the goal today. You’re gonna fail, I’ve failed a million times. Our goal is to fail, because only through failure can you know what success is.”
(–Alberto Rosende, via instagram live)

good morning sunshine 🌻

  • Stuff that has been said while I have been shopping with my friends.
  • *
  • Noctis: *in a Hot Topic* It's so edgy, dark and angst, I'm finally home.
  • *
  • Gladiolus: *holding a candle* The scent is called warm home.
  • Prompto: Wonder what that smells like.
  • Deafening silence
  • Noctis: you need to talk to someone? Maybe Ignis.
  • *
  • Prompto: Can we go to Ikea?
  • Ignis: Will anyone get into a fist fight?
  • Gladiolus: I... can't make any promises. Something about all those hard to pronounce names and the meatballs just set a guy off.
  • *
  • Me: Here hold this. *handing over like 5 lotions and sprays*
  • Ignis: Can't you get a bag, the lady offered you one.
  • Me: NO! If I have a bag it means I buy more! So I have to hold it so I don't buy as much.
  • *
  • Ignis: So Noctis do you prefer the Black or Navy tye?
  • Noctis: Gonna level with you, Specs, both are horrible and which ever one you buy, I'm either gonna throw in my closet never to be seen again, or bring it back and buy this one that lights up.
  • Ignis: So the Black one?
  • *
  • Prompto: I accidentally picked up a pair of yoga pants while trying on pants. I love the ass confidence it gave me, but hated the lack of pockets.
  • *
  • Gladiolus: *holding two Lush bars* I like the way this one smells, but this one makes me feel warm inside.
  • *
  • Ignis: I'm very upset, I have to physically say, "No dabbing at the table."
  • *
  • Noctis: I am a grown ass man.
  • Worker: What can I get you today?
  • Noctis: Yes, can I get a swirl cone just covered in rainbow sprinkles. Need some happiness on the inside.
  • *
  • Gladiolus: Why do you two smell so fruity?
  • Prompto: Trying the new scents in the store.
  • Noctis: I really like the dragon fruit one.
  • Me: I told you two to spray on the paper!
  • Ignis: You're not getting in the car smelling like that.
  • *
  • Prompto: Why do they keep getting rid of all the stores I like. Oh hey it's a candy store now, this is better.
  • *
  • Me: Can you hold my purse while I go to the bathroom?
  • Prompto: It's a stuffed carrot.
  • Me: Yeah, so.
  • Prompto: I have wanted to do nothing more all day!
  • *
  • Worker: Yes, this is our new scent Thousand wishes.
  • Galdiolus: *Sniffs paper* This doesn't smell like thousand island dressing.
  • *
  • Ignis: Please don't dance next to me.
  • *
  • Ravus: *Putting a bathbomb w/ my purchase* Don't say anything and hand it to me when I get out the car. I'll pay you back.

While I agree “leaked” was the wrong term to use can people please stop laughing and rolling their eyes at Liam’s tweet. A tweet where he’s again apologizing for something that’s not his fault. This wasn’t a scheme to try and draw more views, this was someone messing up and Liam’s video release being tainted. Liam’s previously said how much he hates when things leak and the fact that he had an entire event basically focused around the video drop that’s now already been released should tell you this was unintentional. So please stop with the “lol okay Liam” rhetoric and maybe try sympathy for once.

anonymous asked:

So does fandom still think there is a 4th ep? I've been feeling pretty down about it today :( just seeing how busy BC is gonna be coming up and knowing Martin is busy too and knowing how shitty they left us it's like someone died. Or up and walked of of your life never to return. I'm trying to be hopeful but it feels odd like they all of them are quietly moving on from this mess. The sheer silence from the Sherlock camp/actors isn't helping either. I'm just so bummed again. Help me believe lol

Hi Nonny!

