so i went with no u

  • producer 1: so what're we gonna do for the champion video
  • producer 2: idk we still got those fuckin. giant furry llama suits laying around
  • pete wentz, breaking down the office door with a sick kick flip: hey guys check what i can do
  • producer 1:
  • producer 2:
  • producer 1: holy shit

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Hey! So I saw one pic of Adri on my dask, then literally started scrolling through his tag on your blog and I need you to know two things 1) your art is A-MAZ-ING, please never stop because I'm getting heart eyes and 2) Adri could literally kill me and I'd say thanks because he is a blessing and I love him. Thank you!

khashjkashkjfdshj thank you so much hhhh TvT im glad u like my shit art and my shittier son <3

hey it’s logan!!

since i joined the tumblr aroha, i’ve been lucky enough to gain a whole bunch of lovely mutuals so i’ve had the idea of a follow forever in the works for a while! i also just passed 1.2k followers across my blogs so like wow i love u all!!!!!!!

i tried to track down everyones main blogs and side blogs but if i forgot anyone and/or messed up please let me know so i can fix it!!!!!

i went on a following spree last night so quite a few of the ppl mentioned are new for me!! also like highkey sorry if i used way too many ‘!!!‘ i really cant help it lol!!!!

♡ - faves
bold - mutuals

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@3yan @aestheticallyastro@aingeal301 @alesipanic @amohyunwoo@angienoemy @arimity@arohagalaxy@arohanaa @arohawe@artyizz@aseuteur0 @aseutro@assstro@asterocky@astrcs@astrobinn@astrockie@astrockys@astrofantastic​♡ @astroiism@astrokyuties​♡ @astrowrites@aztro@babyboycarisi @binsblush​♡ @binubin@binwooed@bless-joo @boxkook @bts-hotshot-reactions@chaiboba @cncogifs@cuddleunwoo @dancingbin @ddoca @dreamsanha@eatbin @eo-nni @eunoow @eunswoos @eunwooh @eunwoostro @ezlu @fantrashnumber1 @fawnave@feltlove@gaystro@glowingjinjin

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double mentions/messages
@amohyunwoo​/@realstro: aaaaa yoelin omg i remember when u first followed me and i turned to my friend and was like heCK do i follow them back????? i want to!! ur so cute n sweet ily

@arimity​: alkdsjaksf my youngjae to my jaebum, my mark to my jackson, my yugyeom to my bambam!!! my sweet wjsn stanning baby i love u so much ♡♡♡

@arohawe​: aaaaaaa jamie ur so nice to me and ur blog is like wow 10/10 also youre hecka cute!!!!

@assstro​: a Good Mutual!!! i’m always delighted to see u in my notifs!! glad we follow each other because tbh i’m blessed to have such a nice follower like u!! lets cry over rocky in glasses together!!!!!

@dreamsanha​: joce!! ur memes are so good lol like u r whole blog is sO GOOD always a pleasure to reblog from bc youre such a wonderful blog!!! url is iconic, would recommend!!!

@fawnave​: hannah oh my gosh your feed is always so nice like the Perfect Mix of aesthetic and kpop i’m shooketh ily

@feltlove​: marlee! u! lovely! person!!!! ily ily ily, my best friend who goes to ikea with me and lets me live at ur house half the time i’m awake. the most iconic leafy stan, the only person i care about!!!!!!

@homosexualdrugaddict​: jill; decent sister, would recommend. amber trash, still nice tho!!!!! u spend every waking hour with jordan and u like never talk to me irl now lmao but that ok ig!!!!!

@hwaiting-hoe: aaaa katie omg i followed u from my old blog like a year ago when you were jacksons-smile!!!! ur one of my oldest mutuals n ily!! i’m slowly becoming an nctzen because of u lol

@locke-writes​: noah!!!! i cant even really put into words what i think of you really ily!!!! i’ve been slowly listening to green day bit by bit!! still getting around to those tags lol! my most treasured mutual!!!!!!! actually stuck with me through all that svu drama! thank you!!

