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Sooooo I just found out that apparently Akechi has a food blog and there's a scene in the manga where Futaba starts reading out his posts and he gets all embarrassed about it while Akira tries not to laugh and all I could really think of was just scrolling down the blog and every post is about pancakes from different food joints.

He has been found out.

okay so i really enjoyed doing my feb botm but i did soon realise that i’d got my months all confused and was doing everything the wrong way round. so this time, i’ve decided to correct myself and do it right (lmao) (ignore the header tho ~ i was running out of time oops)

rules ~

  • must be following this awesome loser
  • reblog this post
  • entries close march 31st & winners to be announced sometime soon after
  • all types of blog accepted
  • if reblogging on a sideblog, please include in the tags what blog you follow me from
  • there will be one winner & two runners up

prizes ~

  • a follow from me
  • a spot on my updates tab for a month
  • winners ~ unlimited promos in april + two edits whenever (need to request)
  • runners up ~ one promo in april + one edit whenever (need to request)

hello friends! 

i just wanted to make a post to let everyone know that i take requests!!

if you need: 

  • manip for a fic, a moodboard, etc
  • an edit for a post/blog header, fic post, etc
  • or an icon for your blog

let me know! here is all the info!

i’m so sorry for the delay i’ve just been crazy busy! but i hope you all enter and good luck!! 


  • mbf this rose
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  • ends april 30
  • there will be 1 winner and 2 runner ups
  • maybe check out my edits (optional)

looking for;

  • aesthetic & multifandom blogs
  • organized blogs with a good tagging system
  • nice, active bloggers
  • original content is a plus!



  • a follow from me (if not already)
  • a spot on my updates tab for a month
  • a permanent spot on my botm page
  • a typography edit of your choice
  • an archive moodboard
  • 5 promos on request
  • my love and friendship

runner ups:

  • a spot on my updates tab for a month
  • a permanent spot on my botm page
  • a follow from me (if not already)
  • an archive moodboard
  • 2 promos on request
  • my love and friendship

last month’s botm had such a great turn out and i’m super excited to make this a monthly thing!! make sure you check out the winner of last month @adampairrsh and the runner ups @lillabard , @softalina .

levels of interaction on

level 1:

user 1: hey this is great! thank you so much!
tabber: no problem! glad you enjoyed it :-)

level 2:

user 1: hey there! [kindly worded suggestion for improvement]
tabber: oh hey yeah! that sounds good! thanks i will edit my tab now :-)

level 3:

user 1: this is shit. this is the shittest fuck thing i’ve ever seen. what the fuck. also you left a Bad comment on “don’t look back into the sun” by the libertines. i have followed every action you made on this godforsaken website. i have a personal vendetta against you and you only.
tabber: i will burn this site to the ground to ensure that scum like you never see the light of day again. i will kill your whole family. i will never let you rest. you don’t understand the absolute magnitude of what you have created with this comment.

This was just meant to be a reblog, but it got WAY too lengthy...

People have been discussing how Irene’s appearance in Sherlock’s Gothic Christmas Mind Palace Tale™ (as a sepia photo inside Sherlock’s chain watch) seemed completely out of place —dressed in modern clothes, as if he hadn’t even bothered to make up a Victorian alter ego for her, even when he claimed that he ‘had all the details perfect’ (this discussion was started by @wsswatson, @iminlovewithdianaxo, @anotherwellkeptsecret and @holmesandwatsonplease, in this link)

(This photo was uploaded by @wsswatson)

Some think this might just have been a hint meant to clue us in the fact that this was all a Mind Palace fantasy, while others are certain this is proof that Irene isn’t important to Sherlock anymore.

My take on it:

I think first and foremost this is a huge nod to The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes (TPLoSH) —Gabrielle Valladon (aka Ilsa von Hoffmanstal) was a sort of Irene Adler in this film (as you may imagine from the following gifs)

And TPLoSH!Sherlock also kept her picture inside his watch once her case was over (Actually, he even writes a score for her, the same as BBC!Sherlock does in ASiB).

To the heteronormative viewer, it would seem TPLoSh!Sherlock falls in love with her —but in fact director Billy Wilder (yes, Wilder like the dude from the Diogenes Club in TAB) later confessed to having intended to present a gay Sherlock in love with Watson, only regretting that, as it was the 1970s, he wasn’t brave enough to completely go through with the idea (But this is, by the way, how Gatiss interpreted it too, and he claims it’s one of his favourite Sherlock films as well as a huge source of inspiration for him in order to write the BBC show).


Thus, we have a very effeminate Sherlock that drops every possible innuendo about his not giving a frig about women, who is also really invested in Watson’s well-being, but who at a certain point reveals to have had a (vague, unclear, dispassionate, unfortunate) past with women which has as a result caused him to not trust them, like them or even notice them in the present (this last part because of Wilder’s fear of audience rejection due to rampant homophobia and heternormativity).

