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ok but every time richie accidentally slips out a cuss word/inappropriate comment in front of a teacher, eddie definitely defends it/pretends he said something else so he doesn’t get in trouble

oh my gosh, yes this is so real

+ i can see richie slipping up when the teacher asks what the did that weekend and richie’s like “got so high” and eddie is like “yES MISS WE WENT ROCK CLIMBING”

+ or when she tells them to go around the room and say what their favorite thing to do is and richie is like “eddie” and eddie’s just like “-s house? same rich, i love when you come over to hang out!!!!!!!!!” 

+ also one time richie slips him a note that just says “distraction pls. be right back. love u” and eddie raises his hand to ask about the dangers of unfiltered tap water, but in the middle of it he pretends to have an asthma attack and look for his inhaler for about 10 minutes

+ richie gets back in 7 with m&ms for himself and a snickers for eddie from the vending machine

+ once, the teacher asked the class if they would be attending the circus that was in town for the weekend and richie cut her off with “nope, nope, nope fuck the circus, fuck the clowns, never again

+ eddie just raised his hand and said “yeah, i have to agree with that one” 

+ they both got detention for that one, but they didn’t really mind because they just got to clean (makeout in) a classroom together for 2 hours 

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okay I LOVE the headcanon that link sleeps around in BOTW, it's been my own personal canon for awhile and I'm so glad someone else likes it too.... who do u think link banged and when

Link’s Lays™ in no particular order, including but not limited to:

  • Paya (just once, though he didn’t sleep with her bc Impa would probably have castrated him, he just went down on her for like 3 hours)
  • Selmie (they had a regular thing while he was up in Hebra. yknow when you leave and she’s like “maybe you can beat your record next time”? she’s actually talking about orgasms)
  • Lonely Arrow Girl (she kept making “nocking” jokes and it got kind of weird, plus she expected him to do all the work so he didn’t sleep with her again)
  • Bazz of the Zora (multiple times, it was a regular thing)
  • a couple of lucky Zora ladies (he can hold his breath for a really long time)
  • Bozai the Snow Boot Guy (just the one time to shut him up forever)
  • an assortment of Gerudo women he met on the road (one of them was a dominatrix and oh boy did he love that) 
  • a couple of Rito men (Rito are generally not particularly generous lovers)
  • a whole bunch of travellers he met at stables (men and women)

and there was definitely one time where he slept with this really tall handsome muscular dude and while he was basking in the afterglow the guy said “that was fun, too bad I have to kill you now” and turned out the guy was a yiga blademaster and Link fully had to fight him with his dick still out 

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(Hi i sent this in and im not sure it went thru so ill send it again) but imagine giving head to Broadway co-star!Tom in between scenes and fucking in between acts. After the main dance scene on opening night, Tom pulls you up to the dressing rooms and pins you against the wall. In between kisses he says "oh darlin you looked brilliant while you were dancing...I can't control myself when I see you move like that...fuck babe I can't go out for Act 2 with a hard on, could u help me out princess?"

this single handedly destroyed me 

steamy sunday

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Oh my god your art is so beautiful! Where did you learn how to color and is there any advice u can give to a beginner digital artist?

Wahh Thank you so much!!! T___T! You’re so so kind;;!! 

Oh! This is good question! I went to art school for many years so it helped me learn the fundamentals of colors a lot! Most of my digital coloring however was self taught as my school focused mostly on the technical aspects of digital medium vs. actual techniques or colors haha~ I also learned a ton from my co workers working in the industry. Your friends are your best teachers sometimes! :) It never hurts to ask people for advice or how they painted things!

Ahhh;; I’m so touched you’d ask for advice!! I’m not sure if I’m a good person to ask as my experience is very small in comparison to others!;; But I will do my best!;;

I think that the best advice to give is to not give up and not be afraid to challenge yourself! ^^ My teachers used to say that in the end “it’s all just pencil mileage” which used to frustrate me a lot…like…please teach me how to be better! Saying that each of my art pieces is just experience doesn’t help me at this point I need to get better now! >:C 

They weren’t wrong is what I realized getting older haha; Every piece you make is just experience that you are building up to being better! Every picture you draw doesn’t always have to be perfect or the best piece you’ve ever made. You probably won’t notice it, but every time you draw you are learning new things and training your hand. 

