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Hi!! I love your writing so much and I'm sorry that I'm asking for them again. I'll stop if you're tired of doing them :o Can I please have some protective headcannons for the titan trio? Thank you so much!!

Don’t apologize! This is what we are here for!


  • Is probably only second to Annie in amount of protectiveness, to be honest.
  • He’s the type to physically beat the ever loving crap out of anyone who threatens his s/o. Seriously, he will probably break their nose in at least 3 places.
  • In terms of jealousy, Reiner does get jealous very easy and is naturally protective over his s/o if anyone else tries to hit on them.
  • He’s going to slip his arm tightly around his s/o and pull them to his side while sending a pretty clear death stare at said offender. 
  • If they continue, they are also getting their nose broken in at least 3 places. They can join the ‘I hit on Reiner’s s/o and immediately regretted it’ club.
  • If something were to happen to his s/o, Reiner would make whoever it was pay for what they’d done, and he wouldn’t stop until they had. He would seek revenge and vengeance above all else.


  • Bertl is the quieter of the three, and he isn’t as physical as Reiner, either.
  • He’s still immensely protective over anyone he truly cares about, however, so if his s/o were ever threatened he’d come to their aid in a second’s notice.
  • If his s/o is being hit on, he’s not the type to ‘mark his territory’ so to speak like Reiner does, he would instead sit on the sidelines and watch his s/o turn them down because he knows they would.
  • If it progressed to the point of any real issue, however (such as them forcing themselves on his s/o) then he would definitely make sure they understood their place; Bertl has a lot of pent up rage he needs to get rid of, after all.
  • He would take any amount of torture or pain for his s/o, he’d even die for them without a second thought if it meant that they could continue living.
  • Bertl, unfortunately, is the one who would lose his mind first if something were to ever happen to his s/o. He just wouldn’t be able to handle losing them; he’d completely blame himself.


  • Annie is, without a doubt, the number one most protective person on the planet.
  • She is not going to take someone else so much as glancing her s/o’s way without sending them the nastiest glare they’ve ever received.
  • Annie is queen of snark and wit, so if someone insults her s/o you can bet your ass off she is going to make them question their very existence by the time she’s done with them.
  • If, god forbid, someone were to hurt her s/o, Annie would probably ask questions later and instead fix the problem first by throwing a fist into their jaw.
  • It would be made abundantly clear to everyone that Annie’s s/o is her s/o. 
  • If something were to happen to her s/o, Annie would lose it in a different way than Bertl. She wouldn’t lose herself, she’d go insane with rage. There would be nothing left in her path after she was finished.

Summary: 2012!Phan are having a heated argument when Phil says something that really hurts Dan.

Genre: Angst & a lil bit of fluff

Warnings: Mild swearing, fighting

Word Count: 1597

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The flat shared between Dan Howell and Phil Lester was quiet, as it usually was these days. There was no Buffy episode playing on their shared TV, no sounds of laughter echoing from the kitchen. Thankfully, there was also no shouting at the moment. The sounds of heated arguments were the only ones that were ever heard in their flat these days.

Dan and Phil were in their separate, adjacent rooms, both silently, mindlessly browsing the internet and trying not to think about each other. It was late 2012 and their year had not been going to plan. Sure, their work lives had been fantastic; they were both coming dangerously close to reaching a million subscribers on YouTube, they’d just moved to London to start hosting a weekly radio show for the BBC and they’d spent the year interviewing celebrities and generally just gaining all-round success.

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I was angry last season at Shameless long before I became upset with how they were handling Ian and Mickey’s relationship.

I was angry that they saw the potential for Debbie to be like Lip (per their own words) but decided to take her down this path instead, having her rape someone who had made it clear on multiple occasions that he wasn’t interested in her that way and then even after he explained it to her (so the excuse that she ‘didn’t understand’ was gone) it was never taken seriously. She has never shown she regretted it.

I was angry that Lip’s university storyline, which misleadingly began as a story of him being torn between two worlds, was reduced to being about him sleeping with his teacher. Lip, who recognized in the second season that the teacher was wrong for sleeping with her student not only because he was a kid but because she was his teacher.

I was angry that Fiona’s storyline of working through her issues, issues that she’s had since the first season, was reduced to her going back and forth between multiple love interests as she tried to figure out which one was the “good choice.” Here’s a hint, Fiona: it’s probably not former drug addict who also happens to be your boss and sponsor for NA and who only ever seemed to want you when you didn’t want him.

I was angry that Lip didn’t care that Fiona got married to someone she barely knew and had moved out of the house, because it completely contradicted their entire season four storyline of Fiona fighting to get her family’s trust back and Lip judging her for spiraling out of control and endangering their younger siblings.

I was angry that the Gallagher’s barely interacted with one another and the few scenes they did share barely made me feel a thing. I was angry that they brought Monica back, a character who has always brought out the most emotionally charged scenes in our cast, and they never even utilized her character properly. Not only that, but what purpose did her coming back actually serve? What was accomplished, other than adding some ~drama~ and taking Ian away for a while? Not that anyone aside from Mickey seemed overly concerned about this, something else that had me rolling my eyes at the show. 

And honestly that’s only the tip of the iceberg, so please quit acting like it’s because fans think this was the Ian and Mickey show and are now upset that it isn’t anymore. Fans are most vocal about that because it’s the most recent disappointment in a long line of them and because the show continues reopening the wound by bringing it up for the sole purpose of destroying it more. I’ve had time to come to terms with the fact that the other characters aren’t the characters I used to watch the show for, and maybe if the show would stop insisting on trying to retcon Mickey’s characterization I’d have time to get over that too. 

But if you’re so bothered by the negativity or by not being able to be positive about the show, the ignore button works both ways unless someone goes directly on your blog to start something. Feel free to use it. 

Not In That Way. A Gail x Holly songfic.

Instructions : 1.Go listen to this song (even if you’re not going to read this go listen. You’ll thank yourself later!) 2. Then read :)

A/N: This is quite possibly my favourite song ever I couldn’t stop thinking about Gail and Holly when I listened to it so I wrote a thing. 

A/N 2: Italics are lyrics. I do not own this song. It belongs to Sam Smith.

‘Gail, c'mon, it’s gonna be great!’

'Chloe, it’s kareoke, it is most definitely going to be terrible’

'Holly’s going to be there, and I’m pretty sure she’s going to sing!’

'Holly can sing?’

'Gail are you kidding? Holly is the best singer I know, we used to go camping with all our friends when we were in high school and Holly always brought her guitar and would sing for us. Sometimes she even wrote her own songs. It was amazing’

'I’ve never heard her’

'Gail then you have to come!  I know you like Holly more than you like me, even though I am the mutual friend so you should both want to be my best friend not each others, but you guys clearly get on really well and I want to go out with my friends so please come and I will deal with my insecurities that you guys are going to freeze me out and make me the third wheel’.

'Well fine. I suppose I can make it if Holly’s going to be there. But you should probably invite some other people for when we abandon you’

'Wow thanks Gail’ Chloe responds with a deadpan expression.

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