When you bear, however, Wilder’s true intentions in mind, you have the story of a very cunning female spy that tries to get government secrets through a very gay Sherlock but falls for him in the process and is eventually found out and defeated by him. Still, Sherlock admires her intelligence and thanks her for providing “a very close game” (This is literally what happens in both ASiB and TPLoSH).

Going back to what I said about Gatiss considering TPLoSH a source to draw inspiration from, I’d like to remind everyone about how Mofftiss, at this point, consider basically every Sherlock adaptation to be “canon material”.

Therefore, I want to point out that the Reichenbach fall(s) is not the only canon moment that Mofftiss have already deviated from and changed, with all the implications that changing the canon has.

Originally posted by mymultifandomhell

Why am I saying this? Because if we consider TPLoSH a canon source, there is something that has already been changed.

The first thing is that, while Gabrielle/Ilsa is not ultimately saved by TPLoSH!Sherlock and she is effectively executed, Irene is saved by BBC!Sherlock in the end. What does this lead to? TPLoSH!Sherlock being consumed by regret that he didn’t manage to preserve one of the brightest minds he had come across, while BBC!Sherlock just closes this chapter of his life and Irene becomes but a silent presence in the back of his mind, a fond memory of a case that was, in my opinion, truly fascinating.

BUT, at some point in ASiB, BBC!Sherlock DOES believe Irene was dead. Really dead. And he had the phone that was her only protection. That should have filled him with remorse, and we know how Sherlock deals with that. But it didn’t affect him so deeply that he resorted to the drugs. Why?

  • First of all, because he still hadn’t realised how incredibly clever she was by then. I mean, he knew she was clever, but he hadn’t found out the way she had used him, deceived him and got her way with him (intellectually speaking) in order to obtain the information she wanted.
  • And since Sherlock didn’t have romantic feelings for her, the only thing for him to regret about her death would be what a brilliant mind had been lost to the world. But since he still didn’t know how truly brilliant she was, instead he had a sort of blooming admiration for her mental abilities, but not enough to regret it so deeply that he would start doing drugs again (Of course, he is sorry because a life had been lost, a very promising mind indeed).

Do you know the first thing TPLoSH!Sherlock does upon the news of Gabrielle/Ilsa’s decease? He takes Watson’s suitcase and he shoots cocaine in order to deal with the grief, and Watson sees Sherlock so deeply affected by the spy’s death that he just lets him.

But BBC!Sherlock doesn’t. BBC!Sherlock composes music in order to deal with whatever grief he’s feeling, but he doesn’t do drugs. Of course, there’s also John to prevent him from doing it.

Do you know when BBC!Sherlock does do drugs? Do you know when he’s so deeply striken by grief and loss that he just gives in to his nastiest habit because he can’t find another way to cope?

Exactly. When John marries a woman, moves out of Baker Street and leaves him all alone.

They changed the canon according to Billy Wilder’s intentions. It would be John leaving Sherlock that would cause him the most grief, and not some spy, but Wilder couldn’t tell the truth because it was too soon. Back in the 70s this would have been unacceptable. So they fixed it now. They made John more important than any woman in Sherlock’s life because this is how it was always supposed to be.

It’s always been John, and anyone else, any other man or woman, no matter how impressive, is just an old picture, a memory stored somewhere in Sherlock’s brain, not even really present anymore, while John is the constant in his life. He’s always been there and he will continue to be.

And concerning @holmesandwatsonplease‘s comment “I don’t know what to do with this information”, I would say “Rejoice in the fact that Sherlock couldn’t care less about Irene as a romantic partner”.

(Also I’m sorry if you didn’t want to be tagged, so if it bothered you just let me know and I will not do it again, no hard feelings) :)

edit: tagging @malinwolf, who appreciates my shitty efforts more than anyone for some reason xD

okay so i did promise i would celebrate this milestone with a bang & so let’s begin the firework display!!! :) honestly though, i can’t believe what a year 2016 has been. so much has happened in the world, and to me in my own life. but really, the highlight (& this might sound lame but idc) is this site - during this year, i have met some people on here who i would probably give my life for. i have been allowed to just be me, weird and awkward, terrible and affectionate, over the top and silly, and somehow i have been loved for being this person. i’ve literally never felt that from a collective group of people before so… thank you. you will probably never understand how touched my soul is by this whole experience.

now, let’s cut to the chase. to celebrate this wonderful incredible achievement, i am hosting my first ever tumblr awards !!!!

more info under the cut

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This scan is so beautiful ;_;
Of course it deserved transparencies with different effects ♥
Just a lido bit closer ♥

A couple of things! For some reason, this time tumblr refused to let me keep the size I intended them to be, and they kept shrinking so that’s why they are smaller than my usual transparencies. That’s also why I didn’t add color effects that were too noticeable, since it tended to look blurry. But it still should be a nice size to make edits or decorate your blog or whatever anyone wants it for. The preview is also kinda messed up, so open in new tab for better quality.

