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  • Aries: "let's overthrow the palace and cut all their heads off!" said robespierre, cutting everybody's heads off until someone eventually got mad and cut his head off.
  • you could make a rel— no, don't.
  • Taurus: now the animals can go on land. come on, animals, let's go on land! "nope, can't walk yet. and there's no food yet, so I don't care"
  • Gemini: tired of using lame, sad metal? introducing: bronze. made from special ingredient tin from the far lands of Tin Land. i dunno, my dealer won't tell me where he gets it.
  • Cancer: get the hell out of here. will you get the hell out of here if i give you 500 elephants? okay, thanks, bye
  • Leo: ♫the sun is a deadly laser♫
  • Virgo: some people have no friends. some people have no food. the globe is warming, and ♫the ocean is full of plastic!♫
  • Libra: hi, i'm a member of the roman empire, and i was wondering ♫is loving jesus legal yet?♫
  • Scorpio: "Wait!" said christopher columbus, probably smoking crack. "if the world is round, let's go this way to india"
  • Sagittarius: who's the buddha? this guy, who sat under a tree for so long that he figured out how to ignore the fact that we're all dying. you could make a religion out of this.
  • Capricorn: oh, fuck, now everything's dead
  • Aquarius: some stars burn out and die. bigger stars burn out and die with passion! and make some brand new way crazier shit. ♫space dust!♫ which allows for newer and more interesting stars to be made, and then die and explode into ♫even crazier space dust!♫
  • Pisces: hi, you're on a rock floating in space. pretty cool, huh? some of it's water. fuck it. actually, most of it's water. i can't even get from here to there without buying a boat. it's sad. i'm sad. i miss you.
“Niall is the straightest member of 1D”

No one is probably gonna read this but I’m writing it anyways because I feel like it’s important to talk about, and no one really did before. 

From the moment I joined the 1d fandom (2012) Niall was referred to as the captain of the Larry ship, and later the captain of the Ziam ship as well. A big portion of this fandom saw him as the guy who was secretly outing his best mates by sending ‘signs’ or just simply standing in the middle of them. He was the biggest ally to them but also the only straight member of the band. These people didn’t just call him ‘straight’, no, they called him ‘the straightest’. They based this all on stereotypes because Niall loves beer, sports and the way he dresses is TOTALLY straight. 

This isn’t some post about proving how ‘not straight’ Niall is, this is a post that explains how wrong and disgusting it is that people gave him this role in the band. 

First of all, let me start off by saying Niall NEVER stated his sexuality, he never even talked about it on any public occasion. Which means if you think Niall is straight, you’re basing it on nothing but stereotypes. If you’re basing it on the fact that he’s dated women, I’d like to congratulate you on your bi/pan erasure. 

Second, Niall goes around calling men attractive, hot, sexy, you name a compliment and Niall probably gave it to a guy. Not to mention he’s very cuddly and touchy with other men as well. Now I’m not saying this means anything for his sexuality, he could be straight and still be like this. However, when Harry (or any of the other boys, but Harry is the most similar to Niall in this) gives a guy a compliment about his looks, or when he’s close with another man people freak out because this OBVIOUSLY means he’s gay. (Spoiler alert: it doesn’t.)

Third, Niall has shown his support for the LGBT+ community on multiple occasions but this is usually swept under the rug because most people don’t CARE!! Just recently Niall wore rainbow socks that are literally called ‘pride socks’ on the Happy Socks website and the description says ‘wear to show your support for the lgbt+ community.’ He did this in a country where homosexuality was recently ruled as a disease and yet barely any of these people commented on it, and if they did it was often something like ‘okay but rainbows don’t always stand for lgbt+ pride… :/’ or they see it as proof he’s ‘SUCH an ally, he really wants Larry and Ziam out!!’ AND YET these same people flipped shit when Harry grabbed a random rainbow mug (that didn’t even have the right colours) in the DMD video. And don’t get me wrong, I think Harry is amazing for all the support he gave the lgbt+ community, and I think the stuff he’s doing with the pride flags at his concert is great but there’s a reason people started taking these pride flags to Harry’s concert, and never took one to Niall’s. Why are you assuming if a pride flag was thrown on stage during Niall’s gig he wouldn’t take it? 

And last, people are often analyzing the songs Harry, Louis, Liam and Zayn wrote to see if their could be a hint of why that song is a gay anthem. They talk about it for YEARS on end when a song doesn’t have pronouns (or no she pronouns) While the biggest percentage of Niall’s album has NO pronouns and no one cares? He might have done this without even thinking about it, and once again I’m not saying we SHOULD be analyzing his lyrics, but the double standards are insane. It’s not even just in lyrics, when Harry uses ‘them’ pronouns while talking people go: “NO STRAIGHT MAN EVER DID THIS” but Niall is talking about ‘someone’ and ‘them’ instead of a girl all the time. And when asked about what This Town was about he said (quote): “It’s basically about when you had a girl or a guy you dated when you were like 12, but when you go home you bump in to them everywhere.” could you IMAGINE the hundreds of posts being made about this if it was any of the other boys who said this? Yet, when it’s Niall no one gives it a second thought. 

I’m really sorry about this long post but this had been bothering me for a long time. Niall is NOT the straightest member of 1d, Niall’s sexuality is unknown and remains unknown until he decides to speak up about it. Niall deserves so much more love for the things he does and he doesn’t deserve to be used to prop up  a ship. 


the struggles of waiting for 5vixx to come visit him 

There’s literally NO downside to stanning B1A4.
It doesn’t exist.
B1A4 is solely good things.

  1. Music is A+
  2. They produce and write most of it (these days pretty much all of it) themselves
  3. They have one of THE most skilled vocals in the entire industry and generally very unique vocal tones
  4. They have zero dance skills and it’s hilarious and adorable
  5. Hilarious and adorable is actually like the general mood
  6. soft af
  7. Have extremely strong visuals
  8. Actively sabotage Sandeuls diet and like three of the five members are either broad or chubby and everyone supports this concept
  9. Some of them have really quite dark skin and they have never shown any colorist behaviour towards them
  10. They and the fandom spend money on charity
  11. Even during hiatus they can be seen on tons of shows as guests or MCs
  12. They have skilled actors among them and can be seen in dramas or in musicals and that’s hella cool
  13. They’re from a small and not super well known company and yet they achieved SO MUCH
  14. Support their smol sister group Oh my Girl and it’s cute
  15. Unique and VERY beautiful concepts
  16. These very awful 2012 concepts which are also amazing
  17. Around for like 7 years and still have all their members together and win on music shows and have a good time
  18. idk just stan B1A4 they are really kind and like pure happiness what can I say just DO It

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You’re allowed to still enjoy problematic things/people as long as you acknowledge it and don’t try to defend the problematic actions

And honestly I am salty becuase I know xingmis like me, will support the comeback despite the absence of our bias, yet some of the stans of the other members and exo as a whole won’t support Yixing’s solo career at all. The vast differences between the YouTube views of EXOS videos and even cbx’s music videos compared to yixings are large.

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Do you happen to know much about Honduran fruit bats? I'm having a hard time finding info on them since they're so tough to come across, and when I do it seems to always be a different bat mistaken for one because of white fur. I'm especially perplexed by their faces, they're built like they're meant to echolocate, even though they EXCLUSIVELY eat fruit, yet STILL only hunt for food at night?. They're very weird little guys

Honduran white bats are members of the bat family Phyllostomatidae, the New World leaf-nosed bats- which you can tell by the leaf-shape on their nose. And you’re right, they do echolocate.

In fact, many fruit-eating bats still need to echolocate, because even though they may not need to use it to hunt (though some fruit-eaters may still nab a bug when they spot one) they still need to navigate through the darkness.

Why would a fruit-eater only come out at night? Well, for many reasons. There’s less competition at night, for starters- most primates and birds have gone to sleep. This means there are also fewer flying predators like hawks. It’s also cooler at night, which can prevent a flying mammal that’s working its metabolism to the limit from overheating.

Many plant species accommodate nocturnal customers by adding things like leaves or flowers that reflect sound in a certain way when fruit, nectar, or pollen is available. They also put out stronger smells that lure in the bats. (One species of pitcher plant uses sound reflection to invite insectivorous bats to come poop in it.) So being diurnal is in now way a prerequisite if you want to eat fruit- I myself enjoy a good late night banana.

I would bet that the white-furred bats people keep mistaking for Honduran white bats are Northern ghost bats, which belong to a totally different family. Easiest way to tell them apart is that ghost bats have no leaf on their nose and instead look like grumpy little goblins.

Maybe people also mistake yellow-winged bats for them (again, from a completely different family) or desert long-eared bats or even ghost false vampire bats, but I think the differences there are more obvious unless you’re really unfamiliar with bats in general.

