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Testing out that HD dog skin by Brinwood. The top is with EA’s skin, and the bottom is with Brinwood’s default replacement. I really like the body on the HD skin as well as the overlay details (the tongue and lips especially), but it makes Sully’s face appear SO bright! He almost glows in game, lol. I’m not sure if I’m going to keep it. I think it probably looks better on pups with darker fur, but Sully is my favorite sim dog so if it doesn’t work for him it’s of no use to me. I’m tempted to make a blend of it, actually, but that seems like a lot of effort. Maybe later. XD

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The latest chapter was such a good and long one, but... I felt really sad about what happened between Ciel and Agni... but I think Ciel said those hurtful things just in hope to get them go away and so be out of any danger and bad situation... or at least that's what I like to think. What's your opinion on that? Do you think they will solve this?

Since all these messages are going in the same direction I’ll answer them together like this. ^^

Ciel really said some bad things in that scene. :/ I felt sad, as well. I really like Soma and how he does so much for Ciel and stays being his friend despite Ciel always trying to keep him at a distance. I had hoped for Ciel to acknowledge that at least a bit and maybe grow to appreciate people like Soma instead of always seeing others only as pawns. So I’m a bit disappointed that Ciel, yet again, says something like that:

It feels like every time I think he might get some character development and start to change Ciel is back to how he was from the start.

And as much as I would like that, I don’t think Ciel is just saying that in order to protect them. He acts like that each time he fears someone might get too close. And he might be lying to himself but before something like a friendship can develop he rather cuts ties with someone. The only people Ciel surrounds himself with are family members (like the Midfords since that’s expected of him) or people he considers useful. It kinda feels like he’s using that as an excuse in order not to be alone but at the same time whenever a relationship is getting too deep and could become a friendship Ciel rather ends it.

After what happened to him at the age of ten Ciel is having trust issues, I’m sure. He only seems to be relying on himself or on things like the contract with Sebastian because there are clear rules to their relationship. He only feels safe if he can control a situation. But feelings of love and friendship are things he can’t control. And that probably scares him. So he rather lives without that but keeps hurting others like that… :/

And I believe this plays a role in that particular scene with Agni. In addition, Ciel is quite stressed already because his plan of getting Lizzy back didn’t exactly work that well. And he’s on the verge of leaving when Agni holds him back. So Agni didn’t quite catch him in a good mood.

However, despite Ciel’s harsh words I don’t think Agni and Soma will leave just like that. Agni probably won’t tell Soma what Ciel said since he doesn’t want to hurt Soma. And I hope that someday Ciel will start letting other people in his life and accept and return their friendship. It would be good not only for people like Lizzy or Soma but also for Ciel himself. 


Written for Royai Week 2015. I actually always meant to write this scene as part of First Lady of Amestris, so please consider it an extra chapter of it D: I just wrote it for RW because it fitted perfectly for the prompt and I didn’t know what else to write for it. I could still add it to First Lady I guess, but I’d be repeating a whole piece of text so I don’t know, should I?

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Riza stared adoringly at the man who took off her tights with special care. The mattress was soft under her weight, and the pillow so smooth.

It was rather fresh outside, but the room was warm; or they were, at least. The night ahead would only be theirs.

Roy stretched one of her legs and held her heel over his shoulder. An arm was firmly around her knee while a hand ran slowly up and down her bare skin, feeling and enjoying every inch he touched.

Riza closed her eyes to savor the moment. She had never told him, but she had very sensible spots along the expanse of her legs, and she was in awe at how Roy always managed to find them. She was lucky that apparently legs had always been his favorite female attribute.

He kissed her calf and she opened her eyes. She saw the fascination with which he was looking at her and she knew she would have to be patient tonight; he’d want it to last.

“I’ve been waiting all evening for this,” he said. “You’ve been tempting me during the entire dinner with that skirt, crossing and uncrossing your legs like it was no big deal.” He stared at the discarded skirt on the floor for a moment, and frowned before staring at her again. He said with distaste, “Everyone was looking at you.”

Riza smiled. No; it was a smirk. “I heard of this rumor again, that you plan on changing the uniforms. I thought you might like a preview of what would come with that.”

Roy sighed and shook his head. “I won’t do it; I know it would be inappropriate and even impractical for movement.” He shrugged. “But a man can dream, right?”

She smiled. “Dreaming is fine.”

He kissed her under her knee and she shuddered.

She touched her finger to her chin. “I wonder, though…”

Roy looked up.

When she looked at him, she asked, “What is it about legs that you like so much? How come you’re not breast-crazy like most men?”

He raised an eyebrow. “I’m surprised you ask. Don’t you know the answer to that?”

“Should I?”

Roy smiled and planted another kiss on her skin; her thigh this time, and she took a deep breath.

“Your legs are perfect,” he said, more to her body than to her face. “I could never get tired of looking at them.” His eyes fixed on hers and he said in almost a whisper, “And so you know, they’re the only pair of legs I’ve ever been interested in.”