I recently reached 4k so like??? what are you guys doing, ily??? to celebrate and thank all of my followers for putting up with me I present to you my tumblr awards (yaaaaay) 

I N F O : 

> mbf this nerd 
> reblog this post, likes are for flobberworms (and bookmarking) 
> must post some hp because this will only be judged on your hp posts 
> 1 winner, 1 runner up for each category
> ends 13th October, winners announced 17th October

A W A R D S : 

Hermione Granger Award: Best Overall 
Sirius Black Award: Best Url 
Lily Evans Award: Prettiest Icon 
Fleur Delacour Award: Most Attractive Theme 
Draco Malfoy Award: Best Looking Updates Tab 
Ginny Weasley Award: Best Content (Posts) 
Weasley Twins Award: Best Creations *
Rita Skeeter Award: Best Writing *
Lee Jordan Award: Best/funniest tags
Neville Longbottom Award: Nicest blogger 
Minerva McGonagall Award: Personal favourite 
Colin Creevey Award: Best newcomer (under 500) **

*reblog with the tag you use for your creations in the tags if possible e.g. /myedit, /mine
** submit a screenshot of your follower count here please

W H A T   Y O U   G E T : 

- a follow back from me (if not already) 
- 4 promos for winners, 2 promos for runners up (whenever you want) 
- a choice of url from my saved urls 
- edit/graphic request or headcanons whenever (winners only)
- url graphic on request
- a spot on my updates tab for a month or my award winners page (idk what I’m doing yet)
 - my love and friendship, forever and ever

That’s all, so thank you again guys and good luck!❤

sorry that this is a little late my sweet loving babieeees <3

  • mbf this little christmas lover
  • reblog this post ^-^
  • must reach 50 notes, or i’ll be so sad
  • one winner, 3 runner ups
  • ends november 30th
what I'm looking for
  • aesthetic or multifandom blog
  • maybe some christmas spirit!
  • cool posts, url, icon, and theme
  • kind hearted blogger *-*
  • a follow from me if not already
  • a spot on my updates tab for the month of december
  • unlimited promos for the whole month
  • an edit for the winner (and maybe for one runner up too)
  • my help with anything you want :D 

that’s it guys, i love you and YAY CHRISTMAS!

Since I’m almost reaching 3k, I decided to entertain myself doing a BOTM instead of waiting like an idiot like I am u w u

  • Must be following me
  • Reblogs only (Like if you saving as a bookmark)
  • Must reach 30 notes or I’ll just burn this up and cry in a corner (not literally haha)
  • Looking for Sherlock mostly blogs
  • Nice, clean theme, tag system, friendly bloggers - all get bonus points
  • Ends December 2 (cause I started late woops)
  • Winners announced shortly after that 
  • Gets follow from me ofc
  • Unlimited promos for the month of December
  • A spot in my updates tab
  • Any type of requests you desire (that sounded weird but you get me)
  • Follow from me
  • 2 promos over month of December
  • Spots in my updates tab
  • 2 runner-ups (depends on how popular this posts gets)

I will be following a lot of the people who enter as wellSo please join, and have a great day! :D

Okay so this is my first BOTM ever! (Because I reached a follower goal today yay thank you so much <3) also i know i posted this a day too early i'm impatient

  • mbf me
  • reblog this post
  • must get 30 notes maybe plz
  • winners and runners up will be announced on the 1st of august
  • pretty and clean theme
  • tagging system is always a plus
  • original/awesome url
  • nice and hate free blogger 
  • supernatural must be your main fandom
  • a f+ from me if not already
  • a place in my updates tab for the whole month
  • a promo when announced 
  • an edit or fanvid (u can choose)
  • my love and friendship
  • for eternity
  • <3 

(beautiful edit made for me by the amazing hearteyedsam. thank you so much!! <3)

Okay so I hit 1k followers the other day (thank y’all so much!) so I thought I’d do my first tumblr awards!  (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ


  • Must be following this brother lover
  • Reblog to enter! (like to bookmark)
  • I’d say this should reach 20 notes, if not I’ll just pretend this never happened lol
  • 1 winner and 1-2 runner ups depending on the notes
  • Ends April 25


  • best url
  • best domain
  • best theme
  • best updates tab
  • best posts
  • best original content (gifs, edits, graphics, etc) 
  • best multifandom 
  • best supernatural
  • overall favorite  


  • +f from me, if not already 
  • a place on my update tab until May 30 (I’ll make a winners page)
  • unlimited promos for the month of May (upon request, or maybe I’ll also do them as a surprise too!)
  • an edit if you want one (upon request)
  • my eternal love and friendship!!

