so i wont put their name


I honestly thought Inasa judged Todoroki from three seconds of interaction, but there was more, that’s clear now…




Just… go to Yuuei, Inasa. Like, right now. Do it. Or else.


Post-split Panic! At The Disco + memories

Ok, so before I post the next chapter of umfb&mha tomorrow, I just want to clarify something about the usernames that are going to be used. There were a lot more (A LOT MORE) people than I thought who were interested in having their usernames involved in the fic (for anyone who doesn’t know what I’m talking about the original post can be found here). I will try and use as many names as possible but there is a good chance that I wont get through them all in the main fic and companion fic. Therefore, for the sake of fairness to make sure that everyone has an equal chance of having their name used, I have taken everyone who liked the original post and put their names into a random generator so that it’s complete luck whose gets chosen. Kind of like a lottery but the prize is much less cool! 

So if you wanted your username used and liked the original post there is a chance your name will actually appear in the fic but unfortunately I can’t promise anything. It is all up to chance. Good luck!


Sometimes I find myself
thinking about you
Like you’re still here with me
I imagine the way your hand felt in mine
And I can feel every bone
Every tendon
I can feel the curve of your jaw like
I held it yesterday but
I haven’t touched you in months
Sometimes I find myself
Searching for you in the places we used to meet
Like you’re still there
Leaning on the wall
With your hands in your hair and
That pair of jeans I swear you’ve never
Taken off
I can still smell your cologne on my pillow
Sometimes I find myself
Staring at my phone
Waiting for a good night text
Waiting for you to call me baby again
Like its my middle name
As if you’d still dare to speak to me
But you’re not with me anymore
And I won’t be your sometimes
So I’ll put on music
Stop the car and
Turn off my phone
Because I want to be yours
But i wont be your sometimes

Log 1-K.CP

I’ve just boarded my ship. Im still quite surprised I’ve actually been picked to be part of the NYSS program. 42 years I’ve been submitting my entry card and year after year I’ve been rejected until last week (tho I know I was a bit young when I sent my first card.. I was barely over 50 I think? whereas you need to be at least 60 to join). It’s still so surreal…

I’ve been paired with a guy named Nictroth. Im a bit surprised but not bothered, after all if I really wanted to be paired with a woman and only a woman, I would have put that on my entry card under the pair-preference tab.

I don’t know Nic much yet but so far he seem to be quite a nice guy. He took a photo of us when I was trying to get familiar with the ship’s control. He’s really lively and energetic overall and I feel like I wont get bored with him around.

The ship feel really homely but the control still feel a bit foreign to me. It’s a tad different from the simulations we had back home to train and study. Im a bit scared about it to be honest as Im the only one of the pair who’s learned how to pilot and maintain the ship beyond the basics. All of this will mostly be my responsibility and it’s quite the addition of pressure! Ill admit Im not the best seeder either… I count on Nic to be of help when it comes to food and medicine, it’s not my strong point at all..

I will end my log there, here’s the attached file Nic took with his personal tablet as a bonus

Sidenote: I know the buckle I got Nic isn’t the fanciest..I hope he likes it still..Im not fond of those golden ones with the blings to be honest.. It look show-offey to if we ever encounter space pirates he wont risk getting his tailed chopped off for it. (Or maybe Im just making excuses for myself and my bad tastes in jewelry)


Hi you. So much happened this weekend!!! Namely Beyoncé unleashing the full force of FORMATION on the planet and slaying at the Super Bowl and announcing her world tour. But aside from Yoncé dominating—as she is wont to do—I made these super delish vegan peanut butter banana mousse oreo cookie parfaits for you. With little oreo cookie hearts. Why? Because Valentine’s Day is upon us.

I’ll confess—in my single world, the holiday does feel mostly like an affliction, something put upon me by the capitalist powers that be. In days of yore, when my mom was still alive, she would hand craft the most gorgeous Valentine’s Day cards for me, from doilies and glitter and red craft paper and sweet cupid stickers. She’d write me love poems.

But now I’m single and Valentine’s Day, motherless and partnerless, is, yes, somewhat of an affliction. But instead of remaining afflicted, I thought I’d share with you a story from my weird and (sometimes) thrilling dating life as a single woman in Los Angeles. Except this story begins in the sky. On a flight.

Read more and get the recipe here.

anonymous asked:

im disabled & living with an emotionally-abusive mother. she controls everything. ive been trying to get access to my ssi so that i can be financially independent & shes been blowing up at me(calling me selfish, a n*t job, cr*zy; you name it). she recently stole about half of my ssi to buy a snowblower. shes listed as my payee & wont let me put the money in my account(it goes into her personal acct w/ only her name, which isnt suppose to happen). she has been threatening to send me to a "home".

