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Your Shawn Mendes song (Harry Potter Preferences)
  • This gave me an excuse to listen to Shawn Mendes, so I'm pretty happy.I haven't edited this yet, so forgive me for any mistakes.
  • Draco:
  • Treat You Better;You were already in a relationship when Draco had entered your life. He was instantly smitten with you,but you resisted. Your boyfriend was abusive and got jealous very easily. You didn't want to even think about what would happen if he found about Draco. Not that there was anything to find out. Draco was relentless in trying to convince you to be with him. "I know that I could treat you better than he can" he said. You knew that you definitely had feelings for the Slytherin, but you just didn't want him to get hurt.
  • Harry:
  • Stitches;Your's and Harry's relationship was toxic. He was too caught up in being a hero and you were clinging on to something that you new was hopeless. It took months before you two finally broke things off. It was disastrous and horrible, every pent up feeling that been kept secret, was suddenly let out. You were foolish to think that it could've been better.He was foolish to think that you actually loved each other. The heartbreak was a pain that you would both carry your entire lives.
  • Hermione:
  • Imagination;You had admired Hermione from afar, watching as her ginormous hair was lifted by the breeze that flown though that day. The way her eyes brightened with such light, that it could never be extinguished whenever she read a book. Her intelligence ensnared you, reeling you in as your mind was filled with nothing but thoughts of her. You had wanted to tell her you dreamt of the two of you being together, that you loved her, but what if she rejected. Maybe,maybe this was all better left in your imagination.
  • Ron:
  • I Know What You Did Last Summer;You don't know how it started. One minute, you were madly in love.The next, you were letting someone else's hands run along your body.You slept with them, repeatedly, always thinking of Ron but never doing anything about it. Ron has suspicions, you know that, but you could never tell him. It was killing you, eating away at your soul bit by bit,patiently waiting for you to break. You and Ron struggled to keep the relationship together, in spite of all that happened, you two had been through everything together. You just didn't know how much longer you could last.
  • Luna:
  • Life of the Party;You and Luna had always strived to be happy no matter what the world threw at you. You both knew that life was short, especially for people like you. There wasn't time for apologies, nor was there time for not making mistakes. You only had one life, and you weren't going to waste it. When you're with Luna, it's like the entire world fades from existence, leaving only you two. It had never mattered what was happening or who you were with, as long as you had Luna, everything was going to be okay.
  • Neville:
  • Never Be Alone;You were a muggle, which meant that Neville was away often. He would visit you as often as he could, if he had only a minute, he would choose to spend it with you. The night before he left was always the hardest, you clung to each other, holding on so tight, you might snap in half. You never got much sleep, you spent as much time with Neville as you could.The moment that he left he would tell you the same thing.He would tell you that no matter what happened, if you ever felt alone, all you had to do was look up at the night sky and find a star. Every time, you looked at that star, you'd be reminded that Neville saw the very same stars.
  • Fred:
  • Something Big;Your lives were a series of twists and turns. Events that were so unpredictable, you could never fully plan them. Fred had this feeling in his gut that something was going to happen,something big.That feeling was confirmed as soon as he met you. You were very shy and conservative,having a plan for your life since you were young. When you met Fred, it's like you burst out of your shell.He showed you how much fun it could be if you lived life with uncertainty.He showed you how it was okay to let go once and awhile. He never stopped having that attitude,and it inspired you.He changed your life,and so many others, who were all grateful for what he (and George) had taught them.
  • George:
  • Aftertaste;You were happy once.You were in a wonderful relationship with the boy you loved.Which is why he'll never understand why you left him that particular Friday morning. You had just spent your first night together,not regretting a single moment,or so he thought. He woke up around nine am,his arm searching the spot where you were supposed to be.When he had found nothing,he had shot up from the bed, frantically looking around the room but finding nothing. He collapsed on the floor once he realized what had happened, you had left.He thought that you loved him, but apparently he was wrong. He hoped that you felt guilty about your actions, that he was all you would think about for the rest of your life. You deserved to know his pain,you deserved to be left,with the aftertaste.
  • James:
  • Mercy;You were stuck, floating in an abyss that you weren't sure could ever be filled.James had entranced you from the moment you met, making your knees violently tremble whenever you were around him.You loved him, and he loved you, but he kept things from you.He didn't tell you the reason he was gone for the entire night once a month.He didn't explain the deer and other various animal hair you had found. As soon as it looked like he might open up to you, he completely shut you out.You knew that he didn't mean to hurt you, but he kept tearing you apart. You silently begged him to release you from his hold.He was the love of your life,but he needed to either open up,or let you go.
