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Straight Couples can do one (1) un-stereotypical thing in terms of labor distribution (a man did his daughter’s hair??? awwww!! a woman is a housewife but actively chose to be a housewife because she enjoys it? right on sister!!) and be considered radical pioneers of gender equality, but Gay Couples have to impossibly perfectly balance our presentation and behavior at all times or we’re just mimicking straight people and replicating archaic misogynistic ideals 


kenta cried while watching the trainees with their families (个_个)


I did Patton cosplay! This was my very first cosplay photo shoot ever! I had so much fun!
This was my second attempt at cosplaying EVER, my first being Stevonnie. I’m waiting for my tie to arrive so that I can cosplay Logan (which I’m really excited for!!!) and I’m planning to be Virgil for Halloween, so be prepared for photos for those Sides! I want to be Roman as well, but it’s going to be awhile before I give his outfit an attempt.
I have an idea for “original Sides” that I want to attempt, but that’s something for the future!
So all in all, I had a lot of fun! Thank you @thatsthat24 for creating such loveable and awesome characters!

BTS as things my friends have said whilst shopping...
  • Seokjin: Do you think if I bat my eyelashes they'll give me it for free?
  • Yoongi: *walks out with no bags* it was all overpriced but I tried all the samples - smell me
  • Hoseok: *has about twenty bags* I'm definitely broke now but I'll look cute so it's fine!
  • Namjoon: *knocks over a display* ... Well...
  • Taehyung: *dancing to the background music* WHAT is this radio station?! It's literally my new favourite thing
  • Jimin: You know what sucks? Being short and wanting the item on the top shelf. That's what sucks.
  • Jungkook: *is under the illusion that the shopping cart is actually a scooter*
A Good Brother

Since he was a little boy, Charles Weasley saw Voldemort as his personal boggeyman. Even if  he’d never met the man in person, little Charlie was terrified of that person who’s name shouldn’t be said that made his parents sad and angry. He would ask every night for his  parents to check under his bed if he wasn’t there. The idea of a mass murderer hiding in his son’s room always started an ugly laughter in Arthur Weasley’s throat. But every night, he complied and assured Charlie he was safe and had nothing to fear. It was a lie of course. They both knew it.

Charlie knew he was right to be scared when he was eight and he saw his mother cry for the first time. He entered the kitchen one morning and saw her curled on her chair, a piece of parchement resting on the table. Charlie sneaked in to try and read the paper. His first fear was that something happened to one of his brothers. Because that was what his dad and mum often talked about when they thought Bill and Charlie were asleep. The words were small and complicated, but Charlie could decypher two names, Fabian and Gideon. His parents hated lying to their children, so they told them that their uncles were fighting You-Know-Who and died.  They didn’t say they were killed, but Charlie kind of understood that. He wasn’t sure what death really was just yet, but Bill told him it meant he would never see his uncles again. When he saw the twin caskets, a couple days later and watched them disappear in the ground, Charlie cried. He didn’t make a noise, because no one was talking, and you’re not supposed to be loud if everyone else is quiet. He simply gripped Bill’s hand and followed him around. For years, Charlie would dream of twin caskets in which his siblings were resting.

At school, Charlie was gentle and popular enough that people didn’t make fun of him if he ever got surprised crying because he was missing his brothers and sister. They would simply go look  for Bill, and later Percy, and either would comfort him and help him write letters home. Charlie was terribly bad with words and never knew how to get his thoughts across. In return for his letters, he would get drawings and pictures. He kept them preciously in his bedside table.

When he was thirteen, Charlie kissed a girl. She was pretty and smelled nice but even he didn’t feel much. There was no butterfly or firework in his belly like he’d been told he’d feel. At sixteen, Charlie kissed a boy, and though it was nice enough too, it wasn’t special enough to have him wanting to do it often. He’d learned about dragons the previous year though, during a class of Care About Magical Creatures. That lit his eyes up and made him daydream far more than any kisses could.

Charlie left Hogwarts the summer before Ron entered it. He left home in August, and headed to Romania to study dragons. He’d already read every book from the Library and was ready to meet people who’d understand his passion. Charlie made friends, and was teased for chosing a hermit life  in forests with giant lizards over becoming a Quidditch star. He didn’t mind, because at the end of the day, he got to see dragon eggs and share hot cocoa with his colleagues. The highlight of his year was still when his parents and sister came to visit. He also managed to get Bill to drop by. They got drunk and Bill listened to him cry about how much he missed all of their siblings. Charlie kept the drawings and photographs in a tiny box in his trunk. When spring came around and he received Ron’s letter asking him to smuggle a baby dragon, all his friends exploded in laughter and were ready to go before he even finished his explanations. They already knew Charlie would do anything for his siblings.

Charlie wasn’t there when Ron got hurt saving the world at the end of his first year. He came back for summer and bought Ron as many candies as he could eat. Sometimes, being a good brother is in discreet celebrations.

