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Hey everyone!

Tomorrow I’m traveling to Romania to see my family and friends. I won’t be posting any comics for the next 4 weeks, but more episodes are on the way as soon as I’m back!

If you want to see sketches and pictures from my trip, make sure to follow me on Instagram @cassandracalin

Cheers and I hope you all have a lovely summer! Ne vedem în curând! :)


Whoever you are, whatever gender, sexuality, race, religion, social status, age, ethnicity, background, personal opinions, preferences, etc. you have, the musical theater fandom will welcome you.

We are a huge community full of so many types of different people, loving and appreciating shows about so many different types of people.
We will—and should—never discriminate when talking about who to accept into our fandoms, who’s a “real fan,” who can’t be a fan, etc. because the very shows and musicals we watch and love are about welcoming everyone. They don’t discriminate between who should watch them, so why should we?

Musical theater is meant for everyone.
Whoever you are, whatever place you come from and no matter how different you are from the rest of us, if you love musical theater, then you are a valid part of this community. That is all.
You aren’t a “fake fan,” or someone who isn’t welcome into any musical theater fandom because there is literally no such thing.
All you have to do is love the musical, and then you’re part of the fandom. If the musical isn’t quite your type, then there are tons of others that could suit your taste.

I see so many hugely problematic musical fandoms these days, with people calling others out for being “fake fans” or closing their community or fandom to certain people and all I want more than anything is for all of this to S T O P.
We should understand that musical theater is for everyone.
It doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t choose who should watch a show or not.
Have you heard of any musical or theater show these days that refuse to sell someone a ticket for absolutely no reason whatsoever? No.
In the same way, we shouldn’t choose who’s right with what opinion, who’s a real fan or not, who should be considered as part of a fandom and so much more.

Like every other fandom, the musicals and shows we love are open to so many opinions because of the different people who are fans of them.
There aren’t any wrong or bad opinions or right ones, really.
Sure, there may be a few problems that could pop up here and there but there is absolutely no need to attack or harass people over their personal opinion on a certain musical.
Not everyone in this world thinks alike, and different opinions, head canons, ships, etc. tend to pop up especially if a musical gets extremely successful and earns a lot of fans, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with having your own opinion as long as you aren’t hurting, offending, or attacking anyone for the sake of defending your own personal views.

In the same way, our world is so varied and each and every single musical theater fan is unique.
Some of us tend to like the same ships or the same songs, but please do know that just because someone has a very strange or unique view of the musical or just because someone doesn’t know as much as you on a musical doesn’t mean that they’re a fake fan or don’t deserve to be part of the musical theater community.
We all like things in varying degrees, and again, there is nothing wrong with being part of a fandom despite knowing a little less than everyone else in it.
Like I said, as long as you love the musical who’s fandom you’re in, then you’re a valid fan.

Please, please, PLEASE stop all of this “you aren’t welcome in this fandom” or “you’re a fake fan” bullshit.
You aren’t making anyone’s life better by attacking people and kicking people out of fandoms and telling people what they can’t be a part of.
Instead, just spread the love.
Constantly tell people that they are welcome and very much appreciated in any musical fandom you’re in.
Trust me, it’ll do much better than all the negativity and discourse spreading.

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Hopefully the musical theater community I’ve come to grow in and love starts improving and being more welcoming soon.
Fairest Cruelest
Webcomic by Rachel Gorman Artblog: Additional art by:...

tfw one of your dearest friends & favourite artists in the world makes an entire webcomic about your phd subject and you can’t stop screaming about it for hours… 

everyone please read this, I beg of you- @raygorartshit is so incredibly talented and deserves all the love and support (and then some more! ♥) and also this is now my f a v o u r i t e thing in the entire world. 

(picture courtesy of @raygorartshit, obviously.)

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Peridot crying :0c

why is she crying…someone give her a hug and a spoon to play with…


Made a yuri!!! on ice powerpoint because I had to.

“Black Lion Chest Keys from the early personal story rewards have been limited to one per week accountwide.”