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female awesome meme ♡ [1/10] lead female characters 

riley matthews (girl meets world) - there is no end to my horizon 

Look, the Emo Kylo Ren meme was fun and relevant for a while, but now that we have seen Luke Skywalker

- hang out with Kylo Ren for like a decade
- run away to the middle of nowhere to brood and search for meaning
- slowly and dramatically remove his hood
- look at a laser sword with more emotion than I have ever looked at anyone
- dump all his newfound religious angst onto an unsuspecting freshman
- be the third Skywalker man in a row to attempt to end the Jedi
- announce his intention to do so while mysteriously silhouetted in a shadowed doorway
- give us an honest to god Kubrick stare with his face bathed in This-Isn’t-Your-Dad’s-Star-Wars Red
- possibly live in a tree??

I think it’s pretty clear there’s a New Emo in town and I fully expect us as a fandom to give him the tough love memeing all Skywalker men deserve

it’s taken me a long to find the strength to share this traumatic experience with you all… but in light of current events, i feel obligated to do so.

this is the story of how a kylo stan attacked me.

it was a normal tuesday in september- it was a new school year, rife with opportunity, and i was just getting used to my new classes and schedule when the incident occurred.

i was in my 7th period ap literature and composition class, my last class of the day, working dilligently on analyzing poetry for my project. i needed to google something about t.s. eliot, so i grabbed my phone.

little did i know i was about to make a choice that would change my life.

the girl sitting beside me happened to glance at my home screen’s wallpaper as i went to google whether or not t.s. eliot was gay (note that my wallpaper is a cropped photo of tom holland and john boyega from when they met at d23 this past summer).

noticing that i had left the photo as it was rather than photoshopping adam driver in beside tom, the girl suddenly grabbed my wrist, forcing me to look up and away from my google search. now, i’m used to encountering racist star wars fans both on and off the internet, so i was more than ready to oppress another reylo if it came to that.

“can i help you??” i asked, loudly enough that several of my classmates looked up.

the girl’s eyes bored into mine as she hissed, “are you a fucking finn stan?”

dead silence fell over the classroom. i bravely met her gaze before saying, “yes i am. and kyle ron is an ugly looking motherfucker.”

it was at that moment that i sealed my fate. the girl absolutely lost it, jumping out of her seat and screaming at me.


my classmates looked on in horror. as this kylo stan paused for a breath, my teacher calmly rose from her seat, holding her stormtropper coffee mug (note that my teacher is a professed star wars fanatic, but never positioned herself on this discourse. until now.)

i thought for sure i was doomed. this was it- i was finally going to be schooled by a high school senior who would convince me and all my classmates that kylo was superior to finn through cognitive dissonance and false literary analogies…

but what happened instead shocked me.

my teacher met both of our gazes before calmly addressing the kylo stan-

“kylo ren is a deeply flawed individual who has commited numerous war crimes and has played an active role in a fascist regime’s acts of genocide and imperialism. finn, on the other hand, is a victim of this fascist machine and, despite being raised to be a mindless killer, is so pure of heart that he is able to understand that the first order is morally wrong and actively fights against them despite the horrific abuse he underwent at their hands.”

“furthermore, i DO have an english major and i can tell you that your kyle/reylo stanning theories are bullshit lmao.”

my class erupted into cheers. they gathered around me, lifting me on their shoulders while the kylo stan was trampled beneath their feet.

later that night, i got a call from lucasfilm that they heard about what happened with the kylo stan and wanted my input on how tlj should go.

in conclusion, i not only successfully got all the finn stans in my school to oppress the kylo stans, but i also erased kylo from the star wars film francise entirely and made finn a jedi.

moral of the story? don’t mess with us antis sweaties 😙✌

  • Jimin: YA! Don't make fun of my height!
  • Jungkook: I'll not do this.
  • Jimin: You do!
  • Jungkook [snort]: Calm down. I'll let you in a sink.
  • Jimin: ...
  • -2 weeks later-
  • Jungkook: Why can't i sleep with you Hyung?
  • Jimin: Oh, it's this new concept of this hotel. They have beds specifically for short people, so you too large for my bed.
  • Jungkook: Taehyung too.
  • Taehyung: But i'm good in it to make me small.
  • Jimin: Exactly.
  • Jungkook: Can i kiss you then?
  • Jimin: No, you could get a disc prolapse.
  • Yoongi [whispers to Jungkook]: I told you not to make fun of his height.

