so i'm making two for day 4


finally, the family AU backstory!!!

i’m SO unsatisfied with this lmao,, this is gonna be so cliché/cheesy…. //cries. also fast storyline bc i want to make this quite short. i think it’s going to be in 5 parts but i’m not sure yet! twitter

part two

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Hello and how are you doing? Could you do some pregnant s/o headcannons for Soldier 76, Genji, Reinhardt, and Roadhog? Or them as fathers? I didn't see a limit and I'm sorry if it's too much (you can cut Roadhog if it's too much!) but please and thank you, have a good day!

Hi! I’m doing good and I hope you are too! I would say 4 is probably my limit. 


  • He kisses the baby bump whenever the two of you are alone
  • Feet and shoulder rubs whenever you need it
  • Draws baths for you, with your favourite bath bomb to relax in
  • He’ll come up behind you to give you a hug and start rubbing your belly
  • He’s so protective of you
  • He never wants to let you do anything by yourself
  • He makes sure you eat super healthy and will rarely let you eat junk food

As a father

  • He totally cried when they were born
  • He’s a little bit afraid to hold the baby at first
  • But once you distract him for a moment and place her/him in his arms, he immediately relaxes
  • He gets so attached that he will train/lecture new recruits with the baby in his arms
  • Holds them whenever he can and coos at them
  • Always does the feedings in the middle of the night
  • Tells them stories about brave war heroes and the men and women who helped make this world safe


  • Reinhardt is the most dotting man ever
  • Whatever you want or need, he’s out there getting it to bring back to you
  • No matter how weird or what time it is
  • He always kissed the belly, no matter where you are
  • That’s how he feels the first time the baby kicks
  • Picks you up a lot and carries you around

As a father

  • He immediately falls in love with the baby
  • You’ll see him walking around base with the baby strapped to his chest
  • Tells them German folktales and stories for bedtime
  • He makes Ana one of the godparents
  • Tells you to go back to sleep whenever the baby cries in the middle of the night
  • Always takes them to the park to play and carries all the children around on his shoulders
  • Since he’s so big and tall, he gives the best piggy back rides



  • He’s afraid when you first tell him because he doesn’t want his family to find out and somehow hurt the two of you
  • You quickly reassure him that no one can get you two while you’re with Overwatch
  • Talks to your belly and will sing to it (no matter how horrible it could be)
  • Sometimes in Japanese
  • Meditates and prays for a healthy baby
  • Kisses you all over because he’s always so happy whenever he sees you
  • Massages all over your body

As a father

  • The first time Genji holds your baby, he promises her/him that he’ll always protect them and that they will never know the pain he did
  • He totally cries because he never imagined this would happen to him
  • Kisses them all over while they’re a baby/toddler
  • Basically, until they’re old enough to go “Dad stop!”
  • Makes Zenyatta and Hanzo the godparents
  • You don’t mind since they’re such a big part of your life too
  • Plays with them whenever he can
  • Makes them eat traditional Japanese food
  • And gives them language lessons as they get older
  • He runs around with them on his shoulders, going as fast as he can
  • You can hear the giggles from the two of them all through the park



  • Ridiculously protective of you
  • Let’s you use him as a body pillow when sleeping starts getting uncomfortable
  • No matter how weird the positions may get
  • Buys you all the food you want, no matter how unhealthy it is
  • Will even carry you around when you get tired

As a father

  • He never pictured himself of ever becoming a father but he’s really glad he became one
  • The baby is so tiny compared to him that he’s unusually gentle with them
  • Tells them stories about treasure and pirates and grand adventures
  • Makes Junkrat the godfather
  • Plays airplane with them and will throw them up in the air before catching them just to hear them giggle

pokeaniweek day 4 → favorite rival ★

his rivalry with may was the best thing :’) ♡

So this is my writing situation atm

  • big project 1 - stuck
  • big project 2 - stuck
  • mini project 3 - stuck
  • mini coda 4 - stuck
  • potentially awesome thing - stuck
  • real life novel I could actually publish - too scared to go back there
  • insane ‘I’ll change the world’ project - yeah not you

comfort object


Sorry not sorry but that fight scene between Billy and Flint in 4x10 teaser has made feel strangly excited… I don’t know for sure if they’re fighting each other, rubbing each other, or making out…

I don’t know what’s going to happen and at this point, I don’t even care about it. I’m going to enjoy the show as it comes!! If Flint and Billy fight and one of them ends up dying, that wouldn’t make much sense according to TI, and it would be a pity…

But at least we know the fight will be gay as fuck!! and I am allright with it!!

So let’s enjoy it, and remember that our agony will end this sunday!!

Thank you, @leafpuppy!

