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Way Better than Bumble (Spencer Reid x Reader)

Hi loves! Another Unbeta’d fluffy request fill for anon who wanted “request about reader is Garcia’s close friend and she sees the team out for drinks or something and she goes up to Garcia’s and gets introduced to the team & hits it off with Reid.” Hope you enjoy it! xx 

You tousled with your hair one last time before you grabbed your keys, thinking that it was as good as it was going to get (a conclusion you had to make each time you got ready to go out, if you were being honest). Half of you was excited at the prospect of meeting this guy from Bumble, but another half hated this. You and Michael had hit it off well enough on the app, he was good at keeping up conversation without being pushy or getting weird, but there was an awkwardness that you couldn’t shake. You didn’t even tell you best friend Penelope about the date, afraid to look desperate - or that Pen would try and set you up herself.

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SugarDaddy!Cal Pt.13

A/N: I wrote this whole chapter while listening to the entire Migos album and a huge bag of hot fries so I’m pretty satisfied with this. The way she reacts in this part is honestly mainly focused on how I would as well as my slang, so sorry if you can’t relate. The main character was supposed to be black anyway and Imma black girl soo…As always get this to 100 notes and feedback is appreciated. This is long as hell with a lot of dialogue too. Hope you like this part, sugarplums💕

**WARNING**: Lots of profanity and small makeout session

One/ TwoThree/ Four/Five/Six/Seven/Eight/
SixteenSeventeen/ EighteenNineteen/Twenty{END}

~ Blonde Babe: Heyyy
~ Y/N: What do you need? I’m not in a playful mood.
~ Ahhh I see
~ *In your voice* “Who tf we have to fight?”
~ Lmaoo, your bestfriend
~ …Calum?
~ Ding Ding Ding
~ What did he do?
~ He got a fucking girlfriend…
~ Oh wow uh…
~Ice cream on me in 20?
~ Hell yes

You let out an animalistic growl, rolling in your bed until you could gently slither off the side of it slowly and land on the floor with a soft thump. The best way to describe how you were feeling this morning was shitty. Beyond shitty, actually. For starters you were hung over from consuming half a bottle of vodka with Felix, and to top it off you felt like you weren’t worth a damn. Having spent so much time with the bassist you couldn’t help but to fall for his cheeky charm and his kind heart. If only you knew that he’d just toss you to the side, you could’ve avoided this whole situation.

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While He Is On Tour

A/N: This is a scenario for how the boys would keep in touch with you while they are on tour.

~Kim Nam Joon~

Calling you every night after a show

You picked impatiently at your finger nails as you awaited Namjoon’s call. Nothing made you more excited than the nightly call at 10 pm from your boyfriend. The clock on your phone switched to 10 and as if on cue, Namjoon’s caller ID popped up. You pressed the green phone icon and squeezed the phone closer to your ear.

“Hey baby.” His rich voice sent chills down your spine. Although he sounded exhausted. You pulled the cover closer to you. It still smelled of Namjoon’s cologne. That was one of the perks of expensive men’s spray, it lasted forever.

“Joonie, I told you not to call me if you were tired. We can miss a night of talking to each other.” Although it would hurt you deeply, you didn’t want him to feel obligated to put you before his own needs. Namjoon grunted on the other line. He ran a hand through his hair that was still stiff with hairspray. He would do anything to have you in his arms at that moment.

“I don’t think so, princess. I wouldn’t miss talking to my girl for the world.”


~Kim Seok Jin~

Sending you cute messages

You giggles to yourself at how much of a dork your boyfriend was. His messages were filled to the brim with emojis and heart warming sentences that had you curling your toes.

My Shepard💙: “Do you know what my shirt is made of? Boyfriend Material.😻”

Little Lamb❣️: “Good one babe, it’s already won me over.”

You smirked at Jin’s lame pickup lines but couldn’t help but find them extremely adorable.

My Shepard💙:“Is your daddy a Baker? Because you’ve got some nice buns! 🍞👅”

Little Lamb🐑❣️: “I knew there was a reason I loved you.😘 ”


~Min Yoon Gi~

Telling you how much he misses you via FaceTime

“Yoongi you look worn out, my love.” Despite your boyfriend being famous for sleeping, it didn’t look like he had slept in days. Yoongi was a hard worker rather people chose to acknowledge this or not.

Yoongi wiped his eyes with his sweater sleeve and forced a gummy smile. “I’m alright. I wanted to tell you how much I missed you before I went to bed.” You drew your lips up in a tight grin and cocked your head.

“You tell me every night, love. I’ll never forget.” Suga laid his head onto the pillow and just watched you in fascination. You couldn’t help but screenshot the image to save into your camera roll.

“I’ll get you for that later Y/n.”


~Jung Ho Seok~

Sends you clips of his dancing just for you

“Did you see that hip thrust Y/n? That was all for you baby girl.” You couldn’t help the blush that framed your cheekbones. J-Hope chuckled over the speakerphone. Everyday after a show he would send you videos of his stage dancing and tell you each specific move was in memory of you.

“I guess we’ll just have to strengthen those moves when you get back home. Isn’t that right?” Jung Seok cleared his threat before promptly warning you that the boys were right outside of his hotel door.

“Easy Y/n. I’d hate to stop sending you these videos if they cause you to misbehave.” You mumbled under your breath. “What was that baby girl?”

“Nothing.” You quickly answered. J-Hope laughed.

“That’s what I thought.”


~Park Ji Min~

Messaging you every free chance he gets

It’s hard to miss someone when they won’t allow you to. Jimin was constantly asking how you were doing and if you needed anything. You had to constantly remind him that you were a grown ass woman who could take care of herself. Although the gesture made your heart swell.

You didn’t know if he really had “free time” anymore since the WINGS tour, it was probably more like Jimin sneaking off so he could text you.

Most were just to check on your well being.

ChimChim🙊: “Hey Jagiya. I’m having my hair and makeup done rn. I’ll text you before I go on. 😘”

Some were long confessions for his love for you. Yet your favorite were the long paragraphs you would wake up too. Each would end in the cutest little emojis that made you giggle in the emptiness of your apartment.

So suddenly it didn’t feel so empty anymore.


~Kim Tae Hyung~

Skyping you at random moments

Taehyung isn’t the type of boyfriend to Skype you while he had 10 pounds of gel in his hair or was wearing a full suit. This boy would Skype you right after he woke up or   he was busy stuffing his face.

This often meant he Skyped you at awkward moments as well. Sometimes while you were on the toilet, or full blown in the middle of changing. The latter he definitely didn’t find displeasing.

You were in the midst of heading to work when Taehyung called you. You sighed and ran a hand through your curls before answering him. You were met with his box smile that caused a similar one to appear on your face. Sweat dropped from Taehyung’s forehead and it was obvious he had just finished dance practice.

“Jagiya!” He gasped. “Why are you looking so good when I’m not there?” Tae pouted. It was absolutely adorable if not flattering.


~Jeon Jeong-guk~

Sending you small drawings he has made for you

You never thought the endless piles of bills would end. The job you had right now as a grade school teacher wasn’t helping much, but it brought a little money to the table. You pressed a hand to the side of your head and groaned. You slapped the mail down onto the kitchen table and a small envelope fluttered out from the bottom of the stack.

