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But every song’s like



Trippin’ in the bathroom,

Blood stains, ball gowns, trashin’ the hotel room,

We don’t care, we’re driving Cadillacs in our dreams.

But everybody’s like


“I’m very happy with these two episodes, although when you end part one with Scully saying, ‘This is my child!’, where do you go from there?” he asks. “I had a feeling, I think we all did, that we were doing something dangerous as far as writing ourselves into a corner. Part two was very good as well, and we did the best we could with that situation. But you can’t just drop a child into The X Files. You can’t suddenly make Scully a mom and have her investigating crimes while taking care of this young child. So we had to get rid of the child, and we got in a lot of trouble for that with viewers. Some hated it. I don’t blame them. Everyone loves Scully, and we have put her through a lot in the past few seasons, not because we WANTED to torture her, but because Gillian’s such a wonderful actress. We wanted to give her some great stuff to play. Christmas Carol and Emily were meant to be heart-breaking.”

Vince Gilligan, Sci-Fi TV, December 1998

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Chris/doe POKEMON AU!

…this is going to be a rather long one, oh man

Dorothy carefully stacked the berries basket on the pantry’s shelf and stepped back, her hands on her hips as she surveyed the room with an air of finality. 

“Are we done, then?" Her husband came to stand by her side, wiping his hands on his handkerchief. 

"I think we are, yes,” She smiled at him, “The Day Care’s all set and ready for winter…" 

Autumn was nearly over, which meant they had to work hard on their supply stocks; keep everything in order for the snowy months ahead of them. It also meant… 

She didn’t notice she’s started nibbling on her thumb - her comfort gesture whenever she felt anxious - until Chris put an arm around her shoulders and reached to push a strand of hair away from her eyes.

"You’re worried about Alex’s birthday, aren’t you?" 

She nodded; he sighed as he brought her slightly closer. 

Their middle child’s birthday was approaching and she was intent on starting her own journey. In two weeks Alex would meet the local Professor and then leave; the fact their child was about to travel the world on her own weighed heavily upon their minds. 

They spent a moment in silence; Chris kissed her temple before finally muttering, 

"You know… I like to think we raised them to be braver than I was." She blinked and looked up at him; he hesitated for a split second before adding, "Y-you see, when I was Alex’s age… I would’ve never had the courage to leave on my own. But to think she chose to do it— I like to think we make them feel safe enough to choose what they want, whatever it is they want. Be it stay here, or leave, or lock themselves up in a Professor’s lab, like Mary will undoubtedly do.”

She chuckled and nuzzled his collar, enjoying his warmth as he stood close to her. 

“I… I feel so apprehensive when I think of everything that could happen to her out there, but still— You’re right, you know. I’m proud of them”, she muttered against his neck.  

He grinned at her. 

“Let’s call them to dinner and you can tell them that."