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While the angels, all pallid and wan, uprising, unveiling, affirm/That the play is the tragedy, “Man,”  and its hero the Conqueror Worm.


I have decided to make this “final boss” series a thing, because I sincerely love all the varied, weird and beautiful antagonists I’ve created over the years! This is K, who is the mysterious head of a great and powerful corporation who hires a thief to steal the secrets of his competitors. Over time, he eventually finds he has feelings for the thief, but unfortunately, the other rebukes him. So what is a man who has received everything in the world to do when he can’t get the one thing he truly desires?

Why, do everything in his power to ruin the life of the thief, kill his loved ones, break him down, and either witness his destruction or make him understand that he really should accept all the love that K has to give.

But if that wasn’t bad enough, K is not a simple ordinary man. He constantly carries an umbrella over him and avoids sunlight, and while some may joke he is a vampire, the truth is far more horrifying. Many years ago, he happened upon a terrible creature, and forced the creature to fuse with him, becoming something far more powerful than even he imagined. The umbrella is not for him. It’s for everyone else. For, as soon as he steps into the sunlight, he violently transforms into a giant, voracious worm-like creature that will rampage until nothing around him is left alive.

A man with an umbrella who holds so much fury in him that it squirms like a worm within his rotting excuse for a heart. What a guy!

  • You: Lyle Bolton
  • Me, an intellectual: A monster who's tortuous methods would send shivers down even Great Granny Keeny's spine.

—– “You know,” Alec began, pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose. He’d stupidly dropped his box of contacts on the floor early that morning, resulting in him wearing his glasses out of fear that the floor-contacts were diseased with dirt and grime. Who knew what shit was on the floor of the firehouse. “I don’t work the night-shift a lot, but every time I do we end up getting called out for silly little things. You know like, drunk people telling us there’s a cat in a tree and it needs saving— which is exactly what happened. But, some other drunk person came up to me and asked if I was a stripper dressed as a firefighter. At least it made the night interesting, eh?” he huffed out, not necessarily amused.


Fact of the fic: my brother’s name is Yann so writing this fic was weird when I imagined my 13-years old brother as Yandere… But this was fun to write. Yandere/Anti is now my brotp. I feel like they would bond over knives or something. Yan would see Anti as a father figure (I hc Yan as something like 16/17 years old). Anyway, enjoy!


Yandere was thrilled because he’d received his first knife for his birthday. It was a beautiful knife, crafted specially for him. Sure it was a bit small but it was beautiful, and - most importantly - discreet enough that he could bring it to school with him. He couldn’t do anything at school right now as his last victim had only been a few days ago. Fortunately no one suspected him so he knew he could go back to killing anyone who so much as dared to look in Senpai’s direction.

Yandere was happy that all the egos had gathered for his birthday but he was sad that one person in particular couldn’t make it. Well two, actually but he was too shy to ask Senpai to his birthday. The person he thought would show up but didn’t was Anti. Yan had always liked him, he was one of the only Jack’s egos that Yan could stand. Unfortunately, Anti was in England right now and couldn’t make it to Yan’s birthday party.

After the gift came the cake and damn, did the egos outdid themselves! The cake was almost three feet high and covered in a frosting that made it look like it was covered with blood. Yandere was wondering how they were going to eat it all before it went to waste when the cake exploded and Anti came out with a big smile on his face. Yan squeaked and ran to his friend, hugging him. Anti was a bit surprised but he let himself be hugged; he wasn’t used to hugs but Yan had always been an exception.

“Anti! I’m so happy that you’re here! I thought you couldn’t come?” the red-haired boy exclaimed once he’s let go of the other man.

“Well I may have only said that to surprise you. Did it work?” Anti had a smug grin on his face. He was really happy he got to see his friends again.

“Did it work? Oh man you being here is the best gift of all!”

“Good because I didn’t bring any gift with me.”

Yan was intrigued. anti had always brought him a personal gift, even when he’d participate in the group gift.

“It’s okay you know. You being here is already more than I thought I’d have.” he lied. Having Anti here was indeed a good gift but he thought his friend would’ve actually gotten him something.

Anti knew that his friend was disappointed. And he had every right to be. Anti did show up to his birthday party without any present, didn’t he? No, of course he didn’t. It’s just that Anti’s gift was not a material gift.

“While may not have a gift for you, I do have something planned for us. so let’s go grab some cake and then the real fun begins.”

Yandere was intrigued as to what Anti had in store but he was excited. The more time he could spend with Anti the happier he was. They had to wait for a bit, though because they still hadn’t had any cake and Anti wanted to talk to some of the egos before leaving.

After about an hour, once everybody was full of cake, Anti and Yan took their leave. On the way out, Anti made sure to take Yan’s new knife with them.

“I did some research on my way here. I have a name and an address, we can go there and pay them a visit tonight.”

“What kind of visit are we talking about here?” Anti had a lot of very different ways of paying someone a visit depending on the person they were visiting.

“They liked a dozen of Senpai’s pictures on Instagram in the last twenty four hours,” explained Anti matter-of-factly.

“Oh. This kind of visit.” Yan smiled. Anti always had the best gifts for him.

Oh, my holy ghost,
how glorious it is,
to be haunted by you.
—  headstones are for the living, and darling, your name is written on mine | p.d

Red is the most disgusting color, because it’s everywhere; I can never escape it. I tasted it when I bit my lip, because Titans were trying to climb the trees around us. I smelled it when we packed corpses onto the backs of carts and some of it smeared onto my boots. But I felt it when I looked at him and my lips touched his, trailed down his neck and bare chest. I felt it when he smiled across the mess hall and the world spun and nearly kicked me off my feet. It was in his eyes after he helped untangled my belts, because I was “so silly” for putting them on half-asleep. He whispered it under his breath and in my ear and in my hair, when our hands roamed and tangled together in an obsidian night. It dusted my cheeks and brushed against his, beneath a constellation of freckles that I could never keep track of. But I saw it on his face when he brought a Titan’s attention from me to him. I saw it dried up and sticking to his remains like a leech, clinging for its own sake and disregarding everything I felt for him. And I saw it when I tossed his mangled corpse into starving flames and it erupted into ash, and his bones melded with the rest of the fallen, and I couldn’t tell if I was crying from the smoke in my eyes or my aching heart.

I hate the color red.

—  JeanMarco Week, Day 5—Red

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“—Fuck,” he cursed, planting himself against the curb. Lighting a cigarette, the blonde blew out puffs of smoke, seemingly fustrated. “I can’t believe this place!” he exclaimed, purposefully loud enough for the bouncer to hear. “I’m fucking twenty-one!” Derek’s yells were like background noise to the people around him, as he gave no particular mind to anyone but the bouncer. He had been dying to get into ‘Adult World’ since he had arrived to the city five years ago, hearing about it’s many services from various people. Being twenty, and evidently baby-faced, didn’t help his desires. “Fuck this,” he spat, the stick planted between his teeth.