Bending down and picking it up you noticed lift weight it carried

You peeled back the lip and carefully shook the contents out into your hand. Each was a little picture of something different that made you smile. One was a cute bunny which had fine details embroidered into the fur. Another was Jungkook writing your name in his handwriting.

Your phone vibrated beside the stack of bills and you smiled at Jungkook’s name on the ID. You wiped away the small tears in your eyes and laughed.

“Y/n, did you get my pictures. Good right?” He asked confidentiality. You knew he hated expressing his drawings outwards like this. He put on a brace front but you could see right into his shyness.

“They are just what I needed Kookie.”


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“Choose Me” (ft. BTS)

Funny how the universe always finds a way of healing wounds and one of its greatest band-aids is time.

Three Years Later, New York City…
The scent of the air was definitely different, but the energy of New York is a different break from Seoul. You dragged your small suitcase behind you and searched for a familiar face in the sea of people who were also waiting for the other arrivals. You spot a petite figure holding up a cute card with your name on it.

She waves happily, “언니!”

You wave back and approached her with light steps. “Dachi! Long time no see!” You give her a one-armed hug which she returned gleefully. 

“Ah, you’re really here! Feels like yesterday when we were  overthinking this whole trip.” She laughed as she expertly led you through the airport. “You have to tell me everything! Aren’t you starving? Wanna grab a quick bite first or should we go straight where your boyfriend is?”

“He can wait. I need some food in my system.” You chuckled, while you did miss him, food comes first. “So… How’s New York? You look like you’ve adjusted pretty well over the year.”

Dachi shrugs pompously and you ruffle her hair. “I’m still me but if it weren’t for your English lessons, I would’ve evaporated.” She hails a cab and you quickly give directions to your boyfriend’s shared flat where you will be staying for the next two weeks. “There’s a really great pizza place near the flat. You should eat nothing but New York pizza today. I’ll treat you!”

You laugh and look out the window, suddenly recalling how your strange friendship with Dachi began. After the whole ruckus, Dachi had gone back to school and established her fame as a genius pianist in the university and Jin, being the nosey pants that he was, assigned you to cover Dachi’s story for one of his final student council projects. You learned then that she was just young and prone to stupidity and that you were being petty for harboring a grudge against a person who only loved to the point of insanity.

Apologies were made, introductions were properly redone and the rest was history. 

You were so lost in the memories that you hadn’t noticed that you’ve arrived. 

“You have a key, right?” Dachi asked as you two ascended the stairs. She left you to grab something in her flat which was only two floors above your boyfriend’s. 

You took in the idyllic room, remembering his strict instructions not to open the blue door on the right because that was his roommate’s room and go to the white one on the other side instead. Twisting the door open, you smiled at the immediate sight that greeted you. The room was simple and bright, much like his personality. On the bed was a bear wearing your shirt and a bouquet of peonies. 

You set your bags in a corner and went to his desk,. Finally recognizing the background, as you stood by it, that you’ve seen through countless video calls. Framed pictures of your selcas with him and that one artsy shot of you looking at each other taken by Hoseok’s girlfriend. You invited yourself over to the bed and took out the card from the peonies.

‘Ah… I have to say something romantic, but I want to see you as soon as possible, so get out of the house now.’ It said and you laughed like a lunatic.

“Y/N-unnie, let’s go! We’re going to be late.” Dachi’s voice rang through the apartment and you immediately grabbed your carry-on bag to meet her in the hallway. You linked your arms with her as you descended into the streets of downtown New York once more and though Dachi frowned at your choice of pizza, she chatted animatedly about her life in New York and her stint as a pianist for the New York City Ballet Orchestra as you both walked towards your next destination.

“Oh, by the way, Yoongi sends his regards. I guess it’s his way of saying, ‘Hi, I’m fine. Hope you’re doing okay.’” You cut through her story about missing japchae and k-pop. You saw how she tried to hide the blush that crept on her cheek. It was undeniable that she was still crushing on Yoongi after all these time.

“D-Did he really say that?” she sputtered out as you crossed at an intersection.

“Gosh, you’re so cute.” You remarked and she shot you a look before you finally said, “Yes! He’s sending his regards, but I hope you don’t get your hopes up ‘coz he’s dating someone.”

“Wh-Who said I was getting my hopes up?” she huffed and let go of your arm pretending to be mad as she walked ahead of you.

You rolled your eyes and chuckled under your breath, pulling out your phone to send a quick text when you bumped into someone, briefly losing your balance until the other person steadied you.

“Y/N?” His deep voice was as alluring as he tried to meet your eyes.

“Namjoon! What a coincidence, I was just about to text you.” You both exchanged a friendly embrace before pulling away to take in each other’s appearance. He was in a dapper suit with his signature glasses and sleeked back hair. “You look great!”

“Really?” He averted your gaze easily, the way he always did when he received compliments, and flashed you a dimpled smile when he recovered. “Thanks, so do you! It’s great to see you here in New York, Y/N and congratulations on landing that job by the way, I knew you’d get it.”

“I wouldn’t have gotten it without your help, Joonie.” You laughed, the old nickname immediately surfacing without a hint of awkwardness.

“What help? It was pure coincidence, but makes me think how small the world is. When my girlfriend saw your resume, she simply asked me out of chance and how can I not put in a good word for you after everything we’ve been through?” he shrugged, taking a sip out of a coffee cup that he’s been holding.

“You mean how I slaved under your office during senior year, Mr. President? You know what, looking back, you do owe me a few things.” You teased and he easily snickered along. “Anyway, let’s catch up soon? I’ll be going to the company to sign a few papers on Monday anyway.”

“Yeah, sure! Just let me know. I’m busy with transferring to the new firm and all that, but I can make time.”

“Okay, see you around.” You passed by each other, but when you were a few paces ahead, you turned around and called, “Hey, Attorney Kim!”

He turned to look at you with an amused smile at his newfound nickname, “I’m not an attorney yet!”

“You will be!” you held up your best ‘fighting’ pose and he shook his head in embarrassment. When he already pivoted on his way, you said in the sincerest manner, “Thank you for being my friend, Namjoon-ah.”

Suddenly, you felt Dachi grab your elbow and drag you in the opposite direction, “Let’s go! You’re so slow.”

In a matter of moments, moments that didn’t prepare you at all for the sudden influx of emotions, you were sitting in front of a stage where hours later, a huge winter gala will be held. Dachi winked at you and beamed as she sat on the piano bench. The lights dimmed and the music played for the rehearsal of one of New York’s finest dance companies. Your heart was drumming a faster rhythm than the piano accompaniment and your fingers were twitching in anticipation until finally, you saw him.

With his silver hair and fair skin, his dainty fingers… all clad in black as he flew onstage where he always felt like a thousand miles away and yet, you knew that’s exactly where he belongs. He didn’t belong to you, he never did. You were someone whose hands he held along the way and when the time came, you were the first to set him free.

And yet there you were because you said you can wait. When the music came to an end, he didn’t even spare a second and jumped off the stage, barefoot and short of breaths. He closed the distance between you in three, easy strides and gathered you in his arms to kiss you. You tried to meet him halfway, launching yourself towards him and wrapped him tight in your embrace.

