so i will

I know everyone’s like “oh gosh no Perce don’t make more devil deals” but damn he’s just really good at cutting deals. The scenes where he’s negotiating with Pure Evil have always been like the best scenes for dramatic tension and one-liners. god damn Taliesin ”You’re at the bottom of my List” Jaffe


Tonight’s progress on the first year bald eagle illustration. Lots of work to do on the head and feet, as well as cleaning some edges and finessing some shadows/layer merging. Fresh eyes tomorrow will help with that!

last night i was sick and lying on the couch going over and over a nightmare about my trauma and starting to spiral badly.

dorian gets himself up off the couch where he was sleeping, walks over to my desk and starts pressing buttons on my kb.

he opened spotify and kyary pamyu pamyu started playing, then he went to my open tumblr page and sent a series of numbers and keyboard mashes to @labradorduck.

then after I sat at the desk and took a photo of him he sat on my lap for cuddles while I explained to my freind what the message was, starting a conversation that helped get me out of the headspace.

tl;dr: dorian decided I was entering dangerous territory, puts on my favourite music, messages my friends for me and stayed for cuddles.

he helps

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root,,,,, is she a star wars or star trek fan?

root is a gone girl lesbian