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Can I please have Akashi spoiling his friends? Because if I was that rich I'll totally do it

I couldn’t decide if by ‘friends’ you meant the GOM or Rakuzan… So I tried to leave it a little open for interpretation???

The hotel had seemed far to extravagant for any of them from the moment they stepped through its threshold. It was a five star establishment with only the best and most wealthy occupants being able to even book a room.

And yet, they had all managed to get an entire floor to themselves for the holiday break.

Of course, it was thanks to Akashi that any of them were able to be there, his generous gift of a vacation with friends being the reason. They had tried to come together to accumulate at least a fraction of the cost, planning to pay whatever they could, but the redheaded captain would not let them spend a single cent.

“I’ll leave you all to ponder over your choices.”

The waiter was polite as he nodded his head in Akashi’s direction, a gentle and subservient smile on his face as he also glanced around the rest of the table’s occupants. Silence consumed the sitting teens as they each picked up a leather bound menu, reading over the contents.

There were dishes that some of them hadn’t even heard of, originating from countries they hadn’t even thought about visiting. Each one had a description accompanying its title and, with every dish, each one sounded more and more delectable. Scanning through the full contents of the menu though had each boy gaping in disbelief; the prices were through the roof!

“I think I’ve decided for myself,” Akashi stated after a minute or two, completely unfazed by his friends’ reactions. As he set down his menu, folding it neatly onto the table, his eyes met those of every other guy sitting with him. “Feel free to order whatever you find interesting. I’ll be taking care of the bill today.”

Glancing out the large window they were seated next to, a content smile made its way to Akashi’s face as he noticed the clear weather outside. Without a cloud in the sky and a blaring sun, it was a good day to spend outdoors rather than cooped up in their rooms.

“After lunch, I’ll rent out the hotel’s pool,” he mused, mostly to himself but loud enough so his friends could hear. “Let’s have some fun today.”

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So, um, prompts...Any chance you could write Ransom and Holster being oblivious idiots? I'll leave that open to your interpretation; I just love them and I've read like everything on AO3 for them and it's not enough!

I am not particularly happy with the ending, but alas. And thanks for stopping by (and reading all my things)

They meet in the card aisle.

Justin is debating between two, and is fairly certain he’s found the right one. It’s brightly coloured, has one of the Disney princesses on it, and congratulates a beloved granddaughter on turning five. He’s getting ready to make his way to the checkout when the startlingly large blond man who’s been browsing cards next to him taps him on the shoulder.

“Hey, which of these is worse?” the man asks, holding up two love cards. One is a scrabble board with the tiles spelling out “love” and the inside has just the letter “u.” The other is a picture of two people on a bench, probably in Central Park or something, and says “The most beautiful place I’ve ever been…is in your arms.”

“Those are both nauseating as hell bro,” Justin says, hoping to god that the man isn’t actually planning to woo someone with them.

“Right?” the man says. “It’s an inside joke though.”

Justin nods. “The bench one is worse.”

“Thanks,” the man says, putting the other back and then glancing at the card Justin is holding. “I mean, forgive me if I’m wrong, but you don’t look old enough to have a five year old granddaughter.”

“Nah, it’s for my little sister,” Justin says.

“Oh, sure,” the man agrees, nodding. “Because then you’re calling her five, which is annoying, but you’re also calling yourself a grandpa so she can’t really get mad at you.”

“Exactly!” Justin says, lighting up. “Dude, my mom always gets so annoyed, but Aisha and I think it’s funny as hell.”

“Right though?” the man says. “My friend sends me sympathy cards on my birthday, and I send her romance cards. The rest of our crew just thinks we’re crazy.”

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“The world is not kind, Aubrey. No one will respect you for what you do; many will hate you for it. You will learn to live on fear, and hate, because these will give you control. And you will not throw away everything you’ve worked for for the sake of one stupid little college girl.”

AU in which Aubrey’s father forces her to leave Barden, and the Bellas, because of her relationship with Chloe/Beca.

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So.. When the Doctor realise it was Clara, why do you think he didn't go after her?

For one, to where exactly would he have gone? She could have been anywhere in time and space by the time he realised who she was.

Beyond that, while he might not remember Clara, he remembers a lot of their story. He lost his memories for a reason. Possibly, to make it difficult for the time lords to find her. And it broke the wonderful, terrifying, beautiful, destructive bond to each other. He forgot what was necessary to forget. A conversation in the Cloisters, what she looked like, so many little things. And kept the stories and a name.

There were questions… so many open questions. How did she talk, how did she laugh? What was that face that he couldn’t see in his memories? (Where was she, was she safe, could she move on?) But those questions have their answers. And she listened to his tale, comforted him in her own way, spoke of stories and songs. And left him his TARDIS.

It was a goodbye. For the both of them. Rigsy’s artwork, it wasn’t an invitation to follow. It was closure. She’ll never forget. And he’ll never forget all those pieces of her that remain. But they both deserve new beginnings from there.