  • Sirius:
  • Show You;Everyone thought that You and Sirius would never last.A day at most,some said.A week,said others.You two were determined to show them that they were wrong.You were determined to show them that you would last, because you loved each other, and that should be all that matters.If you had to walk a hundred miles only on your hands to prove it, you would. Deep down, you felt that it shouldn't have to be proven, they should trust in your relationship. You and Sirius soon abandoned the foolish crusade,and spent the rest of your lives focusing on making only each other happy.
  • Remus:
  • A Little Too Much;Sometimes,life can be a bitch. Sometimes, you get knocked down and you don't want to get back up again. Whenever, things like that happen to either You or Remus, you have to tell yourselves that it'll get better,somehow it always does.Your always there to help the other out and to be there for them. You've helped Remus with his self hate towards being a werewolf,and he's helped you with your breakdowns over school.Without each other,you confident that you'll either die,or have a severely broken heart.
  • Lily:
  • Kid in Love;You and Lily had met during your first year.From the moment your eyes locked, you knew,even though you were kids,it was love.You asked her out during fourth year, and her saying yes had you even more convinced.You two ended up dating for the duration of your Hogwarts years and long after that.You were growing up,and you hated it.The older you got, the less time you got with Lily.Even after all these years,she still made you feel like a kid in love.So as long as the two of you were kids in love, you never really grew up.
  • Regulus:
  • I don't even know Your Name;He was lost,searching the crowd for an exit somewhere.He had no reason to stay,so he wasn't going to.Then,there you were.Your vibrant red dress was form fitting on your body,showing off every curve and edge.The strobe lights bounced off your irises, making them appear brighter and full of color. Regulus started to make his way to you, only for you to disappear in the crowd.He had searched all night for you,but with no luck.It still kills him to this very day,because he tends to dwell on what might've been, if he had found you.How could he,he didn't even know your name.
  • Severus:
  • The Weight;He was cheating on you with Lily,simple as that.He's tried to tell you that he's happier with her,yet he still wants you to stay.He's told you that he's needed time, yet he pushes you away.He's even tried to take you back dozens of times.It's like a game that goes back and forth messing with your mind,and you hate it.You can't take the pain that it's causing you, so you decided to leave Hogwarts, forever.He wasn't worth sticking around for in a place you never wanted to be in.
  • NEXT GENERATION (maybe for now)
  • James Sirius:
  • Running Low;Your relationship was doomed from the start.He had thought that he was brave enough to handle it,but he wasn't.His energy was slowly draining away,he couldn't do the things someone else could do for you.You only wanted him,but it was like he didn't care about you at all.He thought that it wasn't worth it if you could easily find love with someone else.He never meant to hurt you, but he did.He realized too late that you were the only one for him.You could never go back to him.
  • Albus:
  • Bring it Back;You broke his heart,told him that you never loved him and left, taking the pieces of his shattered heart with you.You two tried to get back together despite everything, but it would've been much worse.One day, at a party, he saw you.You were sulking in the corner staring at him intensely.You walked towards him, but he only went to find Scorpius,leaving you to look at him in bewilderment.You thought you had another shot with him, and that he would immediately take you back.He knew that it would be dangerous if it was brought back.
  • Scorpius:
  • One of Those Nights;You were young and you were in love.That was all either of you ever really needed.You ventured out in the middle of the night to swim in the black lake or to just wander the halls.Time is slipping away from us, so what can we do but live during that time as fully as we can.You didn't know what the future held for you and Scorpius, you only had hope that it would be something good.You two would take random road trips and go wherever the wind happened to blow that day. You would dance under the light of the stars,letting them watch as you glided along the ground, creating your mark on the earth.
  • Rose:
  • Air;It wasn't supposed to end like this. You were supposed to live life together, not strain to even ask how the day went.You loved each other, there was no doubt about that, but you were trying too hard.A relationship takes a lot work, but not that much.It isn't even worth a second if neither one of you is willing to put in any effort. You're stringing each other along,and it has to stop. You were supposed to just take things slow, but things sped up way too quickly. It was getting too much for both of you.You just didn't want to Admit it to Rose.She was putting more effort into it than you were,she just had more hope.

