so i'm just wearing a normal one

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I'm sorry but all the underware discourse is so funny. I have been laughing with every post and answers XD. I'm so sorry!! Omg XD


hey so I was just thinking about this because all of the friends that I’m out to are heading to our local Pride tomorrow and due to family beliefs, I’m not allowed to go. A lot of them are cishet and going purely to support their friends, like me. so if this pride month you can’t celebrate openly for any reason, know that my friends are out there for you, and they promised me to bring you all along in spirit.

90s-00s Asagao AU

An Asagao Academy AU where everything takes place in the late 90s to early 2000s, enjoy

•Hana wears butterfly clips in her hair every day
•Mai is 100% about that grunge life, and she crimps her hair every day instead of flat ironing
•Shane being obsessed with the Spice Girls and trying to hide it but Jirard totally walked in on him singing along once
•PBG wears socks with sandals every. goddam. day
•Jirard collects beanie babies because of course he does
•Jon has a Tamagotchi instead of Jaques
•Everyone chatting on AOL
•Mario Party on the M64
•All of Jimmy’s school supplies are Lisa Frank
•The Continue? boys getting aggressively into the Pokemon card game. All of normal boots did too, but if Nick and Josh were battling, no one would dare get involved
•Jared with frosted tips. He’s essentially the boy band member everyone wants to date
•Satch having a collection of Disney Classics on VHS
•One day Caddy discovered slap bracelets. All out warfare ensued in Hidden Block. No one’s wrist was safe
•Joshualina loves scrunchies with a passion
•Luke having too many CDs and Tapes of all his favorite R&B songs and inspirations (the 90s was a good time for rap music)
•Ian owning more chokers than strictly necessary
•Wallid is glued to his Gameboy 24/7
•Jeff assembling an army of Furbies
•Hidden Block and Normal Boots having one big group movie night once a month wear they rent a bunch of movies from Blockbuster

Basically just anything 90s but with the Asagao crew it’s great

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Doggo and S/O headcanons? I refuse to believe I'm the only one so endeared by him I r e f u s e

Doggo & S/O Headcanons:

- He’s got fleas, just like any other normal dog, so you’ve either got to convince him that taking baths isn’t that bad sweetheart, or he’s going to have to start wearing a flea collar, which he hates to do. Especially in public–honey, the guys down at Grillby’s can’t see him like this, it’s humiliating!!

- Dog treats smell suspiciously like cigarettes, so you’re going to have an odd mixed smell of dog food & smoke sticking to your hair, clothes, & furniture. Either convince him to kick the habit, or get used to carrying a bottle of Febreze with you everywhere. If you do cover up the smell, it kind of annoys him, because covering you with his scent was kind of like marking his territory. Which is sweet…in a kind of creepy way.

- If you scratch the back of his ears in just the right place, his leg does the thumpy thing.

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Whaaaa..? Most earrings are made of nickel or gold because so many people have bad reactions to silver?  it’s normally just a little rash if I wear a silver chain or rings for a few hours.

There’s a medical theory under investigation that silver has some kind of autoimmune properties- the rates of infection are lower and healing times faster when silver IV needles are used over flexible plastic ones.  WHY is not particularly clear, but I’m willing to bet that there’s a reason that silver’s always been thought of as magical.

Shit My Theater Professor Said (Part One):
  • "I'll say Macbeth on stage 50 times, I don't give a shit."
  • "Yes it's a penis."
  • "Did you really watch it expecting deep, emotional shit?"
  • "Because you will be killed."
  • "I don't listen to opera in my spare time."
  • "I don't know that show."
  • "I think I met Naked Dave once."
  • "They're gods and they can do that."
  • "You badmouthed me so now you're dead."
  • "He tortured people, he lost his right to sleep."
  • "Fuck it, we do what we want."
  • "This is Ophelia, right? It is now."
  • "Jesus broke his arm."
  • "Basically as an individual I just wanna punch people."
  • "There is a Spiderman musical. It's awful."
  • "The kid had sex with a pie."
  • "That one doesn't count."
  • "I don't know what the fuck those are."
  • "You wanna get home but you can't. And apparently you aren't wearing shoes."
  • "No one gets my shitty references, so I'll stop. Dicks."
  • "South Park is just South Park."
  • "I won't leave this up because people will giggle."
  • "This is where our $9 million can go."
  • "We're at a university. Kind of."
  • "That's super fucked up."
  • "Everything after here gets pretty depressing."
  • "Shit exploded—sweet—awesome!"
  • "There doesn't have to be mass death."
  • "We'll do a little bit of this and then we'll go away."
  • "I don't watch a lot of depressing shit."
  • "Normally there's more giggling when I say that."
  • "I don't know how I'm doing that, but we're doing it."
  • "I don't care—read it. I don't have to read it."
  • "Oh the LARPers are out."
  • "It's just snow, deal with it."
  • "Domestic violence is not comedy."
  • "You're not gonna send Jesus out in a cast."
  • "That's why he creates blah blah blah."
  • "Everyone gets married and lives happily ever after."
  • "Syfy-something-something."
  • "It's just a guy in a hat who looks like Lincoln."
  • "I'll remind myself. So I remember."
  • "Here's one story."
  • "Because Shia LaBeouf."
  • "The book just starts trashing everybody."
  • "Not everybody agrees that Naked Dave is perfect."
  • "I don't think it's a good musical."
  • "Not like fisticuffs."
  • "Pay them slightly."
  • "You don't sleep if you're saving the world."
  • "This has nothing to do with marijuana."
  • "Well did you find five dollars?"
  • "Or a lego. Those are the worst."
  • "The French like making fun of the Spanish. Apparently."
  • "I'm trying to think of a reference."
  • "They like to fight."
  • "If that ever happens, don't fucking leave."
  • "It's art, it's okay."
  • "Not everybody back in the day looked like that."
  • "Does anyone watch it just because they wanna see Luke and Leia make out?"
  • "The way they do it with puppets on stage is kind of mindblowing."
  • "Marriage or death?"
  • "You can't see unless you set something on fire."
  • "You work in a hospital, for God sake."
  • "It's slowly becoming my castle."
  • "I just started watching it, don't spoil it."
  • "That was after my time."
  • "Hopefully no one gets shot."
  • "It's Satan."
  • "I'm not ready for that level of commitment."

