so i wont bother with them and just give you this

The line ‘The way Elena loved you’ has really pissed me off. Not because it ruined the Bamon ‘I love you’ but because the love shared is completely different. 

Ever since Elena became a vampire (and maybe even before then), she ‘loved’ Bonnie in a purely selfish way. Elena cared so little about her best friend until she needed/wanted something from her. Bonnie continues to sacrifice herself or someone close to her for Elena’s benefit. And what does Elena do for Bonnie - jackshit. Don’t even bother asking for a single tear. 

In turn Damon/Bonnie love isn’t selfish, they don’t use one another, they don’t discard each other and it is EQUAL! They save each other, protect each other and want the best for one another - even if it’s not what they want. Damon’s love for Bonnie is so unparalleled to Elena’s. He gives her a choice, he supports her and he wants her to be happy. They are each others anchor and they bring out the best in one another.       

I just think it’s a real shame that they’ve equated Damon’s love for Bonnie to Elena’s ‘love’ because they are completely different in so very many different ways. 

guys lemme ask those of you in the buffyverse/ats fandom something real quick if yall dont mind

why don’t you ship Angel & Fred?? Do you only ship them with a few specific characters? did you just never really give it too much thought? do you not care about one or the two of them? is it just not your cup of tea? do you actively anti-ship it? why? is there something on their canon interactions that keep you from shipping it?