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Also, @ mutuals, if any of you want a postcard from seoul, send me an ask! I’ll include a bad quality drawing of your favourite elf lol. (If you want a card but you’re not comfortable giving out your address, just say so and I’ll send you a picture of the dog I befriended here holding the card I wrote for you)


one time in qp i was playing mccree and caught a hanzo offguard with flash bomb and was going to finish him off with fan of the hammer but i didn’t realize i had one bullet left so while i tried to reload, hanzo did a headshot.. hanzo made it a point to only target mccree for the rest of the game :’^)

i made this little doodle for twitter for a little pick-up-er i hope it helps ;-; have some smiley Gabe and cheeky Jesse

in this very.. dark time.. uogh my sister and i stayed up till very late watching the tellie and we all feel like death -lies on the floor- the weather here in nyc shows it tbh.. 

Gabriel Reyes & Jesse McCree©Overwatch/Blizzard
-lies on the floor-©me

“What’cha gonna do this time, Conejita?”

whelp, so it’s revealed that Sombra is actually 30?? ? ?? There goes all my head canons.. TT

Doesn’t change the fact that their character dynamics go well together though. Even with the origin story revealed, doesn’t young Sombra remind you of Like, they are so similar. I’d imagine Sombra would intentionally taunt on the battlefield ‘cause reminds her of her younger self and she hates that. 

Also, first time trying out the pencil brush in photoshop lol. I still haven’t found a setting which i’m totally comfortable with :/

the boombox AU idea I had was of them both being in college and it was supposed to be all musical theatre. And Lúcio was going to be like a senior and the guy in charge of the lights, sound and stage hands and Junkrat’s a junior and was going to play one of the lead roles in the musical

and idk Lúcio overhears practice one day while teaching some of the freshman which buttons to touch on the sound system and which ones to leave alone and Junkrat has this really emotional solo during the climax of the musical and Lúcio just hears it and gasps like holy shit

and so when Junkrat is memorizing his lines backstage, Lúcio nonchalantly strolls up and strikes up a conversation and Junkrat’s hesitant at first but Lúcio smiles and laughs and then he’s like HOLY SHIT please keep talking.

But anyway, they bond over music and theater and common interests. And I realize that Junkrat’s not the first person who you’d think would be into musicals, but his Vaudeville emote made me think differently. Like, I headcanon that Junkrat, at the very least, watches musicals. 

and I know you’re thinking “Hey, Minnie, why isn’t Lúcio playing a role in the musical?” yeah, uh huh, i’m right there with you, and I was going to address that. It mostly has to do with Lúcio being a senior but y’know. There are other reasons. 

So I thought of this AU and I dunno if I’m ever going to like… write anything about it. Probably, bc let’s be real, I already have the entire thing planned out.


asoiaf headcanon: the words of house baelish
(couldn’t settle on one so I made one based on house baelish’s history and another for petyr)
requested by anon

activity notice.

this is something i’ve already talked about, & even if i haven’t, is something probably predictable #rip but, i’m putting this blog and all others i have on a hiatus.

as i’ve stated before, my life is just too social right now and i’ve little time, and i’ve no intents of spending that time here.
as much as i love writing, park as a chara… you guys on my dashboard, your writing ——– i’ve… basically lost all of my interest in rping; i feel forced to come online, the flow isn’t there. i’ve been doing this for… 4 years now rip it was abt time? 

i might return once i graduate, however, whether to this blog or some else i’ve no idea. in the meantime, you can find me on skype (ask for it) and/or on my personal blog, @qjooht​ (which i hav 2 start using more actually?).

however, thank you for taking interest in me, my writing & park as a character. i said it too many times, yall are too sweet to me…

until next time,


iMessage | open
  • Marlene: i thought i was good at getting free drinks back in london over the summer
  • Marlene: but i just got a whole bottle at hogshead just for flirting with the bartender!
  • Marlene: i'll be near the trees if you're interested ;)
( out of character )

okay, so i’m not going to lie to you all — I did lose muse for Hyojung / Royce for a little bit.. Every time I came here to do replies I got nothing, and it made me sad… on top of that I moved to a new job and had to get all figured out in there.. What I’m really trying to say is, if we have a thread and you would like to drop it due to my absence, then let’s do that and plot something else. Or if you want, like this so I know I’m allowed to invade your inbox and message you for a bit until we come up with something.. I swear, she’s not that bad. lol

This is a permanent plotting/starter call!