When my roommate was Taken and Replaced, there were a lot of things I was prepared for (things like sleeping with iron on, keeping salt under my pillow, constantly being on guard, and never taking food from her), but explaining memes to her was not one.

I was in our room studying, just trying to cram for one of the classes we have an excess of tests in, when Not Vex looked right at me and asked, “Why are so many people talking about the friends we made along the way? It doesn’t even make any sense. Today at lunch, Binks said ‘maybe the real final exam was the friends we made along the way’ while we were studying. It just-it makes no sense.”

It took me longer than was probably polite to answer, because how the hell are you supposed to answer when one of Them asks why a meme exists? I did have to answer eventually, though.

“It’s called a meme. It’s things that start on the internet that people find funny, and they usually don’t make sense, and they start getting used in different ways. The one you were talking about started to make fun of something that’s in a lot of movies, where they search for treasure or a prize or something and don’t find it, and someone says something about the real prize being the friends they made along the way. People love making fun of overdone tropes, so it got really big and now people use it in a lot of ways and some of them make no sense, like the one Binks used,” I told Not Vex, hoping my explanation was enough and I could get back to my studying.

She seemed satisfied, and I thought that was the end of it.

If only I could be so lucky.

Now, anytime there’s a new one, she’ll make it a point to tap me on the shoulder and ask “Is that one of those meme things you told me about?”

Vex was never very quiet, and Not Vex isn’t either. Now everyone knows I am on good enough terms with Them to talk to my Gentry roommate about memes and I have no idea what to do with that kind of power.


anonymous asked:

What kind of music do you listen to?? Favorites, guilty pleasure songs, whatever! I'm hunting new music and coming up empty so far ):

(( OOC: *shrugs* I have a pretty broad range…. like a lot of stuff…. I think the only music genre that I’m avidly against is country. Not a fan. 

Guilty pleasure songs? All of the classic meme songs. I love that shit. 

GUILTY pleasure songs? *grins* 

Sexy Back: Justin Timberlake 

Crazy in Love: Beyonce 

BITE: Troy Sivan 

Hold Me Down: Halsey 

Party Favors: Tinashe 

Talk Dirty To Me: Jason Derulo 

Into You: Ariana Grande 

In The Dark: Dev

Birthday Cake: Rihanna 

Eyes On Fire: Blue Foundation 

… there’s a lot more… but I’ll end here. *shrugs* )) 

  • Taehyung: Hyung I'm bored...
  • Yoongi: What do you want me to do about it?
  • Taehyung: Let's play a game! Hide and seek?
  • Yoongi: *Mutters* Hide and seek? What are you like 5?
  • Taehyung: What?
  • Yoongi: *Sighs* Okay. You count first.
  • Taehyung: *Covers his eyes and starts counting*
  • Yoongi: *Heads into his bed, pulls the covers over his head, and falls asleep*

favorite character memeone character

“My name is Riley Matthews from Greenwich Village, New York City, the United States of America, the continent of north America, the Western hemisphere, the Earth, the solar system, the universe, the mind of God.”

So, I’m meme trash, and I felt that this would be fun to do. Also, Patton would be the one to have optimism even in the faces with dire circumstances. Anyway, I hope your day is as lit as this art!! (( Sorry :) )) Be kind to yourselves!!! P.s. I JUST REACHED 300 FOLLOWERS!!! THANK YOU!!!
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Drag Race Asks