Charlie wasn’t there when his baby sister got possessed and left for dead in a mythical chamber. When summer came and Ginny left school, paler and more silenced than ever, Charlie kept a vigilant  eye on her. He didn’t go back to Romania for months. And when Arthur won the Daily Prophet Grand Prise Galleon Draw, Charlie was the one to suggest they should all go visit Bill. Sometimes, being a good brother is knowing your presence and a change of scenary are the best medicine.

Charlie was there when the Death Eaters attacked supporters celebrating a victory - or drinking the bitter taste of loss away. He went to fight alongside the Ministry to protect his siblings and everyone who needed it. He also stayed the rest of the summer in the Burrow. Sometimes, being a good brother is making sure your siblings and their friends have an open ear if they need to talk their fears away.

Charlie wasn’t there when Harry, his adopted but estranged sibling, watched Voldemort come back from the dead. From Charlie’s childhood nightmares. He learned about it in one of Ginny’s letters and got his worst burns when her words resonnated in his head as he was tending a dragon. In his head, Ginny had that same terrified voice as when she was twelve and asking him if Tom would come back. Charlie felt like he’d been lying to her for years, telling her she was safe and had nothing to fear. That Tom would never come back. Sometimes, being a good brother is forgetting how life doesn’t always follow your hopes.

Charlie wasn’t there when his father got attacked by an evil snake. Charlie wasn’t there when Dumbledore’s tiny army raided the Ministry. He came back to see the greying hair on his father’s head and the scars on Ron’s arms. Ron laughed it off. Charlie cried it out. Sometimes, being a good brother is shading tears other people won’t cry.

Charlie lived in Romania. He loved it, loved the people, the country, and above all his job. But when Charlie came back to Bill’s comatose and broken face, he considered never leaving again. Bill had always been his best friend, his safety in the chaos that was their family. Charlie hugged Fleur and helped her chose her wedding dress. He was Bill’s best man and joked, more than once, that Bill was actually the best man he knew. The three of them got drunk at a pub a few miles from the Burrow and he recalled every embarassing moment of Bill’s childhood. Sometimes, being a good brother is making your sibling blush and hit you in the face as their fiancée is bending in laughter and coughing beer out of her nose.

Charlie wasn’t there when Fred died.

Charlie was there to see his mother cry and his brothers collapse.

Charlie was there to see Ginny stand, tall and proud and clutching Harry’s hand so she wouldn’t get lost.

Sometimes, being a good brother is knowing that there are days when you can’t be the good brother.

Charlie was there when Victoire was born.

Charlie was there to see Bill cry and his siblings scream.

Charlie was there to hold the tiny baby and let her grip his finger.

Charlie was there when Ginny wrote that she was pregnant and wanted to see him. Everytime.

Charlie was there when Fred II asked to learn how to fly and neither George nor Angelina had the heart to teach him.

Charlie was there when Lucy got in another fight with her parents and needed a place to let her anger out. He was also there to bring her back home and make sure she’d apologize to Percy.

Charlie was there when Hugo felt inadequate and lonely in their giant family.

Charlie was there to talk about kissing boys and girls, about how sometimes people liked it and sometimes they just didn’t care.

Charlie was there to give pets as presents, as siblings and in-laws pretended they didn’t know about it.

Charlie was there every step of the way in his nieces and nefews’ lifes.

He quickly needed a larger box to gather all the drawings and pictures he kept receiving. (Hermione gave him an enchanted one)

Sometimes, being a good brother is being a good uncle.


She’s finally here!!! I waited so much for her omg 😭😭, but she’s here with me now and she’s beautiful!!

But there’s this one thing that made me not so happy tho… customs fees. Lol, please, if you’re planning on buying her, have in mind that you’ll have to pay some ridiculous amount of money on them. For me, it was almost 50% of the price of the figure, which it’s A LOT! And I know about someone living in another country that had to pay almost the same amount of money on customs fees as me! so be aware!!!

so you only care about eleanor’s safety when video evidence surfaces of her literally being attacked…interesting.


Gina looks down at Ozzie’s fish, which has gone belly up. “Oh my god. Abraham? Come on, Abraham?” She sets the fishbowl down at the table and starts batting at it. “Abraham, wake up, you stupid fish! We need to help him; we—” she panics and turns to the group, “Somebody call the vet!”
“Gina, it’s dead,” Margaret says soothingly.
“What? No!”
“It’s dead.”
“That’s impossible, he was—” she gestures, “How could he just die? He was alive!” Gina sinks down in front of the fishbowl, her face contorted with grief.
“It’s okay, Gina,” Father Doug says.
”…He’s dead.”
Other Starcrossed members remain silent, the weight of the past few days sinking in on them.
Father Doug pats Gina on the back. “It’s okay,” he repeats, and she takes in a ragged breath.

People of Earth 2x06, “Aftermath”

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Is Template watching zombietale? (The AU where the flower goes crazy)

Yup, you got that right! ;D

I really wanna see how it continues xD