So is someone ever going to draw Soul in a “Snuggle Slut” shirt or what

Cecil walked into the house. He was wearing a raincoat, and a rain hat, and he had a cane
  • Cecil: Ahh! One feels like a duck splashing around in all this wet! And when one feels like a duck, one is happy!
  • Carlos: Ooh, ducklings!
  • Cecil: Too old to be a duckling! Quack quack

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Sheila, how do you get your boobs to look so frickin nice? My boobs have never looked that nice a day in my life. Can you help a girl out? (If this is too weird of a question, then I'm sorry & I'll understand if you don't answer.)

Do you mean like, knowing what types of bras and undergarments to wear with what outfits?  I have a whole tutorial on that here! 

As far as my own boobs just normally like in those pictures… it depends! I feel like boobs are like hairstyles. You have good hair days and bad ones. Good boob days and bad ones. 

Some days my boobs look great, full and perky! Other days they look small/flat and pathetic.

Just take care of em, lotion up and so on. Don’t wear bras too often (like to sleep) Its good to free them up so you don’t strain them. 

Make sure the bra size you are wearing is your FITTED ACTUAL SIZE. A bra too big or too small really ANNOYS your boobies. They deserve their actual fitted size. Band width, strap, and cup should all be the right measurements. 

Massages and attention is good for them, as is certain foods!

Another reason I'm not a feminist

So a few days ago, my boyfriend and I went to our local park just to walk around and visit the splash pad.
It was a hot day, and seeing as we wanted to go to the splash pad I was wearing shorts, a middrift and a light sweater. I normally dress very conservatively, I rarely ever show more than my legs, so I was already very uncomfortable and always had my arms around my sweater to try to cover up more.
After walking around these two elder women passed by me, to which I heard them say to one another, “imagine if that girl dressed like that around her husband, or her brothers or father. How can girls wear stuff like that?”

We were at this park for hours. The entire time there, it was only older women and girls who looked at me funny or scoffed as I walked by, holding their boyfriends close as I made my way passed them.

The entire time, not a single man said or did anything sexist to me, but i was slut shamed and made the object of female banter by many women.

When feminists whine about men being mysogonistics they should look in the damn mirror first. Women are the worst when it comes to that sort of thing.
Men know to hold their tongue. They’ve been taught and conditioned to do so, women do it themselves with no consequence.

Check your privilege, feminists.


We’re talking like if Fidds was able to stop Ford before the portal incident right? Like he was finally able to convince Ford, “no, this is bad. Just publish this thing and be done with it.” type of thing? I’m not realy sure how but let’s pretend he does convince Ford to shut everything down and forget about Bill and move on with his life.

I’m not sure if Fidds would still have a divorce, but if he did, it would be on better terms. Him and Tate would have a better relationship. Might still live in Gravity Falls, and still building giant destructive robots.

Can’t see the man without a beard so he will always have one. Still has hair pulling problem but he now wears an old man hat. Still friends with Ford.

HAPPY ENDING FOR FIDDS. with only normal old man silliness.


AND you can wear it on construction sites!

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i'm very tempted to move to a town i've never been to and have my entire wardrobe be zazle poetry and all my bags and cups and if i ever give out cards and otherwise i'm a completely normal-acting person but i wear shirts that have pictures of chemtrails and drink from a troll travel mug so i just become known in this small midwestern town as "that one girl who showed up one day with those weird-ass shirts"

i support this dream wholeheartedly

Maybe I'm just uneducated but...

I don’t get this whole thing about dreads etc being cultural appropriation… I mean, I get that wearing feathers for example to look like a native american is. But normal things like hairstyles… I just… I mean, cultures are meant to be mixed. I cook thai-food all the time, my white friends have dreads, I love my dream catcher etc. So where does one draw the line between mixed cultures which is the most natural thing in the world and cultural appropriation? Black/latina etc people wear clothes that wear originally made my european people. I think it’s when you start presenting stereotypes it goes wrong. But that’s just my opinion. Can someone please explain further?

Rooster Teeth Podcast #304
  • Michael: Gavin took the approach of, 'eh, I'm just not gonna wear it'. So half the days you could just see his dick, and because of that he would be constantly checking if other people were wearing theirs [dancer's belt].
  • Burnie: Even when I wasn't wearing the [Lazer Team] suit and I was in normal clothing he would still look at my dick and comment on it.
  • Michael: I think he just got used to it.
  • Burnie: Like you literally said one time 'you're hanging lower today'. And I'm like, 'what are you fucking commenting on!'

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NOT SURE IF YOU FOUND MY PREVIOUS QUESTION! but here it goes..what do u think about the ring liam wore at cardiff night is it the same one as zee's? I dunno why but i do keep thinking its the same..or maybe i'm just loosing it over an ordinary ring? please need your thought!!

oh no didn’t get the other ask

so this ring?

so this ring is similar ( not saying is the same or equal just talking about the style of the ring)

i don’t think zayn wear so much gold ring 

zayn’s ring are normally silver and big rings

i only recall to see zayn with gold and not big on asian award

and you can see is not the same 

but is curious

in one moment the ring is on one finger 

in other is in another finger