Also, if you see a bat that looks like this… it’s not a real bat, it’s a pin made by CreturFetur on Etsy. Absolutely adorable, but baffling that it keeps being used as though it’s a photo of the real thing.

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Have u seen those videos of hobi play-choking and hitting the members a lot and smiling when they complain????? Is this part of his kinky Aquarius sun or is it another placement because ok I'm also aqua sun but I'm Scorpio mars yet I'm not dkfnfkdndjfjfjf so like why is he? Or like what placement makes him likely to be like that? Can astrology explainN pLs

don’t forget that hoseok has both his eros and lilith in an aries 12th house and tbh it doesn’t get more dangerous than that

((the boys know too much tbh. i wonder how they know about all the things fans talk about …))


garinna replied to your photo “bali did you make another DnD character” “….no” (yes)”

You should tell us more about this lovely person.

a yuan-ti cleric of the raven queen (because i’m gay™), i’m still kind of torn on life, death, or grave domain

all three would fit said goddess, it’s just that life means Good Heals and the other two are Spooky Fun


they’re used to being mistrusted and mistreated due to being yuan-ti, and probably only the truly desperate turn to them for healing, but they’re like…a decent person? definitely very straightforward and clinical in all approaches, but they’re genuine and don’t actively wish harm on anybody. i’m still trying to figure out a lot about them, idk

(the other two as pictured are their other official party members so far; a dragonborn paladin and a kobold ranger. i’m hearing the fourth will be a firbolg fighter. preemptively calling this Monster Factory tbh)

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I discovered this blog on Tuesday and I've been checking it for updates EVERY DAY I'm OBSESSED and even showed my best friend. Could you do SHINee at IKEA? I can't remember if you've done it yet lol

you are too cute anon! i’m so glad you and your best friend are enjoying!! also I LOVE IKEA what a weird magical swedish wonderland 


  • must sit on every sofa 
  • judges them like some sort of sofa connoisseur “ah yes, just the right amount of squish and support for the butt”  
  • keeps pretending to live in every display 
  • unpopular opinion: swedish meatballs are just ok 
  • sitting on the flatbed cart while members push him grinning like a damn fool 


  • complaining that no one’s room looks like this
  • is that a jar of hay
  • looking forward to getting an ice cream cone on the way out 
  • oh there it is
  • he was wrong, they were just here he could tell by the impractically small stools 
  • “found this lil plant i love it it’s mine” 


  • before entering chants “kibum you will not buy things you don’t need you will NOT BUY things you don’t need!!!!!!!!!”
  • buys a stuffed broccoli, a shower curtain, and two of those plastic garbage cans that everyone has (”dammit kibum why have you lost all control over your life YOUR SHOWER HAS A GLASS DOOR FOR GOD’S SAKE”) 
  • crawls into a bedset with a fluffy duvet cover 
  • “i live here now”


  • failing very hard at pronouncing the names
  • “if we pool our money and don’t eat for the next month, we can redo our kitchen” 
  • found a HUGE picture of a scribbly cat?? not really sure what it is?? (minho: ”hahaha hey guys look how ugly this is” / shinee: “hahah omg” / minho: *looks at it again* “i must have it”) 
  • buys a set of 100 forks 


  • there is too much furniture, they all look the same, he is overwhelmed 
  • turns “on” all the faucets of every sink he sees bc he knows it’ll bug someone eventually 
  • chaotic evil 
  • “that’s a really big fridge” ….. “wonder if i could fit in there” 
  • he can
  • bye taemin


  • everyone looks at their purchases in the sunlight and they’re like damn you ikea and your strange magnetic power 
EXO trying on heels
  • Minseok:
  • -gets teased for looking taller
  • -flaunts legs
  • -wobbles a bit and ends up pissed and calling them the spawn of satan
  • Junmyeon:
  • -can actually run with them
  • -tries sexy poses in front of mirror
  • -gets laughed at and praised
  • Yixing:
  • -doesn't want to at first
  • -wobbles and falls like no tomorrow
  • -hit his head so now he calls women goddesses for being able to do it
  • Baekhyun:
  • -excited to do so
  • -practices until he can actually walk normally
  • -doesn't want to take them off bcos 1) he's rocking them
  • 2) his height
  • Jongdae:
  • -gets the hang of it pretty easily so he flaunts his skillz
  • -makes sure the members don't fall when they try them on
  • Chanyeol:
  • -laughing at his feet
  • -laughs harder when he falls
  • - "i know what i'm doing ofc i can walk in them i have a sister."
  • Kyungsoo:
  • -"no."
  • -once they convince him, he walks one step and takes them off followed by height jokes
  • -calls it the most daring thing he's ever done yet
  • Jongin:
  • -call dance in them
  • -says it's easy and encourages the rest to try them on
  • -"it's that... i'd be a pretty girl right? right?"
  • Sehun:
  • -the runway was built for him
  • -doesn't need to flaunt something as "basic as that"
  • -takes them off to hide his true talent
  • What she says: I'm ok.
  • What she really means: I don't understand why B.A.P are so underrated? Did you know that they went through so much shit because of their shit crap company? Did you know that the members went through crap like depression and extreme anxiety and are, on top of that, so freaking young? Yet they came back together and are giving it their all to hang onto their dreams. Did you know that their leader Yongguk writes most of their songs which, by the way, address important social issues? B.A.P are by far one of the most talented kpop boy group out there and yet people keep sleeping on them, jfc.

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Zen and Jumin having a little sister who is depressed and have anxiety but hides it behind her smiles, jokes and corny puns. I'm sorry if this disturbs you, I'm just really having a bad life. You don't have to do this if you're uncomfortable with it. Thank you.

Sorry, this is so late, anon. I hope you are feeling better now nonetheless, but in case you still need this to cheer you up then here you go!

– Admin Void


  • She’s the only family member that he can still tolerate, tbh
  • He calls and visits frequently. Though he wants her to come with him, knowing fully well how toxic the home environment is, his financial state isn’t stable enough yet and there’s also legalities involved. 
  • He was probably the one who fought tooth and nail with his mom to get her properly treated and diagnosed when she just brushed it off as “a teenage phase”
  • He sneaks her out of school on days she doesn’t feel well enough to be in school bc Mom wouldn’t let her stay at home

“Y/N?” You turns over to your window sill, cheeks blotchy and eyes red from crying. School stress, exams, strained friendships, endless days of unexplainable loneliness and fatique plagued your teen life. It feels so small in comparison to all the problem of the world, yet why do you feel so suffocated?

“How are you doing, little bird?” Zen falters a bit when he notices your tears, but he doesn’t comment on it. You wonder how he has managed to pick up on your sour mood when you have been nothing but jokes and memes that afternoon. ‘Brother senses tingling’ probs. “Wanna come with me? we can buy some junk food, or something nice. I dunno. Up to you.” He winks and you smile, sluggishly crawling out of bed. You two eat shit food and fishbread, joking until you could smile again without feeling guilty for having fun. 

You come to school the next morning to find your favourite teacher explaining that Zen has contacted them regarding the hard time you are having. After some negotiation with your other teachers, you have gotten extra time on some assignments and offers for extra tutoring if you need it.


  • When she was first diagnosed, he took the time to research everything so he’d get an idea of what she’s going through.
  • He comes to personally pick her up after her sessions because he knows it’s often the time she’s most vulnerable. Also, he gets to give her psychiatrists/therapists The Glare to make sure they’re still on their A-game.
  • He doesn’t understand memes but he sends the “:)” emoticon whenever she sends him a rare pepe.
  • If her anxiety makes it hard to go to school, she’d have personal tutors and Jumin probs frequently check in on her if he isn’t too busy. Chairman Han be like “I think she should be outside interacting with people” and Jumin is just like “she’s interacting with me and Elizabeth aren’t we people”

The company’s New Year party is getting a bit too loud and you regret agreeing to come along. Your stylist, friends and brother had assured you that you look great, but every glance your way sent a wave of panic through you. Have you sat on something and stained your designer dress? Did you smear your lipstick across your face and is unknowingly walking around, looking like a clown? Are you slouching too much? Talking too little? Walking too awkwardly??

Your older brother stands on a podium, giving a casual speech with a glass of champagne in hand and you wonder— how? How could he do it like that? Look like that? Be the face of the company at such a young age, while you cling desperately to anything, anything, floundering and grasping for some sort of footing in life? He suddenly catches your eye and smiles at you. “I’d also like to thank my little sister for coming tonight,” he adds and you look down, smiling timidly. Despite everything, the hidden words ring between the both of you. “Let’s toast to the new year, everyone.”

