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The Way You Said “I Love You” Prompts
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Watching Derek dote on someone is hard – harder than Stiles thought it would ever be, despite the fact he knows it’s insincere; despite the fact it’s the job and nothing more.

 It’s hard because Stiles hasn’t had those arms around him in months, hasn’t had opportunity to arrange a chance meeting on a crowded street in weeks, hasn’t had Derek’s eyes meet his and watched his mouth curl into a smile for him.

 Derek’s team have been fairly indulgent, letting Stiles tag along on the assignment to observe and allowing him to blend with various crowds just to be close to Derek. Early on, before Derek insinuated himself into their mark’s life, they even allowed them to talk on the phone, but that might as well have been in another lifetime.

 Sometimes, Stiles hates his job, hates Derek’s job, hates the fact they’d never have met if it wasn’t for their jobs because then he can’t hate it as much.

 Stiles is across the restaurant and he can’t tear his eyes away from the back of Derek’s head for more than a few seconds at a time, usually at the prompting of the agent he’s sitting across from.

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voltron s2-inspired reverse asks

get to know your followers and see what they think of you. then maybe respond back! reblog if you want them to answer any of these questions. if there are any you don’t want them to answer any of these, put them in your tags

wormhole - how long have you been following me?

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junk galaxy - what’s something about my personality that you’ve noticed or stands out to you?

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the slipperies - how are you feeling?

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blade of marmora - you’ve just invited me to a secret, exclusive club. what is it called, and what do we do there?

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yupper - cutest thing about yourself? or cutest thing about me?

echo cube - what’s a gift you would love to receive? what’s a gift you think i’d like?

vrepit sal - recommend a good food place to me! why do you like it?

across the universe - do i seem like a space, forest, or ocean person?

olkari - what’s your favorite original post you’ve seen me make?

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kaltenecker - if i was an animal, what kind do you think i’d be?

seventh wheel - what’s a talent you noticed I have?

sharpshooter - give me a nickname or alias


Can you believe I actually sat down and lined this personally I can’t

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#330 Flygon

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @flygon-daily!!!! For day 22 (May 22) I spent all day making this little Flygon as good as it could be, so I’m late in posting this, but I hope your day went well! Happy happy happy birthday! Party party~!

s(QUAD) intro post part 1: #shomajesty

onwards to: s(quad) intro part 2: dj boyang, s(quad) intro part 3: #slaythan

i…really don’t have time to be doing this lmao but i couldn’t resist. since i’ve gained some new followers lately and the grand prix is about to start, here’s another intro post about one of the bright young stars of figure skating and my favorite current men’s skater, shoma uno!

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rain0fashes  asked:

What do you think the most visually beautiful scene or episode is?

oohhh, good question!

In terms of the most consistent visually stunning episode, I believe it’s Futamono. 

It begins with Hannibal’s music, something that runs throughout the whole episode, it’s one of the first times we get to see his composition, where as previously we’ve seen him dance to someone elses tune as it were, here he’s singing his own song. Not only is the music beautiful but it sets the tone for the whole episode as we descend further into Hannibal’s world than we’ve ever been before (and Mads looks wonderful doing so.)

We move into a wonderfully visceral scene with Hannibal and Alana cooking, with Alana so unsure about where she stands with Will, as she skewers pieces of heart and tomato (which Hannibal has previously woven into roses for her) and they discuss what happened to Hannibal in Mukozuke. After the recent loss of Jonathan Demme, I think it’s also important to talk of this shot with Caroline Dhavernas, which is so similar to some of the shots of Jodie Foster, which helps to ensure empathy with the character, as opposed to just viewing the women of horrors and thrillers as objects, which is so typical of the genre.

Then you have one of the most elaborate kills in the series, which I believe was done for the most beautiful reason, because the victim destroyed the habitat of songbirds to create a completely empty car park.

I always adore the autumnal scenes in Hannibal, for this reason Potage is a highlight, the scene with Larissa, Abigail and Nick for example is lovely in colour. In Futamono you get one of these such scenes. I love autumn, so this is a super personal thing, but it certainly adds colour and texture to an episode.

Over the course of Futamono we see Hannibal preparing for a dinner party, this whole process is as beautiful as usual, but the scale is insane. It’s gourmet in the most incredible sense, and the idea that this sort of food is being made for a TV SHOW?! It’s incredible, and I don’t know whether it’s ever more apparent than it is in Futamono.

Then, as if they feel they didn’t already achieve enough during this episode they create three new stunning rooms in Hannibal’s house. Previous to this, we’ve only really seen the kitchen and dining room (and a bit of hallway) in this episode we get to see a drawing room, or entertaining space, a foyer and the bedroom *winky face* and all of these rooms are insane, stunning and so totally Hannibal Lecter.

And then even Gideon’s kidnap, with those beautiful almost gossamer and heavenly curtains, (and Mads in scrubs, did I mention Mads?)

and then if you thought that that enormous dinner party wasn’t enough cooking, you get that wonderful scene with the sculpting and the autocannibalism. I also love that they have to smash their way into their food, I think the open violence of that mirrors the hidden violence of Hannibal removing Gideon’s leg well. And all of this mirrors the amputation of Miriam’s arm which becomes important at the end of the episode.

