so i'm driving through the night

imagine driving around late at night with woojin. it’s 3 (three) am, the streets quiet apart from your singing (screaming) of the lyrics from whatever song came up on the radio. woojin’s hand is on your thigh as he drives. you’re both still in your sleepwear, hair messy from the wind blowing in through the rolled-down windows. he laughs as your voice cracks while you try to hit a particularly high note, his own voice joining yours softly as he sings. he rounds the corner, stopping at a red light. he looks over at you, singing your heart out, only parts of your face visible due to the small amount of lighting from the streetlamps, but in that moment he can only think about how beautiful you are

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The same girl comes through our McHell drive thru almost four nights a week at like, 11:30. She's super sweet and she is always friendly and polite. My coworker has taken this to mean she's infatuated with him. So now I try to make sure I'm on window that time of night to spare her. She's clearly very uncomfortable when he talks to her. I don't know why she hasn't reported him. I know if I do it, everyone will find out and make fun of me.



made a sad mix about how being married to god is hard

01. A Miracle | James Ray

When we met, I knew it, right from the start: you were meant for me and we'd never part.

02. Ocean Of Noise | Arcade Fire

Who here among us still believes in choice? Not I.

03. Wide Eyes | Local Natives

All the men of faith and men of science had their questions - could it ever be on earth as it is in heaven?

04. You Are the Blood | Sufjan Stevens

You are the earth under my feet, that I may travel, that I may travel with you.

05. There’s A Light | Shirley Ann Lee

Lord, sometimes I sit and wonder why strange things happen to me.

06. Levo | Recondite

silence silence silence

07. Heirloom | Sufjan Stevens

So do you think I came to fight? And do I always think I'm right?

08. Normal Song | Perfume Genius

Take my hand when you are scared, and I will pray.

09. Headlights | (Flower Boy 卓颖贤 Remix) Clean Shirt

The water’s rising, lapping at my neck. I'd rather not think of what comes next.

10. Cavalier | The Native Cats

The finest moments will be important to you only.

11. No One Does It Like You | Department Of Eagles

No one does it like you. But I tried so hard.

12. Walkin’ After Midnight | Patsy Cline

Night winds whisper to me, I'm lonesome as I can be.

13. No Shade in the Shadow of The Cross | Sufjan Stevens

I'll drive that stake through the center of my heart, lonely vampire inhaling its fire.

14. My My My | Collarbones (Troye Sivan Cover)

Let's stop running from us.

15. Ezekiel 7 and the Permanent Efficacy Of Grace | The Mountain Goats

I had his arms tied up behind him - we were together all day.

16. Father Father | Marcus Whale (Laura Mvula Cover)

Brother, brother, let me love you - whisper all your deepest fears, you can trust me.

at 8tracks and in a zip

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I'm, ,, curious about the weed bong dude,,,,,

this was in like 2013 but my band was on tour and there was one night where we had to play a show in new york and then drive straight from there to burlington, it ended kinda late so by the time we got to burlington not only were we exhausted from playing a show but we had also just driven for like 6 hours straight through the mountains during a meteor shower and we were all in a sort of weird surreal state of tour hypnosis

anyway we finally pulled up to the guys’ house that we were supposed to stay at and walked in at exactly 4:20am and literally all we wanted to do was collapse but all the lights in the house were on and a guy was sitting on the couch with one bong in each hand and he was like “hello” and like idk what i was expecting but it wasnt that. it wasnt dual bongs mcgee wanting to chill at 4 in the morning

anyway we all slept on the living room floor and then the next day the dude tried to feed weed to his cat and i got mad at him but i was also really allergic to the cat so i looked pathetic the whole time

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So I work as a delivery driver in a pizza store that is in the worst part of town. There's a very dark alley that connects to our parking lot that junkies cut through all the time, either on bikes or on foot. I hit one guy on a bike a few nights ago. Luckily off the clock, but the dude was in ALL BLACK, on a BLACK BIKE, IN A PARKING LOT THAT IS VERY POORLY LIT. I was only going like 5 mph. He was fine, but now I'm super paranoid when I drive through the parking lot.