@moonnib​: nicole!! skdfhkjd i remember when u followed me back i was over the moon omg!! a lil while back u had an anon from toronto and!! thats me so yeah hello!!!! small world eh haha,, anyway aaaa i lov ur blog!!

@nohtaehyun​: taylor!!! u replied to my arohaselcaday last month i cried ur so sweet and like heCK how did u get that url omg!!! ur profile pic is so cute i just :)))))

@parkjinchu​: aaaaaaa mary omg my favourite blog??? my favourite writer?????? yes!!!! oh the stars shine is so cute i’m such trash for jincha aaa,, i havent got around to commenting on it yet but expect a lengthy comment from me at some point haha!! ily!!!

@shortview​: the only man i love!!! rocky who?? sorry if i talk to u a bit too much i dont know why i overshare everything but hey!! a Good Artist!!!!!! ur so nice to me i dont deserve it lmao!! king of giving me advice when fucksdfj rain triggers me lol,, n like maybe we could hang out over the summer??? idk? my most beautiful friend!!

in conclusion

i’m just like???? gay for rocky constantly and somehow i have followers???????? what? anyway!! y’all feel free to drop by my inbox or like leave me a message or something! i’m nice i swear lol, not to best at holding a conversation but i’m still friendly hah,,, talk to me about jincha, myungha and MOONROCK omg also i love hotshot…… theyre very….. important to me… and topp dogg ;; i miss them… i hope that pic at the top isnt an eyesore, obviously graphic design is my passion lmao


ok so i wanna talk about my experience meeting auston matthews with @fuckleafs  :-) i also added photos and stuff so y’all could get the idea

we got to the awards around 3:30 ish and when we got there we went to the box office and talked to the people there about our tickets. we started to notice tv stars and players start to walk on the carpet, so we decided to go through this little security area to get to the fan area. when we got there, we first went to this area and were probably four rows of people back from the carpet. people had been waiting there for much much much longer than us, and i wasn’t surprised we were nowhere close to the front. i told mackenna to hold our spot while i scoped out the whole carpet and found this area that was 1-2 rows of people between the carpet and us. i went back to her and we quickly ran over to that area.

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i keep talking about this but i can’t believe i have to literally tell people about the history of my people and what i personally went through to gain any sort of acknowledgement. that’s fucking disgusting, like i’m sorry ur secondary school history classes only went over racism with one fucking topic, so that’s all u fucking know about it lmao. get fucked

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My crush is my husband! We got married in 2012 but we've been together since we were 14. We're in our 30s now. He stayed with me when I transitioned, went on T and had top surgery. He even went vegan with me even tho I never asked him to. He's brave, stoic and serious but can be so funny when he's relaxed. He just gets more gorgeous and perfect every year, i love him<3

@bxkaplisetsky this could b us but u playin.

In all honesty…goals. This story made my night! Beautiful, supportive, caring, and strong. Both of you. Y’all are so much older than me but…I feel so proud of you for making it work, and making it work so admirably? I wish nothing but the brightest of futures for you and your husband! May you stay by each other for the rest of your lives. I don’t think I can find a more accurate real life example of soulmates than this. Absolutely breathtaking. Wow. 

last night was wild. i was laying in bed with a fever and the worst wisdom tooth pain and i got up to pee and i locked myself out of my room w/o my glasses and i am HELLA blind. calling a locksmith is such a flipping pain so i called this one that i had used before and it went to this answering machine and told me to call a separate number which i did and the guy was like ok i’m coming in 45 mins and i was like ok cool. so i was just sitting there twiddling my thumbs because i had to preserve my phone battery. i decided to check out the yelp reviews regardless and there was this one from a month ago that said that the yelp page and website for the business had been hacked and there were these two imposters going around under the business name. i got SOOOO scared so i tried to find a different number which i did so i called it and the real guy picked up. he told me that i had indeed called the imposters instead and he was trying to work with the police to get a case against them, but it hadn’t been successful yet. i was like omg and he was like dw i’ll come there you call the police when they get there but i legit didn’t even want to leave my apt. the imposters eventually came and i didn’t pick up any of their calls and i couldn’t see shit so i couldn’t do any investigating from the window. the real locksmith then arrived and opened my door and told me they were still waiting outside. i went outside to pay with credit card and the imposters. STILL THERE. they saw me. i was so scared and thought i was gonna get shot and that was the end. but they don’t know which apt i live in so i’m sorta safe but i’m gonna tell my housemates to lock the door from now on because i don’t want to die.