His kiss was as sweet as that first drunken night years ago and your veins sung for his name as you both inhaled each other’s scent.

Park Jimin, Park Jimin, Park Jimin… your head went completely white and only his passion-colored name was imprinted in your thoughts as he kissed you deeper, his tongue caressing yours in an urgent manner. He would not have pulled away if the dance company and the orchestra hadn’t started applauding. Most of them hollering in disbelief at how cute, bubbly Jimin was locking lips with a girl they’ve never met before.

Goosebumps covered your arms when his eyes met yours. “Hi.” He barely said in his sweet tone before he went in for another kiss. “Y/N, my Y/N, you’re here.” He chanted against the crook of your neck as held you close. “I missed you so, so much. I can’t believe you’re finally here with me.”

You could tell from the way his voice cracked that he was close to tears while you were already shedding them. “You’re so clingy. We just haven’t seen each other for one and a half year…” You muttered against his chest. “…one and a half year that felt like it was 10.”

“I know, finally.” He kissed you again then kissed your forehead. “Finally, I’m right where I belong.”

“Here in this hall?”

“No, with you.” You laughed at his cheesy remark, but your heart swelled at the thought that he was longing for you as much as you were longing for him. “You’re home, my own personal home.”

“Welcome home, then, love.” You smiled and he wiped your tears away.

“I’m home.”

And when the lights, the music, the glitter and the noise of New York City died down that night, you only listened to the sound of each other’s heart as you lay in bed, skin to skin, lips to lips.

You chose a path and you were glad that it led to that one exact moment in the lifetime of moments you wish to share with Jimin.

End of Epilogue.

Genre: Angst/Fluff/Drama/Romance/CollegeAU

Pairing: ReaderxJimin

Summary: It’s the number one rule: you should never fall in love with your best friend or worse, Min Yoongi. With love in the equation, it becomes much difficult to find the right answer. Is it really true that you can’t choose who you fall in love with?

One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten Eleven TwelveThirteen Fourteen Fifteen Sixteen Seventeen Eighteen Nineteen Nineteen Point Five Twenty Twenty One Twenty Two (END) Epilogue

a/n: Hey lifetime of moments anon, I finally used your phrase! Lol here’s the epilogue I had the idea to make it longer and more comprehensive, but I guess this captured what I wanted to tell.  Not my best to be honest, but… ah, I don’t have excuses. byeeeee


Title: I Deserve Better
Fandom: Glee
Pairing: Noah PuckermanxFem!Reader
Warnings: Cheating, Cursing
Requested: No
Plot: Y/N put her whole heart into a relationship she wanted desperately to work. Yet, the price for devoting her whole self was her heartbreak.
Song Inspiration: “Burn” - Hamilton Soundtrack
If you click on the song name, you will be brought to the song on YouTube :) )

You and your words flooded my senses
Your sentences left me defenseless
You built me palaces out of paragraphs
You built cathedrals

I’m erasing myself from the narrative.

“No, no, that’s fake!” you said, desperately, refusing to believe anything that was being shown to you. “He wouldn’t do that to me.” Your breaths were becoming short as you scrolled through the screenshots of text messages. The more you swiped to the right, the more believable it was becoming. There were flirty text messages and inappropriate pictures, sent from both ends, not just from one.

“I…I’m sorry, Y/N,” Kurt said to you quietly, placing a gentle hand on your arm.

When you let go of his phone with your deathly grip, he slowly pulled it down and placed it aside before wrapping his arms around you.

You could only shake your head frantically. “How’d you find this?” you whispered. “Who showed you?”

“Finn. He saw Puck messaging the girl when they were hanging out and when Puck left his phone, Finn screenshotted it and sent it to me,” your best friend explained.

“I feel so damn stupid,” you spat. “I’m such a fucking idiot.”

“You’re not,” Kurt said. “He clearly is.”

You shook your head again, in complete disbelief that this was actually happening. After you pulled away from Kurt, you sniffled and wiped the tears from your eyes. “Can…Can I be alone, please?”

“I…okay. Just give me a call if you need me,” Kurt told you, sincerely. He hugged you once more before walking out of your room. Before he disappeared quickly, he turned to look at you and offered you a sad smile.

When he left completely, you closed the door behind him and stopped for a moment, just taking in all of the information. When the full brunt of it hit you, you let out a sob before sliding down your door in agony. You covered your mouth first and then your hand moved up to messily wipe away the tears that were pooling down your cheeks. 

And then it struck you - you had been putting so much effort into the relationship, but Puck gave none. Not nearly as much as you were putting in. So why were you crying? You didn’t have anything to cry about. 

But why did it hurt so much? Why did it have to leave you in tears?

In one last attempt to gain your dignity, you made your way to your closet and pulled out any signs of him that you could find. Once you collected everything that he had given you, you took one last look into your closet and found that it was a lot emptier. 

You quickly grabbed the nearest box and stuffed all of the items in there before placing your phone on top. 

When you got down the stairs, your parents looked up from watching a movie on the TV and smiled at you sadly.

Your mother stood up first and went to hug you, but before she could, you told both your mother and father, “Thank you…”

They nodded in understanding as your mother placed a comforting hand on your shoulder. 

In a mutual understanding, you walked out of the house and grabbed your car keys on the way out. 

It felt like only seconds before you arrived at his house and without much of a care, you got out of your car and placed the box on his front doorstep. Before leaving, you snatched your phone, rang the doorbell, and headed off. You were quick to leave, meaning that by the time he got to his door, every trace of you would have been gone.

The last thing you needed to do, you did in your car when you parked in your driveway. You reread the messages that read “I love you” or “Good morning” or “I miss you.”

You would be lying if you said you didn’t feel even a bit of sadness and longing when you read the messages, but with a bitter laugh, you deleted the thread and ignored any future messages that he sent in reply to you leaving his stuff at his door.

Tomorrow, you would walk through the school and you expected everyone to know since rumors and news spread faster than wildfire. But you wouldn’t show any reaction.

Nobody deserved to know how you felt. You deserved so much more than that.

Okay, so I’ve been completely and utterly in love with Hamilton and “Burn” is one of my favorite songs, so I was really really desperate to write a one shot based on that. Hope you enjoyed! Please request! :)

Meeting Kian and Jc for the first time

A/N - I have lots of ideas but I don’t know how to write them yet so if you have any requests, please dm me so I can write those while figuring out how to write the other ones! For now, I hope you enjoy :) 

Request - None


Row 18, 19, 20… 21

You put your hand luggage in the overhead compartment and sat down in the window seat with your handbag and neck pillow. You were flying to London to meet up with some family you hadn’t seen in years and to celebrate the birth of your new little cousin. You loved flying and travelling but you were nervous since you had never flown for this long before, especially on your own. 

Looking around, you could tell that the flight was going to be a hard one. Directly behind you there was a mother with two very young, attention seeking children, one of which had a very piercing scream that you were lucky enough to have the pleasure of listening to in the queue when boarding the plane. A few rows ahead, a larger than average man was already having an argument with a young flight attendant about his lack of leg room, even though he was sitting in the extra leg room seat and couldn’t have had any more room if they tried. Lucky for you, you were the only one sitting on your row so had to extra seats to stretch out on and - 

Your heavenly ideas of sleeping well on this flight was quickly interrupted by a tattered backpack being placed on the seat next to you and two rather attractive boys arguing about who got to sit in the aisle seat. 