You end up leaving early at Jumin’s insistence after you briefly commented that you are feeling a bit jittery and light-headed. “Get an early rest,” he tells you after escorting you out to the car. “Hug Elizabeth for me. I’ll be home late.” Later on, when you are safely tucked in bed with a happy feline in your arm, you find a text from Jumin. “You looked great tonight. I’m proud of you.” Attached with a picture:

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can you give me a scientific explanation as to why ripped jeans look so awesome on all SHINee members? cuz i've seen ripped jeans in real life and so NOT appealing. But put them on any one of ot5 and i'm literally exploding inside from how good they look.....even the ridiculously excessive rips where their legs are almost completely exposed anyway (which i find so ridiculous irl) what is this phenomenon????

a question i’ve struggled with for years, my friend. why is it that the shines can work such styles? what is it, exactly, that makes them look so damn good? i’ve worked strenuously for months and i’ve yet to find a scientific explanation for this. i have, however, developed a hypothesis:

  • undeniable fact #1: shinee’s got good leggies. the best leggies. best leg.
  • undeniable fact #2: denim is a superior material
  • when u have beautiful legs, the more u can show em off, the better.
  • additionally, jeans hug the curves of good legs in beautiful ways.
  • therefore, with the multitude of rips, holes,and tears that come with ripped jeans, and with the curve hugging denim material, we get the most of those shine leggies as we can get.
  • and therefore, in your words, ripped jeans look so awesome on all SHINee members

to test this hypothesis out, let’s check it with kibummie.

so if we start with a regular pair of pants:

we have an undeniably beautiful boy just glowing but the pants just are Not doing him any favors (and before some1 gives me garbage for this just know i have a specific tag for these pants because i love them so much but that’s not the POINT)

so we give him some jeans:

look at those leggies!!!!!! so much more defined!!! so good….but these still do not give him the love he deserves, and he knows it too…..

so just…cut the knee holes:


but we still know….we can do better.

and there it is…….the end all be all for good leg fashion. the alpha and the omega for all good looks of all time forever. the earth spins on its axis and revolves around the sun all for this look. the sun shines just so that this look may be seen by the world. this is it!!!! ripped jeans!!!!!! the best look!!!!!!!!

✓ hypothesis proven

this can be supported with evidence from all shinee members

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Hey, I'm new to ikon and I was wondering if you could help out. I was hoping you could let me know what I need to. If your busy I understand thank you!

So here are some infos & facts about iKON! :) 


1. They are a 7 member group under YG ENTERTAINMENT (official website)

2. In 2013, they were first introduced through a survival show called “Win: Who is next” (watch first episode here) Their group name back then was Team B and not iKON yet. They competed against another group of trainees called Team A, who then debuted under the name “WINNER”. They lost the show but continued as trainees under YG (in 2013 till may 2014, iKON was still a 6 member group and still trainees during that time) They also released two songs as Team B “Just another boy” & “Climax” (live verson with eng sub)  “Climax” (Studio version with eng sub) (which is probably the most important song they’ve wrote so far since they’re talking about their struggles)

3. In 2014 then, they had to take part in another survival show called “Mix & Match” (watch first episode here) in which they focused on rearranging the line up of the members. For that show they introduced 3 new trainees. Thankfully no old member of Team B was exchanged but one of the new trainees called “Jung Chanwoo” made it into the group which was called iKON from then on.  The songs they released during that time are “Long time no see”“Wait for me” & “SINOSIJAK”

4. During the filming for “Mix & Match” two members of iKON (B.I & Bobby) also participated in the rap survival show called “Show me the money 3” (watch first episode here!) B.I was eliminated in episode 7 but Bobby won the show and became the champion of SMTM3.

Other pre debut mv’s & activities:

Now I’ll introduce each member to you! :)

The leader of the group is Kim Hanbin aka B.I 

- Full Name: Kim Hanbin / Stage Name: B.I (96 liner)

- He is also one of the two rappers in the group, vocal, choreographer, producer, dancer, composer & lyricist  (part of Team B)

- Often compared to Bigbang’s GD

- He took part in 2014 season of “Show me the money 3″ he was eliminated in episode 7. I highly recommend to watch the season! Here is his song “Be I” ( live performance) + studio version with eng sub

- Out of all iKON members he is the one who was a trainee under yg for the longest time (joined YGE in january 2011 when he was 15)

- Was born on October 22, 1996 (turned 20 in september 2016 / 21 korean age)

B.I was first introduced to public at age 13 as a featured rapper in MC Mong’s track “Indian Boy” (at 2:22) in 2009. He was also on “Sketchbook”

- Watch some of his pre debut compilations here & here 

- Also his song “I’m chillin” which is from 2013 (Win: Who is next)

- He was, as I mentioned before, featured in Epik high’s “Born hater” (which he wrote the hook melody for) & He also co-composed and co-wrote WINNER’S “Empty” 

- He has credits for 26 songs in total (all iKON songs that were released so far/ Blackpink’s ‘whistle’/ Winner’s ‘Empty’/ Epik High’s ‘Born Hater’/PSY’s ‘Autoreverse’, ‘BOMB’ & ‘Last Scene’  )

- He was part of the writing, composing & production team for all three NR. 1 debut songs of the last three YG groups (Winner/iKON/Blackpink)

- According to himself he’s been “single for 21 years of his life” -> most of his inspirations for songs & lyrics come from dramas or movies since he never experienced being in a relationship himself yet

- He has three tattoos so far. Read more about his tattoos & the meaning behind them  here / here / here 

- He has a little sister (15 years younger than him) her name is Kim Hanbyul

- Trademark: resting bitch face (when in tiger/leader mode), dimples, big nose, rose-colored lips, big pupils

- Some of his Nicknames: mambin, dumbin, kid leader, tigerbin, mickey, beanie

- Things he likes/fan of: boxing, Mickey Mouse,  South American Music, animals (especially dogs), Twice (yes the kpop girl group), green pringles, being busy & work, Philosophy books, poems, natural food (without seasoning or not much), simple styles like white shirt and jeans, smell of baby powder, oversized clothes, Slam Dunk manga, love dramas (JPN & KRN), Girl Groups

- Things he dislikes/is afraid of: bugs, being boring & doing nothing, heavy smells, horror movies, heights, crowded places

- Habits: Touches his chest with one hand when he is nervous, touches members a lot without realizing (very natural) especially members necks, heart shaped duck face, fidgety fingers, laughs with one eye closed like a pirate

Few Charateristics: really strong & strict leader, perfectionist, knows exactly what he wants, confident, looks scary at first but isn’t, has a really cute, carefree & dorky side outside of the training room, loves his fans & gives most of fanservice, a really, REALLY hard worker, despite achieving so much at his young age he still wants to improve and is never slacking

The next member to introduce is Kim Jiwon aka Bobby!

- Full Name: Kim Jiwon / Stage Name: Bobby (95 liner)

- He is the second rapper of the group, dancer, lyricist, composer & sometimes also vocal (part of Team B)

- He was born on December 21, 1995 (turned 21 in December 2016/ 22 korean age) was born in Seoul but raised in Virginia US 

- Joined YGE at the age of 16 (in 2011)

- He left his family in the US at a really young age to become famous so he could bring them back to Korea someday and build/buy a house for them there (which he achieved in 2015)

- He is together with Hanbin (B.I) and Jinhwan (whom I’ll introduce next) one of the three original members of the group what means that they were (out of all iKON members) trainees under YG for the longest

- He won 2014 Rap Survival Show “Show me the money 3″ here are some of his songs:

- Also his promo song for SMTM4 ‘King of the youth’

- And his solo song that was released in 2016: ‘HOLUP!’

- He made his solo debut on September 14, 2017 with his solo album ‘LOVE AND FALL’ / they also dropped two M/V’s ‘I love you’ & ‘Runaway’ also Special MV’s for ‘Tendae’‘I Love You’‘Firework’‘Swim’ + SAMPLER of all songs

-  GQ Korea included him in their 2014 “Men of the Year” feature”. This feature included “men who have made an impact on culture in 2014 watch video here

- Watch some of his pre debut beatboxing here 

- He was, as I mentioned before, featured in Epik Highs “Born hater”/ Hi SUHYUN’s “I’m Different” & Masta Wu’s “Come here” (all songs released in 2014) and co- wrote (together with Hanbin & Song Mino) WINNER’s “Empty” 

- Was featured in Lee Hi’s 2016 album Seoulite -> ‘Video’ // Was featured in Reddy’s (2016) SMTM5 performance -> ‘Like this’  // Was featured in PSY’s album 4x2=8 -> ‘BOMB’

- He has production credit for 35 songs so far

- He is very religious & grew up in church where he learned to play guitar, drums and the piano  

- He has one tattoo on his back “Fear only god hate only sins”. He made the tattoo together with his older brother & father (all three have the same tattoo) Read more about it here  

- He has an older brother by three years named Kim Jiun

- He formed a sub unit called MOBB together with Winner’s Song mino in 2016 two sub unit songs were released in 2016 ‘Full House’‘Hit me’

- Trademark: eyesmile, sharp jawline, high tension on stage & bunny teeth

- Some of his Nicknames: Bunny, Kimbap, King of the youth, mood maker, smiley face, eyesmile, bap (like rice)

- Things he likes/is fan of: Bob marley, Winnie-the-Pooh, his fans, fast food, trap music (or just music in general), cats, to wake up early (and eat breakfast), to work out, being/living freely, light fixtures, art, Naruto (anime in general), sleeping when he is bored or when there is nothing to do

- Things he dislikes/is afraid of: seafood

- Habits: smiles even when mad, showing front teeth, high-tension on stage, sleep talking, snores, polite especially to elders (always 90-degrees bow), dabbing 

Few Characteristics: Looks hardcore at first but is a sweetheart, really strong rapping voice and strong image on stage, more than confident, jokes around A LOT, doesn’t fit his age because he is actually 5 years old, sosososo loyal, loves to eat and sleep, is called bunny by the fans due to his cute front teeth. Is actually an introvert and with jinhwan the only member who has his own room since he need his space sometimes but he totally changes on stage. 

