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There's a video of Andi Mack cast answering questions about season two for Seventeen magazine. Peyton says the best thing about Andi and Jonah's relationship is that they're not only bf and gf but friends. Guess that confirms Jandi. My Jyrus heart is a little sad right now lol

OK.  I just watched the video.  She says “Andi and Jonah’s relationship I feel like is really special because they are both friends and bf/gf at the same time.”  

This seems really weird for her to say because they aren’t dating so if this is true its a pretty big spoiler even if it seemed like that’s where things were likely to go.  She also literally said they weren’t friends not that long ago.  Also, if this really happens and it lasts I am going to be extremely disappointed that they stuck with the same old boring formula.  They have a real chance to do something special with Jyrus and it will be a shame if they don’t.  

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ok so Lucas is single :D but do you have any plans for him in the future? is he already in a ship? I thought he was already in one is why I'm asking :(

there is a tentative plan for him in the future, yes. but my partner and i haven’t talked about it (or the ship) in a while. he has kind of an “end-game”, but that wouldn’t happen until mid-2018. however!!! in the mean-time, he’s very non-committal and OLD HABITS DIE HARD /shoots flamethrowers in the air/ SO. if you were looking to have an “end-game” with him, that position is already filled. i’m sorry ;OOO;; but you if just wanted a friendship or a temporary fling/flirtationship, that’s very doable!! hopefully that clears up any confusion!! ;AAAA; hope you hear from you soon!! ✨


Anonymous said : “you should draw eto! If you feel like it. I LOVE your art and i would frame it on my wall if I could. I hope you have a nice day! :)

Eto with short hair for you ! ! (And wah thank you..♡!!!)

listen to me.  

don’t get your hopes up. 

destiel is never going to become canon.  

destiel is never going to become 

destiel is never going to

destiel is never going

destiel is never

destiel is



no I have never heard of the date tech volleyball club I swear I do not know who they are


I wouldn’t want to live this life without my best friend @dinoshade 🤘🏾

Left: both pre T
Right: Kai is 4 months, I’m 8 months

a breathtaking duet staring victuuri


My mom left for good, I think. Oh, and, apparently, my dad’s the mayor now. So yeah, today really sucked ass.
Oh Nathan, I’m so sorry.


a birthday gift for @succulent-sam!! happy birthday, gabby!!! I hope you enjoy this little canon ‘verse happiness. <3

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“Do you always understand everything you feel?” Cas asked, one day.

He thought, obscurely, that Spring was the right time for a question like this; or at least this Spring was - a Spring that felt fresh and light and hazy, still dazed by the wonder of Winter’s passing. Dean, sitting in the car beside him, looked washed out by it - or rather, washed clean, Cas supposed he meant. Softened, in any case.

“How d’you mean?” Dean said. He turned to Cas, the bright sun shrinking out the darkness in his eyes - turning them green. Green like go-lights, green like mazes - no, gentler than both of those; green like the water-full leaves of succulent plants. Green like book covers, like peppermint-flavour candies.

“I mean… do you ever feel something that you can’t explain? Something… ineffable?”

Dean pressed his lips together. Cas wondered if he needed to explain the word ‘ineffable’.

“Nah?” he said. “I guess most of what I feel, I know what to call it. I don’t always like it, but at least I know what it is.”

Cas nodded seriously. Dean let the silence rest for a while as they cruised down the Spring-morning road.

“What about you?” he said eventually.

Cas lifted a shoulder.

“I… have a thousand words for how things feel,” he said, “and a thousand things to feel within me. But I… I cannot make them match.”

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the stars are bound to change


Both paladins turned to their new, small alien companion. She lifted her head to look at each of them in turn, her eyes round. Keith laid a gentle hand on her shoulder.

“How about you, Zola?” he said. “Are you ready to go?”

She didn’t answer right away. Then she hesitantly asked, “Where are we going?”

As he made eye contact with Lance over her head, Keith could have sworn he felt something electric in the air: a simultaneous resurgence of determination.

“We’re going to take you home.”

Keith and Lance rescue a little alien girl from a hostage situation and bring her home … and learn a few things about themselves and each other along the way.

Rating: T
Relationship: Klance
Words: 50,828
Status: Chapters 9/9 (Complete)

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@echollama asked: Hello there! For your outfit challenge, could we get Penny in F4 please?

Yes you may, you nice polite child! Forgive me for being so slow with these suggestions guys, but I’m still doing them!

Real talk though this would totally be the pajama shirt Penny would wear to her first sleep over at Ruby’s. Had she made it that far. ✧・゚: *