I actually answered a similar post here the other day. In a nutshell, yes, I am still holding out hope until March 8 at the very least for some sort of news, but for me, everyone’s complete silence about the series is WHY I am suspicious about there possibly being another episode. Plus the COMPLETE 180˚ in TFP from the 12-episode narrative that was being told just doesn’t make any sense to me AT ALL. And there’s all the IN-CANON hints given in S4 and TAB, during setlock (with the Back to Back pics and the Mary and Molly in different wigs AND scenes filmed that we haven’t seen), AND MOFFAT actually being the one to START THE RUMOUR, NOT US. Also some other interesting coincidences have popped up (for instance, Benjamin Caron, director for TFP, once directed a special for illusionist Derren Brown, who is a very close friend of Gatiss… Some speculate that Brown is actually WAY more involved in the series than we intially thought, possibly helping Mark come up with a long game plan. I’ve seen speculation that his appearance in TEH may be a clue to this). 

If there is a secret episode, it is already done, so don’t worry about Ben and Martin not being able to “film” it. We believe that the Secret Episode contains alternate versions of scenes from S4 and from previous seasons’ filming, since we know for a fact that S3 ALONE has at least 3 hours’ extra film. And, as I mentioned above, there were many scenes that were filmed during setlock and we never actually saw in any of the three episodes. So there’s that taken care of.

Personally, everyone’s silence about everything is why I’m really suspicious; it’s fortunate both Martin and Ben had other engagements immediately after S4 aired, so it explains why they’re generally silent about it all. But Mofftiss are really… blasé about S4, almost acting like it WASN’T critically panned or not talking about it at all. This is why many think it was a purposeful thing, and why people think that they’re trying to recreate the outrage of ACD’s time when he killed off his Holmes in The Final Problem – essentially, Mofftiss killed off their “Sherlock” with the Final Problem, and it generated outrage and demands to fix it. Piss poor planning, if this is the case in my opinion, since I don’t think they were thinking about how much it would hurt their fans, but I digress.

ALL that said, Nonny, do not – DO NOT – feel obligated to HAVE to feel good about how it was left off. You have every right to be upset and bummed. There’s a ridiculously good chance that there IS NO secret episode… it’s not officially confirmed and its very existence is all based on speculation and rumour. If you aren’t able to have your heart broken again, THAT’S OKAY. IT IS OKAY TO BE SKEPTICAL ABOUT IT. In fact, we ALL should have a healthy skepticism; part of proving a theory is to be skeptical about its existence so you can openly find proof without bias. I would hate for you to be bummed again if it turns out that the special isn’t real. You are more important than this show. <3 But I do hope that I have made you feel a little bit better.

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Im the person who submitted about our cart guy going missing, today is day 2 and apparently he fell off the roof of the building near the park. He may have been shot and pushed, there was rumor of a bullet wound. My friend is feeling guilty for not texting back sooner and i feel terrible for her. The few of us at work that know were trying not to cry today and the store is officially going to tell everyone on Monday. I work on Monday and i know I'm gonna be even sadder then than i am now.

(Also about the cart guy being MIA, I’m sorry I’m scatterbrained right now, this doesn’t have to be posted with the other, again I’m sorry.) Apparently a person who used to work for our store just went missing as well so none of us know whats going on with that and if its a coincidence or not.


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humbly requesting domestic fluff for Lev bringing his super short s/o home to meet the family please!! (I mean obvs everyone is gonna be shorter than Lev but I'm thinking 5ft? so even shorter than Hinata, v tiny!)

Sure thing! Gonna try answering requests off of my phone again to see if it sends through! I’ll edit when I get back from Florida!

