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[Me, yelling into the void about a Voltron / Star Wars TFA au that nobody except me cares about and playing around with increasingly random art styles/new brushes]

KE-3147, “keep it - it suits you” Klance edition, Allurey, BB-1U, Hunk as the successor to epIV’s Gold Leader, Pidge and their bffl, and a Shiro of unknown allegiance. (PS: if u Do care about it please give this a like/reblog!!❤️)

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Where did u get ur url from? or how did you come up with it?

The year is 2008, possibly 2007. I’m 12 years old and on the family computer, about to sign up for Quizilla. “I want a REALLY unique name,” I say to myself, looking down at the list of possible names I’ve prepared. “Nothing fandom related, and nothing with numbers or extra letters tacked on the end. Something super special that can only be ME.”

I type my first suggestion into the box. “Username already taken,” the website says. I shrug and try the next one. “Username already taken,” it repeats. With increasing worry, I go through my whole list, only to have them thrown back in my face because some other lucky duck got to them first. Soon I’ve reached the end of my list. All the usernames I could think of have already been taken.

“What am I supposed to do now?” I ask myself sadly. “All the names I wanted are taken and I can’t think of anything else…” But I’m a determined kid, and I don’t give up easily. “There has to be SOMETHING I can use as a cool username,” I say desperately, glancing around the room, hoping inspiration will strike. Something on the floor catches my eye and I look down.

There’s a tattered catnip packet lying next to my chair, a gift I had purchased recently for my cats. I stare at it thoughtfully for a few seconds before shrugging and raising my hands to the keyboard. “Eh…I guess it’s worth a shot.”

heres a weird sorta fanacc mainly to remind myself so i dont forget and this isnt everything and its out of order but anyway

so we got into the venue at around 6:30 and they were playing loads of shinees songs and during tmwtd and married to the music everyone lost their shit. when i got to my seat and looked at the stage i burst into tears and the girl next to us gave me a tissue sjdjsjs

then the lights went down and we all deafened ourselves screaming and the first vcr played and GOD IT WAS FUCKING CUTE ive seen it online but seeing it live in concert is just Amazing

then hitchhiking started and JESUSS the dancers started and shinee suddenly appeared on the top stage out of damn nowhere

the talks were adorable their english is so good we all know key is great but i was so surprised at minho hes so good!!! he talked about basketball and key was like what the fuck are u on about and then they talked about in n out burger and also minho brought up lalaland and key said he liked one of the songs then the entire audience started chanting “sing it” so he tried to remember the lyrics and was talking to himself as he tried to remember and minho was like “are you okay” the fcking sass im gone

the others came back from getting changed and minho fucking dabbed and was like “you know this move?? daeb" and KEPT DABBING THEN KEY DABBED THEN THE OTHERS DABBED EXCEPT TAEMIN then taem asked key to do a power ranger pose and minho did it and key said he wants to see the power rangers movie

taem said “power rangers has five… we have five” and key was like “no dont do that”

taemin perfoming goodbye was fucking awe inspiring i filmed a little towards the end but at the start i even forgot to wave my lightstick because i was so mesmorized by that fuckin egg boy

ive lost my voice from all the screaming and fanchants and a lot of ppl around me didnt do the fanchants and i was like mm k 😐 same with the singing project i tried my best but to no avail but its Okay

jonghyun said “you guys kept doing this!” and blew loads of kisses to the audience akfjsjdj so we all did it back to him it was cute

key said he can really feel the love in the room and that he loved the 1of1 banner we showed, they asked to see the banners again so we showed them and they looked so damn happy, then they took some pictures with us holding up the banners

jinki was pretty quiet today but he was so damn beautiful im in shock

minhos SO CUTE HE WAS SO HAPPY AND WAVED TO EVERY SECTION OF THE VENUE and he led us in waving our lightsticks but sometimes he changed his pace faster so ppl got confused about which way to wave

after taemin performed goodbye he came out wearing the cutest red hoodie and jjong said he looked like a firefighter and asked if he was here to put out fire and taemin said hes here to “fire us up”

taemin said “you guys are passionate tonight” in korean then copied the translator and it was fucking adorable i almost fainted