The Next Member to introduce is Kim Jinhwan aka JAY! 

Full name: Kim Jinhwan / Stage Name: JAY (94 liner)

- Oldest member of iKON, main vocal & dancer (part of Team B)

- Was born on February 7, 1994 in Jeju his home town (turned 22 in 2016/23 Korean age )

- Often called fake maknae due to his small face and body

- He was, together with Hanbin & Bobby, one of the original three members who joined YG first (shippers call them triple kim)

- His voice is often compared to Bigbang’s Taeyang

- Joined YGE at the age of 17 (in 2011)

“The voice you want to hear at night” / most sexual member even when he doesn’t look like it

- He has a total of 6 tattoos, you can read more about it HERE

- Listen to him singing “There goes my baby” by Usher HERE (from 2013) His vocal improved A LOT! but there is sadly no video of him singing alone in 2015 

- Is a genius when it comes to learning languages (fluent in Japanese & Korean and learning Chinese atm) 

- One of iKON’s best dancers (especially good at acrobatic dances)

- He is currently learning to play electric guitar & started doing jiu jitsu 

- He has an older sister by six years. She is also the reason why he started to realize his dream to become a singer

- His mother is a violinist, linguist & business woman (owns cafe in Jeju)

- Trademark:  heart shaped mole, small face, body and hands 

- Some of his Nicknames: Jinan/y, 13cm fairy, wine mom, crybaby, entertainer, fake maknae, milky skin

- Things he likes/is a fan of: Red wine, slow music (Rnb, jazz, soul), animals (especially dogs), being by himself, love movies & books, fashion

- Things he dislikes/is afraid of: mushrooms, sweating (bcs he sweats even when talking), anything horror related, being ignored

- Habits: drinks wine to relax, touching members ears, listening to music before going to bed

Few Characteristics: Most emotional little hyung, warm & always listens to his members problems and gives best advices, looks pretty & feminine but is actually really manly, he loves to be called sexy, looks harmless and fluffy but can change very quickly (not innocent at all), knows for being narcissistic, is flirty with everyone around him

Next Member to introduce is Koo Junhoe aka Ju-ne!

Full name: Koo Junhoe / Stage Name: Ju-ne (97 liner)

- former maknae, main vocal, dancer & composer (part of Team B)

- Was born on March 31, 1997 (turned 19 in 2016/ 20 Korean age) 

- Joined YGE at the age of 15 (2012)

- He appeared in “STAR KING” when he was 13 (he actually didn’t want to become a singer but rather a dancer cause he loved/loves Micheal Jackson so much

- He was also a constent in KPOP STAR S1 with a group called HIGH PRAIS  watch here (he is rapping), here (YG, Daesung, CL, Boom & Taeyang are the judges) & here

- Listen to him singing “Wedding dress” by Taeyang (2013) his vocal cut in “Climax” (2013) & his singing cuts in “Mix & match” (2014) Junhoe’s voice is actual gold

- His deep, strong voice was praised and recognized by young and old singers and even non fans know about it

- Has an older sister by three years named Koo Yeijin 

- Is religious and grew up in church (was in church camp)

- Trademark: thick eyebrows, mole on lips, deep & strong voice, toddler smile

- Some of his nickname’s: living meme, toddler, June, sasshoe 

- Things he likes/is a fan of: Micheal Jackson, dancing, love movies, Rnb music, being the center of the situation, taking selfies, tteokbokki

- Things he dislikes/is afraid of: ox blood soup, haunted houses, roller coasters, being alone, sports, heights

- Habits: Sings anywhere and everywhere he goes (practice room, shower, before a concert EVERYWHERE), Imitates a lot of famous people and mostly his members, winking, taking selfies with fans phones, frowning

Few Characteristics: sassy af, doesn’t care about age if he doesn’t like something he will say it, loves to sleep & to eat, looks manly and loves to be called manly & sexy but is actually a shy 5 year old boy, finds it hard to accept new people, makes weird sounds sometimes, winks a lot, introduced himself as iKON’s main rapper, vocal god, makes any situation awkward, can’t control his face

Next member to introduce Song Yunhyeong aka SONG! 

Full name: Song Yunhyeong / Stage Name: SONG (95 liner)

- Vocal, visual & dancer (part of team b)

- He was born on February 8, 1995 (turned 21 in 2016/ 22 korean age)

- His vocal voice was the least strongest during “Win: Who is next” & “mix & match” but he improved the most since then! His live vocals are probably one of the best out of the group

- His high notes are the best according to June and hanbin 

- Joined YGE at the age of 17 (in 2012)

- His dream was to become an actor or to open a cafe (joined YGE to become an actor but Ceo YG changed the plan)

- Not oldest but still oldest member (bcs of his old dad jokes, his scolding & the way he behaves sometimes)

- iKON’s personal chef cook (loves to cook for his members)

- Has a younger sister by a year named Song Eunjin

- Became endorsement for Nivea lip balm in 2016 and got iKON to become their endorsement 

- His parents own a BBQ restaurant 

- Known for his funny dancing (according to members the best when it comes to funny dance)

- Listen to a collection of him singing here 

- Trademark: double eyelids, handsome face, wide shoulders

- Some of his Nicknames: Chef song, yoyo, successful fan, passionate man, Prince Yoyo

- Things he likes/is a fan of: Nivea cherry lip balm, cooking, hard work 

- Things he dislikes/ is afraid of: being made fun of, not being good enough

- Habits: To make fun of his members, old folks and dad jokes, pointing micro at fans, cleaning up during cooking, very neat, uses lipbalm all the time, has to plan everything

Few characteristics: Looks arrogant to people at first but is actually one of the warmest & cutest members, cares a lot about his family & friends, his goal in life is to be simply happy, smiles 99% of the time even if he is dead tired, always tries to cheer up everyone, works the hardest, loves to dance like an old lady, can cook, his sexy glare will kill you so don’t look into his eyes. Does everything passionately & is VERY polite (especially to elders).

Next member to introduce Kim Donghyuk aka DK! 

Full name: Kim Donghyuk / Stage Name: DK (97 liner)

- together with Junhoe fromer maknae, vocal, choreographer & really good dancer (part of team B)

- was born on January 3, 1997 in Seoul, South Korea (turned 19 in 2016/ 20 korean age)

- He was the last one to join Zeam B and YGE at the age of 16 (in 2012)

- Donghyuk was the winner of JYP’s trainee search contest in march 2012 & also a student in def music & dance academy 

- Was accepted by JYP but decided join YGE instead

- He lived in the US in 3rd grad as an exchange student

- His english name is Ezra

- In school, he was an OSIS manager and later a member of the school organizing committee + president of student council in high school 

- He is a born winner and the cleverest member in the group

- Multi talent who can sing, dance, play instruments & was good in school 

- Has an younger sister who studies in the US 

- Is (just like June & Bobby) very religious 

- Can play guitar, drums, piano & traditional music instruments

- Made the choreo for iKON’s “Airplane”

 - Co-wrote & was featured in the song ‘Secret’ on Bobby’s solo album ‘LOVE AND FALL’

- His father died when he was 8 year’s old & his mother was against his dream of becoming a singer at first (bcs he was a really good student)

- Can speak korean and English fluently (learning Japanese & Chinese atm)

- Known for his harmonizing & falsetto’s (people often mistake them for June’s voice)

His voice is really soft and he improved a lot since “Win: Who is next” listen to him singing “Eyes, Nose, Lips” by Taeyang (who complimented him after) together with Junhoe & one of the 3 traines who didn’t made it into the group

- Trademark: fox-like eyes, laugh, thighs, dimples, aegyo, small elf-like ears

- Some of his Nicknames:  Dongaegyo, Candy-chan, thighs, fashionista, dongparazzi, angel, dong dong

- Things he likes/is fan of: Chris Brown, dancing, fashion, children, food

- Things he dislikes/is afraid of: doesn’t like to get angry or be upset

- Habits: bites fingernails, hugs others a lot, sassy eye roll, side smile

Few Characteristics: most adorable human ever existed, smiles just like Yunhyeong 99% of the time, has so much Aegyo that his members can’t take it so they always cover their eyes & ears, probably the wamest member in ikon, loves kids & plays a lot with them even when he is busy (example Haru, Tablo’s daughter visits her often), really sexy when he starts dancing or becomes serious, his voice will do something to your heart. An emotional, sensitive & caring personality. 