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tragic danish boyfriends ofc

who wakes the other one up with kisses
they both do, sometimes, but hamlet’s a lot more likely to do it than horatio
who cooks for who
horatio cooking for hamlet is literally the most important thing to me you don’t even know
who is the morning person/night person
hamlet is an up-literally-all-night person. he doesn’t believe in mornings. horatio’s neither - he gets up at a reasonable time and goes to bed at a reasonable time, unless hamlet makes him do otherwise (spoiler: hamlet always makes him do otherwise)
who is the romantic one
hamlet does the big crazy romance. horatio does the little sweet romance. they’re both pretty romantic in their own ways. hamlet jokes about how gross it is
who is the top when it comes to sex
you’ll pry mouthy demanding bottom hamlet from my cold dead hands. it takes horatio a long time to get used to because oh god this is the prince of denmark this is so illegal. hamlet gets off on that tbh
who would lead in ballroom dancing
hamlet had to learn how to dance as part of his princely training and horatio doesn’t really have a clue. neither of them are fond of dancing tho - horatio feels too gauche and it reminds hamlet of boring balls where he has to dance with princesses and duchesses he’s expected to consider marrying who are taller than him
who is the more cuddly one
hamlet needs lots of cuddling when he’s low (horatio theorises it comes from being so coddled as a child) but isn’t much of an initiator and can be quite averse to it at the wrong time so horatio has learnt well when to cuddle and when not to cuddle
who is the one to most likely pick the movie they watch
horatio would never even dream of trying to dictate what they watch. hamlet is a nightmare to watch films with if he’s not totally engrossed. besides, he has good taste.
who is the one who would pay for dates
hamlet has inexhaustible funds. horatio barely has anything. it’s not uncomfortable anymore
who is the one who would initiate a quicky during classes
hamlet does this literally all the time and horatio is equal parts exasperated and so into it


Thallen Week Day 4: Social Media AU

Eddie always reblogged stuff from hucklebarryallen and kind of had a little crush on the blogger behind it. Then one day, he spotted Barry in a grocery store and he mustered up the courage to ask for a picture. He thought he was lucky enough to meet his internet idol so he was even more surprised when Barry ended up asking for his url…and his number. 

Fic written by the amazing actualciscoramon coming soon!

Talk time with B👑

1. I’m currently playing papas bakeria in my lesson

2. Some of my asks are just blank? I have three that are blank… I think my phone is screwed it up so if you sent me an ask in the passed two days I haven’t got it… sorry

3. I wanna make that #LonelyClub☃️ group chat but I what would be the best possible option for you guys??


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omggg so I just saw mag7 two days ago, completely head over heels for this movie and the squad tho I'm still salty over losing 4/7!!! :((( was wondering if you're still doing HCs if you could write how they would propose/what the wedding would be like to mag7's respective partners (if it was some AU where they all survived) pleaseeee?? :D

What are you talking about,they totally all survived, why would I need to make an AU? They all survived and sing songs around the campfire and go around fighting crime because they’re Cowboy Avengers. EVERYONE IS ALIVE DAMMIT. My broken soul will forever be in denial.

The Magnificent Seven’s proposals can be found here (x)

Chisolm: While he is certainly a god-fearing man, he finds that a nice place outside is better than a dusty old church. Somewhere with meaning to the both of you, rather than somewhere of obligation. It’s very private, and more likely than not, the only people in attendance are you, him, and the preacher (whose strings he had to pull a bit to be married outside of a church).   

Faraday: Apparently during this time, it was undignified for spouses to kiss after the ceremony. Faraday chooses to ignore this rule completely. The wedding is incredibly “last-minute-thrown-together”, but you don’t mind much. The honeymoon more than makes up for it. 

Red Harvest: “The Comanche did not exchange vows in a wedding ceremony. The man simply brought the woman to his tepee” (source). Faraday, Vasquez, and Goodnight all collectively agree that they aspire to have weddings like this. 

Billy: Neither of you wanted a ceremony, but you got peer pressured into it. The night before it’s supposed to go down, though, you both decide to ditch, and quietly sneak off on an early start to your honeymoon. Goodnight foresaw this happening, so it wasn’t a shock the next day when you were missing, but he still gives the two of you shit about it for the rest of your lives. 

Goodnight: It was right around this era that weddings were starting to become more like parties, and I suspect that’s partially thanks to Goodnight. He has all this money that he’s won (thanks to Billy) burning a hole in his pocket, so he decides it’s time to spend that shit. It’s big and extravagant and just screams “MY NAME IS GOODNIGHT ROBICHEAUX AND NOW I AM MARRIED LOOK HOW AMAZING MY NEW SPOUSE IS I HOPE YOU ARE ALL JEALOUS”. 

Vasquez: He doesn’t want to have a ceremony, but at the same time, he doesn’t want to add another sin to his ever growing list. So, you have something super rushed before you hop on your horses and go riding off into the sunset. 