It used to frustrate me a lot not being able to draw the way I wanted as soon as possible but I realized what helped me a lot was if I just gave myself one challenge to accomplish each drawing I did. Such as, this drawing I will just focus on getting the lighting right or…this drawing I will just try drawing I want to focus on perspective instead of I want this drawing to be a masterpiece and everything must be perfect. It helped me a lot to not feel overwhelmed in all of my pieces. That way I can just be proud of a least one thing I accomplished in my artwork. My perspective might have not been great this drawing but at least I drew a full body haha; Things like that. Small challenges that you can accomplish and be proud of! There is no rush on becoming the best instantly or even at a certain age. As long as you keep drawing and trying your best you’re already doing great. You’ll always be learning so just keep drawing!

Also! I found that there is a lot of great tutorials online that really helped me. Here are a few of my favorites that helped me out!

Nathan Fowkes Color Tutorials

Muddy Color Blog

Krenz Art Tutorials

Loish FAQ

Also I haven’t taken any of their courses but I keep hearing that Schoolism has great classes~

But there are also plenty of many other tutorials that are for free that you can find! :) I would see if any of your favorite artists have any tutorials or WIPS you can look at! Also I’ve found that just observing the way people render forms/folds/lighting etc. has helped me too! Never underestimate just the power of observation! 

Sorry this got really long T_T But I hope that you find a little bit of it helpful! <3 I wish you the very best!! <3 I know you’ll do amazing!

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my favorite thing abt customer service is when someone calls to ask how late your work is open and u just know that as soon as u tell them the hours that they're gonna come in 5 mins before close :)))))))) i love it :))))))

i had to close once at 11pm. from abt 9:30-10:30 i hae roughly 5 customers.
within the last twenty minutes i was faced with a line so long it went into the chip aisle

Bts gif reaction to you being a cinephile

(Credits to gif owners)

Request: bts reaction to their crush/ S/O being a cinephile, please. thank u!! 💖

So I had to search up what a cinephile was and it says that it’s a person who’s fond of the cinema, hope that’s what you actually requested anyways enjoy~~


Rapmon would be so busy, that he’d literally make sure that when you went to the cinema with your friends because you loved the cinema, he made sure to book the whole row, just so no one could touch or make you feel uncomfortable and you could feel safer with one of the seats he booked.

“Oppa, did I really need all those rows to myself and my friend?”

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Jin would take you to the cinema as much as he could just because he loved making you feel happy, and he could rest in the cinemas while watching your twinkling eyes while watching the movie as well, he’d make sure to book the best cinema and the best quality.

“The best for my girl”

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Suga would fall asleep in the cinemas but he came with you anyways because you loved it so much, and most dates were at the cinemas, he enjoyed resting as much as you loved his company, but when he couldn’t make it, he’d make sure your friends were going with you, Just so you weren’t feeling lonely while watching movies.

“Your friends are coming right? Because I don’t want you to be all alone”

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Jhope would always come to the cinemas with you, you guys would watch every movie together, sad movies would make the both of you cry, comedy’s would make the both of you laugh your faces off and Romantic movies would create heated memories once you returned home.

“I love you, and I love spending time with you just watching movies”

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Jimin, would also always come with you, to the cinemas, he’d book the whole cinema room out, and make sure no one but the two of you were in there, just so you can enjoy the movie with only the 2 of you.

“Jimin was booking this whole room really necessary”

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V would always whine and ask if you could just watch it at home, because he just wanted to cuddle with you comfortably, which then you’d say no, because watching a movie at the cinemas and watching at home were 2 different experiences and that you should go out together more.

“Babe but cant we just watch it at home, we can cuddle and have all the fun in the world right here”

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Jungkook would literally book the whole cinema each time you were going out together, he didn’t want any army’s bothering your dates, not that he hates army’s, just him and your dates were just for the two of you, and we know how fans can get with idols privacy.

“Jungkook, I think booking the whole cinema was a bit too much, don’t you think?”

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Sooo, before I end this, I just have to say, that bts have their own privacy, and that we shouldn’t invade them, to those who kept your distance while bts were trying to get through the airport, I love you, but those that tried to touch and grab at them, you should feel ashamed, they are humans too, at least let them get through the airport without getting trampled on.

Anyways thanks for reading~~


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hey this is really general but could u write midoriya and todoroki (seperate) where they're suddenly Really Bold and maybe? kabedon?

