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AU of Tsubasa where everything is the same except the characters are actually happy

“H-hey, we shouldn’t do that…”
“Oh, stop complaining, it’s gonna be fun!”
“If mother sees us, we’ll have problems…”
“Yeah, probably… But it’s worth it!”
“I don’t think so…”
“But I do, so trust me! Ah, we’re almost here…”
“What’s this smell…? I-I think I felt it before…”
“Not like that! You’ve never seen it before… Oh, it’s here, look!”
“Yeah… … Don’t you like them…?”
“But this smell, it’s… I felt it, I’m sure I felt it before…”
“You probably know a lot of those smells, but that’s not the point. Say, isn’t it beautiful? There’s really a lot of them…”
“No… I mean, yes, it’s beautiful… Why did you take me here…?”
“Isn’t it obvious? You’re always studying, I thought you’d need a break.“
“Y-you should study too, mother says-”
“Stop talking about her, it doesn’t matter that much…”
“Hey, I don’t want to be all that important. We both know you deserve it much more, so if she understands… Well, I’d be fine with that.”
“You shouldn’t…”
“Stop already~ Just trust me, like a younger brother should.”
“Thank you…”
“No problem, Reiji!”

eyir replied to your post: eyir: who….. is this and/or should i be…

i feel like i have a good idea of who this is but im just gonna be incredibly careful because based off what you’ve said about them im just……. Yikes

yes it is… bad. and normally I’m not at all like this about people but if you knew how many times I’ve just wanted to shut myself in my room and not write ever again because of this… 

it’s still bad of me to throw dirt at people bUT?? I’m scared. 

I’ve been chased out of this fandom twice since I started over the most ridiculous nonsense and I don’t want people thinking ill of me anymore… or anybody else, because of things I’m not?? that I didn’t do?? I’ve been having such a wonderful time and meeting such wonderful people. I’m not… like this. I’m not a bad person. maybe I CAN be, but I’m… I’m not…

I just want to write and have a good time… I want other people to write and have a good time and not have to go through the things I have. 

that’s all I want.

I’m supposed to be studying for a super important French exam but I can’t help thinking about how crazy talented Cory Michael Smith and Robin Lord Taylor are… Like it’s honestly incredible. These two goofballs play murdering psychopaths. They put so much depth and thought into these characters. I’m just in awe of them as actors. Every week and every new performance, I’m blown away. I should be studying buT I CAN’T FOCUS AND I BLAME CORY AND ROBIN AND THEIR IMMENSE TALENT AND CUTENESS. Not to mention all my nygombblepot feels. 

Literally just a continuation on a conversation about RvB aus between myself and @izzybutt
Wanna see the rest?

Yes to the Santa thing! -whispers- I’m gonna write them both… shhhh…
Can you imagine Locus in a Santa costume though? Holy shit.

I just want Loyle and Felix watching the Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation more than anything. Felix laughing so hard at all the funny stuff in the movie because that movie is a goldmine of stupid laughs. Felix warm and cozy in Locus’ lap and Doyle pressed into Locus’ side is a beautiful image guys.

Felix on Locus’ shoulders to reach the top of the tree to stick the topper up there T_T
Doyle is the Christmas craft king. It’s a steady tradition in his family that they do crafts so he immediately shares that with Felix and Locus and Felix’s little handmade ornaments are all over the tree and there’s those paper chain garlands strung all over the house. Christmas music fills the house anytime Doyle is home, the same 4 CDs over and over again and Locus might be going nuts from it all. Oddly enough it’s Locus’ tradition to go caroling and Felix sings like an obnoxious child (which he is so duh) and Doyle’s is fine but Locus has this really deep velvety singing voice and Doyle goes a little weak in the knees.

I imagine him wanting to be super sneaky about the presents so when he and Doyle and Locus go shopping he sneaks off and picks out his tea or his mug for Doyle and pays for it himself and then hides it inside his jacket and then heads back to his family. He hides his homemade gift for Locus and works on it whenever he thinks he can get away with it and late one night he goes into the living room and grabs a frame with his favorite picture of the three of them and grabs the picture and then puts the empty frame back. Locus and Doyle wonder for days why there’s an empty frame but they figure it’s gotta be Felix so they leave him alone and on Christmas morning they understand why.

