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@sawatarisena we were supposed to laugh it off about afterdeath aND NOW WE’RE LITTERARRY RP-ING IT WHAT HAVE WE DONE


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I’m so sowy I’m lateee! Here have a R13 AFTERDEATH!! This is the closest thing I get so far..since this is ma first time acctually submitin…. ‘bed pic’.. I kind of nervious X’D but JUST FOR YOU DARLINN!! HOPE U LIKE ITT!! >wO;;


u know most of the selfies i have posted on here are of me wearing hats and u know what i realized ,,,, i wear hats to cover up the fact that i am Depressed and can’t be bothered to do anything with my hair lol oopsie


♢ Otabek had friend crush on Yuri for years before he found the courage to talk to him. 

♢ Yuri have also noticed Otabek before and secretly thought he looked cool.

♢ After Otabek finally spoke to Yuri, they basically became besties the very same day.

♢ Otabek meeting Yuri’s cat was a big deal for Yuri. The cat instantly took a liking to him.

♢  They have been friends for over 2 years before they started dating.

♢ They both kind of knew after only a few months of friendship that they would eventually become something more, but they didn’t rush. Yuri didn’t really feel ready for it and Otabek was not comfortable with dating someone so young, so they waited. They’ve never talked about it, but either of them minded.

♢ It all started after their first kiss. Which was very much unplanned and just kind of happened. They’ve been hanging out at Yuri’s apartment late in the evening, watching some action movie, both dead tired after all day of training. Yuri was kind of lying on Otabek’s shoulder, which wasn’t unusual for them at all, but for some reason, it was different that day. Yuri was about to fall asleep when Otabek hugged him tighter and nuzzled his hair. They both looked at each other and somehow knew.

♢ The kiss was unhurried and chaste and ended with Yuri yawning. They both laughed at it and decided it’s time to go sleep. They fell asleep in each other’s arms that night.

♢ They haven’t talked about it the next morning. There was no need to.

♢ First time they called each other boyfriends was when they were hanging out with other skaters before a competition. They weren’t really doing anything special like kissing or even holding hands, but everyone knew. Of course, JJ just had to tease them “Oh look at our lovebirds. What are you now, boyfriends?” Yuri just grabbed Otabek’s hand and yelled “We are, jackass!”

♢ Them meeting Viktor and Yuuri as a pair was basically like meeting Yuri’s parents.

♢ Speaking about Yuri’s family, his grandfather knows. Yuri haven’t told him yet, but he knows his grandson too well. He came to Otabek before a competition once and told him “You look like a good kid and I can see you make my Yurochka happy. Please, be good to him. He may look tough, but he has a gentle soul.” He also asked him to not tell Yuri he knows, because he wants to him tell himself when he is ready. Otabek was really touched (he may cry inside… in a manly way) and promised he won’t hurt him or tell him anything.

♢ They are not fans of PDA. Otabek is very private person and Yuri spends too much time around Viktor and Yuuri to know how annoying it is to other people. Because of this, people usually assume they are just best friends. They don’t mind.

♢ They are the fashion boyfriends™.

♢ Their relationship is long-distanced because of their professions, but except them constantly missing each other, it’s not such a problem for them. For example, neither of them is a jealous, so they never fought for of hanging out with other male skaters. They completely trust each other.

♢ Otabek was insistent about waiting for Yuri’s 18th birthday with sex. No matter how much Yuri yelled at him because of it.

♢ When Otabek retired, he moved to Russia for Yuri and became coach there.

♢ They got engaged the next year after that. It was Otabek who proposed and unlike their first kiss, it was planned. Otabek was so nervous about it he couldn’t sleep for weeks.

♢ Yuri said yes. Also, he cried a little, which he’d never admit.

but no he just got thROWN INTO THE S U N

not to be sappy or personal or anything but like… psa: men are garbage


Inktober witches days 2+3! Urban witch trying her best to manage her coffee shop, and merchant witch selling magic (in the form of pellets) alongside other things…

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Peter Maximoff Request- All About Us

Request: heyyy lovelies can i request a peter maximoff one based on the song all about us by he is we? i’m aware that you guys have a lot of requests so take your time to do mine! <3

Hello my lovely! I’m so so so sorry about not having done this sooner! I know you said take your time, and I thank you so much for that, but I really did take too long so I’m extremely sorry. Also I didn’t know if you meant Avengers Peter or Xmen Peter, so I designed this imagine to hopefully work for both XP On a brighter note, this is an amazing song, so thank you for introducing me! I love it so much, it’s so cute!!!! Anyways, thank you so much for requesting! Happy Reading!