Riza rolled her eyes but smiled nonetheless. Roy dropped her leg slowly and crawled up the bed to be over her torso.

“And although I love your stomach…” he continued, kissing her beside her bellybutton. “…Your breasts…” he said before another kiss and a gentle caress above her bra. “…And even your shoulders…”

When the kiss to her shoulders came next, she hugged him and pushed him against her.

“…I know how hard it is for you to have to hide them all the time.”

She looked at him immediately, having not anticipated that.

“I know why you don’t like summer,” he said soberly. “And a decent cleavage that fits your needs is hard to find.”

Her eyes softened once more but she couldn’t find her voice; not yet.

Roy moved and returned to Riza’s legs, holding the other one this time.

“And so because your legs are the one part of your skin that is the most beautiful, and you can show them whenever you want to…”

A single finger graced her calf and she gasped.

“…I’m a leg man.”

She was about to reply, but when he squeezed her thigh all she could say was, “Oh.”

update: replies from craigslist continue to skeeve me out. i think i’m gonna follow my gut on this one and assume that anyone who asks ‘PIC + NUMBER’ doesn’t have the best of intentions for me. 

reddit is full of assholes who continue telling me ‘i would never help a freeloader like you’ and ‘THIS IS THE WRONG BOARD IDIOT’. 

family can’t offer me a place to stay, but my cousins are asking around to see if anyone they know can help. 

after much deliberation, i did get in touch with my mom. she can’t offer me a place to stay - and i wouldn’t want to live with my stepdad anyway, since he inexplicably hates me and kicked me out twice with no warning twice before.

but she helps out an elderly woman who lives in my grandparents’ old house (that i spent my childhood growing up in) and she’s going to ask if i can stay for a while in exchange for helping out.

if not, there’s another friend of the family that she’s going to ask, along with the manager of the new dollar store to see if there’s a job for me there. she knows everybody in my hometown, so i am hoping that someone will take pity on me and let me stay for a while. 

my ex continues to be a douchebag, and i wish nothing for the worst for him in a hopefully short, miserable life. it’s what he deserves. 

so, i still have no idea what is going on. i’m still freaking out every time i start thinking about it all over again. i just wish i had an actual ‘yes, you can stay here’ so that i can start planning accordingly.

the not knowing is the worst part. 

I’m sorry that I have to do this but I’ve decided to take a long hiatus from tumblr. Avatar has been a huge part of my life for over 3 years and after the finale, I’ve been feeling very anxious. That’s why I think it’s best for me to leave, not forever, but temporarily. I will return when I’m ready but I doubt that will happen this year.

I want to thank you all so much for following and supporting me. This has been quite an experience and it definitely wouldn’t have been as good without all of you. I hope you have a great holiday season and a happy New Year. Again:

谢谢- Thank you!

再见 - See you again! 

He wondered why I found it so hard to fall in love with myself when he’d done it so easily. When I replied with a “How could I?” he just looked more confused than ever so I decided to stop before we crossed the point of no return. He said, very sure of himself, “You have very lovely eyes,” and for the first time in a very long time, I found myself believing him a little bit.
—  June 4th, 2015 // lily rose.

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"Are you ok?" Mycroft asks when he arrives at 221b and finds John crying. "Sherlock broke up with me," John replies taking the handkerchief that Mycroft offers. "I see," Mycroft frowns, "where is he now?" "He went out," John sobs, "he took a suitcase." Mycroft sighs and accesses the tracking chip in Sherlock's, "he's on a plane over the Atlantic," he says to John, "I'll have him picked up and returned when he lands." "Really?" "Yes," Mycroft nods, "he told me he intended to propose last night."

OMG sherlock doNT PANIC!!!

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20, 35, 13, 16, an AU with Ten and Rose?

20. breaking the rules, 35. eternal, 13. in the storm and 16. broken wings (AU) - Ten/Rose

(So I’ve started this, and it may yet turn into something longer, but I’m not sure, depends on the muse. But for now, there’s this)


In a world where you can learn so much about person in a single look, the Doctor’s well aware what people see when they look at him. He knows exactly why so many pity him, why so many avoid him. He even understands them. There’s a time when he would have been the same. In all his many, too many, years of life, he’s never seen another person with wings like his.

On the day he meets her, his own, once bright blue, wings are dark, almost black and half unfolded. They no longer move like they should. They’re a bedraggled mess with feathers bent and out of place, any glow they once had now long gone. These days, it’s as if his wings pull in the light around them. He’s been through to much, seen too much. He’s broken, and hurt, unable to see anything good around him, unable to find anything worth believing in. Many days, he struggles to find a reason to keep on moving.

It’s been so long since he’s flown, he’s trapped on the ground, always walking now, the tips of his wings trailing him, in the dirt. Normally, he can walk the whole day without ever really seeing another person.

But her, he sees her.

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