taem said theyre not jet lagged anymore and they ate a lot of good food so theyre feeling good!!! i was so pleased

taemin said key had taught him something and he wanted to do it but he was too shy and then he pulled his hood up and turned around and said “how are you guys tonight!!!” and it was the purest thing ive ever seen in my entire life

key came back from getting changed and was like “what are you guys talking about” when they just happened to be talking about english skills and then taemin said “why you come hurry” or something and then he gestured to minhos direction and said “please.. come…. your friend… minho” or something and i was like excuse me im ded

they played around quite a lot in the ments and during the performances there were some cute pairing moments especially 2min i almost choked and there was an adorable jongtae hug i screamed my ass off and also ontae. taemin got loads of love tonight from the boys

taemin shook his ass during one of the songs and then they all just started doing stupid ass shit it was great

at the end during an encore jong2min looked very emotional and i think they teared up

we showed jjong’s birthday banner at the end of an encore and key was like “oh yeah its ur bday soon lol”

thats all i can remember right now my brain is literally mush lmao but i’ll add more when i remember

Bts as things my best friend has said/done
  • Jin: "Can we take a moment to appreciate how well my eyeliner went today? Look. I could slice a bitch."
  • Suga: *looks at people running on the field on sports day* "Nope. No. Nuh-huh. Can't do that."
  • Jhope: *lunges forward* "sexy."
  • Namjoon: *breaks a nail and exhales sharply* "Why do I even try."
  • Taehyung: *walks in one direction and suddenly does a U-turn* "WRONG WAY*
  • Jimin: "Okay so I do look at you while you change. I'm gay. Fight me."
  • Jungkook: "I'm never playing lego batman with you again."

I am so distraught and torn by this person I unfortunately met off tinder in November

We talked everyday literally almost every hour of the day for two months and we got to know each other pretty well. It was one of those situations where u think he’s not just another guy from tinder he wants to actually get to know me

We met at the casino and had fun and he wanted to go back to my place and we had fun watching movies !

A few weeks went by and he let off texting me all the time. And then just never texted back one day in feb.

I don’t get how ppl can do that.
He obviously didn’t feel the same way about me.
It really hurt me.

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Imma tell u a story: I was at my first party and I was a bit drunk and we started to paint cat noses and whiskers on our faces and this friend I had a crush on was painting my face like really close to me so I kissed her and then I was so shocked that I went to put my head on the lap of this boy I also had a crush on so here's how I discovered that I'm bi (maybe poly) and also how I kissed somebody for the first time and how I had to undress the girl at her house because she got really drunk 1/2

2/2 and my godmother saw me trying to hold her and her shoes while my bff was opening her main door. Then the girl spilled a whole bottle of nail remover and we almost got high on the scent of it so I had to open her window and she got a cold. And later like at 5 am I saw the boy and his friend wandering around the park in front of my house singing Spain’s anthem although it doesn’t even have lyrics so they were coming up with them. Dude, it was a wild night for being my first party ever. 

this story is a fucking rollercoaster wow

“I think I spent last year very busily. Three special albums were released and we toured 6 cities in Japan. There was no time for breaks. We plan to promote during the summer so we got a lot of free time in January and February. I met close friends and also went to the U.S. I’m actually thinking about starting SNS accounts. SNS is a double edged sword for both celebrities and non-celebrities. Sehun even used to get confirmation from me (before uploading things on SNS). But my recent hobby is taking pictures. I take and save them but have nowhere to share them so I’m thinking about it now. I’m also thinking about opening up an exhibition.” - Suho, EXO

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God bless your grace and frankie comic, Frankie is so ready to marry grace. Grace just needs to un-repress all her emotions and admit she's in love with her. I went back and watched the whole thing and I could make a collage with the amount of times grace looks at frankie with heart eyes!

They love each…. :’O Grace cares about her sooo much and i cry ..They need each other…Grace just admit u love her…..

