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hs au shitposting

ask @stubbornjerk​ and i about this beautiful and pure high school au. i have another post in my drafts about the basics of how shit goes down here but shitposting comes first, always

(also, i made a deal that if they could make aaron look good in ugly vaperwave aesthetic, i had to shitpost a little bit)

  • neil and kevin are roommates
    • this would not be a bad thing if neil wasn’t raised in direct contact of kayleigh day’s Angry Gaelic Mom Voice
    • the look of horror on his face when he heard That Tone when she found the pile of rocks he was throwing into kevin’s room through his window?
    • it was nothing compared to how he ran home at a dead-sprint, kevin following him and praying his mam didn’t kill him later
      • (he was not about to pick up neil’s mess when his mother was still in Murder Mode, oh no, kevin day is smarter than that)
    • this has escalated to kevin imitating That Tone whenever neil won’t do his chores around the apartment
      • neil: you’re becoming your mother
      • kevin: and you’re doing the chores so who’s the real winner here

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anonymous asked:

When Saitama opens up to King the way he does about his boredom and King says what he does I feel that in someway King can understand how Saitama feels but for different reasons. Like how Saitama is so strong he can beat any monster, King is insanely good at video games that he beats all those members of Fubuki's group, but still enjoys playing them instead of finding them boring, and probably found other ways to enjoy them like finding a friend like Saitama to play with or help his friends.

That’s actually a really good point you’re making anon //

Saitama seems to feel like he’s the only one in his situation, feeling like he’s reached a dead end and isn’t ever gonna get past that point. So it’s nice that he has a friend like King, who’s a little older than him and and kinda

Talk some sense into him? Like, Saitama’s not wrong that he’s reached this maximum point in power and likely won’t ever surpass it, and he’s not wrong that he’s become incredibly bored as a result of it, but outside of hoping that someone’ll be strong enough to beat him, he hasn’t really sought out anything else that would fulfill him in life. Anything outside of his usual tactics he usually has to get dragged into by someone or by a certain circumstance.

Like you said, and like King actually mentioned, once he’s “beaten the game” to call it that, what does he do? Keep trying to beat the same level he’s already beaten? No, instead…..

And while it sounds kinda sillier with a video game comparison, it’s super true that Saitama could try to pursue a new passion, but just hasn’t…? Done it??? For like a few years now?????

And even if it’s not a new hobby entirely (that dance studio King suggested lol that sounds cute), Saitama might be able to bring his emotions back up by being around the people he cares about, the ones that he’s growing to care about. If it’s his strength that’s so isolating and making him feel so lonely…maybe looking to other things apart from it will help him out…?

It seems like it, anyway, seeing as despite saying how emotionless he’s been, a lot of people that Saitama once considered to be kind of annoying, but that he’s now a lot closer to, are able to bring a lot of different emotions out of him-