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I'll love you forever - Cameron Dallas Imagine PART TWO

Part two of my imagine :) LINK TO PART ONE:
In case you missed it. And this chapter is pretty long, sorry I just wanted It to be detailed.

A few moments after the tweet you made, Nash, Knocked on your hotel room door. The thoughts of cameron clouded your mind so you didn’t notice. You wanted forget about everything but you couldn’t, after all, how do you simply forget the guy you love? It all came back to you, over and over again. “Y/n…is everything okay? What’s wrong?” Nash asked as he cracked the door open and saw you standing there just staring out the window. You finally broke out of your thoughts and turned around. He looked quite worried, obviously he would be, because he treated you like a younger sister, even though you were older than him, he didn’t want anyone hurting you, emotionally or physically. ” yeah uh um I’m fine.” You cracked a fake smile, but he noticed it. ” c’mon (y/n) just tell me what’s wrong?” He refused to listen to you, and expected an answer. ” nothing, I just miss mom and dad that’s it. I’m gonna go get breakfast, see you later” you walked away suddenly trying to hold back your tears, and you did. Nash still saw the pain in your eyes, he knew exactly what was happening.

“It’s weird how we push away people when we need them most..” You thought as you headed down the hotel stairs. You all were staying at the hotel for magcon. But it didn’t feel the same as before. Because the guy you loved started fading away. “ I don’t even know where he is now, he used to tell me everything” you mumbled to yourself while slightly shaking your head. When you reached the bottom floor, there was a room, kind of like a kitchen. It was a weird hotel because there was not much room service so you had to help yourself for everything. You got your breakfast, two waffles with a bit if honey drizzled on top and orange juice. Luckily you hadn’t stumbled upon anyone in the kitchen. You then headed back to your room hoping Nash wasn’t still there. You went up, Nash had left your room thankfully. he was probably getting ready for magcon. You ate the waffles quickly because you had to get ready too.

You put on Taylor’s tie dye tee, and a pair of high waisted shorts. You put your hair into a big messy bun, just the way cameron liked them, maybe he’d see you in it, and love you again. ” how stupid” you sighed.

You went to magcon, along with everyone else, it was great like usual. But it felt like something was missing. Cameron was there, but it’s weird because he was happy, and you weren’t, he was smiling and you weren’t, he was feeling great, but you weren’t. And the worst part of all, he didn’t even care to notice. No one seemed to care. After the show was over, you guys went back to the hotel. And rested. The magcon fam was in one room, while you were in yours. You sent another text to cameron, knowing you hadn’t talked to him for weeks hurt you. He didn’t even care, which hurt you even more.


Hey, what you up to? Magcon was fun today eh?


Yeah it was, and Nothing I’m kinda busy bye

You knew that was coming, half of you felt like he would return back to normal, but the other half knew it wouldn’t. It was all just going down hill. “The pain might fade, but the scars still remain” you tweeted. ” guys look at y/n’s tweet, she’s tweeting such sad and depressing things now a days, I wonder what’s wrong. Like I walked into her room this morning and she was crying, I asked what happened but she said nothing and walked out” Nash spoke out in tension. ” I’ve been noticing some change too” one by one everyone spoke out. They all loved you very much, so of course they were worried as well. ” okay guys, I’m gonna go to her room and see what’s up, see yeah in a bit” mahogany said. She got up and headed towards your room. She knocked on it, but didn’t wait for you to respond. ” y-yeah?” You managed to say while you were laying in bed. You looked horrible which wasn’t your usual. Usually you’d look pretty, clear skin, shiny silky hair. Now you had dark bags under your eyes. Your hair was a mess. your voice was cracked and tears were rolling down your cheeks. At the sight of mahogany, you quickly wiped them away, and pretended as If she saw nothing. ” look (y/n), I know something’s wrong, in fact, all of us do. Just tell me already so I can help, you know I love you too much to see you sad.” You remained quiet. The words were just not slipping out of your mouth. ” is it because of cam?” She asked, pretending to not know anything, while clearly she knew exactly what was happening. A tear slipped from your eye. You tried to stop it but you couldn’t.

“ pass me your phone” she demanded. And as told, you gave it to her. Mahogany started scrolling through yours and Cams texts. She looked up only to see you crying more. She put her hand on your cheek, and said “ it’s okay sweetie. this always happens in relationships, guys are jerks. ” trying to make you feel better but it didn’t work. “But my Cam isn’t a jerk and it’s been happening for so long now” you replied back, still in tears. “ look y/n just give it some time, I think he really is busy. He’s growing bigger every da-” mahogany replied but you instantly cut her off. “ and I’m the reason for that, I saved him, I helped him get through everything, we loved each other so much. And everything’s changing so fast. I just can’t keep up with it anymore. It hurts so much, and everyday I try to remain strong, hoping he becomes normal again, loves me again. But my hopes keep going down. I miss him so much. He’s so close yet so far away Mahogany.” Your throat became dry, you closed your eyes in the emotional pain that speech caused you. Mahogany in shock about all that you said “ (y/n) I think you should talk to him, before ending everything off. I mean you two held on for four years now, and it was for a purpose. Talk to him, and then make your decision.” Mahogany replied back trying to reassure you, more tears began to fall down your cheeks. You sighed and replied “ okay, I think it’s about time”

while all this was happening, The boys were eaves dropping from the door, so they heard everything. ” The boys had walked away, and mahogany said, ” don’t worry, it will all be better soon” as she got up and left your room so you could think about your decision.