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Oh how I've missed you 😧 (life is hard dude) , for the prompt thingies could you do 46, 60, 72 with Steve pls? 😊😊

A/N: CJjjjj!~ I’ve missed you too!! I haven’t seen you around in a while!~ (Also, I changed ‘I’ to ‘It’ in prompt 60 bc it made more sense)


46. “It was a joke, baby. I swear.”

60. “Are you going to talk to me?”

72. “Just smile, I really need to see you smile right now.”

Warnings: Clowns, Fluff-ish stuff, and this was baaarely proofread tbh

Word Count: ~981

Tags:  @animexchocolate @jotink78 @freaksforthewin @feelmyroarrrr  @shamvictoria11 @addictivewriter @secondstartotherightimagines @earinafae  @fangirlnyxx @meatballevan 

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It had to be frickin’ clowns.

You had just gotten home from a mission halfway around the world, more than ready to take a hot shower and curl up in bed with a certain super soldier for the night. Instead, you were met with an apartment full of clown mannequins and creepily slow circus music on loop through FRIDAY’s speakers. The real kicker for you was that not all of the clowns had been mannequins.

In fact, your usually wonderful boyfriend and idiotic friends had been interspersed throughout the apartment decked out in clown gear as well. They came around the corner screaming bloody murder and you knocked each and every one of them on their ass in seconds. As soon as you realized who they were, you chewed them out and stormed off, mad enough that you left the Compound entirely.

You took a car to the city and marched right into the Tower where you still had a room. Tony was going to question why you had shown up out of the blue, clearly still in your mission gear, but thought better of it after you gave him the glare of the century. Sure, you knew perfectly well that you overreacted by storming out and escaping to the city but clearly no one thought to look up the details of your last mission.

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don’t fall in love with me
your heart is locked, but before you know it I’ll own the key
I’ll figure out how you think, I bring danger but you’ll want to protect me
being with me will be as easy as breathing, I will make you feel free

they say the best love always does
I would know I’ve learned from the best
I’ve gone through them all, the athlete, the drug dealer, poor kids and the well dressed
all just trying to get my undressed
treat me like shit, oppressed

got myself out of all those
I left the relationships but kept the tricks so now I’m a pro
I’ll have at the first hello

I’ll make you feel alive
I’ll be the fresh air you’ve been craving
a new journey everyday
tell you you’re beautiful, who cares what you weigh
you’ll feel safe

then I’ll start to pull away
talking less everyday
I’ll be busy, won’t answer your calls
I’ll have you crying, confused, what did you do? punching walls, throwing your brothers baseball’s
outside at midnight
I won’t text you goodnight

then I’ll leave
you’ll need at least 6 months to grieve
I’ll do it when I know I am your whole world, your life revolves around our relationship
you’ll abuse drugs, and alcohol, so drunk you call me from your spaceship

you’ll ask me what went wrong
I’ll apologize, tell you to stay strong
you’ll play our song
every night before bed
thinking about every word I ever said
all the things you want to tell me, all the secrets and opinions and words unsaid

I won’t feel awful
it won’t hurt, the break up wasn’t painful

I’m sorry in advance
don’t give me a chance
don’t look at me, pretend not to notice my glance
I’m not looking for romance

I want a short love story
ill convince myself you’re the one
you won’t want anyone else, you’re off the market, done

after a few months I’ll get bored
I know I promised
I was the sweetest
now you’re the craziest

my love become your drug of choice
you’ll call a few times a day just to hear my voice
you’ll think about me always
driving on the highway
when you’re stuck at work on a friday

but I’ll leave abruptly
I’ll tell you it’s over and to never talk to me again, bluntly

the withdraw
will just get worse, keep going downhill
I’ll block you on everything and delete your number
you’ll cry to your mother

in a few weeks I’ll be at it again
and I’ll unblock you and let you see
the new girl I pick
you’ll question my words, if I had loved you how could I move on so quick

you will eventually move on but you’ll never forget
the smell of my cigarettes
the sheets on my bed
you’ll say it’s just another regret

but we’ll both know
a text from me, a simple hello
will make your heart dance
you’ll think about giving me a second chance
but listen to me when I tell you, don’t.

—  the warning you didn’t want to see
Magcon Preference: He Cheats and You Leave Him *Requested* Part 1/2

Hey guys so it’s been a while and i decided to get back at it, i want to apologize beforehand to all of you that had requested something a while back and never got it, i had some difficulties with this account but i’m going to try to work with it. I won’t keep you waiting, enjoy! :)

Nash: It was Friday night and the boys had been wanting to go clubbing for weeks. You weren’t feeling well lately and decided to just let Nash go out and have some fun instead of ruining his plans. “You sure you don’t want me to stay babe?” he asked. You smiled at him and shook your head “no you go have fun”. Nash smiled at you and kissed your head as he walked out the door getting in the car with the guys. You woke up a few hours later realizing you had dozed off in the couch, as you looked around you checked the time and saw that it was 3:30 in the morning and Nash was still not back. You got worried and grabbed your phone calling Nash, once it send you to voicemail you decided to Call Cam. “Hey y/n wharf’s up?” he sounded sleepy. “Um Cam i’m sorry to call you but um is Nash with you?” The line wen’t silent. “Cam?” you asked. “Y/n Nash and I left the club two hours ago, he said he had to go meet a friend.” A friend? “Thanks Cam, Night” You heard Cam sigh “Whatever he did y/n i’m sure he’ll regret it tomorrow.” “Yeah me too.” You logged into twitter and typed in his name trying to see if his fans had spotted him anywhere, and once you saw at least 50 pictures of him all over some girl you decided that was enough. You ran up to the room you both shared and angrily threw some clothe into a bag. You took the notepad that was in your nightstand and grabbed a pen leaving Nash a note ‘I hope you and your friend had fun, don’t bother looking for me - y/n’