K - ‘But you sleep through most flights anyway so it doesn’t matter where you sit!’

J - ‘Kian, the last time we flew, you complained the whole time that the lady on the other side of the aisle smelt and begged me to swap with you, so you sit in the middle this time so that it won’t happen again!’

K - ‘But I can already tell that he doesn’t smell’ The boy with the shorter hair indicated to the teenager behind him who was so engrossed in his game that he didn’t even realise they were talking about him.

J - ‘Ok, fine, you can sit on the aisle seat but on the way back, you have to sit in the middle, deal?’

K - ‘deal’

You smiled as the boy with the curly hair sat down next to you. He hadn’t looked at you yet so you were unsure if you should say anything or just look out the window and ignore him. You found yourself subconsciously watching him as he pulled out a similar gray neck pillow to yours and noticed some kind of feather tattoo poking out the bottom of his t-shirt sleeve. He was rummaging around in his backpack, pulling out cameras and snacks when his sleep mask fell out, landing on your foot. Without thinking, you picked it up and handed it to him. 

J - ‘Thanks, sorry about that’

Y/N - ‘No worries’ you laughed, looking at his face properly for the first time. He was looking at you too, his eyes exploring your face. You felt self-conscious, knowing you hadn’t made much of an effort since it was such a long flight.

J - ‘Im Jc, this is Kian, sorry if we are loud, we will try to be as least annoying as possible.’

The other boy looked up from his phone and smiled.

K - ‘hey! whats your name?’

y/n - ‘Im y/n, and don’t worry, I’m sure you can’t be too annoying’

They both laughed, Kian giving you a forgiving look indicating that you were very very wrong. 

The cabin fell quiet as the pilot started giving the safety speech. You had heard it so many times that you could basically say it with him, so you put in your headphones and watched out the window as you took off. You were travelling through the night so the LA was lit up beneath you, the tiny moving specks of light showing the traffic covering LA, even and 1am. 

Somewhere between the pilots speech and your chill out playlist you had drifted off, only to be woking up by Kian’s very loud laughing and Jc telling him to be quiet. You slowly opened your eyes, shifting your body out of its uncomfortable position and unzipping your hoodie since the plane had warmed up since you had sat down. 

J - ‘Im so so sorry we woke you up, Kian thought it would be funny to pour his water down my neck while I was asleep’

K - ‘It. Was. So. Fucking. Funny’ Kian managed to say through his heavy laughter.

Y/N - ‘No don’t worry, I was already awake anyway’ You lied.

K - ‘I got it on film too. Oh fuck that was good’ Kian recovered from his hysterics, showing you the snapchat he took. The video started with a shot of you and Jc both asleep, you leaning against the window and Jc leaning on your shoulder. You hadn’t even noticed he was there. The camera quickly cut you out of the shot so the rest of the short video was just a close up of Jc.

K - ‘Is it ok if I post this on my story, you are in the background?’ Kian asked and you said yes, its not like any one you knew would see it anyway.

J - ‘Dude people are going to think we are dating, I’m practically laying on top of her’ Jc said to Kian before turning to you

J - ‘Sorry I didn’t mean that in a rude way, but the people who will see that like to take everything way out of proportion.’

You were confused as to what he meant but just laughed in response.

Y/N - ‘I don’t mind what you do with it, as long as I don’t look ugly.’

Jc looked at the video once more before saying 

J - ‘No you don’t, you look beautiful’

This caused you to blush. Kian made a little puppy face saying ‘awwwwww.’ This caused you to blush a lot more.

Y/N - ‘Thank you, but your too kind’

J - ‘This may be a weird question but I’m making a little montage video of this trip and I was wondering if I could film you looking out of the window or something’

Y/N - ‘Yeah of course, whats the video for?’ you asked. You didn’t know why he would want to film you but you didn’t see why not.

J - ‘Its for youtube, Its kind of hard to explain but when I’ve made the video, I will text you or something, can I have your number?’ 

You spent the next few minutes exchanging numbers, following each other on social media and what not. Your phone didn’t have signal or anything so you couldn’t follow them back but Kian and Jc happily used their 3G despite the costs they would probaly get from using it abroad. 

It was around 4.30am when Jc asked to film you. The sun had just started to rise it was a beautiful golden sky. You looked out the window, feeling the heat of the sun on your face and tried not to squint. Jc told you to just act natural so you stared out of the window for a bit before turning around and smiling at something behind Jc since he said not to look into the lens. 

J - ‘Thats perfect, thank you.’ Jc said, watching back the footage on the small display screen of his camera. 

The rest of the flight was spent chatting, exchanging stories and playing stupid games to keep you all entertained. You noticed Kian was a lot more shy than Jc, despite being the louder one. Slowly, he became more comfortable and soon he was happily joining into the conversation more. He was happiest when you were having a conversation about tattoos, and you loved listening to him explaining the meanings behind each of his. 

The flight went a lot quicker than expected and you were sad to land since you knew you would probably never see Kian and Jc again. 

J - ‘Thank you for being such good company y/n. We would love to meet up with you sometime.’

K - ‘Yeah, if we don’t get a chance to in London we always could when we are back in LA!’

Y/N - ‘I would love too, I’m free most of this week so I will probably be wondering around London’

J - ‘So will we, I will text you and we could go for lunch or something’

Y/N - ‘Sounds perfect! If I don’t see you, have a lovely time in England!’

KnJ - ‘You too!’

You picked up your bags from the baggage reclaim and headed towards the taxi service. While you were waiting for a taxi you logged into the airports free wifi and hundred of notifications came through. Most of them were from instagram and your recent photos of you in your pool was filled with comments saying ‘KIAN AND JC FOLLOWED YOU’ and ‘Who is this girl?!’ You had also gained hundreds of followers on twitter and everyone was tweeting you screenshots of Kian’s snapchat story. 

You checked Kian and Jc’s profile and saw that they both had over 3 million followers on both instagram and twitter. You had no clue that they were famous and spent the rest of the wait for the taxi trying to find out exactly who you had just spent 9 hours on a plane with. 


I hope you guys like this! Sorry if there are any errors ( haven’t re read it because I’m trash)

This was inspired by a dream I had the other night because I dreamt that this happened to me but with Harrison Webb, it was the best dream I have ever had. Anyways, thank you for reading! See you soon X

Sweet Dreams (11)


Pair: Taehyung x Reader x Jungkook (poly relationship)
Word count: 1,080

Part one ; Part two ; Part three ; Part four ; Part five ; Part six ; Part seven ; Part eight ; Part nine ; Part ten ;

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You couldn’t believe he actually did it.

But if you were being honest with yourself, you really shouldn’t have been. Something like this didn’t seem much like something Taehyung wouldn’t do.

You were looking at your phone for what was probably the hundredth time, looking at the photo that was being passed around.

Taehyung had posted it on the BTS twitter and it was taken down shortly after, but not before the fans got to it. Screenshots were everywhere. A picture of the three of you, Jungkook and Taehyung each kissing one of your cheeks and making a hand heart together below your face while you took the picture. The caption of the tweet read simply “confirmed -V”

You distinctly remember when the picture was taken too. It was early on into the relationship, Taehyung wanted a cute picture of the three of you so he could have it as his background. He then later got into both yours and Jungkook’s phones and changed your backgrounds to it.

