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Especially Fitz. He woke from the worst nightmare of all - one in which he was the monster.

{artwork inspiration by @soulofaminaanima}

Where did all those feelings go? People spend their whole lives looking for love. Poems and songs and entire novels are written about it. But how can you trust something that can end as suddenly as it begins?
—  Nicola Yoon, The Sun is Also a Star
There are days when it’s really hard to not fall apart. Those are the days when I feel a little like an unkept garden. My roses are just starting to wilt and my daisies have had all of their petals plucked in my attempt to figure out whether or not you still love me. Those are the days when I actually find myself almost sending you the “I miss you” text that I know won’t get us anywhere but that might still make me feel better..? Because I don’t know how to talk about it with other people, and a lot of me doesn’t want to talk about it with other people because nobody knows you the way that I did. Nobody tasted you the way that I did because that was the version of you that you only showed to me. That’s the person I need like water in those terribly dry moments, but he doesn’t even exist.
—  So what do I do now? - 🖤

Coming home to you.


Since you’ll eventually become witches, you should be called magical girls.

Love to me
Smells like sweaty cotton sheets 
Sounds like a white rotary fan in the corner
Looks like half-naked bodies, tangled limbs, messy hair that keeps falling in their mouth
But they kiss you anyways.
It doesn’t taste like cherry wine
or chap-stick. It tastes like salty skin and that cheap beer we had in the fridge.
And it feels like warm 
warm breath on my neck 
warm hands on my thighs 
hot and heated and sunshine in their eyes
And their laugh ties it all together
in a kiss-mark covered bow.

Love to me
might not be love to you,
but I am warm
I am sweaty
and for a moment,
I think I am content
on these Superman sheets
in a lime green room,
drunk on that feeling
of absolute heat.

—  is it hot in here or is it just us?// hnl 2017 
The Midnight Star Quotes
  • “You think me cruel,” I say. “No,” Magiano replies. He hesitates for a moment. “Maybe a little.”
  • “He brought her gifts from the living world, rays of sunshine bundled in baskets, fresh rain in glass jars.”
  • “Everyone knows that to openly show any disrespect for Magiano means instant death at my hands.”
  • “I take a step back so that her blood doesn’t ruin the hem of my dress.”
  • “It’s Teren, both hands gripping the hilt of his sword tightly, standing over him like a strange guardian.”
  • “He could imagine that he was staring at a younger version of the Queen of the Sealands, before she turned her back.”
  • “I sleep poorly when you’re not around,” I finally mutter, irritated. “There are…voices that distract me when I’m alone.”
  • “Raffaele withdraws his hand. ‘Get away from me,’ Magiano snaps at him. I’ve never seen him so upset.”
  • “ ‘Was I not clear?’ I call out. The corners of the space turn dark, and a haunting wail whips through the air.”
  • “I wish it were me Violetta turns to for comfort.”
  • “ None of us are saints. We can all do better.”
  • “ 'Are you painting me into a saint?’ Magiano murmurs. 'Because I aligned with Greed solely to prevent that.’ “

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I didn’t fall in love with you. I walked into love with you, with my eyes wide open, choosing to take every step along the way. I do believe in fate and destiny, but I also believe we are only fated to do the things that we’d choose anyway. And I’d choose you.

Snowbarry Quote :

Barry to Caitlin: No matter the universe, no matter the timeline, I will always find a way for us to be together. It doesn’t matter if we’re strangers or even enemies, I will find my way back to you and get you back by my side.


“I don’t see it.”

love can be a like a fairytale, but what they don’t tell you in most fairytales is that you actually have to work to get it that way. you don’t just meet someone and they are automatically yours, it’s not that simple.
here’s to hoping that one day men will treat us as equal beings. no longer treated as sexual objects but as heaven-sent angels. here’s to hoping that one day we will no longer quicken our walking paces when walking past a bunch of drunkyards. we can walk home late at night without the fear of encountering molesting strangers. here’s to hoping that one day we can do the things we’ve always wanted to do but fears the criticism of men because “girls are not good enough.” that one day we’ll all be accepted and treated equally in a large company. here’s to hoping that one day effeminate guys will no longer be laughed at because they’re “gay” and “acts like a female.” that one day being gay is no longer treated as “abhorrent” and “disgusting” and being effeminate is an insult at all. here’s to hoping that one day we no longer have to fight for our rights to sleep still at night. here’s to hoping for equality. and love, above all.
—  cheers!