so i'm kind of late to the party but whatever

So Caitlin and I were at a party the other day and she got up and went to the bathroom or whatever and when she came back I told her I missed her and this woman (probably late 20’s early 30’s) kind of scoffed and was like “you guys are so cute. She ‘missed you’ hahah I can go so long without seeing my husband and when I do we’re like 'oh…hey.’” And it just boggles my mind!!! I hate this stupid hetero narrative that you’re supposed to hate your spouse! Like why!!! Why is it “funny” and “the norm” to be miserable with your partner??? Caitlin and I moved in together three years ago and we have literally spent every single day for three entire years with each other. And we STILL miss each other when she’s at work. We spend her entire lunch hour blowing up each other’s phones with I love you’s and I miss you’s. I never ever want to be in a relationship where I hate my spouse.