Taehyung and Jungkook had been called to talk to management as soon as he posted the picture, needing to go talk to them, so you were in your apartment alone, just thinking about it.

You’d imagined that you’d feel a great amount of relief with being open with the both of them, but you didn’t. You felt the same as you did before. Nothing really changed except that people now know about all three of you instead of you and Jungkook.

You were deep in thought when you heard the door open, followed by a loud “Wooo!”

Taehyung and Jungkook walked in, both grinning. “I’m guessing the talk went well? You guys look really happy,” you said to them.

Taehyung flopped next to you, his head on your lap. “They said they wish they could do something, but it’s spread too much, so for now, they’re gonna let it play out.”

Jungkook sat down on the end of the couch, Taehyung putting his legs on him. “So basically, for now, we’re all allowed to be open.”

You nodded and smiled widely at the two of them. “That’s great! You two can be open as well, the fans are going to be ecstatic,” you said.

Taehyung snorted. “Yeah, of course. They seem to like you though, at least most of them, so we should be fine.”

You shrugged. Only time could tell.

“Y/N help!” you heard a cry from the living room. You were in the kitchen, making lunch. You sighed and decided to go see what was going on.

When you walked into the living room, you were greeted by Taehyung and Jungkook on the floor, your son Ilsung sitting on top of them and laughing. “Y/N we’ve been captured, help us!” the older man said, smiling, clearly doing it to make Ilsung laugh.

You rolled your eyes. “It’s lunch time anyway, I think he’ll be fine letting you go long enough to eat, yeah?” you asked the boy.

Quickly, Ilsung got off his fathers, going to the table to wait for his food. He had a strong love for food, something his uncle Jin was proud to find out and used to his advantage when he was watching him.

You remembered when you found out you were pregnant with Ilsung almost three years ago. As soon as you found out, Taehyung and Jungkook decided that they didn’t want to know who’s baby it technically was, that they were content both being the fathers. However, once he was born and got older, the fact that he looked just like Jungkook made it clear who’s it was. 

Despite that, Taehyung still treats Ilsung like he has no clue, happily treating him like his own. However, he became mindset that he got to make the next one. He definitely followed through. You were once again pregnant, 17 weeks along.

As you were walking around, passing out the food, you were stopped by a hand on your stomach. “Noona, make sure you don’t strain yourself, alright?” Jungkook asked, rubbing your rounded stomach. Despite the fact that you had his child and have been with him for going on 6 years, Jungkook still called you that, although you didn’t mind. It was cute.

You nodded before continuing to set the food down. “I know, I won’t. After all, all you two let me do is cook when I’m pregnant, I’m not porcelain you know,” you stated.

Taehyung swallowed his food and nodded. “We know, but we don’t want you to get hurt or hurt the baby. After all, we took good care of you last time, and look how that turned out,” he said, looking at Ilsung, who was mowing down on his food.

You nodded and walked to Ilsung, kissing the top of his head. “I know, I wouldn’t take him any other way.”

Taehyung nodded again. “By the way, we’re going to be having another comeback soon, so we’re not gonna be around a whole lot,” he said with a frown.

You sat down in your usual spot, looking at him. “Yeah? I’m used to it. It’s not like you guys haven’t been idols most of our relationship, and with Jungkook it’s been the entire relationship.” you said, starting to eat.

Taehyung looked at Jungkook, who spoke. “Yeah, we know. We’re going to have someone stay with you while we’re gone so that you won’t be alone.”

You finished the food in your mouth before sighing. “Guys, I really don’t need that. I’m fine on my own, I can handle-”

“Yes, we know but it’s just in case. You’re pregnant and Ilsung is two, you’re both pretty vulnerable while we’re gone. Just so we feel a bit better about leaving, okay?” Taehyung asked, taking your hand and squeezing it.

You paused, looking between your boyfriends, then to your son before sighing. “Yeah..okay. To make you feel better,” you said with a playful smile.

They became busy again a week or two later, having a friend stay with you to help out. Their schedule cleared up just in time to be around for the birth of your new daughter, once again, looking just like her father. You made a joke about how nobody would ever be able to know they’re your kids because neither of them looks like you, but in all reality, you wouldn’t change it for the world. You love your kids exactly as they are, as well as their two idol fathers.

End! Hope you enjoyed!

SugarDaddy!Cal Pt. 20 [FINALE]

A/N: Holy fuckballs you guys, it’s finally come to an end. I just want to thank everyone for all of the nice feedback and support, and definitely for sticking with me this long. This series is honestly one of the best things I’ve done in a while if I’m being honest, and I’m glad that I got to share it with you. Who knows, maybe I’ll write a sequel to this pretty soon. This chapter is honestly just one long imagine full of different fluff scenes to makeup what for what happened at the end and I’m apologizing beforehand. Also, I tagged each person in the section of their idea and thanks for the suggestions. Tysm again, and I hope you enjoy the finale💕 

I swear I never noticed how many tats Calum actually had until I wrote this, good lord.


Parts: One/ Two/ Three/ Four/Five/Six/Seven/Eight/
Sixteen/ Seventeen/ Eighteen/ Nineteen/ Twenty{END}

“I don’t understand why you just won’t go to the doctor.” Calum tried to persuade you for the millionth time as he held your curls away from your face and rubbed soothing circles onto the small of your back.“ You’ve been sick for what, three weeks now?”

You’ve been sick a little longer than that, but you decided to keep that to yourself.

“I’m okay.”

“No, you’re not.” He argued whilst rolling his eyes. He always found your stubbornness bitter sweet. “You’re going to see a doctor.”

“Ashiiid.” You laughed lightly, letting your boyfriend know that you found him as a joke.

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7/9. Constantly sending Dean snaps of you and he won't admit it but he finds the filters you use to be cute.

A/N: I put these two together because they really worked. 8 probably also could’ve fit, but I just went with these two. Not my prompts, just my stories. Enjoy!

Word count: 680


“What the hell even is that?” she hears his loud voice yell through the bunker, and she stifles a giggle.

“I make a cute ass bunny!” she yells back, biting her bottom lip.

She waits a few minutes for him to send a response, but he doesn’t. He never does.

That doesn’t deter her, she’s determined to get him to send at least one snap eventually.

She already knows that it’ll take a while. Hell, it took almost a month of convincing him to make him actually download the Snapchat app.

She gnaws on her bottom lip and flips through the filters, looking for a good one.

She pauses at the flower crown, smiling to herself.

Oh, he’d get a good laugh out of this one.

She takes a picture of herself, adds a caption, and sends it.

“Another one?” he crows moments later, and she grins to herself as it shows that he’s seen her message.

Within seconds, he’s peering into her room from the hallway.

“A basic white girl?” he raises an eyebrow as he refers to her comment.

“The dog filter and the flower crown are the basic white girl filters,” she explains with a grin to him. “All the girls use them.”

“You do realize what you’re saying, right?” he asks, giving her a look.

“Oh, allow me my one guilty pleasure,” she sticks her tongue out at him. “This is the closest I get to being a girl.”

“Yeah, but you don’t have to send me pictures every few minutes,” he tells her, and she shoots him a look of her own.

