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Some men are born to plow fields, some live to be great physicians, others to be great kings. Me? I was born to serve you, Arthur, and I’m proud of that, and I wouldn’t change a thing.

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everyone's just like "yee Yona's powers!!!" and "ooo it's the shield!!!" and I'm just like "Hak and Yona will have a talk!! YES!!!!!! Finally!!!!!!!! Gobi hurry up already!! Ain't no time for you when Hakona is going to have a talk!!!!!" I was wondering so. many. times. how they will deal with the kiss matter after the war is settled, like, will Yona approach him? Hak approach her? Will Yona pretend like nothing happened? Will Hak be super flirty? Or smth. completely different? AHH I cant wait!!

Hahaha, I get your feeling anon! I mean, of course this dragon… thing (I dunno if I wanna call it the shield just yet) is super cool, but I have been very strongly advocating a serious Hakona talk for a loooong time. In fact, I’d argue that the only reason I haven’t grown slightly annoyed that they haven’t sat down and spoken yet is because they are in a war right now and it’s quite understandable that they would have other priorities. 

But, as such, I was suuuuuper happy to read that Hak wants to talk. And because it’s been seriously suggested I’m hoping that, well, not only that’ll it’ll actually happen (please don’t let this be a false hope) but also that both will be able to talk properly - as in, no mucking about or trying to dodge it because it kinda came out of nowhere. Hak seems to genuinely want to talk and I’m happy he does, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that something great comes of this and finally fills my (and your, anon) need for them to have a serious discussion. 


this has taken longer than i though it would XDDD but i’m hoping to finish today or early tomorrow

haha i couldn’t help with the pun in this XD also if ya don’t know what continuation this is for. It’s for the easter drawing i did a few days ago 


i had more planned for this but it was going to make the post quite long and this seemed like the best place to stop it. i guess this can be considered the pilot to more haikyuu band au stuff?

clearly I have no idea what i’m doing when it comes to making a comic

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The man rolled his wrist that had been bound tightly to the arms of the chair. He could feel his anger rising each and every second he stayed trapped. His captors were lucky that he followed the law or so help him they’d be dead or severely injured.

He leaned back and bumped his head with Yuri who was tied up behind him. The man was a bit worse for wear since Yuri liked smart mouthing their captors.

“I blame your poor luck for this one Yuri. You really are cursed,” he muttered.

Letting out shallow breaths as the time passed, Yuri hid a wince when he felt Flynn bump heads with him. Damn, he felt so dizzy. It was probably not a good idea to have mouthed off to their captors, but insults were more fun. 

He gave a laugh, tilting his head back so that it rested somewhat comfortably on Flynn’s. “From the way everything’s going so far, I don’t really have a retort to that. But maybe you’re actually the one who’s cursed, who knows?”

“So so you have any idea on why they kidnapped us?” Besides the obvious Flynn-is-the-Commandant thing, that is. “Kinda wasn’t paying attention to that.”

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i just saw ur oikawa and i li t er ally di e d h ol y mol y your art is so frickin cool i really ca n n o t im imploding from your art skillz lemmie tell ya i really love oikawa and seeing your art and him drawn by your hand makes me scream im jus t ho ly. i love your art so much lik e d an G keep drawing like forever pls

OH MY GOD thank you so much!! (つ﹏⊂) 

Have a smol Oikawa in his alien pyjamas! ゚*。(・∀・)゚*。


There’s this girl. We had a meeting tonight to talk over a project that she wants to start. It’ll be an outreach to people who are hurt and feel lonely. We have a similar story; we both had an eating disorder and overcame it through Christ. She has a heart for the youth and college age people: just like me. 

She doesn’t have a home church because she just broke up with her boyfriend and her old church that she went to with him is 2 hours away, so I invited her to my church and she agreed to come check it out. Also, she might come to a college ministry I attend. 

I have her number and she wants to meet up again soon.