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I just went on a date w a boy and it was my first date ever and he was so cute and very kind and it actually went super well!!! I have this issue where I don't like eating in front of people and by the end of the night I already felt okay enough to eat in front of him...I told some of my friends and they were so happy for me but then he never texted me back. I'm just sad bc I thought it went well but this is the second boy to drop me in a month...:(

ok that sounds adroable! im sure if you felt so comfortable with him and had such a great time that he felt the same way… the thing with some guys (and some girls #feminism) is that they try to act like theyre not into you because theres a stigma that caring shows weakness(false weakness is beautiful) and he just wants to make u wait a bit. for some people they want to have the power in the relationship and by making you wait then that could be his way of taking the power:// humans r confusing. i hope this helped/kinda explained things but please keep me updated:) hope everything goes well.

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so i just went on this british website bc i wanted to see how much was this hair product and then before entering i got the message in the middle of the screen in norwegian that said "it looks like ur in norway, do u want to see the site in norwegian and the prices in nok?" how???? does my computer literally think i'm i norge bc all i do is watch skam and search for info about norway or??? i mean, this is one sick skam reference if i've ever seen one

ksdlfjkldsjc maybe u have the modify thing turned on?

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warm memory: i went a week long camping trip with my aunt, uncle, and cousins. one day on this little island and all i had was my sketchbook and a pencil. i spent the morning drawing my cousins and telling them stories for their amusement. later in the evening i was braiding one of my cousins hair, when my youngest (9y/o) cousin just looks and me and gasps "is there anything you cant do? you draw, tell good stories, and now braid hair?? youre like... a goddess" best compliment i ever recieved

thats actually so cute i cant cuz U R A GODDESS!! amazing.

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Can you do an imagine where you are on both Keith and algee's live Instagram. And u can do what ever to the story.

A/N: Picture not mine ! Sorry it is super late, I hope you can still enjoy !

Instagram Live Romance:

The Charity event night was going on with such a bang, nearly all the celebrities and their dates attending the event. You had been invited as your boyfriend Keith’s date for the evening and you were so grateful, he had been living streaming the whole processes as the night went on posting all your silly faces and cute poses on his Instagram live story.

Keith was truly a man who always wanted to involve his fans in everything he did and you couldn’t love him any more than you already did but he knew how to give back in all the right ways which made your feelings deepen for him with each passing day. You both had finally arrived at the event stepping out of the car and being caught off guard by a enormous amounts of flashes but Keith saw your face and knew he had to come to your rescue wrapping his arm around you leaning over in your ears.

“Just follow me baby.” He said kissing your cheek softly leading you to the paparazzi lane where everyone could take pictures of you and Keith, you had been on many paparazzi lanes but the nerves never failed you but having a goofy boyfriend like Keith always had its perks seeing as most of your most genuinely loved pictures were the ones where you and him are just laughing or gazing into each other’s eyes lovingly.

“I love you (Y/N).“Keith said holding your waist posing for some pictures "I love you more Keith.” You said smiling at the several flashes making sure not to look stupid. Once you had finally made your way past the paparazzi lane you saw the boys of the New Edition sitting at the table, you rushed to your best friend Algee Smith who just so happened to be the reason you and Keith were together “How’s my favorite girl?” He said hugging you tightly taking a few silly videos for his Instagram live “I’m well, nervous but I have my amazing boyfriend and wonderful best friend so I’m even better.” You said smiling at both Algee and Keith.

You had sat on Keith’s lap when Algee had started making live videos about how happy you Keith were together taking all the credit for your relationship causing you and Keith to laugh uncontrollably. Keith then took to his Instagram live passing his phone to Algee as he got down on one knee and opened a big box in front of you which contained a beautiful thin diamond necklace that had a music note engraved in the middle, you teared up a bit allowing the tears to fall down your face as Keith clasped it around your neck then causing you to turn and hug him tightly “Baby it’s beautiful.” You said still cry softly “That way no matter where you or where I am we will always be together.” He said kissing your forehead and just before you could say something you heard a microphone feedback cutting all conversations and allowing the guest of the evening to take their seats.

You sat down lacing your hand with Keith’s he passed his phone on the table “Look at the comments.” He said softly and lowly trying to make sure no one heard him, you let go of his hand and began to scroll through the comments seeing the amazing things that all the boys fans were writing but one comments took out more than the rest “Just get married already and Instagram live the wedding!” You nearly bursted out crying because of how much it meant to you.

