so i'm craving breakfast

i’m just thinking about taako and angus making ice cream and mags is just…eagerly waiting to try some, waiting for it to churn and begging them to use some magic to make it freeze faster (which for obvs reasons taako is adamantly against) and finally after hours of waiting taako scoops him a bowl and like before taako can even scoop angus one mags has already scarfed it down and waiting for more and angus gets a kick out of it so taako lets it slide..but he does it again so taako flings a scoop at his face and anyway this is how they find out that magnus is allergic to milk as he breaks out in a rash immediately 

anonymous asked:

Hey so I'm craving something sweet for dinner, I had porridge for breakfast and rice+veg+potato for lunch, any ideas?

here are some dinner ideas- hopefully some of these are what youre looking for :) 

- Veggie stir-fry with rice, noodles or quinoa
- Spaghetti with pesto
- Soba noodle salad (Soba noodles, tofu, broccoli, sesame seeds, tamari etc)  
- Buddah bowls (heaps of roast veggies, brown rice/quinoa, with beans and maybe some lemon tahini dressing
- Vegan Pizza
- Curries
- Dahl
- Falafels
- Pho
- Rice paper rolls with dipping sauce  
- Large salads- lettuce, roast pumpkin and sweet potato, chickpeas, tomato, cucumber
- Soups:
   - mixed veggie soup
   - pumpkin soup
   - tomato soup
   - Red lentil and coconut soup
   - Potato and leek soup
- home made sushi
- Pasta with napoli sauce
- quinoa salad
- Pasta salad
- grilled veggie wraps with hummus
- Sushi Bowls
- Gnocchi with napoli sauce (if you are buying gnocchi, check back of packet)
- Vegan nachos
- Vegan burritos
- Vegan Tacos
- Pad Thai
- Homemade veggie burgers (made from sweet potato, beans/lentils, quinoa etc) with sweet potato fries.
- Vegan quiche (base make from tofu instead of eggs)
- Scrambled tofu with toast
- Risotto
- stuffed sweet potatoes
- Stuffed Bell Peppers
- Vegetable pot pie

I also have lots of recipes on my youtube channel