so i'll just pop it in my art tag for the moment


You guys asked so here it is! A room tour! (Kinda)

So let’s start with the corkboard. It was plain cork but I covered it with some warping paper because I didn’t like the color. On it I just have some tiny things. Polaroids/ pictures, art, buttons, tsum tsums, tiny dresses, a vintage lava lamp, and yes that Hans picture is signed by Santino Fontana. Above it are a couple of records. To the right I have a shelf with a vintage radio, calendar, and Ariel bank. Below it is my nightstand and above all of that I have a ceramic bird.

Across from that is one of my dressers with a few of my Pop figures and a snow globe. Next to that is my closet door with another corkboard and just a whole bunch of junk.

Next is another dresser. On top is a shell box of pins, TV, necklaces, ect. I have a vanity where I fix my face and cosplay wigs. I could not fix it in the photoset but Above are some “bubbles” and a sparkly skeleton from Halloween I never take down. Then I have a desk I wish I used more. I normally end up crafting on my floor. As you can see from the mess.

And that’s basically it besides a few things that are messy at the moment. I normally make posts about my room and stuff on my personal Instagram (@andiesotherroom) which explains why they never end up here. Thanks for looking at my junk. As always please do not delete my text! (✿◠‿◠)