The support from everyone around the world approving of your  relationship with Keith , but you could only hold his hand and squeeze it tightly “I love you.” You said softly at Keith while he winked and blew you a kiss it was truly a night of many memories.

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Why did you quit your teaching job in NYC?

I left mainly because I wasn’t passionate about what I was teaching. When I went to college, I majored in music. I don’t really like or support common core. I’m much more an advocate for the arts. So that was my main reason. It also didn’t help that the students would say: “hey miss do u like shrimp???” then I would be like “YA SHRIMP IS SO GR8″ and then they would crack up cuz they were trying 2 call me a shrimp cuz im mini. Okay they actually made me laugh but u know what shrimps are gr8 teachers 2 you know 

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hey i went to this party and got this rly cute girls number last night how long do i wait to text her and then what do i say!!!! help!!!

text her now! just say like… ‘hey im ______ from the party ln and i think ur so cute do u wanna get coffer sometime how r u’ and go from there!!

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You have so much Hamegg,Skunk,and Lamp art and I love it!Do you have any lovely headcanons (or anything!) you can share??

thank you! and yes too much so lol. i have a whole au of their parents n family, childhood, backgrounds, etc. some of it is different canon stuff that has happened to them weaved together chronologically :~) i just thought it was a shame they had rly none of these things so i wanted to write stuff for them and make them fully developed charas ! uhh if i got into it all this answer would probably spin into a mini novella hahaha and id ramble too much so if there is a specific area/character u wanted to know about i’d be happy to explain what i’ve come up with for them ! 

but the basics is, the three went to highschool together and after that all went their separate ways, getting into their own diff sorts of calamity. eventually ham n lamp make up and they go n find skunk (who was kinda missin in action to everyone that knew him) and they end up living together in an apartment so they can all resort out their lives again. lamp used to be a detective but the job was too hard on him mentally after having children (he has 8), so now he still works at the station but more in terms of the desk job-esque side of things. ham and skunk dont have jobs but ham is trying rly hard to get some sort of work at a cafe/restaurant bcuz he rly likes the atmosphere (he grew up around his moms thai cafe, which he still helps out with from time to time) and skunk is…he rly has no idea what hes good at or what to do with himself aw. also, kato (rainbow parakeet, who they also went to school with) lives above them and took up trying art school. 

very much so a domestic slice of life au ! i mostly just draw stuff goin on w/ their families and things like that. ahhh i was trying so hard not to make this a long ask but i guess i did that anyways haha. but yes if theres anything u wanted to know in particular i’m happy to explain ! 

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I'm calming down slightly (listening to mark and jack vids) I even went to the point of posting something in a group I'm in about what they are doing and so far they all agree she is going to far so far no witch hunting... but like my stomach has so many knots it hurts ;-; I need to find my medicine and my friends scarf it always calms me down...

(In pain anon) I was able to find my friends scarf but I can’t find my medication… The knots in my stomach are slowly going away which is good I guess… but to tell you the truth I kept having day dreams of CJ breaking down about something… and now I’m scared to see them come true

I would like to make it very clear that a witch hunt is the opposite of what we need in this situation. Just.. like the last ask said, best thing to do is ignore it all. 

I’m glad you found the scarf, I’m sorry I wish I could help u out bud D:
breaking down in what way? I’m very confused… What happens to CJ does not have any impact on you, yeah? You’ll be ok, no matter what happens. Just try not to think about it all too much.

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Alright so like before me or any of my friends could drive we wanted to still go places at night so I was over at my friends house and we decided to go on a bike ride! It was 1AM and we taped flashlights to the bikes and went to a pond and went skinny dipping(I'm naked a lot) and it was so warm that we rode back just in our underwear and ended up taking sleeping bags outside and sleeping under the stars

WTFFF r u living a teenage carefree movie or something wtf


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I thought this might be funny to share. So, everyone knows the 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon. I have the 3 degrees of Stephen Colbert. My dad went to a private school in Charleston called Porter Gaud and had a friend named Carlos. This is the same Carlos that Stephen mentions fairly often on his show. My dad found out about this while listening to NPR while Stephen was being interviewed where he said he went to a private school in Charleston and the school disciplinarian was a child molester.

holy SHIT u got them #connections!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!