“If you just responded to my snaps I wouldn’t send them all the time,” she cuts back. “All it takes is one little message, or a cute picture. That’s it.”

“I’m not going to send you a picture,” he tells her for the fourth time today. “This thing is dumb, anyways.”

She gasps and feigns being hurt. “Are you saying that all those cute selfies I send you are dumb?”

“They’re not cute, they’re weird,” he shakes his head. “And get out of bed, your last three snaps have had the same exact background.”

“Ooh, you’re learning the lingo already!” she gasps, and he groans before he walks away.

She smiles to herself and debates on sending him a really strange snap, maybe the toilet face one. She finally decides against it, that she won’t bless him with such a picture until he starts sending some back of his own.

“I’m still waiting on a snap!” she calls, knowing that he’s still within earshot.

“You’re not gonna get one!” he returns, and she exhales, frowning to herself.

Maybe she needed to think outside the box…

She sighs and looks through what she’s got, and finally decides on her last snap for a little while.

After fixing her hair and sitting up so that it wouldn’t be the same background as the pictures from before, she takes a picture with the black and white filter with bright red lipstick.

She’s pretending to blow him a kiss, just the slightest bit of cleavage showing that adds a sexy flare to the picture.

No caption on this one, just the picture and send.

She doesn’t hear any comment from this one, but she sees when he opens it.

A symbol appears, and she bites her lip.

“They’re not cute, huh?” she calls.

“What are you talking about?” he returns in an even voice, but she has all the proof she needs.

“The one I just sent you,” she informs him, as if he doesn’t already know.

“I just got your flower one, nothing else,” he says, and she shakes her head.

“Liar!” she yells back, racing down the hall to find him. She walks into his room and smirks. “Nice try, though.”

“I haven’t gotten one, Sweetheart,” he tells her as she walks up to him.

She looks him in the eye as she sits down on his lap and straddles him, looping her arms around his neck.

“I can see that you screenshot it, Dean.”

5 Years- Blacknut

hey um, today is 7/8/17 just wanted to say this scenario is cringey, just full on cringe, so is part two. like i apologize for how cringe this is.

Backstory: You debuted as an artist in 2006, you became big worldwide. Left your company in 2012 to join JM. You met Blacknut in 2011 and hit it off, so you start dating. You keep it lowkey, for 5 years, suprisingly no one catches on. You pretty girl, so yk them boys wanna hit you up and Blacknut is not a fan of

The both of you were siting in your studio working on a song, and you started day dreaming.

“Hahahahaha,” you laughed out loud.

“What? Did you think of a funny meme again?” He said, confused.

“No, no, I just think it’s so funny that we’ve been together for around 5 years now, and no one knows. Well no one has confronted us. It’s not like our relationship is a deep dark secret, we make it obvious some days, right?” You constantly thought about this a lot, how come no one knows.

“Somedays, yeah. I mean we come out of mine or your studio looking like a mess. That pretty much screams that we’re together, I think.” He replied. “It’s definitely because of all those music videos, you’re in with other rappers. People probably think you’re a whore.” He said jokingly.

“Fuck you, people think you’re a virgin. At least, it looks like I’m getting it in with successful people.” You barked back.

“Well you know the truth, and you were my first and I was your first. Sadly, I’m stuck with you for the rest of my life.” Daewoong replies sarcastically.

“Yeah, it must be really hard for you as I’m the one the brings in 99.99% of our income. Oh, and how much it must suck dating such a distinguished artist. What a horrible life you live, dating a celebrity that has made so much money in the past 11 years that you could never earn in your life.”

This was a normal conversation between you and Daewoong, to anyone else it’d seem like fighting. Sure, you sometimes hurt his feelings but he knows how to egg on a person, that’s probably why he is really good at dissing.

“Oh, I have a good idea!” You said excitedly.

“Is it getting back to the song?” He said.

“No, not that. We can do that another day. We should post pictures with each other. The privacy was great for these past 5 years, but I want to see how the public reacts to us. We don’t have to if you don’t want to.” You proposed this idea, that you knew wouldn’t get the most positive response.

“I like this idea of yours, but like do I have to post appropriate photos? If yes, then we must keep this relationship a secret till death.” Daewoong replied.

“Show me the photos before you post, deal? I’ll post some throughout each year, and you can post whatever you want as long as you have my approval.” You compromised.

“I’m older than you, I should be able to post what I want. But, I guess since it’s your idea I will respect it.”  He said pretending to be defeated.

“No, next…”




“God no.”

“You gotta be kidding me, no. Is there anything appropriate?”

2 hours passed.

“Please just chose one, do you really care if they are inappropriate?” He pleaded.

“All your photos of me, are fucking nudes.” You were impatient as well.

“Well, it’s not like people don’t want to see your nudes. If you want me to blur out the bad parts, I will.”

“That won’t make it any better, idiot.” You kept on scrolling through his phone.

You finally came across a photo you really liked, this is probably the only appropriate photo you’ve came across so far. The photo made you happy, it was a mirror picture of the both of you on Valentine’s Day last year. You were wearing a red flowly strapless dress, he was dressed nicely kind of like a waiter, but he looked handsome.

“This one.” You said.

“Finally,” he said. “Cute. Does the caption have to be appropriate too? Can the caption be ‘Fucked her every Valentine’s Day for the past 5 years.’” Daewoong replied, and you glared at him.

You lightly punched his shoulder, "No, pervert. Caption it the date it was taken. You better do that with every photo you post, if I see any inappropriate caption, I swear I will end you.”

“I think you can trust me with the photo selection now, I don’t want to be sitting here for another century. No full out nudes and only dates as captions.” And with that said you gave him your trust, and left your studio.

You picked out photos from each anniversary together, and you posted the first photo you ever took together. To not be such a prude, you posted a photo of him kissing your neck. Without a doubt you had to be cautious of younger fans it was inevitable, even Daewoong had younger fans, but he didn’t have boundaries unlike you. So checking what he posted didn’t make you the happiest person, but you expected it. He posted a photo of you two in the shower with makeup pouring down your face, and captioned it as ‘she is so beautiful!’ Another photo was his hand palming your ass with the caption as ‘5 fingers, 5 years. Love you! ❤’ He didn’t follow your orders, and at this point you didn’t bother stopping him. In a matter of seconds posting your photos your social media blew up, as well as your text messages.

Daewoong came running out of the studio to the hangout area laughing, “Didn’t listen to your rules, because why the hell would I. You gotta look at what people are saying. A lot are confused, some are offended, and others really like the photos I posted of you.” He took a seat next to you on the couch and you read the comments together on your post, it truly shocked people. After a couple of minutes, the all of the JM crew except Swings showed up in front of you in shock. They looked down at the both of you, but no one spoke, so you and Daewoong just went back reading comments.

“Um, excuse me. Have you guys really been together that long?” Giriboy spoke up.

“Yeah, none of you caught on so we just kept it to ourselves for the most part.” You replied.

“Good for you, Daewoong. I don’t want to offend you are anything, but I find it amazing, how did you possibly get with Y/N. Please tell me the story when you have the time. Anyways, congratulations to you guys for staying together for so long.” Vasco said with a smile on his face, he was seriously so proud of Daewoong that it surprised you.