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Hann, do you have any tips on helping to sleep? I only get about four hours of sleep at night because I have an early morning shift and most days I can't nap after work so I'm awake for the next 17 hours and it's driving me through the wall

Oh man I’m sorry you have to go through that;;; I’m also the same way sometimes, other than art, sleeping is my favourite thing to do, but on most days, I only get 4-5 hours of sleep.

I have quite an issue with falling asleep, so what I would do is take melatonin. You can get it over-the-counter in most drugstores, it’s usually used to fix jet lags by making you sleep. I know it’s not good to take it on a regular basis, but it can help if you’re desperate. Also get a sleeping gel eye mask, I got mine from Daiso and it helps relax your eyes as well as block out light.

And try not to expose your eyes to blue light an hour prior to sleeping because that can mess with your melatonin, making your body think that it’s still daytime and to keep awake.

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Number 9 for reggie, where him and the reader have been broken up for a little while now and he calls her in the middle of the night from the nightmare he has about her and then she starts getting really emotional so Reggie drives over to her house and sneaks in through her window and they just cuddle and he kisses her face and whispers things like "I'm sorry baby.. I still love you." And ughhh just lots of fluff bc ur emotional Reggie fics are so good I love them so much honestly.❤❤❤

9. “I had a nightmare about you and I wanted to make sure that you’re okay.” (w/ Reggie)

(Y/N) (L/N) and Reggie Mantle had broken up. The news had shocked everyone but no one could really say that they didn’t see it coming. Sure, you guys had made an amazing couple, but people never really change do they?

At least, Reggie Mantle did not.

You lasted longer than everyone thought you would. But eventually, Reggie’s flirting became too much.

Especially when it wasn’t directed at you.

You were done. Reggie could flirt with whomever he wanted. You had broken up on a Friday after school. You remember walking to his home, telling him it was over, and leaving as quickly as possible, not even saying goodbye to Mrs. Mantle.

Reggie was hurt. He would soon deny the fact that he cared about you but the one thing he could not hide were his split knuckles, which he got after punching his wall shortly after you left (an idea he thought was amazing at the moment but turned out badly).

He spent the next week in silent agony as he watched you get along just fine.

You were heartbroken too, but you weren’t going to let that stop you from living your life. So you hung around Betty, the literal ball of sunshine, a lot.


A week after you broke up, Reggie woke up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat. He quickly tugged on some sweats and some shoes and sprinted to your house.

Tap! Tap! Tap!

You groaned and rolled out of bed, glancing at the clock on your wall.

3:00 am.

Tap! Tap! Tap!

You walked over to your window and opened it, rubbing your eyes to wake yourself up. You stumbled back in surprise when Reggie swung into your room, like some kind of wannabe Spider-Man.

“Reggie?” you mumbled. “What are you doing-”

You were cut off by Reggie wrapping you in his arms.

I had a nightmare about you and I wanted to make sure you were okay ,” he whispered.

You could hardly keep your eyes from drooping closed as Reggie laid you both down on your bed, whispering apologies and sweet nothings as he kissed the top of your head.

He was happy to hold you in his arms, knowing that you were okay.


Reggie woke up to an empty bed. He glanced at your clock. 7:10 am. You were long gone

He quickly rushed home and got all his things, making his way to school.

All day long he tried to find you, but you were avoiding him. You didn’t want to give him the wrong idea because of what had happened the night before.

Reggie knew he had messed up. This time, not even all his apologies could fix his mistakes.

But as he saw you standing at your locker, laughing with Archie Andrews, he vowed to himself that he wouldn’t stop trying to win you back.


(was this even good??? i changed it so much pls forgive me anon ;-; )

Sick Scenario

I’m a massive fan of characters pushing through an illness. I want A being terribly sick but having to give a class presentation, and B can do nothing but sit and watch with bated breath while A grips the podium and struggles through the presentation.

Bonus: A makes it through, but as soon as they start back towards their seat, they stagger, and B is out of their seat and at A’s side in seconds.