This sounds illegal to me. You need to find someone local and of authority who can help you figure this out. I’m afraid I can’t do much from my keyboard. Private message me if you need more help? I can do my best to help you sort things out. 

anonymous asked:

i think that style is popular for musical animatics bcus a younger artist (called galaticbun i think) popularized that style w their animatics of hmilt/on tht got like 50000+ views each?? they also had to put out a video asking ppl to stop accusing others of copying so i guess its sort of a thing to mimic their style??? idk tho

christ?? like i know of that specific person but i was thinking it all looked similar to a tumblr artist (that i wont name bc i dont want to bring that old shit back up ghghghg) and i figured they all were drawing like them? god tho ppl need to chill on the whole accusing ppl of copying other ppl like esp with art?? like ppl are gonna try to draw like ppl they like and as long as they arent literally tracing and/or stealing their art its chill cuz thats how u learn

read this plz

we have gotten a lot of complaints lately about the way we handle this blog, most of the messages we get ive been trying to get rid of before the other mods see it, but still

depending on the way the other mods feel about it, i would be willing to make this blog more of a bad art critique blog. i do feel that we are a bit harsh sometimes.

turning this blog into a criticism blog wont solve the tone of how we talk about the art we put up. this blog, no matter what we post, is still a humor blog. lmao so deal with it

the name of the blog will stay the same, so will the website, the description might be changed and so might the banner. thats it tho

idk i need the mods opinions on this before i do anything

- Mod Sheep

don’t get me wrong, i like anime tsukiyama just because he’s funny and eccentric, but they’re making him so creepy and turning him into garbage.  i doubt they’re going to put his character development into the anime too, which is very upsetting because more people are going to start hating him and giving him a bad name because they wont read the manga-

I’ve been meaning to do this for a lil while, this is Captain’s crew so far!
I put the name of each character and below it is their jobs on the ship (The Ocean’s Radiance is the name of the ship btw) , though their jobs are just general many of them help out in other ways around the boat (cleaning, fixing damaged parts of the ship, untying the sails, etc.)
Many of these designs are super simplified to help w/ animating, It’s hard to say if any of these designs will change again, because usually when I animate things designs change. I tried making these simple so I wont have to change the designs too much later on. :3
I hope you guys enjoy these! I love drawing these characters so much!
characters in order + who designed them and who they belong to.
Captain- belongs to :iconlupisvulpes:, he was originally designed by the lovely xspickeyx ! thanks so much ! here’s he is: Design for lup Lup
Mel- belongs to annie-bellie! I first designed her as an adoptable:Random Adoptables $10 each OPEN
Oddy- belongs to rye-whiskey he was first made by puqqs thanks! Fanart for Puqqs
Map- belongs to me! she was made by harrojessica thank you, I love map so much! here: Map
Marlin- belongs to Me I thiNk, she was also made by stepswitcher! thanks ;U; <3 weehoo
Mazie- belongs to me! she was made by puqqs thank you! Custom pirate corgi
Orlando- belongs to me! lethargicasino made him for my birthday a while back, thank you :D Happy Birthday Design- for LupisVulpes
Liam- he’s my sister’s actual dog XD I made him pirate-y!


thanks everyone for your help :vD expect more videos soon! enjoy! 

Sexting; N.M.-Part 2

Unknown: So baby, are you going to cooperate?

Unknown: Or do I have to tell your boyfriend your deepest, darkest secret??

Who the fuck does this guy think he is?

Carter: Fine

Unknown: good girl

Carter: Just… don’t tell him anything

Unknown: if you listen to me and do everything I say, then I wont  have to…

Carter: what do I have to do??

Unknown: 1) put me in your contacts as “Daddy”. Text me when you finished.

What the hell. I took a deep breath and changed his contact name.

Carter: Done

Daddy: now… undress for me baby girl… get naked for daddy

Just a quick PSA for those who don’t like spoilers

If the spoilers are true,then come Monday and Tuesday, I’m going to utterly lose my shit. Like forreal no joke I going to be a hyper motherfucker and I’m going to be so excited and happy you dont even know. THAT BEING SAID, I WILL be posting spoilers as soon as I get my hands on them, gif sets, pictures, Freaking out over certain points, you name it. I will do my best to tag them but I will probably be a MESS, so I might miss some. If you want to be 100% spoiler free, I suggest avoiding my blog till after steven bomb

(I will also be at the beach tomorrow and I will watch the episode on my phone when its put up online, so thats around 30 minutes after it airs on the east coast, SO that day I probably wont flip my shit as bad until I get home but Tuesdays fair game)


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(I know it’s kinda sad since you wont be able to eat the cookies, but they’ll still look cool and they’ll be just for you!!)

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