so i'm feeling nostalgic

not to be dramatic…..but bangtan saved 2016


Qs on halloween

Saiko - sailor moon 

Urie - a disgruntled and generally irritable ghost

Mutsuki - a pirate because why not work the eyepatch

Shirazu - a secret agent because he saw a movie about them once and thinks they’re super cool


I was wondering why I was like,, staying up so late, putting off going to bed,, I even started clearing up my bookmarks which have been piling up for 2 or 3 weeks;

For the first time after 12 weeks, I won’t be watching the new episode of yuri on ice tomorrow. Instead it’ll just be another day of the week.

I’ve been riding this shit the whole season and now it’s over and I’m just realising that mostly what I did before was read manga and scroll through my lifeless meme dash littered with fucking American politics.

When the pilot episode aired, my dash lit up with gifsets of Viktor’s ass. It was a beautiful sight. Everyone was on board The yoi train.

I remember seeing a text post that said “can their ship name please be victuri” and more “their ship name should be victuri!!!” “It sounds like victory!”.

The fanart after just the first episode was astounding.

And it kept getting better every week with new posts and theories (even the ones that claimed Viktor was evil, or that he had cancer, that he was dying etc).

I watched as the fanfiction on ao3 went from 17 to 73 and then someone wrote the 100th fic. Now there’s God knows how many.

This anime is a blessing and even though I’m not going to wake up excited for a new episode in the morning, or countdown to it’s release; everything that happened inbetween the releases of the episodes was like some thrill ride; and it’s not every day we get an anime as great as this.

So just hold on until season 2, my dudes.

And when that time comes we can start all over again. Gifsets of new scenes, thoeries based off new episode previews, fanfictions based at the end of a particularly romantic episode. New screenshot redraws, the whole kit and caboodle.

TL;DR: I’m actually so fucking sad that there’s no episode tomorrow. today, actually, it’s well past 2am. I’m feeling nostalgic as fuck and you gotta know that the story isn’t over. there’s more to come.

Musician Aesthetic; Seasons


  • seeing your ensemble friends again
  • buying new pencils and new manuscript paper
  • whispered celebrations as the director reads out the program for this season
  • the smell of fresh sheet music


  • wrapping your instrument up before you put it away
  • hot chocolate and procrastinating
  • groggy practice before the sun comes up
  • walking home from rehearsals in the dark
  • how nothing echoes in fresh snow


  • calluses 
  • trying to keep your sheet music dry
  • bothering your friends in their practice rooms
  • “You’re gonna kill your exam!”
  • concert black and good posture


  • practicing in the woods
  • busking with friends and getting ice cream
  • folk festivals in the forest, all rivers and sunburns and seas of tents
  • jamming around campfires
  • dancing barefoot in dry grass
  • jazzfest in the city, warm rain and overpriced beer, tourists clapping on 1 and 3

I’m going to take a moment to talk about something I don’t on this blog anymore, usually.

Tonight, on the way home from a long and exhausting family Christmas, my little one was having trouble falling asleep in the car. So I pulled out my phone to turn on music, and I had Just Hold On at a low volume, so I turned that on.

My little one fell asleep to me stroking their cheek and lowly singing along to the song. In that moment, I felt such a powerful connection to the lyrics, and to the meaning behind them. It’s a promise. It’s not a promise that all will be fine, its an understanding that when life falls apart on you, because it will, you just have to hang on to what you’ve got and push through.

Louis- I know you didn’t have us in particular in mind, but from one mother/child pair to another, thank you so much for this incredible song. I love you from the bottom of my heart, and I am so proud of you. I know your mum was too. ❤💛

I don't care

If you aren’t ready to give up on Gillovmy. I get it, it is a beautiful fantasy and if you need to grieve or process or wait for confirmation then I respect that. 

I don’t care if you want to ship Gilligan and the fish sticks because they are potentially cute. He’s clearly a smart dude and I can respect that.