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so uh i think i'm gonna come out to my dad today wish me luck pls

<3 <3 <3
-admin angel

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Tell us a funny story

when i was little, in one of the homeless shelters i lived in, all the kids would like, flock into this little yard thing we had? it was also a desert like i live in now so we had a lot of wildlife and stuff and so my older brother found this badass fucking lizard my dude holy shit it was rlly cool but apparently it was like sick or something i dont remember

but he wouldn’t let me fucking!!! hold it or touch it!! cuz he’s an ass but thats a different story

and so I got so angry that when no one was looking I went out to the lil tank it was in and i grabbed him and i was like ‘yes, toiny lizard i will set u free’ and then i snuck over the the fence and i let him go and then IMMEDIATELY AFTER I LET HIM GO OUT OF PURE SPITE I FELT the inevitable sink in my gut of what I had done and then when all the kids came back out to see the lizard everyone was like

“where’d larry go????”

and I was just

“idk??? he must have….e s c ap e d… HEH.” 

I was eventually found out and I still regret letting larry go…

larry if you’re out there….. 

im really blind without my glasses and like. i have fun letting people try my glasses on bc i love seeing their reactions go from “how bad can it be” to “ohkBGJVDF FUCKFVOH SHT?” but. one time. one time at my old job they decided to not give them back and see how well i could close my till w/o them on. i dropped a very important paper under a counter and when i went to pick it up i couldnt find it so i felt around for a while and finally went AHA!!!! and pulled it up and what was it??? a paper towel. so after everybody laughed their asses off at that my coworker came up to me and said “hey jess i found ur paper!” and i was like oh my god THANK you u saved my ass and i took the paper from him and what did he give me? the same fucignhgn paper towel as before,

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my "best friend" has been ignoring me for weeks and I find out she's been dating my ex (who I dated for 2 years and i've told her I still love him) and lying about it and even went as far to have all my other friends ignore me because my ex has been telling them i'm a crazy bitch I really love my life wow

I kno this is easier said than done but u gotta pick urself up, heal and move on and find the good ppl for ur life. that’s so low :( don’t blame urself if you can.
u gotta get back at them by continuing to live happily

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"new ask game: send me your ships and i’ll tell u why they suck" // hi xd inosaku


uhmmmm i guess i just dont rly like where it went in part 2 kjdfhgdfjh like its dumb that the rivalry was just. magically gone? oh also i think them being rivals over sasuke was fucking dumb. 

but i lov…inosaku idk thats all i got

okay since i went from following 815-ish ppl to 680 it means tumblr probably unfollowed a whole lot of people (or tumblr decided to fix the ghost following thing where u’d still follow deleted blogs), but if we were mutuals and ? ? for some reason i’ve unfollowed you please lmk

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When u got ur nipples pierced how long did it take for the swelling to go down? Also how long did it take to heal?

Honestly I got them done in high school so I really can’t remember. I think the swelling went down relatively quickly I think (but I was also taking advil which reduces the swelling).

I washed them religiously, and wore sports bras to bed every night and they still took a few months to heal. However, everyone is different and if you feel like things aren’t healing right, go back to your piercer.

Also keep in mind that they will often pierce you with longer jewelry than you need to accommodate swelling, and after they heal up a bit you should go get resized to keep the lose ends from too-long jewelry from catching on things and irritating the piercing.

***Also for anyone who is pregnant or planning to get pregnant: nipple piercings can interfere with a baby’s ability to latch on to the nipple and interfere with breastfeeding, as well as irritate the piercing. If you are wanting to breastfeed, definitely wait until you are done weaning your baby to get them done. Trying to remove a new piercing (ESPECIALLY a nipple piercing) every time there is a feeding is a recipe for scarring, irritation or an infection.