Next & last member to introduce Jung Chanwoo aka CHAN! 

Full name: Jung Chanwoo / Stage Name: CHAN (98 liner)

- Maknae, actor, vocal & dancer

- Was born on January 26, 1998 in Seoul (turned 18 in 2016/ 19 Korean age)

- Often compared to Lee Minho bcs of their similar features

- Joined the group and YGE through the survival show “Mix & match” in 2014

- He appeared as Lee Minho’s child actor in “Boys over flowers”“The Heirs” and also appeared in DBSK’s music video “ballons” 

- Has an oder brother (age unknown) 

- Tallest members (even tho he is the youngest)

- Trademark:  big eyes, dimple on the left side of his mouth, double eyelids, height, one sided smile

- Some of his Nicknames: Chocoball, Chanumon, Chanu, evil maknae, Chanubear, master of games

- Things he likes/is a fan of: acting, games, anime & manga (especially one piece), teasing members

- Things he dislikes/is afraid of: Ketchup, tidying up, spicy food, crying in front of people, losing

- Habits: playing games really seriously, teasing his members, hits members

Few Characteristics: seems harmless, cute & shy at first but is actually really confident and evil, plays around with his hyungs a lot & can be very cheeky,  loves to play games to a point where Jinhwan has to scold him, really hardworking & cute, improved a lot in just a year, brings members happiness with his carefree & funny side. He is according to iKON the member who cares (together with Hanbin) the most about iKON. He always sends the other boys messages and asks them if they ate enough & slept well. Together with Dong in charge of warmness


You can find a masterpost/list of iKON’s achievements since debut HERE


You can find a masterlist of iKON Fansites HERE



Masterlist of all links  2013- 2016 (magazine shootings/DVD’s/variety shows/survival programs etc.) & 2017 (by @hwan-tastic)


Most important shows/variety

  • Win
  • Mix & Match
  • Show me the money 3 (Bobby & B.I)
  • The remix (chinese dance survival show)
  • Mari & I (Hanbin & Jinhwan)
  • Father & I (Bobby and his father)
  • Weekly Idol
  • Fantastic Duo (Junhoe, donghyuk, Jinhwan)
  • Living together in empty room
  • Jinhwan TV 

(you can find the links & many more variety appearances and other links in the masterpost above credit: @hwan-tastic )

For more subbed videos, there is a iKONIC subbing website you can register to! They sub and post many many iKON videos. You can find the website here!


DVD’s & Album’s (information/ buy link)

Welcome back Half Album includes:

  • CD (M.U.P is not in the full album) 
  • 88-page booklet
  • Sticker + Photocard sets random
  • usually also a poster but the poster is sold out almost everywhere

Welcome Back Full Album green version / red version includes:

  • CD
  • folded poster
  • 64-page photobook
  • 16 page photocard
  • Randome polaroid set + random photo card + random sticker
  • (the versions have different photobooks, polaroids & photocards)

Welcome Back complete edition (limited) includes:

  • 2CD’S + 1 DVD
  • All pre debut & debut songs in KRN & JPN
  • All MV’s in KRN & JPN
  • Behind the scenes of all MV’s (JPN only)
  • Documentary promo days in Japan
  • 48-page photobook
  • usually also with a poster 

Welcome Back Japan deluxe edition includes:

  • 2 CD’s (with KRN & JPN versions) & 2 DVD’s
  • 48-page Photobook
  • iKON fanmeeting in Japan 2015
  • iKON School 
  • Behind the scenes of iKON fan meeting 2015 in Japan
  • MV’s
  • Behind the scenes of MV’s
  • Bigbang Japan tour 2014-2015 X Opening act (collection of best moments)
  • Dance practice videos (Rhythm Ta & Apology)
  • (this is the only version that comes with the special track ‘Just go’ in KRN & JPN)

iKONCERT in Seoul DVD includes:

  • 3DVD’s
  • Showtime debut concert
  • iKONCERT in Seoul
  • Special features
  • Welcome Back history
  • 160-page photobook
  • paper holder
  • Random member sticker

iKONCERT in Japan DVD includes:

  • 3DVD’s & 2CD’s
  • iKONCERT held at Nippon Budokan on February 16, 2016
  • iKONCERT days in Japan
  • Documentary of iKONCERT Showtime tour in japan
  • Holidays in japan
  • 50-page photobook

Kony’s Island Season greetings includes: 

  • DVD 
  • Desk calendar
  • Photobook
  • Note
  • Polaroid Set
  • Mouse Pad 
  • Poster
  • there is also a JPN version 

Kony’s Summertime Season greetings (limited) includes: 

  • 2 DVD
  • 300-page photobook
  • travel pouch
  • book marks
  • Paper holder
  • folded poster
  • there is also a JPN limited version of this that is slightly different, you can read more about the difference here // the japanese version is mostly sold out tho

Kony’s Wintertime Season greetings (limited) 

  • 2 DVD’s
  • 288-page photobook
  • three stickers
  • a winter pouch
  • a bookmark
  • a mini poster
  • a mini planner
  • a Polaroid set and a photo card
  • JPN’s version here

Dumb & Dumber DVD includes:

  • 1 CD & 1 DVD
  • Japanese version of Dumb & Dumber, #WYD, Love me (special track, studio version only on this album), Sinosijak remix
  • JPN Mv’s of Dumb & Dumber, #WYD, Anthem Remix
  • JPN behind the scenes of #WYD

MOBB debut Album / Bobby version includes:

  • CD 
  • 56-page photobook 
  • 1 of 2 random Photocards
  • usually with poster (if not sold out)

MOBB debut Album limited (JPN version) includes:

  • 1 CD + 1 DVD
  • All four MV’s in KRN & JPN
  • Bonus tracks (like bounce and fear)
  • Behind the scenes (JPN -> only holup & full house & KRN -> only body & Hit me)
  • MOBB live at iKON’s Japan tour 2016 (four performances)

iKON Japan Tour 2016 DVD includes:

  • Japan concert held on october 26
  • Documentary of iKON japan tour 2016
  • Special features
  • two live CD’s 
  • 100-page photobook

iKON - New Kids: Begin (BOLD & DOPE ver.) Single Album includes:

  • 2 songs ‘BLING BLING’ &’B-DAY’
  • each comes with an album 
  • Photocard
  • Double-sided Poster

iKON - Summertime Season 2 in Bali includes:

  • 2 DVD’s with their memories in Bali
  • a 130-page photobook
  • 70-page making book
  •  a waterproof pouch
  • a sticker set
  • a postcard set
  • a mousepad
  •  a photo card set

New kids: Begin Album (Japan Version) includes:

  • 1 CD + 1DVD
  • A-Nation performance (2016)
  • Holidays in Japan

iKON - Japan Dome Tour 2017 includes:

  • a 100-page photobook
  • two live CDs + DVD
  • Dome Tour concert @KYOCERADOME OSAKA (20.05.2017)
  • Documentary of iKON Japan Dome Tour
  • Focus on dance
  • Collection of best stage
  • Special features
  • Special Movie


You can find a Masterpost of all released & known iKON songs here


Official accounts/SNS:

- Find all informations about schedule ect. on their official YG page here

- Follow them on: facebook, youtube, instagramfan cafe , weibo, twitter & also Melon, ollehmusic, genie, mnet, music bugs, naver music, soribada & itunes and Vapp 


Songs iKON wrote for iKONICS:

Wait for me + MV  (before M&M)

  • A song in which they ask iKONICS, who waited since win for them, to wait a bit longer before they can finally come out and make their debut 
  • was released after first episode of Mix&Match in 2014

Important lines of the song

  • “In my dreams, I’m with you as I hold your hand. But cruelly, I say goodbye.” (jinhwan & donghyuk)
  • “Oh you and me, We’re under the same sky, but we can’t meet, but believe in me, I’ll be there for you.” (yunhyeong)
  • “I want to look into your face under the dazzling sunlight. And tell you, thank you for making me live as the me right now. I’ve missed you, your voice, your face, even your soft breathing. I won’t go anywhere now, I’ll be by your side, even until the moment the world ends.” (hanbin rap)
  • “Wait because I’ll go to you right now. I’ll run against time and go to you, So that my heart can reach her, so that she can remember me.” (june)
  • Time go faster so I can reach her.” (hanbin)