*next day*

Last night didn’t go well for you at all. You didn’t get any sleep, you were just stuck thinking about what you should do, should you end things off with him, or try to continue while he doesn’t give a shit. You tried to forget everything for a little while because there was a house party at the jacks place. The magcon fam was going to be there, as well as Cam. It was time to get ready, you went to the closet and picked out a black skater dress cameron loved on you. He thought you looked like a princess in it. You chose to put that on, hoping he’d notice you. It was weird because he was your boyfriend of 4 years yet, you acted as if he was your crush and you wanted to impress him. You did your make up, just that little eye liner and mascara, just the way he liked it. You were finally ready. Nash walked into your room asking if you were ready to go because he was your ride. ” wow (y/n). You look stunning! ” he said with a huge smile on his face. That made you feel a little better and you replied ” thanks Nash” smiling a bit.

You two jumped in the car and headed to the Jacks’ house. As you entered you saw familiar faces, you greeted all of your best friends one by one. And then you saw cam, sitting on the couch with Taylor, talking to him. You knew this was the best moment to talk to cam, since he was “busy” all the time. It was the best time to let all your feelings and emotions out, and just set things straight. You went up to him with a smile on your face. You couldn’t help it, yeah he made you sad at times, but looking at his beautiful face made you smile. ” hey guys!” You said cheerfully. Taylor got up and hugged you and cam did too, but it was a very gentle, short hug. It seemed like he didn’t even care. As he broke the hug, you said ” cam can we go out in the balcony for a sec? I need to talk to you about something real quick” ” um yeah sure,” he replied back.

You walked to the balcony with him, ready to burst your emotional bubble. You two stood there, and you stared at him. His eyes, his nose, his eyebrows, his lips, you looked at everything and smiled. The cam you loved, and always will stood in front of you.

“ (y/n) you were gonna say something..? ” he said. You took a deep breathe in. You gently grabbed his hands, and held them tight. Looking right at him you began “ when did we meet cam?” “ um four years ago..why?” “ these four years went by pretty quick didn’t they?” You continued. “ you remember back In grade nine? When we first met? Why do you think I came up to you and started talking to you? ” um I don’t know (y/n)“ he said back in confusion. He was being so naïve. He knew why, why’d he forget all of a sudden? But you still continued, ” it was because you were different, not like the other guys. You were sweet, kind, caring, you were perfect.“ His eyes grew bigger as he asked, ” what do you mean ‘were’?“ ” I loved you cam, I still do. But now it’s different. It’s like you’re a whole other person, I mean yes we’re all growing up, becoming our own people, we’re all changing, but does that mean you start treating me like I don’t even exist? It’s not okay to just come into someone’s life, make them feel special then leave.-“ cameron cut you off. His eyes became watery, yours did too. ” what do you mean y/n? Nothing’s changed.“ You suddenly replied in rage, ” yes everything has changed. It seems like I’m no one to your now. We’re drifting apart, you’re becoming closer to other people, you’re Forgetting me. And that hurts me so much because there’s nothing I can do about it. I think part of the reason why I’m holding on so tight, is because I fear something so great won’t happen twice. “ tears starting steaming down your face. You just couldn’t hold it in any longer. He got worried too, but didn’t say anything back. You wished he did, but he didn’t have anything to say. ” “ I knew you’d forget about me, one day or another, I just didn’t know it would hurt this bad. You said you weren’t like the other guys cam, but you turned out to be the same thing. ” a tear gently came down his cheek, “ y/n…” He didn’t finish his sentence , because he didn’t have anything to say, no explanation, nothing. “ Cameron, let’s give it a break.” You said as you wished he’d stop you and say no. But he didn’t…" Y/n..I don’t know what to say..“ And at that moment your heart broke into a million pieces. You thought it was all a nightmare, but it wasn’t. Reality hit you so hard.

You rushed out the balcony, mascara and eyeliner smeared all over your eyes, tear drops on your face. Everyone looked at you for a second, and then mahogany rushed up to you, and asked” is everything okay y/n?” You ran out the door, not replying to her. You ran home, breathless, you entered and locked the doors real tight. ” I just can’t do this anymore, I’m done.” You shouted as tears continued to fall from your eyes.