Cameron: It was almost your one year anniversary with Cameron and you couldn’t be more excited. You knew he was very busy filming for his new movie  and had to go out of town so you decided to be a good girlfriend and surprise him. You had talked to Nash earlier and agreed on picking you up from the airport at noon so you could surprise your boyfriend in the studio. You had it all planned out, you’d surprise him and then hand him the new camera you got him, you knew he had been wanting this one for a while now and he never got the chance to buy it. Once your plane arrived you received a message from Nash who was waiting outside baggage claim for you, once you spotted him you ran to him and gave him a big hug. “Nashy! i haven’t seen you in a while” Nash laughed and hugged you back “Damn y/n you’re a little too excited, you looking to get some tonight?” he said while wiggling his eyebrows. You rolled your eyes and took the bag that was waiting for you and walked into the car. “So does he have the slightest idea?” you asked. Nash shook his head “No as a matter of fact he was just about to send flowers to get delivered to your house, which by the way you should warn someone about before they die” You laughed and looked out the window not being able to contain your excitement. Once you reached the studio Nash lead the way in, you could tell they were done filming and looked for Cam’s trailer. You were right outside and nervously looked at Nash before opening the door until you couldn’t. You froze when you heard the conversation from the other side of the door. “I-I can’t do this anymore Lia it isn’t fair to y/n or Jc this has been going on for far too long” you heard Cam say. You looked at Nash and pressed your ear to the door. “But Cam i love you, and you know you love me too these have been the best two months i’ve ever had and let’s face it you haven’t even mentioned y/n once” Lia answered back. holy crap two months?! “y/n i think we should go” Nash whispered. You could feel the tears forming but you weren’t going to let that stop you. You furiously opened the door and looked at Cam dead in the eye which caught him completely off guard. “Y-Y/N what are you doing here?” Cam asked “I WAS HERE TO SURPRISE YOU FOR OUR ONE FUCKING YEAR BUT YOU KNOW WHAT YOU CAN FORGET ABOUT US CAUSE YOU BLEW IT CAMERON” the tears were already out and you knew they weren’t going to stop until you calmed down. You looked at Nash who gave you an understanding look and left the studio leaving Cameron standing speechless. He was the one you had trusted with your heart, and the one who broke it.

(A/N: WOAH Guys that one was longer than i thought)

Taylor: When you first started dating Taylor you knew that a relationship with him also meant a relationship with rumors but you always tried your hardest to ignore the hate and lies sent your way because he made you happy. It was Sunday afternoon and you were alone at home, your parents were gone for the weekend and you hadn’t seen taylor in a while since your parents didn’t really like him around. It’s not that they didn’t like Taylor personally, they just didn’t like the image of him. You weren’t going to let them stop you from seeing him so you texted him as soon as you had the house to yourself. 'Babe i miss you x -y/n’ You texted him. Seconds later you got a reply 'Aw baby i miss you too, but i’m sick and i don’t want you to catch anything, see you next week? :( -Tay’ You sighed and put your phone back in our pocket. You really were looking forward to spending some time with your boyfriend, so getting a little sick didn’t bother you. You got in your car and drove to the store to buy some chicken soup, as you made your way into Taylor’s drive way you too out your spare keys and made your way inside. You stopped mid way when you heard a giggly giggle and a trail of clothing that lead to his room. “Are you sure she doesn’t know?” you heard her say. “Yes she doesn’t know” Taylor answered. You were fuming. you grabbed the soup and walked into his room where they both layed naked. They weren’t facing your way so they still had no idea you were inside. You grabbed the soup and threw it at both of them. “What the fuck?!” Taylor yelled and his face softened when he saw you “Y/N oh my god i swear this is not what it looks like.” “Please Taylor enlighten me what does this look like to me then?” Taylor was about to answer you but you just couldn’t stand being inside his room where he was naked with some other girl “You know what i don’t even care we’re done” You ran out of his room and got into your car pulling out of the drive way before he had the chance to chase you. You tried your hardest to hold the tears in but it wasn’t working. Guess your parents were right, he was the kind of boy you should’ve stayed away from. (A/N: i know throwing hot soup seems kinda harsh but let’s pretend it wasn’t hot enough to seriously burn him)