Long time no see + Mix & Match original live version (M&M final)

  • A song in which they apologize and thank iKONICs that we’ve waited for so long 
  • ask us to hold on just a bit longer & tell us to not worry bcs they will stay with us from now on
  • They also explain (hanbin in his rap) why it took them so long & promise that they won’t go anywhere anymore
  • Was released/a performance Mix&Match final 2014

Important lines of the song

  • “I ran all the way, baby, just hold on a bit more.” (bobby rap)
  • “Long time no see. How have you been? You’ve waited too long. I won’t go anywhere baby, don’t worry.” (jinhwan)
  • “Long time no see. I longed for you a lot too. I got lost on the way to see you. I won’t go anywhere baby, don’t worry.” (june)
  • “I made a promise to you, I didn’t keep it, I’m sorry. Why so late, I’ll explain. The pain given by god, I was getting over it (talking about the depression he had after losing win) Brothers that share blood and flesh I was trying to protect (talking about Team B members) My mind filled with emptiness, I drained it. My dreams, I had to keep achieving them (work even harder than before) Very late, my shattered dreams. It was hard to patch them again. Finally I am where I am now (Win & M&M over + iKON official got their name & last member for their debut) And you are still beautiful. Long time no see, I’ve missed you a lot.” (hanbin rap)
  • Oh baby, don’t worry. Be with me, forever. I’ll stand by you, I promise. Where you are, I’ll be there.” (jinhwan)

Welcome Back (in debut Album)

  • A song to thank iKONICs for all the time that we’ve waited for them
  • Welcoming us back after the long time 
  • They opened their debut concert with this song & named their debut album after it
  • First released in their ‘Welcome back debut half album’ in 2015 
  • The last line of this song is really loved & famous under iKONICs 
  • The melody is compared to the other songs written for us rather happy & gives off of a positive and chilled vibe 
  • The song starts off with the sound of foodsteps of someone coming nearer & hanbin cuts it off with the words “Wait a minute, listen! Baby oh! Welcoming you back here.” So the footsteps are probably meant to be iKONICs who are “coming back” to them and he asks us to stop, stay with them & to listen to what they have to say to us
  • At one of their iKONCERT’s hanbin changed & repeated the last line of the song to “Let’s take it slow let’s last for a long time. Let’s take it slow until the end. Let’s stay together until we die.”

Important lines of the song

  • “Seeing you again for a the first time in a while, It feels like my heart that hurt for so long is getting perfectly well again. Your beauty and grace is still the same. Although my life without you was really lacking, I can’t explain it with words.” (hanbin rap)
  • “How were you doing this while? Who did you lean on when you were struggling?” (june)
  •  “It was really lonely, nothing was new. Every day by day was really just boring. What I want to say is thanks for coming back.
  • “Welcome back I’m glad you returned, I’ll treat you better now. Welcome back I really missed you.” (june)
  • “Saying that I’ve never regretted our goodbye, that I felt better being alone, it’s all a lie. Oh I was so lonely I was so bored every minute, every day.” (jinhwan)
  • “I’ll treat you better, please don’t leave me. We’re definitly meant to be. Let’s take it slow, let’s last real long. Welcome Back.” (bobby & hanbin)

M.U.P (make you proud)

  • They promise that even if they don’t have much right now, that they’ll definitely  make us proud in the future & achieve more 
  • First released in their ‘Welcome Back debut half album’ in 2015
  • They thank us for always being there for them & ask us to keep staying at their side forever
  • They talk about their struggles & how iKONICs helped them to get over it

Important lines of the song

  • “Honestly the ‘me’ of as right now has nothing worth seeing. But I’ll promise to you that someday in this life, girl,  I’m gon make you proud.” (jinhwan)
  • “Within the trampled of life, I saw the one and only light (talking about ikonics) that illuminated my world. At those times when I couldn’t bear go on living, you whispered in my ear about the holiness of happiness, about the repentance of these 20 years (of his life) and I’m so thankful for you.” (hanbin rap)
  • “It doesn’t matter that gravity’s pressing down on me like always. As long as it’s  with you, nothing better, nothing better.” (bobby)
  • My goal was always to be your one top source of pride.” (bobby rap)
  • “Your two frail hands that pulled me into an embrace. You make someone like me want to live once again. I’ll be there at the world’s end, you just need to hold my hand.” (jinhwan & june)
  • “When my hands were shaking, you took mine into yours. For holding my hand, I’ll promise, girl, I’m gon make you proud.” (donghyuk)
  • “Just stay at my side, just lean on my shoulder, don’t say nothing. I know that even if you don’t say it, it gonna be something.” (bobby & hanbin)


  • Not a comeback but a special present for iKONICs because iKON had no comeback in 2016
  • first released as a digital single in 2016

Important lines of the song

  • “What are you doing today? What are you doing tomorrow? I miss you, I want you, I want to see you. Cuz I’m lonely lonely.” (june)
  • “Where are you, Are you busy? You popped up in my head. I wanted to hear your voice.” (hanbin rap)


Masterpost of iKON = iKONIC relationship


Relationships between the boys

DOUBLE B (Hanbin & Bobby) aka the ‘soulmate ship’

  • also known as ‘the annyoing ship’ since they’re always together and are so obvious that it almost hurts
  • They are VERY close, since they’ve known each other for the longest
  • Skinship & touchy 24/7 even on stage
  • Hanbin loves to touch bobby’s neck the most
  • Bobby can’t take his hands to himself even when he denies it sometimes
  • They call each other ‘cute’ or give each other adorable compliments
  • The brought dabbing & inside-out pants to korea
  • They’re iKON’s dream duo & composer-writter team

JUNHWAN (Junhoe & Jinhwan) aka the ‘adult ship’

  • They’re always jealous when other members get close to the other
  • They love skinship & late night talks
  • They sometimes have late night broadcast on vapp called ‘KJH’
  • They spend all their time together, watch love movies & give each other advices
  • They have the same taste in music, food & their personalities match really well
  • They’re the most shipped members in japan (bcs they look like characters of a love manga)
  • Both are main vocals (June has a strong, deep voice while Jinan has a soft, high voice) so their voices matches just as well as their personalities

YUNDONG (Yunhyeong & Donghyuk) aka the ‘angel ship’

  • They love each other the most & give each other safety when they feel uncomfortable or sad
  • Yunhyeong loves to cook & Donghyuk loves to eat, so they’re a match made in heaven (Yoyo saids that it’s the most fun to cook for dongdong)
  • Yoyo is the best dancer when it comes to funny dances while Dong is the best dancer when it comes to sexy and neat choreographies
  • Both of them worked the hardest to improve & be accepted by people
  • The nicest & warmest members in one ship
  • Yoyo loves to hug Dongdong, and dong loves to be hugged

YUNCHAN ( Yunhyeong & Chanwoo) aka ‘evil twins ship’

  • Bobby gave them the name ‘evil twins’ since they both love teasing other people
  • They look (according to the members & fans) alike 
  • Chanwoo teases yunhyeong sometimes by saying things like ‘Chanwoo-yaa, bring me some water’ or ‘It’s time for bromance’
  • They’re total opposites but roomates (Yoyo is really neat and tidy while chanwoo is a walking mess)
  • According to Chanwoo, Yun is also his servant even tho he is older by 3 years
  • They’re the visual/actor ship
  • Despite everything, they love & care for each other a lot (Yun got the closest to Chanwoo during M&M)
  • Yun seems like a real older brother to Chanwoo
  • He scolds him when he plays games too often or doesn’t practice enough & encourages him to do better and he compliments him to make him feel better 

JUNDONG (Junhoe & Donghyuk) aka ‘devil and angel ship’

  • Junhoe is obsessed with Donghyuk and always talks about Dong’s ‘killer smile’ and about how handsome he looks in only his white underwear
  • June loves Dong’s vocal the most & always compliments him for it
  • Dong loves June’s strong vocal the most 
  • They’re both former maknaes of the group 
  • They’re both 97 liners (Dong was born in january while June was born in march)
  • Donghyuk is older by 3 month but June doesn’t act like it
  • June always teases Donghyuk but Dong only smiles warmly and takes the teasing 
  • Donghyuk can actually outsass June if he wants to but he is too nice for that
  • Even when June likes attention, he always tries to direct all the attention at Donghyuk (like a boyfriend who wants to show off)

BOBCHAN (Bobby & Chanwoo) aka ‘natural enemies ship’