Runner Ups

  • +f from me, if not already 
  • a place on my update tab until May 30
  • four promos (upon request) throughout the month of May
  • my eternal love and friendship!! 

And that’s it! Reblog  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Hello everyone! So I finally decided to do my first BOTM for the month of June.

The Rules:
  • Must be following peggycxrter
  • Reblogs only, likes do not count
  • Reblog through May 31st, winners will be announced on June 1st
  • There will be one winner and three runners-up
What I'm Looking For:
  • A nice blogger
  • Excellent posts
  • Good theme, icon, and url
  • the acceptance of natasha romanoff as your lord and savior
What Runners-up Get:
  • A follow back from me if I’m not already following you
  • A link in my updates tab
  • One icon, gif, or edits request
  • 2 promos throughout the month whenever you want
What the Winner Gets:
  • A follow back from me if I’m not already following you
  • A link in my updates tab
  • Unlimited icon, gif, and edit requests throughout the month of June
  • Unlimited promos whenever you want throughout the month of June
  • My love and maybe Chris Hemsworth

If you have any questions, feel free to message me. Good luck!

I really want to give back to my followers, so I decided to do my first ever February BOTM!! 

  • mbf me
  • reblog this post 
  • likes will not be counted
  • must reach 20+ notes
  • open until January 30
  • One winner and three runner ups 
What I'm looking for
  • multifandom (or any other fandom) blogs
  • a nice clean theme 
  • beautiful quality posts
  • a fantastic and kind blogger
Prizes for the Winner 
  • Follow from me (if I haven’t already)
  • A link in my updates tab for the whole month 
  • Promos whenever you like during February 
  • An edit/graphic request if desired 
  • I will love you forever
Prizes for the Runner Ups
  • Follow from me (if I haven’t already)
  • Three promos during February 
  • A link in my updates tab for the whole month 
  • I will love you forever 

Hii! This is my very first BOTM, it’s taken me forever to do one, but they seem fun, so here we go!  (crappy edit was made by me, don’t look at it.)

  • mbf this crazy kid (me)
  • reblogs only (you can like for a bookmark but it won’t be counted)
  • must reach at least 30 notes or I will send all of you to Purgatory, basically. Sorry.
  • must be mainly an SPN blog (multifandom is fine, SPN HAS to be one of your fandoms)
  • ends February 25th-winnners will be announced March 1st. (no poll, I will choose)
  • one winner, two runner ups!
What I'm looking for:
  • nice, clean theme
  • super nice blogger (I’ll be spying on you) (not really just be nice)
  • really nice posts
  • tagging system would be great (but won’t affect your chances of winning)
  • edits or fics are really cool, too but not needed. (I can’t do art, so it’s okay)
Winner will get:
  • a +follow from me, if I’m not following already.
  • a special place in my updates tab for the whole month of March
  • Solo promos every weekend!
  • My love and support forever even if you don’t want it, you’re basically stuck with me forever.
  • a ficlet of your choice-just send me a prompt) with the help of Anne on this one.
Runner-ups will get:
  • a +follow if I’m not already following!
  • special place on my updates tab for the whole month of March.
  • 2 solo promos when asked for!
  • My love and friendship forever (please love me) even if you don’t want it.

I love you guys! So good luck! ♥

welcome to my first ever blog of the month!!!! this is so excitingxx

  • mbf trash queen aka me
  • reblog this (no likes please xx)
  • ends february 28th
  • winners announced march 1st
  • must post some ‘the 100’ (multifandom is alright but y’know)
  • gotta reach at least 40+ notes or this never happened ok
what i'm looking for:
  • 1 winner and 3 runner-ups (this may change on the number of entries!!)
  • organised theme
  • clear and distinguished tagging system
  • nice and friendly bloggers ((:
winner(s) get:
  • a follow from me (if not already)
  • place on my updates tab
  • unlimited promos upon request whenever for the month of march
  • an edit / picspam / gifset on request from me (it will probs be shit)
  • help with html, reblogs of selfies, blog rates, etc
  • my eternal love and friendship forever (non negotiable)
runner-ups get:
  • follow from me (if not already)
  • a place on my updates tab
  • 3 promos (upon request during march)
  • help with html, reblogs of selfies, blog rates, etc
  • my eternal love and friendship forever (non negotiable)
  • if you have any questions feel free to ask me !
  • enter & spread the word and have a lovely day xx