RuPaul: What’s your greatest strength – charisma, uniqueness, nerve or talent?
Sharon Needles:  Do you like scary movies, Sidney?  What’s your favourite?
Chad Michaels:  Is there someone you can impersonate to perfection?
Untucked:  What’s the shadiest thing you’ve ever said?
Available On iTunes!:  The first five songs that come into your head.
Michelle Visage: Are you a tough critic or a sweet little pussycat?
Bianca Del Rio:  Stone, gold, glass… What’s your heart made of?
Bob The Drag Queen:  Tell us a joke, funny girl!
Santino Rice:  Describe the strangest outfit you’ve ever worn, Amadeus.
Guest Judges:  Name three people, alive or dead, whose opinions really matter to you
All-Stars:  Ever had a brush with fame?
Absolut Vodka:  Favourite drink?
Bebe Zahara Benet:  Do you represent your hometown or not?
Raja:  Did you roll with the cool kids at school?  Or, if you weren’t a Heather, Heather, what clique did you fit with, Heather?
Willam:  A choice of questions – either tell us about a time you were thrown out of somewhere, or tell us about the sickest you’ve ever felt…
Jinkx Monsoon:  Trouble sleeping?  Or trouble staying awake?
Mimi Imfurst:  How far would you go to grab people’s attention?
Drag U:  Condragulations!  You’ve won a fabulous free makeover!  What sickening style icon will it be based on?
Max:  What colour is your hair today, and what’s your favourite colour it’s ever been?
Alyssa + Coco:  Can you hold a grudge?  (Extra points if you tell us all about it)
Tyra Sanchez:   Give us an unpopular opinion.
Katya:  If you could live in any country in all the world, where would you go?
Ongina:  Would you ever shave your head?  (If you already have, we want pics!)
PhiPhi O’Hara:  Is it better to be loved or feared?
Latrice Royale:  Tell us about a time you picked yourself up after a fall (and know that we’re so proud of you, hon!)
Shangela:  If at first you don’t succeed…  Is there something in life where you keep on try-trying-again?
Nina Flowers:  Does your look match your personality?
Violet Chachki:  What’s your favourite physical feature?
Naomi Smalls:  Take the first name of one of your personal idols, and the last name from another.  This makes the name of your brand new persona – now tell us all about your gorgeous self!
Jiggly Caliente: May I call you Jiggly?

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I know it's not your job to tell non black folks how to be good allies, but I was hoping you could still explain what you want white people to do with regards to aave, because I have a hard time discerning between internet slang and culture-specific slang so is the idea just that we don't use a word if we know it's definitely aave or what? I want to be as respectful to others as possible but in this instance I'm not sure what's needed of me so I was hoping you could tell me what would help you?

I was being serious in my post that said every funny tweet or cool new meme or whatever is aave like at this point the internet works so fast at just yanking african american content and then repackaging it for everyone and then saying it’s a trend and then making it not a trend anymore so black people feel annoying using our own phrases so honestly there’s nothing I can tell you that’s going to make white celebrities stop calling their receding hairlines ‘baby hairs on fleek’… I just want you to consciously think about how you’re talking online and irl, if you talk to black people the same way you talk to white people/non black people, if you would actually confidently say some of the things you type out loud, and if it is more important to be hip and trendy than to stay in your lane. Black people have to worry about code-switching (if you ask me what this is I won’t be happy) in order to get jobs, in order to be taken seriously in educational environments, in order to look ‘smart’ online (the whole “lmao I can’t read this what language is this in” response when black people type a post with aave or other cultural slang), in order to make non black people around us feel comfortable, etc. but non black people make the decision to use our language when they think it’s fun and then cut it out when they don’t feel like it’s cool anymore. This is a general ‘you/they’, not you specifically, and I would recommend that you read this article by Lauren Michele Jackson. The intro is below. 

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so I'm new to the wizzy fandom here and please help why is wu a meme

short answer: go to wu commons and you’ll know immediately why

long answer: it’s where all the weirdos hang out and have formed their own subculture (i kid u not)

they sit there talking with their friends or w/e, which is fine, but they also

idle spin for literal hours

will make “cults” or “clans”

or do/say some really weird shit
for example:

explaining wu is hard, it really is something you need to experience urself (i ACTIVELY encourage dressing up as a wu and going nuts).
but to put it real simply: imagine walking into a target at 3am and the only people there are a gaggle of 13 year olds sitting in a corner and laughing at you. one of them is standing upside down on the ceiling. and another pair are screaming about wanting “to hex”.
that’s wu.