Shawn: You weren’t used to seeing your boyfriend like this, so drawn by fame. You felt like as if all the popularity was changing him. Of course he would’t admit to it and every time you brought it up he would deny it or say you were just being paranoid. You got fed up with it and decided to just keep your mouth shut instead. You were backstage in the Austin Mahone concert, Shawn was about to perform as an opening and Becky and him were rehearsing some lyrics. Their friendship always kinda bothered you but you didn’t want to add jealousy onto the list of things you were being ’Paranoid’ about so you just let it go. She wasn’t really fond of you and you weren’t fond of her but you made it work for Shawn by playing friendly. You sighed as you checked your watch seeing that there was only 5 minutes before Shawn made his way to the stage. You decided to wish him good luck and walked towards him but were caught off guard when you saw Becky dive in for a kiss, what shocked you was the fact  that he actually kissed back. You stood there waiting for him to notice you and once he finally did his eyes grew wide. “Y/N nononono you weren’t supposed to see that we uh this uh isn’t oh my god..” You shook your head and let the tears fall “Just admit it Shawn, admit you changed, for the love of god just own up to it” Shawn stayed quiet. “I take that as a yes then?” you said while wiping the tears of your face “This wasn’t going to workout anyways, from the minute you made top charts you changed into a different person, and you just aren’t the Shawn i fell in love with.” You gave him a while to process what you just said but nothing seemed to come out. “Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome Shawn Mendes!” they called out. Shawn walked towards the stage and then back at you but you had already been making your way out to the exit.

Aaron: I’m sorry guys i just can’t picture him cheating 

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COLIVER 49 XD (omg I'm sorry you don't have to do all of these)

49. “Well this is awkward…”

“You’ve got to be kidding me!” Oliver groaned when he approached his dorm room door and saw a sock on the handle. He felt awful, coming down with the cold or flu that was going around campus. Of course, the one day he wanted to lie down in bed and die, Connor would be having sex with another one of his conquests. He had no issues with his roommate’s sexual appetite as he generally respected Oliver’s boundaries, but in the middle of the afternoon? Really?

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Hey!!! First of all, Thursday can't get here soon enough!!! Also when you have time, could you write a short one in which Amy wears the tiara while she and Sheldon have sex (still feel surreal saying these words). Hope you don't think I'm creepy lol:)

Hi! First, only three days till 9.10 YAY! Also when you have time, could you write a short one in which they both want to have sex but they don’t know how to ask. So maybe they googled “how to seduce your partner”. Then they tried to act sexy in front of each other and failed hysterically. Like Amy tried to do a sexy walk but tripped over her own feet or Sheldon awkwardly showed his muscle resulting in almost throwing his back out. Of course in the end they had sex lol. Thank you.

It had been thee weeks since Sheldon had given Amy her birthday gift. The first week after had been christmas and he had been so busy being carted around to her relatives houses and shown off like a prize horse. The next week Amy went away for her conference.

Sheldon had never so acutely felt her absence before. They had dated for five years snd she had gone out of town before. He had been apart from her for seven months. Yet this time her being gone bothered him immensely. He wanted to be able to pop into her lab and see her face.
Have her over for dinner, take her out for date night. Kiss her good night.

Sheldon could not stop thinking about kissing her good night. Or kissing her anywhere. Before she had left he ate lunch in her lab. Before leaving he went to give her a goodbye peck in the cheek. Somehow it ended up with them in passionate embrace. Making out like teenagers against her lab table.

He just could not trust himself around her anymore. It seemed that when it came to Amy his thoughts and actions were not his own. At night he would be haunted by dreams of her. The image of her lying beneath him her dark hair fanned out on his pillow. He could feel her fingers exploring the skin of his back. Then he would wake up as she called out his name. Wake up to an empty bed and an achy feeling in his belly.

One night he had a dream so randy that he made him blush every time he thought about it, which was often. In it Amy had come into his bedroom wearing nothing but her tiara.

“Are you crazy! Leonard could have seen you!” He admonished her as he got up to cover her with a blanket.

“Don’t worry, Leonard’s not home there is no one to hear us.” She says shrugging off the blanket. Then she kisses him pressing her body flush against his. Her hands are busy ripping at his clothing until they are both naked and panting with desire. Then Amy pushes him down onto his bed and climbs on top of him. Riding him like she was a cowgirl and he was a wild stallion. A princess cow girl since she was still wearing her tiara. When he woke up he felt so stiff and achy that it was almost painful. The unfulfilled feeling lasted all day and made him testy at work. After barking at the guys for the fourth time during lunch Howard looks at him and asks

“When does Amy get back from her conference?”

“On Friday why?” He snaps.

“Because since she has been gone you have been acting like a huge jerk.” Howard tells him.

“Yeah maybe if you give he a coming home gift you will be nice again. The entire week after her birthday you were so nice we thought you had been clubbed over the head.” Leonard says sniggering

“He was in a way. Clubbed over the head with love.” Raj says pointedly giggling.

“Yeah if you get laid again ,then maybe you will be nice for a while.”

“I am sorry gentleman but you are wrong. I think I am coming down with something and that is what is causing my ill humor.” He told them as he grabbed his tray and stormed out of the cafeteria.