I don’t care if you think Gillian is secretly dating a woman and everybody else is a beard. Or if you think she’s an android. Or actually just like 150 hamsters stacked up in a skin suit.

Believe whatever you need to believe.

But I am sick to death of reading posts claiming bizarre conspiracy theories as truth, where the implication is that Gillian is somehow whoring herself out for Netflix publicity. 

We are better than that.

She is better than that.

Putting aside the fact that it makes zero sense commercially, it implies that someone I love and respect the ethos of would engage in the type of relationship she has always stringently denied and avoided, that calculated public show she has never bought into and I find people spouting this as fact unspeakably distasteful. If you must say it, make it clear you are speculating.

We have no idea what is happening and the likelihood is we never will. But that doesn’t mean we have to compromise on our integrity as a fandom by circulating the kind of baseless, revolting rumours that the daily mail would be proud of as fact, just because it’s comforting.

I was in the Gillovny boat, I miss it. But I refuse to allow my desire for that narrative to be true to compromise my respect for either of the individuals involved. At least when it was GAand DD we acknowledged it was theory. Let’s keep our facts straight and be decent humans please?

Remember back when the meanie bro jokes was a thing? 

Remember that day we all woke up to the Joshua-memes? 

Remember the Vernon on Show Me The Money memes? 

Remember the good old early adore u/mansae era days? 

You know… I’ve been thinking. About James and Sharna of course.

I’ve been feeling like they are my favorite DWTS couple ever in 23 seasons. But then I thought maybe I’m just thinking that because they’re so recent and fresh in my mind and perfect and in love

So then I thought back to my other favorite couples and considered why I loved them so much. 

Erin and Maks have always been my favorites. They were my first favorites and I loved them more than life itself. What I loved so much about them was what he did for her. The way he made her feel safe. The way he took care of her. The way he made her life whole again when she needed it most. (This was also all similar for Kelly and Val. I loved them just as much for basically the same reasons.)

Meryl and Maks were of course my other favorites. And what I loved about them was what she did for him. The opposite of Erin and Maks. She let him be himself and she brought out a new side of him and she understood him. She changed the essence of who he was and it was beautiful to watch. 

And then there’s James and Sharna. And I think, Are they really more special than these other two? Do I really love them more? Have the others finally been dethroned? And you know what? Yes. There’s something special and there’s something more. Because it’s not what she did for him and it’s not what he did for her. It’s what they did for each other. 

Canada’s so lucky to have a nice, cool, liberal leader. America used to have that… we used to have Obama, who was gracious, well-spoken, intelligent, considerate and actually cared about the WHOLE country… and now we have an unconstitutional, rotten, pumpkin overlord. Enjoy Trudeau while you can, Canada. It goes faster than you think.

ᴛʜᴇ ʜʏᴘᴇʀɪᴏɴ ᴄᴏʀᴘᴏʀᴀᴛɪᴏɴ.     man i clearly have nothing better to do than wallow in my own nostalgia  ( and okay i will admit part of that is my fault )   but goddAMN it is depressing to see the Borderlands fandom or any other fandoms you guys belong to just slowly die off and wither away after being on here so long.    the new game will come along and i’m sure that’ll remedy the problem but i doubt that will help bring up muses from the older games.     there’s plenty of tales blogs and honestly thank goodness for that at least some people bother to stick around, but then at the same time all the magic of the second borderlands game is long lost somewhere.    along with tps and especially borderlands one, those blogs i haven’t heard about in like centuries wow.        i’m not trying to patronise anyone out there who im following who has a borderlands blog or pressure anyone into making one, but it’s simply rather depressing. 

   the spoils of the past are such a dangerous thing and i suppose i’m feeling a little stressed and down and i feel like my blog isn’t what it used to be because i’m just so busy.     sometimes a little source material is good every now and then but when that source material no longer exists it makes you want to sigh and melt into the carpet.      you guys feel me ??


Shoutarou has cut his hair! and asking which one do you prefer? longer or shorter? (170305)