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Inuvember Day 13: Koga Ships!

i don’t even have anything to say drawing this made me burt into tears

but also on a side note, i’m catching up on inuvember noice!!!!

hi! firstly, thank you everyone for all the warm welcomes!! i’ll definitely get to replying to them soon! i’m sun and i’ll be playing this soft little tofu right here! i still don’t have hana’s profile up yet but i’ll be sure to explain a little more about her underneath the cut! i also don’t have a twitter and aim’s been terrible to me lately so you can always catch me on tumblr ims! anyway, thank you again for all the welcomes and i can’t wait to plot with you guys!

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I just saw the ayahina tag.
I may have been on lurk mode in tg, but that ayahina moment…. my heart, omg!!
My babies came so far. I always knew they’re perfect.
Don’t catch me by my word, but I might write something for them again soon. I hope I can help hype them up like I did back in 2015. 😭

{ So, I got a $50 Steam gift card for my birthday, and… that’s been close to a month ago now. Thing is, I have absolutely NO idea what to buy with it. Would anyone here happen to have any game recommendations? I really want to get the value for the money, you know? }


Orphan Black and Mass Effect: Weaponized Sterilization

Clearly I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how the themes and narrative elements of Oprhan Black extend to video games. So as I watched episode 6,  “Certain Agony of the Battlefield”, I started think a lot about Mass Effect and the Krogan Genophage.

Be warned, I’m going to discuss and spoil plot elements for Orphan Black up through episode 6 of season 3 and some brief elements of the Mass Effect trilogy. If you don’t want to be spoiled for either, this is your warning to stop reading. But I suggest playing the Mass Effect series. It’s well written and moving game play that will stick with you long after finishing it. 

For the uninitiated, Mass Effect is a video game trilogy that takes place in the future. You play as Commander Shepard, an Alliance military commander that is out to save the universe from a threat known only as the Reapers. This game is very plot driven and complex so I will be focusing on one small aspect of the story: Krogan sterilization. The Krogan are an alien race in Mass Effect that are dwindling in numbers because they are mysteriously unable to successfully repopulate. Through the course of the series, the player learns that the cause of the inability of the Krogan to reproduce is due to a forced genetic mutation, called the Genophage, that causes the number of viable births to drop dramatically. Essentially, the Genophage is a weaponized way of keeping the population “under control”. While the initial goal of the Genophage was not forced sterilization, the long term effect was the same and has left the entire race on the verge of extinction. 

In the most recent episode of Orphan Black, Dr. Coady touts the benefits of having a weaponized virus that would sterilize the enemy. “We could end wars in a single generation without spilling a drop of blood”. She says that it could literally “rewrite the very nature of humankind”. While Coady’s intent might be well-placed, her methods and scientific journey to get there is questionable at best and completely unethical. 

In both Mass Effect and this story thread in Orphan Black, unethical science has removed the agency of others in order to stem war. In order to achieve that end, the agency of those affected is completely removed and ignored. And for Orphan Black in particular, the theme of bodily autonomy and reproductive agency of women is again highlighted as all reproductive choice is forcibly taken from them. As their humanity and agency has been ignored and removed; these women have become nothing more than a testing pool for a weaponized virus that intends to perpetuate forced sterility for those that are labeled as enemies and outsiders. Dr. Coady justifies this behavior as not only beneficial to the Castor group, but ultimately to humanity as a whole. In her mind, the ability of science to end war trumps the unethical means she takes to achieve it. 

While the Genophage storyline for Mass Effect has ended, the transmittable disease that Castor is spreading, has not. There are a range of possibilities that the rest of season 3 and beyond could take us in terms of perpetuating, destroying, or curing the disease that is killing both the Castor and Leda and the numerous women that have sadly become inflicted through contact with Castor. I’m excited to see how the clone illnesses and potential for weaponized viruses play out through the rest of the series. 

(Also, I’m not sure how much interest there is in Clone Club, but I’ve been thinking about posting a list of video games with similar themes, plot points, and concepts to Orphan Black. If that’s something enough people are interested in, let me know and I can make that available to everyone in Clone Club. I appreciate everyone’s notes and tags on the things I’ve written. You guys are fantastic!)


Indian mutual!!!! You’re so cute and I love that we connect so much even though we have completely different teams to support… Also, #TeamDestiel!!!! I’m sorry I make fun of aTletico v much too but I can’t resist lmao… I love that you hate Barfa and I’m sorry u chose eternal suffering with Arsenal lmao. Ok and ily and ur becoming very popular now and I love it!!❤❤❤❤

I’m still catching up on Flux Buddies, so here. Remember a billion years ago when they kept trying to do the activation ritual, and they kept failing and having to wait until midnight, and Kim started to talk about the history of Africa while Duncan wandered around in wolf form howling sadly? This is that scene.

Castle season 8

I’ve been reserving my thoughts on Castle’s season 8, despite all indications that it was going to be very different from the show I know, because I wanted to wait and see first.

Now that we’re four episodes into the new season, I can safely say that the show I once loved is gone.

The fact that they broke up Castle and Beckett is not even what bothers me. I actually think breaking them up had good story potential and could lead to an interesting arc. Castle and Beckett’s relationship had become so “one note” and disinteresting. There were never any major challenges or obstacles that they had to overcome together. They were unnaturally happy all the time. There were no fights, and even if there was any disagreement, it was never really explored and it was either quickly brushed over or fixed by one of them throwing a corny line. All the major milestones of their relationship were botched. The first date, the first “I love you”, the first fight, talk about where their relationship was going, moving in together, learning to live in each other’s space, merging their lives together, figuring out how Beckett was going to fit into Castle’s relationship with his daughter and the other way around, the proposal, the wedding, conversation about Castle’s previous marriages and how this one was going to be different, Kate wanting to learn more about Castle, like why he wanted to be a writer, which is something that was hinted at since season 2, and so many other milestones of what a realistic relationship would be in these circumstances that were never really explored on the show. Even when they were, they were sacrificed in the name of a dramatic cliffhanger, so it either didn’t make sense or it was tainted by poor timing and bad circumstances. On top of all this, SK and NF’s chemistry really wasn’t working. Most intimate scenes looked awkward and Castle looked more in love with Kate in s1-s4 than ever since they’d been together.

So, for me, a shake-up was definitely needed. Breaking them up and rebuilding them from scratch actually sounded like a good idea.

But these writers forget that you can’t just hit reset and pretend this is season 3. You can’t just do a do-over. Castle and Beckett have been together for 3 years and are actually married.  This can’t be like season 3. Having Castle play the annoying 9-year-old that chases his wife around against her wishes is not cute or funny when you’re talking about a grown man that was just dumped by his wife for no reason whatsoever.  It just makes him look like a doormat and worst of all, dumb. You could maybe argue that there was always a hint of a doormat in him (which I don’t necessarily agree, but I can see the point), but he was never dumb.

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