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Yall order some A N G S T™ ?  I’ve been listening to a lot of Rage Against the Machine lately, and it got me thinking about how themes of suppression and rebellion show up in the arcs of each of the new characters, starting in The Force Awakens and continuing into The Last Jedi.


endless summer, wheel of fortune.

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i was thinking more about you gotta die sometime and the "my head high in the air" line and how the moments before he did die he was too weak to even hold his head up properly so literally he couldn't but he made sure marvin held him up so he could be with the family and he thanked jason and i think that figuratively he absolutely did die with his head high in the air.


{19/?} *:・゚✧ social media au where yoongi is an insta famous model and aspiring singer taehyung is the guy in his class who has a big ass crush on him. 

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what program do you use to edit these videos? and what extended software do you use for the effects? I have to take a compulsory media module in uni and i'm struggling sb rn i wanna die please help ;; your edits are rad af 100/100 (ps. if you have some free time and make a tutorial it would be a ++!!!) send help sos

Well. Theres a lot I use tbh haha. I’ll try to break it down because I cant see myself making a tutorial anytime soon.. 

So first of all I use Adobe After Effects CC 2014. I got it when I bought my Mac as part of a package. But you can easily look up videos on youtube to find out how to download after effects for free. Just make sure to look at the comments and number of dislikes to see if its legit.

As for extended software I have several plug-ins that I use :

- Pixel Sorter (which I used for transitions on my Jungkook Trust Issues edit)

- Element 3D (which I use to make and animate text in 3D) 

- Plexus (which I use in my Zodiac Series)

Trapcode (which is amazing and allows you to create so much. Its hard to explain so I’ll leave a link here so you can see the possibilities if you’re interested.)

- Twixtor (extreme slow motion, also used in my Trust Issues edit)

- Twitch (does what it says on the tin haha. It creates shakes basically. I use it in this edit as transitions if you want an example) 

- Magic Bullet Looks (for colour correcting) 

- Red Giant Universe (which again has so many different options so I’ll leave a link here so you can see what its for. but I used one of the effects recently in my Jungkook Beautiful Cover edit to create that VHS effect)

andddd. I think that’s it. That’s all I can remember anyway. And everything I’ve learned is from YouTube tutorials and just messing around in after effects until I find something that works. Hope this helps and good luck editing! x

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enkiindlethis thought up a Captain Uhura/First Officer T'Pring AU (enkiindlethis(.)tumblr(.)com/post/127203303769/au-where-uhura-is-captain-and-her-vulcan-first) which I loved so much I even ended up making one of my characters in Star Trek Online after this, because it's the only form of visual art I can manage - plus I'm a nerd XD - but I'd love to see some fanart of it too.

Ahh this AU is an amazing idea, here’s a doodle of them! (actually I made more doodles and only coloured this one, maybe I will post them later !)

So messing around with Photoshop like I normally do and I decide to see if I can make HD screenshots even more HD. Because why not? Honestly some of the Sides screenshots I take end up a bit blurry which is frustrating because it makes them hard to clean for edits.

For example…

So I have this screenshot of Virgil (such a cutie

It looks a bit blurry around some parts of his jacket and that’s mostly because I took this screenshot while the episode was in motion. But then, I applied some High Gloss in Photoshop…


Maybe I’m just a nerd for photos but look at the detail it grabs! The blurriness basically disappears and I’m just like…. woah. I don’t know if I’m crazy but I just had to share this! 

So with this newfound knowledge, I had to try with Roman too because of the detail on his newish outfit.

So… original screenshot:

What a handsome devil!~

But then…

LOOK AT THE DETAIL. Gosh dang it. The blurriness of the face is gone and the colors just pop and I can’t handle this oh my.

But that’s all I wanted to share, thanks for reading and sorry to clog your dash with my revelation but IT’S AMAZING.

continue on with your scrolling~!

friendly reminder that if you’re a reader of killing stalking, that does not make you out to be a horrible person. you do not deserve to be suicide baited. you do not deserve to be called every name in the book other than your first name. you do not deserve to be spammed with hate. it’s sickening to see the state the fandom is in lately, so i thought i’d attempt to spread some love .

i love this fandom because i’ve met some of the most amazing people, who are so creative and contribute to the fandom with their art, edits, and theories. and just genuinely have a great presence on my dash. 

you all like killing stalking, but you also like many other things. you have things that make you happy. all these things that make us human. we have hearts that can be broken. our feelings matter. we aren’t just robots behind a computer screen for people to throw evil words at. so, in addition to reading this 💖 positivity post 💖  please reblog/reply to this with something that you love 



read the description for the long explanation as to why this took so long to post and why its in two parts. tl;dr it was all one video ‘till adobe premiere borked the export somewhere in chapter 2 and almost took my computer down with it. I haven’t had the balls to try exporting chapter 2 again so this is all I have for now. computer-fuckery aside, I had some people that wanted to see this and I neglect my youtube channel anyway so here it is.

(by the way, there’s lots of visual editing and jokes going on so its recommended to actually watch the video rather than listen to it as I know many people do ;P)

– For Emma ( ˘ ³˘) ♥