Jack: It’s small and quiet and simple. It could even be labelled as “solemn”, as there’s no music or decor. Just you, Jack, the preacher, and a few close friends. But when you leave, that’s when you find that Goodnight has informed the town of your special day, and you are greeted with cheers and rice being pelted at you.

**According to my research, weddings sort of sucked up until like the 1890s. I worked with what I had…kinda.**

Holiday Headcanon

Hardcore Sinners™: Cait, Hancock, Deacon, MacCready are innocent on Christmas while

Wholesome Crew™: Preston, Piper, Danse, and Curie, and Dogmeat get rowdy.

Lawful Neutral Patrol™: Strong, Nick, X6-88 are the only normal ones, lowkey celebrating the holidays without going overboard either way.

The Hardcore Sinners…

Deacon spies on everyone for a solid month to figure out what they want for Christmas. He can’t figure out how to disguise himself as a Mr Handy, though, so he just cuts an eyehole in a Mr Handy cardboard box and shuffles along.

Hancock buys the presents with Shaun on his shoulders, wearing his hat. The whole time, they yell through the streets “Of the people, for the people!” Fahrenheit ends up carrying all the bags, though.

Cait is hesitant at first to wrap gifts, since it’s something she’s unfamiliar with. After Codsworth walks her through wrapping her first present, though, she spends h o u r s wrapping all the gifts, so excited that she can make something beautiful now that her hands don’t shake anymore.

MacCready passes out the presents dressed as the Silver Shroud with a silver-painted sniper rifle Sole makes him. It makes him feel like the superheroes he loves in his comics. He goes over the top with the hero voice and doesn’t quit until they crack a smile (even X6-88). Kent Connolly follows him around with an old camera the whole day.

Meanwhile, the Wholesome Crew….

Piper is trying to sloppy kiss everyone under the mistletoe. It started as a ruse to get people to talk to her about the new Publick Occurrence article about SoSu saving the Commonwealth, but now she has an idea for a new article: Kiss and Tell? A Guide To Detecting A Synth With A Kiss.

Preston is double-fisting eggnog like it’s his job. Someone bet him he couldn’t shoot as straight while he was drunk so he has to defend his honor. Unfortunately, that was hours ago and he forgot why he started guzzling eggnog in the first place. His hat’s on crooked and SoSu ends up confiscating his laser rifle.

Danse is out of his power armor, lowkey flirting with Curie by offering to show her how her new synth body works. He purposefully wore his BOS suit which is sinfully too tight on him. He’s not drunk at all, but his face is definitely flushed.

Curie is highkey flirting by offering to tune up Danse’s power armor. “I am excellent with machines, as well as zee human body.” Her face is completely red even though she had maybe half a glass of wine.

Dogmeat is running around eating tinsel and marking all the presents as his.

And the Lawful-Neutral Patrol…

Strong is wearing a giant homemade scarf, trying to have a serious conversation about the milk of human kindness with John Cabot. His words are simple and halting sometimes, but Cabot seems genuinely interested in Strong’s condition as a friendly super mutant and debates the pros and cons of committing your life to a sole purpose.

Nick Valentine closed up his office for the day and spends most of the time with Sole comparing prewar songs and dances and debating who the best lounge singer was while Magnolia and Ellie listen intently with starry looks in their eyes.

X6-88 sits with Sturges and they spend the day comparing different ways of fixing mechanical failures and computer issues. X6 was never a maintenance synth so he learns a thing or two from Sturges’s “duct tape is golden” spiel. Sturges is just happy that X6 seems interested in fixing broken things instead of calling them inferior at first glance and leaving it.

anonymous asked:

Hi, I'm about your age and I have two 4 year old twins. My son and daughter really love your art. Especially your gravity falls au (because they think they were them). They loved the comic you did, and May I just say, thank you for inspiring them to draw, now they draw all the time, day and night, my son even won the kindergarten drawing contest, and when they asked who was his inspiration, he told them it was you, so does my daughter. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR INSPIRING THEM!!!😊😊😊👍👍👍👍!!!!!!

AROGJAELJVKSDMFAEJGRLFLAAaahhh messages like these make me so happy inside!! I’m honoured to be their inspiration and I hope they keep drawing! I send them great big cyber hugs for your twins! Also, here is a little doodle for them:


Day 1 of Astro August Challenge:

Who is your bias?

As you can already tell, my bias is Moon Bin. I made this small and simple (yet time consuming) gifset of him to show what I love about Bin. Also, to bring out my last point, his voice, here’s a link. Definitely check it out, if you haven’t already or have. There are a few more things but I didn’t know how to illustrate it with gifs (his laugh, his personality) or I was too lazy to look up new videos for it (his arms), so the last row only has two gifs (was supposed to make 9 gifs). I’ll stop my off topic rambling now. 