Peter zipped past you. Again.
“Peter!” you shouted in frustration. You’d both been exploring and found an old mansion with an old ballroom. Exploring was something you two would often do, so Peter wouldn’t get so cooped up. He zipped past for a second time.
“Peter, would you quit that!” He stopped dead beside you.
“What? Running fast is what I do.” You rolled your eyes.
“So I’m guessing you’ve already taken a look at what’s here?” You prompted. You wanted to check it all out but also, the stairs that lead upward just didn’t look safe at all. And you couldn’t run quickly away from stuff like Peter could…
“Yeah. Pretty boring. No ping pong, but this ballroom is pretty cool. The rest is just empty.” Peter said, suddenly reappearing in the other corner, and then the opposite corner. And then another. That kid was hyper!
You looked around the room, seeing all kinds of junk.
“Hey, that stuff looks pretty cool.” Peter commented, as he dashed over to it. You walked over calmly and the both of you began rifling through what seemed to be records. You moved aside a wooden board and there was a record player. It was worn and dusty, but it was alright. You picked a record at random, loading it on whilst holding the needle. You dropped the needle on the outside of the record. A beautiful tune started. It wasn’t too fast, or too slow. The lilting lyrics breezed softly over the music, just fitting with the beat. It was like some kind of sad song in an opera, where the singer’s heart was breaking so hard that her music was flooded with emotion, yet quieter. Not as brash as the usual dramatic opera music you had heard.
“It’s beautiful.” You gasped in wonderment. Peter looked over at you
“Want to dance?” he asked, holding out his hand in a gentlemanly fashion.
“Only if you don’t go too fast for me!” You laughed. He didn’t reply, just smiled as you took his hand and you wandered out to the centre of the ballroom. You both started a relatively slow dance.
“Uh…” You started.
“Am… Well…. Am I doing this right? I’m sorry. I’ve never danced before.” YouPeter laughed.  mumbled quickly, shyly looking at the floor. Peter laughed.
“You’re doing alright. But I’ll teach you. Ready?” He asked. You didn’t know what this ready was for, but you didn’t like where this was going. Peter had elongated himself to arm length, holding your hand. You looked at him puzzled, but quickly he span you. It was the most exhilarating thing, twirling in the middle of nowhere, just Peter by your side. You started falling to the side after your twirl, like a spinning top coming to it’s end. Peter quickly caught you, his arms wrapping tight around you as he looked down into your eyes.
“Didn’t think I’d let you fall, did you?” He smirked.
“Never.” Your breathing was heavy as your heart raced.
Peter pulled you up to normal standing height. The music changed on the record. This time it was a waltz.
“Perfect timing.” He said, and you could see a plan forming in his head. He pulled you close to him and placed your hands where they should go.
“Just follow my lead.” He told you. You did, but waltzes were hard, so you ended up stepping on his feet a little bit.
“Sorry! Sorry!” You kept saying.
“It’s aright. At least you’re giving it a try.” He cupped your face with his hand. Slowly the music went dead, and you were left standing in a silent room, wrapped up in each other’s gaze. You looked deeply into Peter’s eyes as he looked deeply into yours. Soon you were kissing. Lightly, gently. A declaration of romance. Your breathing was flustered, your heart beat was racing but that just added to the intensity of the emotion hiding behind your light kissing. You pulled away and could see Peter smiling.
“What?” You asked him, still slightly breathless.
“Nothing… I just…. wanted to do that for a while.”
You smirked at him and he smirked right back at you. You walked over to the record player and looked next to it for the brightest record you could. Peter zipped up to you.
“What are you doing?”
You put it on and it was exactly as you hoped. A bright sounding, faster pace record.
“We’re dancing.” You told him. Peter didn’t complain. He picked you up and zipped you right back to the middle of the dance floor, both of you landing in a perfect dancing position.
“Wooahhhh. I always forget that that is slightly dizzying.” You told him, shaking your head slightly to clear it. He just smiled at you. There were large windows covering the left side of the ballroom and they allowed the warm, afternoon light to come in. The light from the centre window hit the both of you as you danced, the warmth swallowing you both. As you danced you could see your elongated shadows hiding from the light and thought to yourself that the sun was like your own personal spotlight for the two of you.
You looked up at Peter, your heart melting. You just wanted to tell him, show him how you felt. He locked eyes on you and it was almost as if he felt the same thing, because next thing you knew, the both of you were moving closer together, slowly kissing. Peter pulled away first.
“I’ve never felt this way.” He told you. You kissed him lightly again.
“Neither have I… but that doesn’t matter.” You told him. The both of you knew, looking at each other, dancing with each other, that your love was all for you and for no one else, that you were both feeling the same thing. You were both so happy you continued to dance all afternoon, till you were breathless and your feet were sore. But it was worth it, for the both of you to just be with each other and be happy with each other.