“Thank y-” Daewoong was cut off by Cjamm.

“No, don’t congratulate them, do you realize how much press this is going to get? Swings is going to be so pissed, especially at you Daewoong. All of the photos you posted are so inappropriate. Y/N, you have the biggest following in Korea, just imagine the amount of criticism you will receive online. You guys just fed the media a weeks worth of food, and our PR team is going to be pilled in shit.”

“We liked the photos.” Nochang and Vasco said in synch.  

“Because your fucking pervs.” Sungmin replied angrily.

“Excuse me that is not how you speak to your elders, young man. You can’t even deny you don’t like those photos, you talk about Y/N everyday.” Vasco scolded Sungmin.

“Shut up. That doesn’t make it right.” Sungmin said defeated and embarrassed.

“You’re just jealous its not you in those photos.” Vasco replied further embarrassing him.

“Sungmin, don’t stress. I know that Daewoong’s post are extremely inappropriate, and I told him to post the opposite. But, if you compare those photos to let’s say music videos or photo shoots I’ve been in, they’re equally the same. I’m well aware there is a huge difference between the two, but too late to delete them now, when there are plenty of screenshots. The worse that will come out of this is hate. I’m gonna lose fans, but I will also gain fans. When Swings comes back later, I will deal with him myself, it was my idea.” You said reassuring the group of men. “Now I will be in Swings office waiting for him, please go on with your day.”

There will definitely be a pt. 2, and I apologize if there’re any mistakes, grammar wise. Anyways I hope you guys enjoy, I haven’t made a scenario in a while, but I will try my best to make them more often. I also apologize for how short this is.

Cheer Up Buttercup

Prompt: Grayson’s been down lately so you spend the day showering him in compliments

A/N: So I’m a totally Dolan Twins fanatic and their Coachella posts have got me in my feels so I decided to write an imagine based on Grayson so, I hope you guys enjoy ♡

warnings: Pretty crappy and horrible time skip transitions so my apologies. 

You sat at the counter, twisting left and right as you ate your bagel. You kept glancing up at Grayson who stood at the stove, making pancakes for him and Ethan with his back to you. 

The twins had asked you the week prior if you would go shopping with them for Coachella, and you accepted, always grateful to help people out. But, as soon as Ethan let out inside the apartment and you caught a glimpse of Grayson, you automatically knew something was wrong, by the way his shoulders slouched and his eyes were constantly looking down.

You of course asked him if he was okay and he mumbled a yes, kissing your head before going to make breakfast; you didn’t believe him one bit. 

Through the whole time of dating Grayson, you have never seen him upset. You’ve seen him angry, embarrass, and of course those occasional sad moments while watching a movie, but him and Ethan both were always so upbeat and happy. This, was something new for you. 

You sat your bagel down, taking your phone out your pocket and opening snapchat. 

“Whoa Gray! Look at you cooking without your shirt!”

Grayson turned around at the sound of you speaking his name, seeing you sitting there with a grin as you angled your phone at him. He couldn’t help but to grin back, a spike of happiness at your compliment and happy face.

“Thanks babe,”

Graysons happy mood lasted through breakfast, but it quickly vanished when you guys slid into the car. You sat in the back, laughing as Ethan went crazy with his dace moves, doing his best to keep control of the wheel in the process. 

Grayson was leaning against the door, gazing out the window silently. 

You guys pulled up the mall and you all got out. Ethan went ahead of you two, excited to shop. Grayson slowly followed him and you ran up, grabbing a hold of his hand.

“You look good today,” you said, “I mean, you look good everyday. Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you not looking good. Even in those horrible looking screenshots, you look good,”

Grayson smiled, looking at you as you stared in front of you, rambling on about his appearance. He squeezed your hand, planting a kiss on your cheek.

“You look good too Y/N,”

The shopping portion went rather well. You gave the boys your opinions on their outfits and helped them throw some stuff together, while finding some stuff for yourself; you also made sure to throw compliments at Grayson about his hair every now and than just to see him smile at you. You helped take pictures of them with some fans and some even asked for you to join in the photo as well, which made you happy.  Now, the three of you were sitting in the food court. 

“Thanks for tagging along Y/N,” Ethan said through a mouthful of food. You smiled at him, shrugging a bit.

“Yeah of course. I’m always glad to help. You guys, are gonna look great at Coachella. Cameron too,” 

“And, it’s all because of you,” Grayson said making you smile at him.

“It’s a shame you can’t go with us, but I’m sure New York will be even better,” Ethan said before standing up, “I gotta pee so I’ll be right back,” 

You watched as he walked away before looking back at Grayson who sat across from you. He picked at his food, his mood and expression changing within a second. You pulled out your phone, doing your best to not make it noticeable when you snapped a few pictures of him; of course he noticed.

“Why are you taking pictures of me?” He asked, raising an eyebrow as he looked up at you.

“I couldn’t help it, you’re very pretty,” You said still looking down at your phone. 

Grayson grinned for about the thousandth time at your thousandth compliment since this morning. 

“I like when you smile. It makes me happy,” you said, looking up at him finally. 

“I’m always smiling,” 

“That would explain why I’m always happy,” 

The two of you stared at each other happily. Grayson opened his mouth to tell you something, but was cut off by Ethan running back over.

“Yo Gray, some of the guys are here. They wanna hang for a bit,” He exclaimed before looking at you. “You don’t mind do you Y/N? Being the only girl?”

You shook your head, “Nah. Of course not,” You and Grayson stood, throwing out your trash and following Ethan towards their friends. 

Grayson still seemed pretty down, even with the guys being around. He held onto your hand tightly and you listened to their conversations, laughing along to some jokes. They’d constantly bring you in, not wanting you to feel left out, but you didn’t mind just listening. 

You heard Grayson sigh quietly and you slowed down your walking pace, him doing the same with out questioning. You waited until the others were out of hearing range before speaking.

“What’s wrong?” you asked, glancing at Graysons now serious expression. 

“What? Nothing,” 

You stopped, causing him to stumble at the sudden action of you jerking him. He looked at your concern expression and sighed.

“Are you sure you can’t come to Coachella? I can pay for you and I’ll also pay for another concert ticket for you and Y/B/F,” 

“Gray,” you said sighing, “I told you I was fine with not going. You guys are already paying for Cameron to go, plus I want you to have fun for once without me tagging along,”

“But, it won’t be fun without you,” he said frowning.

“Is this why you’ve been so upset? Because I’m not going to Cochella?”

He sighed, “It’s not just that. You’re gonna be in New York which is across the country. I’m afraid you’re gonna like it better there and not want to come back or you’re gonna run into some hot, 23 year old model and fall in love,” 

“First of all, that’s illegal because I’m underage and second of all you’re a hot model Gray. You don’t think I’m upset about you staying here in LA while I’m somewhere else? You’re gonna be surrounded by all these smoking hot girls-”

“You’re a smoking hot girl!”

“I meant girls hotter than me, and I’m paranoid that you’re gonna run into some hot 23 year old model and fall in love,”

“That’s illegal because I’m underage,” 

You rolled your eyes at him throwing your own words back at you. 

“I’m serious Y/N!” He exclaimed, “It happens in movies all the time!”

