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the struggles of waiting for 5vixx to come visit him 

You’re allowed to still enjoy problematic things/people as long as you acknowledge it and don’t try to defend the problematic actions


Do y'all see what happens with girl groups and how neglected they are by their companies. there are hundreds of boy groups out there with the same old recycled concepts who have one hit song and lift their shirt once and get thousands of fans yet girl groups work so hard (even twice as hard) and get multiple hits and shows us real talent but people listen to their songs but don’t actually support them and then they get tossed to the side until they finally disband. so please start actively supporting girl groups, love their sexy concepts, love the cute concepts as well because god forbid we lose more of these legendary groups.

[fic] An S&P-Approved Tentacle Encounter

(Shows up one week late having drunk all the Starbucks herself)

Stanchez, 1408 words, warning for crack, some mature language and one really suggestive situation

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BTS THEORY: RapMon is a Fortune Teller?

So from bts confusing us yet again with their wings teasers, I have come up with an interesting conclusion.

We have debated which of the members have passed, agreeing that it was everyone but Jin.

The truth is, Namjoon didn’t die, did he?

All we know is that he worked at that gas station. We came up with a hypothesis saying that Namjoon probably died from an explosion from working at the gas station, but what if he didn’t?

What if he knew everything that was going to happen, he foreshadowed it all?

Back in danger Era (yes this goes all the way back) the shirts they wore are from the book Demian. And we all know the one person who read that book.

We claimed that he was behind the thought of this, that all these ideas came from the book, which is true if you have read it.

But as leader of the group, he thought he could divert our attention by putting Jin and V as the “main characters” of the MV’S, focusing more on the other members rather than himself (Thus the reason we don’t have a conclusion as to how he died) but in reality, it was him as the main character the whole time.

In the prologue, Namjoon wrote “You need to survive” on the mirror, mentally meaning it to be for V. But what if he wrote that because he knew what was going to happen in the future if V didn’t survive? That he knew everything was going to go downhill from there. He knew that all the members were going to go through a drastic change because of it.

This makes sense because in I Need U, it shows the various ways of how the members died. All except for Namjoon that is.

Now, in the Japanese Run MV, you can see Namjoon in the telephone booth when it shows his solo parts

(Btw, just a little sidetrack, have you guys noticed how much glass/broken glass they incorporate in the MV’S, I’m spooked)


What if Namjoon was stuck in his own Realm? Like you know how in shows, people from the future go back to the past to try and stop/save something from happening? It’s kind of like that. Which brings me to V’s wings short film.

He wanted to make a call, deciding to call his hyung (aka Namjoon) he did this twice. Once in wings, and once in the prologue.

Namjoon, in wings, seemed to be trapped in a maze of glass and mirrors when he awoke from his trance of drinking.

We can see all the glass shattering as the phone starts ringing in the background, calling him, causing him to run because this was his only way back to the “real world.”

But when he shows up, the booth is locked, indicating that he can’t go back, he can’t answer that call, it was too late for him, all of his friends were already dead and he couldn’t save them.

Namjoon’s song in his short film was just “I wish I could love myself” being repeated over and over. So maybe he wishes he could still love himself even after everything he did to his friends.

At the end of Namjoon’s wings short film, he leans against the booth as the words “Liar” appears on the side of it.

Now this goes two ways.

V lied to Namjoon because he didn’t survive and caused this all in the first place, which is why RapMon is still alive and doesn’t seem to care as much, having the attitude of “I told you so”.

This indicates Taehyung’s feelings. His hyung who was always supposed to be there for him, was in fact, not there. So Namjoon lied to him.

So this leads me to thinking that This is the actual prologue, that this is what made everything start in the first place. This relationship is what made V go “crazy”

In the Japanese Run MV, I paused at the time where on the wall, it said, “Won’t trust, can’t trust, don’t trust”

Everything V was writing on the walls, was all his feelings, like

“Save me from myself” and “Youth is never coming back” (Hence Namjoon wanting to go back to stop all of this) 

and leaded to V and the stabbing of his father, his own suicide, and the deaths of the other members.

That one phone call was what could have made everything all better, only if Namjoon could answer it.

Now, it is true Jin is a main character and that everything with the other theories are relevant here, but what if Namjoon was never actually there, only in mind.

What if he didn’t even exist in that world anymore

This is just an insignificantly significant reminder that I love and respect Kim Seokjin in his entirety, everything he’s done for Bangtan, and the way he carries himself as a human being for both ARMYs and anyone around him.


So for the cast leaving project i tried to draw Noma. I know it’s far away from perfect (oh i always hate my art xD) but i hope she will like it <3 I just love this woman so much and i just want to show her how much her Hermione means to me (although there are properly better ways than drawing crappy fanart of her beautiful face, but well). As much as i love her hair, boi it’s hard to draw!