You were leaning against the wall, and it just looked too easy. You’d previously mentioned that you liked it when Midoriya was bold with you, so if he went ahead you wouldn’t mind, right? Not to mention you were alone, so it’s not like you’d get embarrassed or anything…
It was just too right, Midoriya realized. He just couldn’t hold back anymore. In the middle of you laughing at your own story, he slapped his hand on the wall by your shoulder and pressed his forehead against yours. You immediately stopped. “…Midoriya? What’s this about?”
The rush of confidence that had previously filled his veins was gone. “U-Um, well, I just, uh…” Midoriya felt like a fish out of water, unable to speak or notice the smile on your face.
You cupped his cheeks and kissed him, feeling him relax under your touch. “I don’t mind things like this, you know. I think it’s quite nice actually. But you don’t need to do things that make you uncomfortable to make me happy, Midoriya, you can just be yourself.”
He visibly untensed, the color not leaving his cheeks. “Are you sure, [Name]?”
A small laugh came from you as you stroked your thumb over his cheek.
“I’m sure.”

This kind of thing was romantic, right? In all the movies Todoroki had seen, a guy doing this to his date had a very high success rate, so it would definitely work in real life. You were standing outside of the classroom after school, discussing the days lessons and the homework left to do when Todoroki decided to make his move. This was definitely gonna work.
He found himself staring at your eyes when he finally slammed a hand on the wall beside you. They were wide, likely due to the shock of his actions, and clearer than stained glass. Only after you’d blinked a few times did Todoroki realize he hadn’t said anything yet. Right when he opened his mouth to compliment you on something, anything, you started to speak.
“You’re really pretty, you know that?”
That… took him for surprise. “What?”
“Yeah. I mean, that was obvious, but I’ve never really scrutinized your face up close. You won’t let me.”
“I let you close to my face.”
“For like, three seconds at a time! I don’t get to actually look at you very much, Todoroki!” He felt the hint of a blush brush his cheeks. “Don’t worry though, I do like what I see.”
With another surge of boldness, he leaned in to kiss you softly. “I like what I see too.”
“Maybe we should do this more often,” you murmured with a smirk.
“Yeah,” he murmured back, “maybe we should.”

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Are you at 1000 followers yet? Cuz you're awesome and everyone should follow u

I’m at 896 IM SO CLOSE HANSBSB I can’t wait honestly I never been happier then I am now, when I started posting art I never thought people would actually like it? I actually cried when one of my post went to a 4000 notes ,IM A WEAK BABY IM SORRY,and once I reach a 1000 that will complete one of my aspirations as an artist so I sure hope I get there before tumblr dies

i genuinely feel like so many people on here went thru the really bad mental health time but now they think that being rude and mean and “"funny”“ is more important than being like, nice or friendly and i know its hard for some people but you really dont need to give urself a hernia trying. i promise u. just be mindful and if u see urself getting a biting tongue just… dont.. do it…….. like im mean too! its hard to be sinless and holy and im not saying to never be angry or spiteful or defensive and sit silently as bad things happen but

so much fucking "humor” on here is centered around just being fucking miserable assholes and hating and hurting and its sickening!!! its not helpful to anyone! its like im surrounded by a bunch of nihilist jackholes who want to be the cool aloof noncaring popular kid but youre all dumb idiots who dont know how to be a real person so youre just constantly mean and hateful all the time and never know when to quit and when anyone says anything u dont like u just mock them and use big boy tumblr points to turn the argument against them.

this website is full of dumb bully idiots and i hate it.


tristan wants: a younger female muse 
Plot: your muse is an intern/nurse in the hospital he works in and she has a massive crush on him and so does he, the only difference is tristan is good at hiding it while your muse isn’t. like she gets all clumsy when tristan talks to him or maybe accidentally hurt a patient while doing routines when tristan is around and just a lot of awkward encounters and cute shit. and like maybe one night they met in the coffee room and there’s just sm sexual tension and they just went for it and then after le sex things just got more awkward. i suck at explaining things but u get my idea right???


New Friends and Foes + Steven Universe: Wanted


❀ Flowers + Maknae Line ❀

It’s been a while since I’ve painted anything but I’m pretty happy with how these have turned out c:

Update: you can now find these paintings in my Redbubble store!