so i'm just gonna close my eyes and post

okay i posted this and now i can’t stop thinking about what blogs the different silm characters would run so y’all are gonna suffer with me

  • eru iluvitar is tumblr staff because he created everything but does absolutely nothing to maintain it and every time there’s drama he’s just like *opens one eye* “what are the kids up to these days?     ah. murder again.” *closes the eye*
  • eöl probably has one of those blogs that’s like “i’m everything tumblr hates. feminists and SJWS beware, you’re in for a scare”
  • yavanna has a nature blog. lots of cute pictures of animals and trees, sometimes selfies. v classy, stays out of the drama but has Opinions
  • fingon: mostly music, occasionally gay porn
  • maedhros: sends supportive asks to fingon on anon and then pretends it wasn’t him. questionable political views. has a separate, private blog on which he also posts gay porn (and cryptic, emotional vent posts)
  • fëanor: tumblr famous. always involved in some kind of drama. 90% of all the Discourse™ can be traced back to him
  • sauron reposts everything, never gives credit, and self-promotes on literally every single post (”follow this evil overlord! you will love him on your dash”). everyone hates his blog and maedhros keeps trying to report him but he always comes back somehow
  • turin has a monochrome blog with gifs from old french films and depressing quotes on black backgrounds. he only has 2 followers and one of them is beleg (although he later blocks beleg after they have a fight and the two of them never speak to each other again)
  • galadriel has a social justice blog and constantly calls everyone out on their bullshit. her selfies get like a million notes because she’s gorgeous and kinda looks like she could kill you with her brain
  • maeglin: ominous shitposting
  • melkor: “welcome to my twisted mind”

the first time i fall for you,
i am seven.
i see the punch coming too late to stop it,
but i can keep you out of the way. 
i can let it hit my shoulder.
i can be the one who falls on the scratchy pavement. 

i wish my knuckles weren’t so bloody, 
but your lips are split and your nose is bleeding,
and you are still smiling at me,
so it doesn’t matter, really. 

the second time i fall for you,
i am sixteen. 
i see the heartache coming too late to stop it, 
but i can keep you out of the way. 
i can let it hit me in the gut. 
i can be the one who falls with my heart in my throat.  

i wish my blood wasn’t beating so hot, 
but your eyes are warm and bright and happy, 
and you are still laughing with me, 
so it doesn’t matter, really. 

the last time i fall for you,
i am twenty-three.
i see the shot coming too late to stop it,
but i can keep you out of the way.
i can let it hit the shield in my hands.
i can be the one who falls out the broken train.

i wish your fingers didn’t wrap so easy round a trigger
but my fingers are calloused in all the wrong places,
and you are still reaching for me,
so it doesn’t matter, really. 

it feels just the same every time–
slow, sudden, breathtaking:
     all i can hear is my pulse screaming in my ears
     all i can see is your eyes as they watch me
     all i can do is close my eyes and hope
     the landing won’t hurt as much as they say

—  i’m afraid this fall just might kill me ( j.p. )

Happy Mother’s Day

I accidentally fell asleep and forgot to finish this. So here’s a WIP. I’ll try to post the finished piece as soon as possible but ya know. Here are all of the mothers that actually show up on my stories. If their eyes are closed, they’re dead. In the bottom left corner is of myself and my own mother