Then as he closed the door to his office and sat down at his desk he thought that they may have a point. His nightly dreams were leaving him distracted during the day. The week after their first coupling he had felt free. Like a weight had been lifted from his shoulders. Now that weight was back and he knew Amy was the only one who could get rid of it.

Only he had no idea how to tell her what he wanted, what he needed. He thought Amy would be more than amiable to the request. If only he could figure out a way to ask her without feeling like a fool.


Amy rides in the cab on her way back from the airport thinking of Sheldon the entire time. It had been a week without him and she felt like she was going to burst. She did not know how she was going to act around him when she saw him again.

What she wanted to do was jump on top of him wrap her arms around him and never let go. She wanted to drag him back into the bedroom and have her way with him. Make him moan and sigh like he had on their magical night. Knowing now how he tasted, what tbe skin of his back felt like under her fingers, what his face looked like when he reached the moment of release. Made it even harder to think she may have to go without it for awhile. For who knows how long.

There were no parameters set up for their newfound intimacy. No document that states that when sex should occur. All week long she had been researching various women’s magazines online and their ways to seduce your man articles. She had even gone down to the bookstore near her hotel and picked out a book on the art of seduction. Only to chicken out and place it back on its shelf before hurrying out empty handed.

The truth was she knew none of those tricks would lure him back to her bed. Innuendo was lost on him, even overt gestures sometimes sailed past him. Amy doubted showing up at his office in nothing but a lab coat would sway him. He would probably declare her crazy and have her tested.

It was time to face the facts Gerad would just have to do until the next time Sheldon felt amourous. If that was a year away she could wait. She had dealt with the gnawing hunger in her belly before and she could do it again.

Sheldon told her to call him the minute she got home. A request she found quite endearing. The moment she gets into the elevator she dials his number. He picks up on the first ring making her smile.

“Hello.” He answers pleasantly.

“Hello, I am back home. So I am calling you, just like you asked.”

“You are not home yet.” He says and Amy is confused. What in the world was he talking about? Even if he was looking at her phones GPS somehow be could see she was home.

“Sheldon what are you talking about ? I just walked in my building.” Amy says getting off the elevator and walking down the hall.

“You are in the building but you are not home yet.” He answers and Amy wonders why he is being so cryptic as she unlocks her door. “Now you are home.” He says and Amy nearly drops her phone when she sees him standing in her doorway. Smiling at her with an impish grin that makes him look years younger. Amy fights the urge to jump on him and kiss that smirk off his face.

“Sheldon! What are you doing here!” Amy says happily.

“Well I missed you…” He starts but before he can finish she can not help herself anymore. She launches herself at him almost knocking him down with the force of her hug. He surprises her by wrapping his arms around her and pulling her tighter against his body and burying his face in her hair.

“I missed you, too.” She tells him reaching up to touch his face. Relishing the soft smooth feeling of his cheek and the way he is gazing at her like she is the most beautiful creature in the world. Part of her still did not understand how he could look at her like that. All her life she was made to feel like the ugly duckling and he made her feel like a swan.

“Amy, being away from you for such a prolonged period of time brought up some uncomfortable feelings for me.” He says gulping and looking serious.

“Oh?” She asks him nervously. Worried he will bring up the break up and accuse her of trying to have a hook up with some stranger in a bar. “What kind of uncomfortable feelings?” She asks and before she knows it his mouth is on hers. His kiss eager and hungry like he is trying convey something wordlessly. He sucks her bottom lip gently , when her mouth parts he darts his tongue inside.Amy kisses him back and then breaks away for air. They stand there staring at each other for a moment.

“I am not sorry to admit that I have been thinking about doing that a lot.” He tells her biting his lip and looking shy.

“I have too.” She tells him wrapping him back up into a hug which he returns.

“Amy there is something we need to discuss.” He says breaking away and looking serious. He walks over to the couch and sits down. Patting the seat beside him so Amy sits beside him.

“Uh-oh she thinks this could be bad. “ She thinks as he turns to her his face grave.

“Amy, I know I told you that we would… Be intimate again on your next birthday but that timeline is just not possible.”

“Oh, well it is okay Sheldon. I know this was a big change for you. Whenever you are ready again is fine with me. “ Amy tells him giving him a weak smile. It was true though, after being without him for long she felt like she could wait forever for him. Amy knew now that there would never be another man for her.

“Excellent.” He says the serious look on his face disappearing and a smile spreading across his face. Slow;y he leans into her kissing her softly on the mouth as he presses her softly backwards against the couch. Kissing her deeper as he moves over top of her hitching her skirt around her waist as he moves between her legs. His hands start exploring her body, making quick work of her cardigan before starting on the buttons of her blouse.

“Sheldon.” She says as he kisses a path down her neck making her shiver all over. “ Not that I am complaining but , you might want to stop now or I may not be able to control myself around you.”

“What do you mean?” He asks pulling open her blouse and kissing the tops of her breasts.