Doyle loves ugly Christmas sweaters and yeah he has no idea they’re ugly so Felix’s is ridiculously sparkly and Locus’ lights up and Donny’s has a terrible tree on it.

Doyle buys Felix some toys and some clothes because he’s that parent and goes pale when he sees Felix open up a gift from Locus and it’s a practice set of throwing knives, the dull ones so he can’t hurt himself, and while Felix is squealing and running around in joy (”FELIX DARLING DO NOT RUN WITH KNIVES EVEN IF THEY ARE DULL”) Doyle asks Locs what the hell he was thinking and Locus shrugs and just “If he’s going to keep playing with knives he might as well do it safely”


Re-watching Fairy Tail since the anime is taking a break, so I decided that I’m gonna try to draw a little something from each episode, just for fun and learning purposes. 

I might not post all of them here but the ones I don’t post’ll be on my twitter so be sure to follow me on there ;)

Episode 1 :’)

eurovision 2015
  • I'm really excited about Eurovision being so soon you guys, so I made up some questions! Take them! Use them! Let's all get excited!
  • Albania: What's the riskiest thing you've done?
  • Armenia: How big/small is your family?
  • Australia: When did you last experience deja vu?
  • Austria: What was the last big party you hosted?
  • Azerbaijan: How long have you gone without sleep for?
  • Belarus: Can time really be compared to thunder? Discuss.
  • Belgium: What song did you last make up your own dance moves for?
  • Cyprus: When was the last time you felt like you missed your chance at something/someone?
  • Czech Republic: What is something you still believe in?
  • Denmark: Who was the first boy band you admired?
  • Estonia: Who was the last person you had a miscommunication with?
  • Finland: When was the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone for something you love?
  • France: Is there someone in your life you can't forget?
  • FYR Macedonia: What is your favourite seasonal activity?
  • Georgia: Who is one example of a kickass female character?
  • Germany: What was the last meal you burnt to a crisp?
  • Greece: What was the last strenuous activity you did?
  • Hungary: If you could stop one type of bullying behaviour, what would it be?
  • Iceland: What have you repaired so no-one would notice it was broken?
  • Ireland: Are you any good at maths?
  • Israel: Sum up your aesthetic style in two words.
  • Italy: What are your top 3 favourite films?
  • Latvia: What do you get pumped/excited for?
  • Lithuania: Have you ever been TOO similar to a friend/colleague?
  • Malta: Have you ever been the first to participate in an activity?
  • Moldova: How ridiculous does a movie/tv show have to be before you can't suspend disbelief any more?
  • Montenegro: Have you ever advertised your country to strangers?
  • Netherlands: Do you have a name that's difficult to pronounce?
  • Norway: What would be your signature move in a food fight?
  • Poland: Have you ever been in a car accident?
  • Portugal: Have you been in a long-distance relationship?
  • Romania: Have you ever had to stay apart from your loved ones for an extended period of time?
  • Russia: Have you ever participated in a protest/march?
  • San Marino: When was the last time you were the youngest in a group?
  • Serbia: What song do you sing to feel beautiful/empowered?
  • Slovenia: Describe the last time you supported/stood up for someone.
  • Spain: When did your life feel like a low-budget telenovela?
  • Sweden: What is something unexpectedly brave you have done?
  • Switzerland: What is something you excel at that nobody expected you to?
  • United Kingdom: Would you trust your significant other on a vacation without you?

Here are a few shots from a completely random photoshoot I did recently with Darcy Rogers. She stopped me as I was walking to the train and raved about how she loved my hair and stuff. I’ve never felt as confident about myself as I do with these photos and the string of compliments I’ve been getting recently in general. Is this what growing up is??? I’m gonna post my favorites a little later on but I’m just so excited about all of them