Have a pleasant day!  


Hi, i hope i’m not bothering you. Can i ask for a one shot request where [the reader is a] very clumsy girl and Dean was amused at how his girlfriend managed not to get killed with such clumsiness of hers?

Sorry it’s so short, but being a clumsy girl I had to write it! 

“Tell me your joking!” Dean exclaimed, popping a french fry into his mouth.
“Nope!” you laughed, resting your arm on the diners freshly disinfected tables. The place smelled of a mix of burgers and lemon cleaners. “I swear! I fell right onto the Wendigo, then from panic shot him!” you laughed, and an old couple next to you turned around.
“No! No, it’s a book!” you waved your hands in front of your face still laughing, and the old lady nodded. Dean gave you a goofy grin before tossing a wad of cash on the table.
“You’ll get yourself killed one day, Y/N. You gotta be more careful” he said and you sat down in the Impala.
“I’ll be fine” you smiled at him, giving him a peck on the cheek. Dean smirked and revved up the engine, the familiar purr allowed you to close your eyes, leaning your head on the window. By the time you arrived at the bunker, the sun had set. Walking in, Sam was leaning back in one of the war room chairs, lazily twirling a pencil in-between his fingers.
“Hey” he looked up and you nodded, stealing an apple slice from his plate.
“Guess you don’t need me to cut your apples anymore huh, Sammy?” Dean said and you smiled. The little stories the brothers had between themselves seemed like another world, and once in awhile, one would slip.
“Aw, I bet baby Sam was so cute!” you pinched his cheek and he slapped your hand away while laughing. You took the seat next to him while Dean sat across.
“So get this,” Sam started, “There’s a whole nest of vampires one town over” he said and you groaned, rolling your eyes.
“Not another one” you said and Dean exhaled.
“Let’s leave tomorrow morning” Sam said and Dean nodded.
“Then I’m going to go get some sleep” you stood up, cracking your back. Dean smiled and you turned on your heels towards your bedroom. Dropping onto your bed, everything went black quickly.
“Y/N?” Dean knocked at your door. You covered your head with your pillow, pulling the blankets up higher. “Wake up!” he shouted, ripping the pillow from your hands.
“No!” you groaned, reaching for the other pillow. Dean knew what you were about to do and quickly jumped over you, landing on the other side of the bed.
“Ha” he smiled and you rolled your eyes.
“We have to leave in half an hour” he said and you nodded, kicking your sheets off. He placed a small kiss on your nose and shut the door behind him.
Once you were packed and ready, you began to make your way towards the kitchen. Reaching for your other duffel strap, you hadn’t realized you walked straight into the hallway corner.
“Ow” you groaned, rubbing your head from the hit.
“Did you walk into the wall again?” Dean shouted from the kitchen.
“Maybe!” you shouted back and heard Sam erupt in laughter.
“Oh c’mon, you guys trip sometimes” you said once you entered the kitchen. Sam looked at Dean and nodded a no, and Dean took another huge bite of his pancake, agreeing with Sam.
You grabbed Dean’s fork, and watched him pout while you ate the rest of his pancake. You placed the plate in the sink and picked up your duffel.
“Ready?” you asked and followed Dean up the metal staircase.
Sam opened the door and you followed Dean out. About two weeks ago you reminded Dean to fix the stone step leading outside, it had cracked and went up about an inch higher than it’s other half.
“Shit!” you shouted, halfway to the ground. Dean caught you swiftly, and you smiled up at his wickedly beautiful green eyes.
“Gotcha” he said, and lifted you back up. “You sure you want to hunt?” he asked, and you placed your hands on your hips.
“Dean” you warned him like a mother would their child.
“I know, I know” he bobbed his head, “You’re the best damn hunter ever” he mocked your earlier tone and you straightened your back proudly at the sentence, standing there like Wonder Woman.
“You better remember that” you teased, and he smirked at you. Dean opened the car door for you, poking at your ribs a little to get you to smile. He walked to the drivers seat, taking his rightful place. Black Sabbath filled the car, loud enough for your chest to thump with each beat. You rested your head on the window, watching the road.
“It’s not bad to be clumsy” you spoke up about an hour later.
“It’s not, you’re just adorable” Dean said and you blushed. How he still managed to make you blush was a mystery, but you loved it.
“So are you” you said, and he looked at you through the rear-view mirror with a raised brow.
“I’m not adorable, I’m-“
“Adorable!” you cut him off and he muttered something under his breath making Sam laugh. With a small smile you closed your eyes, allowing yourself to think.

hello yes and i loved it to this extent to sacrifice my study day for this

this fic is by the wonderful iwillstillopenthewindow "forget me not“ its so beautiful and kind of ruined my life so please read it