Repost with the information of your  muse, including  headcanons, etc. when you’re done, tag 15 other people to do the same!

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NAME: park byul
AGE: 24  (she’s dead on paper, so technically 23)
SPECIES: human
GENDER: cis female
ORIENTATION: heterosexual but may actually be bicurious??
PROFESSION: was an intern for sbs 8 o’clock news desk


BODY TYPE: petite, slender
HAIR: dark brown, dyed a pitch black 
EYES: brown
SKIN: fair. burns easily. what is tanning…
HEIGHT: 160 cm

[    FAMILY    ]

SIBLINGS: the twins (minjae & minki), minhyuk, hyejin (half-sister)
PARENTS: biological mother deceased, biological father alive but whereabouts unknown since he abandoned her and her brothers and left with her stepmother and her half sister. byul assumes they’re all alive. she doesn’t really care. she stopped caring a long time ago.
CHILDREN: none. in the future? maybe. if not biological, then via adoption or fostering a child.
ANY PETS?:  nagini, a mexican black kingsnake; aragog/natasha, a black widow spider she refers to by two names, depending on her mood. do plants count as pets??? bc smol byul once brought home a venus flytrap after going on a school trip to the botanical gardens and befriended of the gardeners there. if they count as pets, then byul has a venus flytrap named flora.

[    LIKES    ]

COLORS: red, black, pastels, yellow, blues. she’s not very picky and has quite the fashion sense. can usually rock most colors. but she won’t be caught dead wearing neon colors.
SMELLS: crushed rose petals, burned sugar, lavender fabric softener, spearmint gum, cigarette smoke, freshly brewed coffee, petrichor, soju, cinnamon, fruity mix of sweet pea & white musk.
FOOD / DRINKS: jasmine green tea, all the bubble tea, lemon tarts, egg tarts, chocolate croissants, ramyun (the spicier, the better), strawberries, fruity cocktails, samgyetang, chicken noodle soup, kimchi jjigae, sunny side up eggs, the twins’ bacon kimchi fried rice, mangoes, coffee (drinks it v milky & sweet), bulgogi, makgeolli.
ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES?: yes  [ x ]  || rarely [ ] || no [ ]
FAVORITES: eating, sleeping, drawing, staying up late, vinyl records, movie marathons (not horror though omg she’s a pussy), watching dog videos when she’s sad, cooking & baking, experimenting with recipes and using her brothers as guinea pigs, eating ice cream after midnight, late night phone conversations, hoarding cute stationary and muji pens, collecting soft plushies and naming them, candid polaroid photos she keeps of her family as a reminder of good times (that they existed, that she was once happy), so many things. byul is so sentimental it’s disgusting omg

[    OTHER    DETAILS    ]

SMOKES?: yes  [   ]   ||   no  [ x ]   ||   occasionally  [  ]
DRUGS?: yes  [ ]   ||   no  [ x ]   ||   occasionally  [ ] (she briefly experimented with drugs in uni)
DRIVER LICENSE?: yes  [ x ]   ||   no  [  ]
EVER BEEN ARRESTED?: yes  [   ]   ||   no  [ x ]   ||   almost/detained  [  ]

good afternoon !!! i … have a ton of new followers so please like this post for a starter !!! and for shir-okuma, not shiroro yet … i’m still unsure of how many people would be willing 2 interact with him so i’m nervous … v nervous … ;v; ( if you do, tho, you can just reply saying so! i can also link his about if necessary. )

anyway, uh. i’ll reply 2 inbox msgs + ims + maybe threads later on ,, i’m gonna go draw, write songs, and indulge myself in funky music. ilu guys see ny’all later!