Bethany-sensei's "I'm Screaming Internally" commissions price list

The tragic backstory: 

 My dad is getting married in May. I have to drive through three states to get to the wedding. Thursday night (4/27) the plumbing in my house decided to call it quits. A blockage in the main drain pipe (FUN!). Today we learned that said pipe was replaced with the Cheapest Materials In Existence at some point, and it’s cracked and could collapse any time in the next six months (DOUBLE FUN!). 

 So this is the standard artist’s cry for help. Hire me to draw for you so I can go to my dad’s wedding AND have functional plumbing! You get art. Everyone wins. 


Image version of this post (looks better on mobile???)


 Minimalist: $10 

 Monochrome ink wash sketch, 2-3 characters (you’ve seen a lot of these if you follow me): $15 

 Full color ink sketch, 2-3 characters: $20 

 2-5 panel comic (monochrome) from your script: $30 

 Monochrome sketch from your photograph: $35 

 Color sketch from your photograph: $45 


 Additional characters: +$5 each 

 Simple background: +$5 

 Detailed architecture: +$12 


 All art in digital. Prices in USD. I will take payment via PayPal or Etsy. Have an idea what you’d like? Interested in something not listed? Feel free to message me. 

 Also message me if you’d rather I write something for you. We can work out word count/pricing/etc.

Again, click here for visuals.

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So Im on night shift, and our drive-through POS crashed so we only have the front one. I'm backed up on drive orders since I cant send them to the other POS, and this guy walks in and watches me collect a car, take an order, and then collect that order before I can take his. He then gets mad as I try to explain that we're down to only 1 machine, and he makes a racist remark, then says "You'll probably just spit on my food, so I'll spit on your store", hocks a loogie on our counter and storms off

The Signs as The Wonder Years Lyrics
  • Aries: I just want to sell out my funeral.
  • Know that I fought until the lights were gone.
  • Taurus: I lost track of the time zones and I'd call but you know
  • I'm running on empty
  • The late nights and the long drives start to get to me
  • I'm just so tired
  • Gemini: I can't believe I ended up here again
  • watching this terrible band play songs I hate in the basement.
  • I can't believe that I got stuck here again
  • while the kid with the dreads tells me he's smarter on acid.
  • Cancer: I've got my heart strung up on clothing line through tenement windows in mid-July.
  • Leo: Expect me standing tall, back against the wall,
  • 'Cause what I learned was
  • It’s not about forcing happiness;
  • It’s about not letting the sadness win.
  • Virgo: I’m not a self-help book; I’m just a fucked up kid.
  • I had to take my own advice and I did.
  • Now I’m waiting for it to sink in.
  • Libra: The kids in the graduating class
  • Have got their eyes set west
  • And California on their lips
  • But I left some blood there that I'm never getting back
  • Scorpio: The devil's got a rifle on my front porch
  • With me in his sights
  • He knows I came looking for a fight
  • Sagittarius: My body feels rejected and I can't say that I blame it
  • My heart keeps saying stay young
  • My lower back seems to disagree
  • Capricorn: I hate the way I get when I can’t handle bad news. It feels like I’ve been an asshole for months.
  • All I’ve got left are these handfuls of fuck you and man, that’s never enough.
  • Aquarius: I spent my life weighed down by a stone heart,
  • Drowning in irony and settling for anything.
  • Pisces: I spent this year as a ghost
  • and I'm not sure what I'm looking for
  • I'm a voice on a phone that you rarely answer anymore

i am listening to my fall playlist and feeling oddly extremely melancholy about the fact that i’m never gonna experience that high school starting/big coat bike riding/semi-sinister night driving/weather turning/playground love/teen angst/suburban/stranger things-esque kind of fall ever again

honestly few things will probably ever fuck me up more than knowing that Harry sees people wave mini pride flags almost every night of the tour during Sign of the Times, and so in Sydney he grabbed a mini pride flag from a fan earlier in the show then held onto it specifically until Sign of the Times so he could pull it out and finally join in.. 

