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MegaRod, Vague LL Spoilers, sparklings, time skippy as fuuuuck

The first indicator came months after they returned, after they wrestled the Lost Light from the grip of mutineers, after Rodimus sat in the captain’s chair once more, the sole captain of the ship.

It came all at once, like the energex he tried to drink that night. His body refused it, and hours after being at Swerve’s had him curled in his washrack, sputtering and coughing as the water rained down on him. Weeks of this, the same every night, and he could bear losing his only coping mechanism no longer. When he saw Ratchet….well.

“You’re sparked,” wasn’t the news he’d wanted to hear, but hear it he did, and Ratchet looked as glum as he felt.

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I tried to do some training video today…. tried being the key word. I did not set the room up very well at all, the quality is absolutely terrible, and I forgot to turn the microphone on. Which was my main purpose anyway so I could critique some of my timing, etc. on top of that the framing was all wrong so you can’t see anything really useful. And then Charlie was being Charlie and peed all over himself. Which he hasn’t done in a long time…

Food is more of a fitnah for me than the opposite sex. I can easily ignore people of the opposite sex, I usually don’t notice them or acknowledge them cause I’m busy doing something or thinking. But if I see food omg the aromas just wrap me up, and I shamelessly stare. My mouth starts watering and it’s all I think about, and crave until I eat.

On them being inseparable…I wonder if Bertl and Warrior Mode Reiner get separation anxiety when they’re not together. Because wow I get separation anxiety when they’re not together.

Like, Jean be a dear and switch seats with Reiner.

…Don’t just stand there staring, my son.

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lotusnism  asked:

HQ req! Since i dont know the rules, I'll just ask for some charas~ Tsuki+kuroo+iwa+oikawa+suga+ushiwaka reaction seeing their crush's transparent clothe coz of sudden rain and people start to stare, + They dont have anything to cover her, ♥ ur blog!

Oh! Forgot to say, no nsfw please X( i dont really like nsfw.. Ahahaha And is it still possible for me to add more charas? I cant see the rules from my phone :( if it’s possible, +aomine+imayoshi+midorima+kuroko thanks! Sorry if this is unimportant! 

so the character limit is usually one team +3 extras so thats usually about 8 if its not a team, so I’ll just do aomine and imayoshi from the second list since they’re first!

Tsukishima wouldn’t be able to see well because of the pain splatter on his glasses but he could still sure as hell hear people whispering about it. He let his glasses slide down his nose so he could find your blurry figure and he draped his jacket over your shoulders, leading you somewhere dry.

Kuroo was incredibly flustered, when you shook the water from your hair by shaking your head back and forth. “U-uh, excuse me, do you need help?” You shook your head but he still held out his jacket “you should take it anyways.” He mumbled, nodding to your wardrobe malfunction. 

Iwaizumi, being the absolute gentleman he is, noticed someone muttering something about your clothes under his breath and Iwaizumi turned on him, his fist connecting with the guys jaw. “Don’t be a creep.” He grumbled. 

Oikawa laughed into his hand quietly when you walked past, without cover from the rain. “Ah, _____-chan.” He muttered, stopping you. “I have a change of clothes in my bag, I think you might want it.” he said, tipping his umbrella to cover you.

Suga noticed your dilemma at once and called you over. “We’ve got towels in the gym, if you want you can come dry off then I’ll walk you home alright?” You nodded and he smiled a bit “You were silly to forget an umbrella!”

Ushiwaka didn’t even take notice of the fact your clothes were sopping wet and verging on see-though when you came to hide underneath the balcony to wait out the rain with him. However he did notice you shivering and shrugged off his coat to hand to you.

Aomine stood in your path on your mad break for cover, you tried to manuver past him with an ‘excuse me’ but he didn’t budge. “You might want to change.” He mumbled. You felt flustered and were about to call him a pervert when he worked a towel out of his bag and threw it around your shoulders, walking away.

Imayoshi looked at you trying to protect yourself from the rain in vain, from under his umbrella. He laughed a bit at how frantic you looked but then noticed dozens of other eyes on you. He sighed and grabbed your arm as you ran by, pulling you under his umbrella. 

my life goal is mostly to get lost in the wilderness with a large group of people and when we’re attacked i’ll just step out of the corner and say “stand back. i got this.” and pull a shotgun out of my bag and expertly scare the animals away before pitching a waterproof lean-to out of palm fronds and twigs basically i just want to be the rugged protagonist with the mysterious past