The episode ends as it begins, with Hannibal’s melody, this has been an episode where Hannibal has come back out into the open after re-assessing the situation post framing Will, and the torment of Mukozuke (having to kill Beverly and nearly being killed by Matthew) the Chesapeake Ripper has returned and is ready to play.

Sorry for the long post, but there’s lots of elements which are beautiful visually, narratively, metaphorically and cinematically. I think Futamono is a journey through many elements of Hannibal’s life, and Hannibal’s life is one of aesthetic excellence and that is why the episode does so well aesthetically!

So I drew this last night after half a bottle of prosecco… um if that’s any explanation at all.

Wasn’t it amazing when Viktor changed his final pose for his free skate at the gpf in @kazliin‘s latest chaper to Chris throwing him a huge sign declaring how gay he is for his rival? tbh he might as well have done Yuuri u blind sod did u know its rude to leave while someone is confessing their love for u through interpretive dance???????

I’m gonna post a serious thing later but I’m hungover so it might be a while  

Actually, uh, now is probably a good time to mention I’ll probably be taking a short break from this blog…

Needless to say I’ve been stressing out way too much lately, and since I’m not exactly the most… mentally well? person in the first place, it’s really getting to me.

I hope you guys will understand, and I’m sorry about that. You’re all phenomenal, but I just need a week or two to cool off, and then we’ll be back in business!

I might post some doodles here and there on my art blog @redmegaman if you’re interested, but just sit tight for now. Thank you all for understanding. ❤️

I really liked a lot of the paint colors generated by a neural network from this post, so I decided to make a color palette challenge using them! (it was also a challenge just to arrange them, honestly)

Some might not work as well as others, but I did my best to group the ones that looked best together.

These are the colors I ended up not using, but maybe they could work as an extra color on some of the other palettes:


Hi it’s me, the most insufferable fuck you’ve ever met who’s still not over this hot chocolate jag but whose back hurt too much to make both it and the whipped cream from scratch, but this Sillycow Farms powdered mix is actually delicious anyway so here’s an obnoxious post about it from a toddler’s brain operating a grown man’s body


1D Hiatus: Day 506

* ‘Sweet Creature’ is available now, Harry’s album is available in ten days and Harry is available always

* Harry posts a picture on Instagram

* Louis does now have an official website and you can sign up for a newsletter

* Louis posts a picture on Instagram

* Niall leaves a comment under Louis’ Instagram post to let him know that he misses him

* Ryan Tedder talks about working with Liam during an interview with Access Hollywood

* Harry gets papped outside Global Radio studios in London

* Marvin Humes posts a video with Harry on his Instagram story

* Liam gets papped in London, meets fans

* Liam posts and deletes two selfies from Instagram

* Pap pictures of Liam from yesterday are released

* Niall posts two videos and a picture on his Instagram story

* Fans share more pictures with Louis from last night’s Ed Sheeran’s concert

It’s May 2nd, 2017.

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SNS week - Day 1

Headcannon #1

Naruto leaves Konoha only a few months after Sasuke. Not because he want’s to get away, or because he needs the space to sort himself out, but because he dearly misses the people he met when travelling with Jiraiya, and longs to see the large amounts he met and befriended. 

And, well, if he brushed into a certain Uchiha on his travels, spent a night under the stars, or weaving through packed crowds, food in hand, that was neither here nor there to anyone else but the two of them, was it?


“I began to think Batman and Superman occupy different parts of the mythic imagination. In superhero stories, Batman is Pluto, god of the underworld, and Superman is Apollo, god of the sky. That began to be really interesting to me, that their conflict is not just due to manipulation, but their very existence.” – Chris Terrio, screenwriter of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice


“So frustrating… To think that Obi’s the one by your side when you made your decision… But I like to see the two of you together. So even if it’s frustrating, it’s fine…”

Wow I can’t believe people were figuring it out before we had any real hints. Anyways I thought I’d do a recap on the current information for this secret this upcoming story arc.

If you didn’t figure it out yet, the after credits scene showed a scene from the past. Travis’s dad and Travis were there, but young Travis had grey eyes instead of his current EMERALD green ones. It was said somewhere in the series that the ‘snake eyed man’ tried to use a Forever Potion on his son but it failed. So it’s heavily implied Travis’s dad is behind all this, and that Travis has a Forever Potion on him that for some reason hasn’t settled yet, even after years. So basically, Travis is under the influence of a Forever Potion, has been for years, but it hasn’t settled for some reason, what the potion was intended to do to Travis is unknown, Travis doesn’t seem to realize or at least hides it really well, Travis hasn’t spoken ill of his father and even spoke lightly of him to Aphmau in highschool once, and this potion was somehow a ‘failure’ which might have to do with why his eyes haven’t settled yet.

We haven’t gotten a full character arc of Travis in Mystreet yet, and after what I just watched, I’m so excited!