I know the ‘strange lights in the sky’ thing is a reference to night vale in a larger reference to aliens but as a kid driving through Phoenix that grid of red lights on the mountain was always super mystifying. I still don’t actually know what they are? They’re just like omnipresent red lights watching you that are visible from the highway at night. I know they have a practical purpose but I used to have wild half-asleep nightmares about them while sitting in the back of the car

The signs as Owl City lyrics
  • Aries: "We were alone on the road driving faster/So far from home we were chasing disaster/Hard on the gas 'till the car caught on fire/We had to laugh as the smoke billowed higher" (Dreams and Disasters)
  • Taurus: "I fought all through the night/Oh,oh,but I made it alive/The sun's starting to rise/Oh,oh,these are beautiful times" (Beautiful Times)
  • Gemini: "Shout out to the friends back home/Shout out to the hearts you've known/You gave them nothing but the best,yeah/And you can tell them your story" (Gold)
  • Cancer: "To ten million fireflies/I'm weird 'cause I hate goodbyes/I got misty eyes as they said farewell" (Fireflies)
  • Leo: "When the sun goes down and the lights burn out/Then it's time for you to shine/Brighter than a shooting star/So shine no matter where you are" (Shooting Star)
  • Virgo: "Your spirit is sweet,so pull off your sheet/And give me a ghost of a smile/Show me your teeth,'cause you're a teddy beneath/So just grin and bear it awhile" (Plant Life)
  • Libra: "Tell me again was it love at first sight/When I walked by and you caught my eye/Didn't you know love could shine this bright?/Well smile because you're the deer in the headlights" (Deer In The Headlights)
  • Scorpio: "So if you're gonna go and leave me in a lonely grave/I won't let it show until you've finally flown away" (Take it All Away)
  • Sagittarius: "And remember to laugh 'cause you're living in a crazy world/Where you'll never guess what could happen next/Give the outer limits my regards as you float to fly away" (Alligator Sky-No Rap Version)
  • Capricorn: "I ain't too sure what I believe in/But I believe in what I see/And when I close my eyes/I see my whole life ahead of me" (Verge)
  • Aquarius: "Switch on the sky and the stars glow for you/Go see the world 'cause it's all so brand new/Don't close your eyes 'cause your future's ready to shine/It's just a matter of time,before we learn how to fly" (When Can I See You Again?)
  • Pisces: "I am floating away/Lost in a silent ballet/I'm dreaming you're out in the blue and I am right beside you" (On The Wing)

A Stranger Things crossover: Cassie Hopper + Melissa Hughes [ @emiliachrstine]

“There are friends, there is family, and then there are friends that become family”

Cassie Hopper never expected to find her place in Hawkins, but when she meets Melissa Hughes her expectations are quickly proven wrong. The two girls bond over long talks and late night drives, soon crossing the line from friends to family. When the Upside Down once again threatens to overtake their town, Cassie and Mel know they’ll be standing side by side through it all.

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I'm just imagining a tired Gav snuggling up to Ryan like a cat and he just melts when he starts running his fingers through his hair

So I’ve always liked the headcanon that Gavin gets really bad anxiety over this job. He’s just so scared over someone dying from a mistake he’s made. And he can push it back while actually on missions, but at night even the smallest mistakes seem like they could’ve cost someone their life to Gavin.

So Ryan, who never sleeps anyway, always drives Gavin around to calm him down. Sometimes it’s instant, barely a few blocks away before Gavin’s tired himself out, but some nights it goes for hours. They drive as far away from the city as they can before turning around.

And usually, by the time they get home, Gavin’s half asleep and Ryan has to carry him back up the pent house. And, just out of caution, he lays down on the couch with Gavin against his chest, holding him and talking to him, reassuring him that everyone is okay. No one’s mad, no one’s hurt, Gavin didn’t harm any of them.

three mcflurries to go

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.– three mcflurries to go– Melinda May, Jemma Simmons, Leopold Fitz (MayFitzSimmons, FitzSimmons)

Tomorrow, they will do what is hard.

For right now, and for just a little while longer, they will sleep.

(or another fic about a mayfitzsimmons trip to mcdonald’s in the middle of the night)

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