Still have to think of something for the other cast members, not sure yet what i want to do…

pledis is putting nu’est on produce 101? no offence @ pledis but if it wasn’t for your poor management skills then nu’est wouldn’t be in this position.

Why is Booklr dead? A question of interactivity within the community

I’ve seen so many posts complaining about how booklr is dead and there’s no one on it anymore, yet I rarely see posts about what we can all do to improve Booklr’s dying state. Well first, let’s answer that question. Why is booklr dead/dying?

My answer: passive consumption of user-generated content. The book community is amazing because of the amazing discussions we get to have with one another. So many members of this community continuously contribute creative ideas and content. People write fanfiction & headcanons, create moodboards & aesthetics, draw/paint fanart, etc. While we can appreciate those creations, I think there’s not enough conversations going on (or there are but they’re highly exclusive). We don’t talk to each other!

( Of course there’s other factors as to why people are leaving, namely harassment and bullying (don’t even bother talking to me if you’re doing to equate proper critiquing of literature to bullying because no). This is a highly nuanced problem that can’t be solved easily because despite our own best interests, there will be people out there who choose to do ugly things. But that’s for another post. )

Booklr is dead because we just reblog what we happen to think is pretty and would go with a certain theme. We think far too much in terms of aesthetics (which isn’t a bad thing, I love pretty things). However, if we really want to keep this community going, we need to talk to each other more! And not just sending anon asks to the Big Blogs™. This includes reblogging & responding someone’s post whenever they ask questions or whenever they talk about something you think is interesting. What about answering questions whenever someone puts it in their captions of pictures? Community means interaction! Let’s start talking to each other again.

We also place such a high value in creating the perfect content. In reality, any form of interaction suffices. You don’t have to post the most captivating pictures to be part of this community, you don’t have to make edits or write an entire novel of headcanons. Our blogs are personal, but why is our content so depersonalized?

We think too much in terms of numbers. Community isn’t about who has the most followers. The blogs with the most followers tend to also have really depersonalized blogs, and I often find myself continuously seeking better blogs to follow. Sometimes your favorite blog maybe that person with 75 followers. It’s not about that number, it’s about their presence and how and what they contribute to the community. Big Blogs™ aren’t and shouldn’t be intimidating, either. They’re just people like us. There’s literally no rules set in stone with who you can and cannot interact. Just jump in on a post and start talking! Or send asks without being prompted. Take initiative, my dudes.

Booklr will continue to die if all we ever will do is complain that it’s dying. We gotta make an effort, y'all. If you want people to post things, you gotta start because no one else will. In the famous words of Shia LaBeouf “JUST DO IT!”

So I’ve always been curious about something. Does anyone know if any of the SEVENTEEN members need to wear glasses or contacts on a daily basis? 

I refuse to believe that 13 boys who grew up in the 21st century and clearly love to game/watch TV shows do not have some degree of short sightedness 😂

10 bias tag

tagged by @kongflower & @cha-inyeon (thank you! ♡ sorry this took so long)

1. Hakyeon (VIXX)

2. Ken (VIXX)

3. Ravi (VIXX)

4. Hongbin (VIXX)

5. Hyuk (VIXX)

6. Leo (VIXX)

7. Taehyung (BTS)

8. Sana (TWICE)

9. Hoshi (SEVENTEEN)

10. Sungmin (SPEED) even though it’s disbanded shh

I haven’t gotten into a lot of groups yet cause I’m lazy shame on me, so I just put all the VIXX members. Although Hakyeon is my ultimate bias, in actuality, they’re all my bias LMAO so it works I guess…?

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“So Oikawa, when are you gonna ask Iwaizumi out?” Makki asked for the third time this practice. 

“I told you I’m getting there!” Oikawa shouted, loud enough that nearby team members whipped their heads in his direction. Oikawa quickly lowered his voice. “It’s not that simple Makki! Besides you’re one to talk, you haven’t even asked Mattsun out yet.”

Hanamaki put his hand on his chin and contemplated this for a brief second before turning towards Matsukawa - who was on the complete opposite end of the gym - and shouted. “Hey Matsun! Do you want to go out with me?!    

 “Yeah sure,” Matsukawa replied, looking only slightly surprised but otherwise unfazed.

“and that’s how it’s done,” Makki nudged Oikawa’s arm with his elbow and walked away, grinning smugly.

Oikawa stared at him wide eyed in disbelief and whispered to himself, “….How.”       


Secrets - @meflashfanwork

Every so often, Ririka Shepard buys a cake. She cuts it, takes two slices for herself, and the rest goes to whoever wants a piece – first come, first serve. One piece is eaten with the crew and squad, and she takes the other piece up to her cabin.

Everyone just assumes Shepard likes cake (which isn’t wrong) and she’s saving the second piece for later, but she tries to buy a cake on or around the birthdays of her family members, who all died in the 2170 Mindoir raid. The second slice is for the person having the birthday.

Eventually, she buys cake for fallen squad members too.