  • Bobby calls himself Chanwoo’s natural enemy while Chanwoo calls himself Bobby’s natural enemy
  • Chanwoo is stronger than bobby (even when he is younger by 3 years)
  • Bobby gets teased by Chanwoo anytime and anywhere 
  • They’re both obsessed with Naruto
  • They play games together often in bobby’s room
  • Bobby always chooses Chanwoo when asked which member they’d choose as their boyfriend & Chanwoo always chooses Bobby 
  • Even when they have a cat-dog relationship, they care about each other a lot
  • Bobby always asks chanwoo if he wants to eat somtthing and let him choose first and Chanwoo always checks on Bobby 
  • Chanwoo loves to sit on Bobby’s lap and to cuddle with him
  • They’re perfect together when it comes to winning as a team (dream team)
  • Bobby calls Chanwoo ‘Chanumon’ 
  • Out of all iKON members, Chanwoo only ever cried in front of Bobby

YUNBIN (Yunhyeong & Hanbin) aka the ‘grandpa ship’

  • Yunhyeong always chooses hanbin when asked which members he’d pick as his lover 
  • Hanbin knows Yunhyeong worries the most about him
  • Both of them are really old fashioned (hanbin likes old music while Yoyo likes old jokes)
  • Hanbin constantly praises Yunhyeong for his improvement and his looks
  • They are very playful with each other 
  • Yunhyeong always tells Hanbin to share his hardships with the group and not keep it to himself 
  • Hanbin loves to touch Yunhyeong
  • Yunhyeong scolds hanbin a lot and hits him sometimes which makes Hanbin smile because Yoyo looks like a grandma when he does that

JUNCHAN (Junhoe & Chanwoo) aka ‘evil makane ship’

  • Also known as iKON’s twin towers 
  • Both evil
  • Both have always a cheeky answer to anything 
  • They diss each other sometimes but respect each other even more 
  • Junhoe always chooses Chanwoo when asked about the most handsome members in his opinion
  • Chanwoo always chooses Junhoe when asked about the most hilarious member in his opinion 
  • Both of them are amazing actors and really tall which made fans call them twin towers 

YUNHWAN (Yunhyeong & Jinhwan) aka the’ soft moms ship’

  • The emotional and embarrassing mom’s of iKON
  • They are the oldest in the group and always try their best to help the other members
  • These two always make the most embarrassing jokes
  • They’re both not very good when it comes to talking or being MCs
  • They’re the oldest in the groups
  • They both want the younger members to respect them more bcs they get teased a lot despite being the oldest two

JUNBOB (Junhoe & Bobby) aka the ‘awkward ship’

  • They started to become ‘the awkward’ couple when members noticed that they barely spoke to each other and started to call them awkward
  • They both repeatedly say that they aren’t awkward and that it’s their concept for fanservice but nobody believes them
  • Hanbin assumes that one of them confessed to the other what made them even more awkward (both of them say it’s not true)
  • Their first impressions of each other was ‘He is really handsome’
  • Bobby wants to collab with June in the future and June wants to collab with bobby 
  • Bobby repeatedly says that he loves everything about June and that he is very talented (he likes his voice, says he is handsome and can rap)
  • When asked which member he’d want to be for a day, bobby said June
  • Junhoe always compliments bobby for his strong rap and calls his strong performances ‘cool’ 
  • June praised Bobby for his performances on SMTM3
  • Bobby said he became a fan when they formed a team in Mix & Match
  • June tries his best not to hurt bobby’s feelings and be considerate of him
  • Bobby feels shy around June and doesn’t know what to talk about with him at times 

BOBHWAN (Bobby & Jinhwan) aka the ‘mom/son ship’

  • Bobby once said that Jinhwan is the reason why he didn’t give up during their trainee days
  • Jinhwan helped Bobby as an emotional support he was away from his family and acted as a replacement for his mother 
  • Bobby is afraid of jinhwan when he gets angry 
  • They cuddle often and Bobby goes to Jinhwan whenever he needs to talk to someone or has a hard time 
  • Jinhwan thinks Bobby is very smart and handsome even when he teases him a lot
  • Jinhwan often imitates Bobby’s rap 
  • Bobby loves to tease Jinhwan when it comes to his height 
  • They had a lot of arguments when they first joined the team bcs their personalities are total opposites 
  • Jinhwan and Bobby both need their own space and are the only two members with their own rooms 
  • Jinhwan is very tidy and neat while Bobby is a mess which Jinhwan can’t deal with 

CHANBIN (Chanwoo & Hanbin) aka the ‘leader/maknae ship’

  • Maknae and leader which love to tease each other A LOT 
  • Chanwoo calls Hanbin the devil in the recording studio and gets scolded by him a lot 
  • Outside the studio it’s totally different 
  • Hanbin laughs about Chanwoo’s jokes a lot and likes his carefree attitude 
  • Hanbin would choose chanwoo as his boyfriend if he had a choice 
  • Hanbin keeps praising chanu for his improvements as a dancer and singer and keeps repeating how Chanwoo’s parts are amazing
  • Chanwoo respect hanbin a lot but more than that he loves to tease him 
  • Chanwoo loves skinship and so does hanbin 
  • Outside the studio they seem more like same aged friends rather than hyung & makane 

Dongchan (Donghyuk & Chanwoo) aka the ‘sweet & sour ship’

  • Chanwoo likes Donghyuk’s humor a lot 
  • He doesn’t call Donghyuk hyung even when he is older by a year
  • Donghyuk doesn’t mind tho and always watches Chanwoo from afar
  • Chanwoo makes Donghyuk laugh and smile a lot
  • Donghyuk thanked Chanwoo for helping him and the group to laugh more and being more carefree 
  • Donghyuk keeps up with Chanwoo’s teasing bcs he adores him a lot
  • They’re part of iKON’s maknae line (together with June)
  • Donghyuk is known as the angel maknae who respects his hyungs the most while chanwoo is known as the evil maknae of the group

YUNBOB (Yunhyeong & Bobby) aka ‘95 liners ship’ or ‘the extra ship’

  • They’re so extra all the time 
  • Yunhyeong is known for his breathtaking visuals while Bobby is known for his unfakeable charisma
  • They’re really embarrassing when put together 
  • Both of them born 95, yunhyeong is older by almost a year but bobby doesn’t call him hyung 

BINHWAN (Hanbin & Jinhwan) aka the ‘married couple ship’

  • They’re both ‘original members’ of Team B (with Bobby) means that they’ve been under YGE for the longest
  • Yang hyun suk called them mom & dad of iKON 
  • Hanbin can be very harsh with words while jinhwan is emphatic which makes them a great combo 
  • They love to touch each other, it’s binhwan love 24/7
  • They’re one of the most popular ships in iKON
  • Hanbin doesn’t treat Jinhwan like a hyung but rather his boyfriend he has to take care of 
  • Jinhwan respects Hanbin’s decisions as a leader and listens to his advices well even when he is the oldest of the group

BOBDONG (Bobby & Donghyuk) aka the ‘best buddies ship’

  • Donghyuk is younger than Bobby by a year but that doesn’t show
  • They play around with each other like real brothers, almost twins
  • They’re both really good at sports and play a lot of basketball together 
  • They’ve similar taste in clothes, music and sports
  • They both grew up really religious and go to the church often 
  • They’re both respectful towards older people and have good manners towards strangers 
  • Donghyuk once  said it’s unfair that Bobby is older than him bcs he’d like to tease him 
  • Bobby teases Donghyuk A LOT and Donghyuk playfully complains about it but he actually enjoys Bobby’s company a lot 
  • They have midnight snacks and beer often and talk about random things
  • They can talk about their problems and issues with each other 
  • They support each others carriers and push the other 
  • Their voices are a match made in HEAVEN (listen to it’s love)

Yunjun (Yunhyeong & Junhoe) aka the ‘the visuals ship’

  • Junhoe’s number 1 teasing target is Yunhyeong 
  • They’re total opposites, june is carefree and doesn’t think much about consequences, he is also messy and one of the funniest members
  • While Yun is like an old man, he always rethinks his decisions and is neat and makes dad jokes
  • They’re ship made in visual heaven 
  • They got into a lot of arguments in the beginning bcs of their opposite personalities 
  • Junhoe loves to see Yunhyeong’s reactions when he teases him 
  • Yunhyeong always praises june’s vocals but says he is too loud 
  • Yunyheong complains about june a lot but compliments and scolds him just as much 
  • June said that Yunhyeong’s high notes are the best in the group
  • Yunyheong seems like a mom who takes care of her dreamy son whenever these two are together 
  • They’re both part of the losers team means they usually lose games

Dongbin (Donghyuk & Hanbin) aka the ‘hardworking ship’