“I mean if you don’t want to have a physical relationship that is fine, but when you do stuff like this it is very confusing for me.”

“I thought we agreed we were moving the timeline of physical intimacy up ?” He asks confused.
“Up to when?” Amy asks though she thinks she knows the answer.

“To now…is that okay?” He says looking into her eyes, His blue eyes look so intense that they dazzle her. She is not even able to form a coherent thought so she just pull his face back down to kiss hers again. She nibbles on his bottom lip then moves her mouth to his jawline where she has learned he likes to be kissed. “Amy I need an answer.” He hisses as she licks his nack as she pulls the hem of his shirts up.

“Sheldon, you never have to ask. Anytime you want me you have me I am yours.” She sighs pulling his shirts up over his head.

“Figuratively that may be true…” He begins but Amy silences him with a kiss as she works on the waist band of his pants.

“I’m yours.” She repeats as he removes his pants and pulls her panties off from under her skirt. Moaning in pleasure as he slides inside her once more. Going slowly at first but gaining speed as her sighs of pleasure egg him on.

“I think you have it wrong.” He tells her as he reaches his breaking point. “ I’m yours Amy. You own be completely.”

I Missed You

For @the-mess-sterek-left-behind because she finished her paper and I’m so proud of her. Have a little bit of Sterek, my sweet bulbasaur. ♥

“How do I look?” Stiles asked his computer and spread his arms out, doing a quick spin before coming face to face with the screen again.

There was a hum from the computer, and Stiles watched as Derek tilted his head in thought, eyes moving downward. “I think I preferred the other jeans,” he said after a moment, a little grin tugging at his lips.

Stiles huffed and rolled his eyes. “You’re just saying that to watch me strip again,” he said but didn’t wait to reach down and unzip the jeans, pulling them down.

“You’re right,” Derek said with a simple nod, the grin growing wider. “And I also don’t like the shirt. Take it off.”

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fic: believe me, I'm not helpless

2.9 k dethan

flirting, car sex, and inevitable cuteness

“Aiden’s being a major tool,” Ethan complains, leaning against Danny’s locker.  “There’s no way we can go to our place.  He’s trying to piss off Lydia so he’s bringing a new girl home every night.  It’s fucking exhausting.  The other day I woke up and there was a different girl in our kitchen than there had been when I went to bed the night before.”

Danny, who’s reviewing for a test, shrugs one shoulder and doesn’t look up from his textbook.  “You know, we don’t actually have to hook up.  And if you’re worried about sleep, just sleep on Derek’s couch.”

“Please, the last time I tried to crash at Derek’s, a chupacabra came smashing through the windows.”  He’s still pretty bitter about it, especially since they’d finished dealing with their shit of the month like only a week before.  “I think that guy just rains bad luck down.  And with our combined shit storms lately, if I stayed over at his, someone would die.”

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Don't you want me baby? : Liam Payne

A/N: This is a bit of Liam smut that I have been wanting to write for ages now. It’s an AU where Liam is a nightclub manager who has been lusting after his assistant manager ever since he hired her. This also doubles as a personal for Natalie, I hope you enjoy the story! :) - Gee

‘Macie, have you heard from Natalie yet? I tried to call her and I haven’t heard anything from her.’

'I haven’t Mr Payne, but I’ll ring Miss Hollingsworth and see if I can get an answer’ Macie smiled and went back to her desk. I sighed and sat back in my chair. Natalie was never late, or if she was, she always called ahead to let me know. I started to type out the inventory list when I heard her enter the office.

'Oh Liam, I’m so sorry I’m late. I’ve just had something to deal with.’ She spoke fast, setting down her things and hanging up her coat and bag. She had another tight skirt and blouse on. I swear she did this on purpose, it’s like she knew exactly how I felt. 

'So do I get an explanation as to why you’re late? Or should I just try 20 questions?’ I saw her wince, she was still pretty scared of me. Even after working together for 5 months. I’d tried to tone down my Mr Mean act, but sometimes it was so fun watching her squirm. I imagined what she would look like beneath me, naked and squirming, waiting and anticipating my touch. 'Well?’

She sat down and shuffled some papers, cleared her throat and looked anywhere but at me. ‘I broke up with my boyfriend. You remember Toby?’ I nodded. ‘Well he cheated on me. Several times. With different people.’ She turned her attention back to her computer, and started typing away. I watched her, for someone who had just been through a breakup, she didn’t seem all that bothered. But she was finally rid of that lowlife scumbag. He had no job, and loitered in here every Friday and Saturday, hitting on different girls, and racking up Natalie’s tab. The girl sure knew how to pick them.

'Mr Payne, Miss Hollingsworth, the club is about to be opened.’ Macie said, popping her head around the door. She was a sweet girl, and an absolute star. She made sure I had a coffee every time I came into work, and her Uncle owned a brewery, so we got cheap deals on drinks.