Originally posted by noyamilk

  • “(Y/n)-chan! You get to meet my family today!”
  • You were slightly nervous to meet Lev’s family. Mainly bc you worried that they wouldn’t like you.
  • It was quite the opposite, they loved you! 
  • His family thought that you were the absolute cutest! They couldn’t believe how short you were!
  • When you walked in, his parents practically screamed. (Screamed bc of how adorable you are AWE)
  • His sister felt the need to take you under her “wing.” She couldn’t stop talking your ear off, gave you advice, and asked you all kinda of questions. 
  • Lev’s parents were in the process of making you a special dinner but weren’t finished so you offered to help. 
  • They didn’t want you to help, since you were the guest, but you insisted! Unfortunately though, you had a hard time reaching for anything. Their cabinets were too high for you!!
  • His parents gave you nicknames such as: Shorty, Short Stack, Small Fry, and a series of other names that involved your height. 
  • You could see where Lev got his personality from. He acted just like his parents, lively and kind!
  • Overall, his parents thought you were very sweet and couldn’t wait to see you again soon!

Thanks for requesting!

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i'm offended no one has asked about deano, and if someone already asked deano, then fred's fav boy finn

javi,,, i was dreading this ask bc i truly wasn’t prepared to write an essay on dean ambrose today. i probably shouldn’t have put this off bc now i’m tired from writing the other so…i’m gonna try to keep this short /:

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Journal Entry #193

Aranea was at Tenebrae when we got there, helping refugees. Apparently she’s left the Empire. Not really sure how I feel about Noct asking her to look for Prompto.

And Iris called. It was nice to hear how the cats are doing, even if she has shitty timing.

…I didn’t tell her about Prompto.

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Do you think Jimin is okay? He posted something in the fancafe about feeling weird and confused about the BBMAs. I know he was nervous and probably felt uncomfortable because of not knowing what anyone was saying but I'm really worried about him. :/

probably weird like surreal? i’m sure that he’s okay and that it’s just an overwhelming experience. they all seemed really happy and then he went on to say how it’s a pity they didnt perform lol

Anonymous said:JIMIN WITH DARK HAIR AGAIN IM SO AAAAHHHH! And look at him, he is gleaming, he looks so handsome *Q* also he shoots sparkels with his eyes and his smile is extra fine today, i caaaannnttt! *sorrytobother*

fklsjdf you arent bothering me! and YESSS the color and cut right now reminds me of how it was cut for the butterfly exhibit, I LOVE IT. 

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emily you're so cute and transparent sjdjdndjd I'm watching ur story and I laughed real hard at you trying to be subtle taking pictures of your crush bc (or partially bc) you knew people would ask what he looks like so it's just him w u peakin in the corner it's cute I hope things go well w you two it looks like you had fun ❤️ y'all are cute or whatever ig

ahsjdkd he’s so cute and i like him a lot :( today was so much fun and i’m seeing him again tomorrow (this time it’s just gonna be the two of us)

I swear I'm gonna get in trouble for this one day...

So I’ve started a new job and the Chip Reader for cards is pretty wonky customers have to like shove their cards up that slot or it won’t process and I keep making accidental sexual comments about it like
“Yeah try that again please, just shove the card all the way up the slot”
“Oh don’t be gentle with the card just be little more rough or the card won’t process”
“Reinsert the card a little harder please”
“Yeah the chip reader likes it rough”

I am mortified that I said that last one today I gotta stop before a customer complains about my comments and most of this instead intentionally meant to be sexual but gosh darn that chip reader you have to really be tough with the card or it won’t process :/

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Hi there! I recently discovered the world of fan fiction and I've been hooked to all of your writing! What I love is how you're style has evolved and gotten refined over time. It's lovely to see. My favourite story is 'Silencio' - and then I read the sequel and realized it's not complete. I was just wondering if it is abandoned? Not sure if you get this question a lot- and my sincerest apologies if I upset you by asking. Thank you for taking the time to bring alive the Harry Potter series again!

It is not abandoned. I am in Camp NaNoWriMo, sharing a “cabin” with a bunch of other HP fanfic authors, and just today I managed to finish first draft of the next chapter. It’s about 11k words, so may try to cut some off during edits. :)