  • Leader and former maknae
  • Donghyuk respects Hanbin’s decision as a hyung and as a leader a lot
  • He always praises hanbin’s fashion style 
  • Hanbin on the other hand loves to talk about Donghyuk’s white underwear and nipples
  • Donghyuk is the most thankful for Hanbin as a hyung bcs he helped him a lot when donghyuk wanted to give up during trainee days
  • Donghyuk says Hanbin is scary in the recording studio and that he usually gets scolded the most which he keeps up with 
  • Hanbin is harsh with words sometimes but he seems to have a really soft spot for Donghyuk 
  • He always complains when Donghyuk is missing and repeats how much he misses and cherishes him 
  • He’s complimented Donghyuk a lot for his improvement and visuals 
  • Hanbin appreciates that donghyuk can talk so well and help the group by leading conversations or interviews 

JUNBIN (Junhoe & Hanbin) aka ‘dumb & dumber ship’

  • The funniest members according to the other
  • They both seem like the most serious and scariest members when you first see them
  • But they’re actually dumb & dumber 
  • They never stop making jokes 
  • Both of them are very carefree and their chemistry is unbelievably good
  • June’s voice is very good and there isn’t much to work, he also knows how to bring out his charms so it’s easy for Hanbin to work with him 
  • Hanbin often face palms bcs of June’s jokes and tells him to be quiet
  • June often pretends to hit Hanbin or to choke him 
  • Their relationship seems more like the relationship of two boys at the same age even when Hanbin is older by a year
  • They often disagree with each other but rather than fighting it usually ends in a joke 

CHANHWAN ( Chanwoo & Jinhwan) aka ‘The koala ship’

  • Fake makane & real maknae 
  • Chanwoo loves to hug Jinhwan from behind and to touch him everywhere
  • Jinhwan has a really soft spot for Chanwoo and treats him very softly
  • Jinhwan once said he didn’t want to let Chanwoo get closer to him at the beginning bcs he didn’t like the thought of a new members join gin the group but he failed bcs Chanwoo approached him so warmly
  • According to Jinhwan, he is Chanwoo’s favorite member
  • Jinhwan would choose Chanwoo as his boyfriend if he could
  • He often compliments Chaanwoo on his looks & scolds him when he gets to cheeky
  • Chanwoo loves to make ‘You’re short’ jokes
  • They got very close since debut and hang around each other a lot

DONGHWAN (Donghyuk & Jinhwan) aka the ‘mochi ship’

  • They release cover songs often together since their voices matches perfectly (listen to drunk - Zayn cover here & Half a heart - One direction cover)
  • They trust and love each other on a very emotional level
  • They always cheer up each other and listen to the other person’s problems 
  • Donghyuk is very good at talking and explaining things while Jinhwan is terrible at it so donghyuk gets to lead a conversation often
  • They are the two softest and most emotional boys in iKON so they always try to understand others better and don’t judge anyone



- All their songs are written & composed by them (mostly by b.I & bobby but junhoe helped composing “Rhythm ta”)

- YG confirmed that all members are able to write & compose songs + all of them can dance & sing

- Their dancing is really good! watch a dance compilation from “Win: Who is next” and “Mix & Match” here 

- The fandom name is iKONIC & the short version is KONIC 

- Our official lightstick is the KONBAT

- They are named iKON (the K for Korea) because YG wants them to be an icon of their generation that represent South Korea 

- The iKON logo is called ‘iKON slash’ because there are 7 slashes that represent 7 members. And those 7 slashes compared form four letters -> iKON (slashes inspired by south korean flag)

- When you fill up the spaces between the iKON logo, it becomes a trapezoid and one dimensional. It’s a symbol that stands for iKONICs. It means that iKONICs become one with iKON. iKON = iKONICs

- iKON’s introduction always starts with the words “Get ready? Showtime!”

- The words “iKONIC is my life” & “iKON is my life” are used by iKON members & iKONICs a lot

- Hashtags used by iKON & iKONICs are #TeamiKONIC & #TeamiKON

- iKON & Blackpink’s logo’s combined together makes the South Korean flag

- iKON’s bond is the most amazing & closest bond I’ve ever seen a boy group having. They treat each other like brothers, like a real family and even said that they’re closer to each other than to their real family members (since they’ve lived together for over 4 years & went through so much together)

- iKONICs & iKON have a special bond as well. iKON makes iKONICs cry & vice versa. They seriously care a lot about their fans & always keep updated on us (their official instagram is named withikonic, I think that says more than enough about them)

- iKON has or had endorsement deals with NEPA, Pepsi, Smart school uniform, Nivea (yunhyeong), NONAGON (B.I & Bobby), Shinsegae duty free, Sprite (Bobby) and LG. 

- All members are currently learning chinese & japanese (most of them are already fluent in japanese)



  • iKONICS/KONICs (fandom name)
  • iKONTACT (behind the scenes of their fan meetings) sounds like “eye contact”
  • iKONCERT (concert tour name)
  • KONBAT (official lights tick)
  • KONBAND (bracelet for concerts that changes colors)
  • KONY’S MAS (christmas + two of their vapp broadcasts)
  • iKONIGHT (vapp broadcast)
  • Kony’s island (season greetings)
  • Kony’s summertime (season greetings)
  • KONFIRE (konbat fire combined in a big growd)
  • KONYWATCH (a wrist watch to be closer to iKONICs)
  • Konsnack (snack sold at iKONCERT)
  • KONBUS/KONTRUCK (bus and truck they used for promotions, fan signing days & debut concert)
  • KONNIVERSARY (anniversary)
  • Dancekon (when iKON shows their talent as dancers)
  • Disskon (when they start dissing each other)


PS: You can find lots of info & other things:

  • in OUR TAGS (mostly gifs)  
  • in our MASTERPOST TAG or
  • I would also recommend you to follow NETKON &  ikon-global (you’ll find lots of old & new information about the members and just the group in general and also their schedule on those blogs)

anonymous asked:

just wanted to say thank you so much for how quickly you are all putting out translations!! It's so nice to know where to go to watch the clips. I know you mentioned you won't be doing translations for the text/ig posts etc., but is there a good tumblr or site for this? I haven't come across one yet and I'm looking for one. :) Thank you!!

One of our team members, Marte, translates the texts on their tumblr HERE.

Justice League: Gods and Monsters
  • Superman: “I am the greatest and most powerful man on earth bow down before me I am a magnificent asshole” he says as he is tender and sweet and loving and affectionate to children, his family members, to Batman and Wonder Woman, and literally everybody he knows who isn’t a total dick
  • Wonder Woman: "I'm gonna fuck every hot guy I can and nobody's gonna stop me" FUCKIN GET IT GURL "but honestly I actually do care deeply about the people I like so it genuinely hurts when they betray my trust and affection" she says while I sit here crying about how I both adore her and want to protect her, poor sweet wonderful wondy
  • Batman: "Gotham is 10x more horrifying than you expected and I, who am a hero, literally eats people" and yet he is the biggest cinnamon roll of all and YOU JUST WANT TO PROTECT HIM AND TAKE CARE OF HIM, JUST ASK SUPERMAN, HE FRIGGIN' TOOK HIM INTO HIS HOME AND CARED FOR HIM BACK WHEN HE WAS A FERAL VAMP OUT FOR BLOOD even if he... eats people...
  • All of them: Even if the people hate them they genuinely want to protect everybody and know what it is to suffer and be alone so they actually really do love each other, you can see it in the way they are around one another, it's just a little desperate and completely lovely

fentonthermos  asked:

Where did all this Pikachu hype come from??? It's on shirts, hats, bags, plushes... it even changed the behavior of Mimikyu across the world. WHY PIKACHU? Is there some kind of reference I'm missing???

It’s strange that such a rare electric-type pokemon became so popular, but the answer is simple. When the pokemon league began in Kanto, they chose Pikachu as its first mascot.

As a Kanto native with an appealing appearance, it was a natural choice. Yet the choice was actually influenced by one of the first Pokemon League champions. This champion’s key party member was a Pikachu, which was underestimated and laughed at by the other competitors. It seemed silly to use a pokemon that wasn’t even fully evolved! Yet this Pikachu swept the competition with its speed and cunning.

This Pikachu represented everything the Pokemon League stood for; the unnoticed rising up to victory. And so ads and papers began to print the story…and then interviews and TV Shows and documentaries…and suddenly the Pikachu craze was unstoppable. It spread even before the Pokemon League spread. As more trainers got Pikachu, more Pikachu became noteworthy for winning competitions, rescuing others, etc. Pikachu became the most beloved pokemon in the world, and because of that one Champion’s Pikachu, it was cemented in the world’s culture before the craze could die out.

I love all the posts about the sensates but I feel like Sun deserves more praise. All the other sensates have a friend, a partner or a family member but so far she has been utterly alone facing all the bullshit with her brother and yet she is so kind and fierce and I love her so much