'Thank you Macie. You’ve worked really hard this week, and if you would like to get off early, I’m happy for you to go. I will pay you until the end of the night, of course.’ She beamed from the doorway. Even though she loved this job, it could get tiring.

'Thank you Mr Payne. If you need me back, please don’t hesitate to ring me. Goodnight sir. Goodnight Miss Hollingsworth.’ Natalie looked up and smiled, giving her a nod. Macie grabbed her handbag from the rack, before turning round and giving us a wave goodbye. I moved from my seat to the window that looked out onto the dance floor, that was becoming littered with people. The music pumped away, and I turned to face Natalie, who was engrossed in something on her screen. I studied her face, she had the most beautiful blue eyes, that contrasted with her black hair. She was stunning, and she never needed to wear makeup. She wore red lipstick and a touch of mascara and that was it. I always admired her, I couldn’t get enough of her face. 

'So, you’re done with that scumbag for good then?’ I saw her tense up. She avoided looking at me. I walked around the back of her chair, and leant against the wall. She turned to face me, gazing directly into my eyes.

'Yes, I am completely done with him. Why do you ask?’ She shifted in her chair, squirming again. Her skirt was that tight, I could make out the shape of her panties. I could feel my cock stirring awake, thinking of sliding them down her legs.

'Well, the reason I am asking, is the same reason you wear these tight skirts and shirts to work’ I gestured towards her clothing 'Isn’t it?’ She blushed, and looked down at her lap. I walked to her, and tilted her chin up to face me, pulling her bottom lip free from her teeth. 'Now Natalie, lip biting is a really big fucking turn on for me. So I must ask you, do you want me as much as I want you?’

Before I could register what was happening, she had me backed against the wall, hands running up and down my abs, kissing me like she couldn’t get enough of me. I moved, so her back was to the wall, my body pressed to hers, hands in each other’s hair. I moved my hands to her shirt and ripped it open, sending buttons flying everywhere. I caressed her skin from her navel to her boobs, and dipped my head to nip at them with my teeth. She moaned, pushing herself into my mouth and hands. I squeezed and sucked, her skin was so soft and warm, and I could smell the faint scent of her perfume.

I moved away, taking off my suit jacket and dress shirt, discarding them on the floor. I turned my attention to her desk, running my arms across it and throwing everything on the floor. I grabbed Natalie and sat her on the edge of the desk, hitching her skirt up around her waist. 'Take them off’ I ordered, as I slipped my pants down and stepped out of them, removing my shoes. Natalie reached to take off her heels 'you can leave those on, I want those heels by my ears as I’m fucking you.’

She stood in front of me, like a naked goddess. Her body was everything and more than what I thought it would be, and I palmed myself through my boxers teasing her a little. I sat on the desk and laid myself down, she looked at me confused. 'You’re going to straddle my face princess, I want to taste you, as you’re tasting me.’ She carefully positioned herself over my face, and I attacked. I started with gliding my tongue into her entrance pushing myself in as far as I could go, as she slid her pretty little mouth down my cock. I was surprised she took me all in, but it felt so good, that I groaned into her soaking wet pussy. With Natalie moaning against me, I could feel myself ready to blow, so I stopped. I wanted to be in her, I wanted to look at her face as she was thrown over the edge. She stopped her attack with her mouth and climbed off of me. All of a sudden, she took control, gone was the shy woman who let me seduce her in the first place. She took my hands and walked me to the window of the office.

'I want you to fuck me against here. I want the excitement of possibly being seen’ There was no real chance of being caught, everybody was too drunk or too engrossed in a partner to look up at the office window. She bent over ever so slightly, and she looked magnificent. Stood in her red heels and bent over, showing me where she wanted me. I walked up behind her, slapped her ass and lined myself up with her. I plunged in, stilling for a couple of seconds so she could adjust, and then I started to move. I set my hands on either side of hers on the window, and bit at her neck as I thrust into her.

'You feel so good babygirl, are you gonna cum for me?’ She’d moaned in response. 'Not good enough baby, I need to hear the words.’

'Yes, yes, I will cum for you. Oh, harder, please.’ I reached around the front and rubbed slow circles around her clit as I picked up my thrusts. I willed her to let go and she wouldn’t.

'Cum for me Natalie, cum for me.’ I commanded. And with my words spurring her on, she released her orgasm, clamping down on me, and squeezing me, which forced my orgasm out of me. I slipped out of her, and moved her out of the way of the window, stroking over her body as she came down from her high. She was breathless, and she looked beautiful covered in a fine sheen of sweat. She moved her hands down my stomach and kissed me hard.

'So if I’m late to work tomorrow, does that mean you will punish me?’ she giggled. I growled, grabbing her ass and hardening again, ready for round two with the angel I’d been waiting so long to get my hands on.