You reached up, grabbing his face and bringing his lips to yours. Grayson was caught by surprise, but quickly kissed back, wrapping his arms tightly around you. You two finally pulled away in a time span that didn’t feel like enough.


“I might need a few more,” 

You laughed, nudging him a bit, “Later, right now we need to find the guy,”

He groaned, but took your hand away mumbling as he pulled you along.

“There you two are! Where have you guys been?” Ethan asked as you two got closer.

“We got distracted by something, sorry” You said.

“ You okay Grayson? Your face is pretty red,” 

Grayson glanced at you before looking at his brother, smiling.

“Never been better,” 

Twitter Trouble

I found the #onlyingotham tumblr page @hashtagonlyingotham and they had this post X that I had to write a little thing over.

Word count: 1,432

This was the last straw. You decided coming home to find that - once again- some Batboy or Batfam member had to break into you home, the window glass in a neat little pile right under your window. It was probably an accident as there was a post it note attached to your window frame with a quick scribbling of Sorry! But this and been the third time in two months! You growled and pulled out you cell phone, dialing up your brother who lived in the suburbs of Gotham, and also replaced windows.

“Hey! Yeah, we’re still on for dinner this weekend.” You said as he answered, “but it happened again. Yeah, yeah, you’d think they’d pick a different apartment…. Okay,” You sighed in relief as you brother agreed to head up to your place, “Thanks. Yeah, see you soon. Love you!”

You worked on cleaning the glass, thankful that whoever had broken the window had also cleaned it a little. By the time that was through, your brother arrived, but instead of the regular window glass that he had used last time, he had something else… You both smiled at each other, “This is gonna be great.” He smiled, “Shouldn’t break like the bass, but it can open just like a window for fire safety.”

“Awesome!” You beamed and helped you brother install the new window. The tweeted about it, not expecting anything to come of it.

It was about three weeks later, you were home sitting on your couch watching the news. When there was a loud bang, you rushed over to your window to see Red Robin lying on your fire escape, having hit your new window and moaning in pain. You opened the window, and jumped when Red Hood and that little, grumpy robin land on the fire escape above you. Robin quickly grappled away, obviously chasing someone. But Red Hood had to stop because he was laughing, really hard.

Red Robin glanced up at the other vigilante, “Stop laughing, jerk.”

Red Hood tried to get a handle on himself, resulting in … giggles? He easily jumped down onto your fire escape and knelt by Red Robin, “Sorry man, that was just so priceless. You had to be going at least twenty and you hit that thing head on! It’s a miracle that it didn’t break!”

“Not a miracle,” you said, leaning out the window, “Plexi glass. You gonna be okay? Do I need to call an ambulance?”

Red Hood checked over Red robin, both whispering back and forth to each other. Red Hood glanced up at you, “Nah, he’s fine. Probably got a concussion, but he’s fine.” Red Hood reached over to you and you gave him a high-five. “I’ll get ya back to base, Red, just sit back and relax.” You watched as the much bigger man oickedup the smaller one and grappled away, “Have a nice night,” He called over to you.

“Bye! You too!” You called back.

You went back to watching the news, and around midnight, there was a knock on your window. You glanced over and about peed you pants, because it was Batman, and he didn’t look happy. You gulped and opened the window, “uh, Hi?”

Batman scowled at you, “Change your window.”

You snorted, crossing your arms defensively over your chest. “I’d rather not.” Batman glowered at you, and despite his towering over you, you glared right back. “You guys broke my window twice in two months! If my brother didn’t own a business fixing windows, I’d be out several hundred dollars right now. Probably struggling to make rent.”

Batman frowned, “Don’t you have insurance?”

“Hardly anyone can afford that Vigilante/Villain Package,” You explained, “I don’t think anyone in this building has it. I’m sorry Red Robin got hurt, but you guys should stop breaking people windows, m’kay?”

Batman blew a long breath through his nose, “At least put a red ribbon on your window. It’ll help us avoid your window.”

You nodded, “gotcha.” With that, Batman left, and you locked your window once again. Tweeting about the experience, of course…

The next morning, you were getting ready for your interview at Wayne Industries. You were hoping to get a job there and finally leave your boring retail job you had right now. you’d been preparing for weeks, your brother giving you a mock-interview, and helping you with your resume. You were ready for anything. Except, Bruce Wayne greeting you in the lobby. “Hello, Y/N? May I call you Y/N? Please come with me.”

“S-sure,” You replied as he walked you thought the building, “Of course.” This was an entry level job, what in the world… He brought you up to his office without much of an explanation and both of you quickly sat down.

Mr. Wayne sat across from you at his desk and you felt like a kid in the principal’s office. He cleared his throat, “Now, Y/N, I’ve asked you to come to my office because I need you help.”

“My help? Mr. Wayne-“

“Please call me Bruce, Mr. Wayne was my father.”

“Right.” You nodded, “I’m just some kid from the suburbs trying to make it in the city with a degree in Psychology, how can I help you?”

Bruce smiled, and you felt your heart skip a beat Hello, playboy, oh boy… But instead of him hitting on you, he only pulled out screenshots of your tweets, “I’ve come to realize that people are struggling due to Batman and his associates carelessness. I’d like to help people who are inconvenienced by them.”

“Inconvenience,” You dryly chuckled, “Bruce, when people have to chose wether to protect their children from the nightlife of gotham or rent and food, that’s not an inconvenience that’s almost a life or death decision. Some one my neighbors have had to stay up all night with a loaded gun if their windows get broken and they can’t afford to replace it, and have people baby sit their apartments so they aren’t ransacked.”

“Which is something that I don’t want to happen. I’d like to help people avoid this problem, and I think you, someone who’s been in contact with the vigilantes can help broker a system with them.”

You thought abut your neighbors, your brother and your Red Robin hitting your window. You looked Bruce dead in the eyes, “Deal.”

Bruce smiled, “Good. Get contact with the vigilantes started and you and I can hash out your details later.”

The man in front of you was kind,and you didn’t think he’d double cross you. You nodded, offering out your hand, “Deal,” and the two of you shook hands.

You stood on the roof of your building. Bruce had passed word of the meeting to Commissioner Gordon, who promised to pass to the next member of the Batfamily that he saw. It was around two in the morning when you got spooked by three heavy thunks behind you. You jerked your head around to see Red Hood, Red Robin and Nightwing… “Uh, hi,” You stammered. “My name is Y/N L/N. Bruce Wayne asked me to contact you.”

“Yeah and we came,” Rightwing grudged out, “Please explain why, quickly we’re busy.”

You glanced over at Red Robin, “Well, in light of recent events- sorry, about that by the way- we’ve found out certain things.” You pulled showed them a folder that you’d been holding, “These are reports from this apartment building alone for the past year,” They noticed how particularly thick it was, about an inch, “You all have broken these windows and cost these families hundreds each.”

“So?” Red Hood growled, “What are we supposed to do about it?” You pulled a small tin out of your purse and showed it to them, “This is new technology from Wayne Industries.” Red Robin took the ten, a smirk on his face and open it revealing the small inch wide circular items, “Once they are armed by the frequency of breaking glass and switched active if dropped on the ground with enough source. Bruce Wayne would like you to drop one should you ever damage civilian or public property. He’s setting up a fund in order to help those that you unexpectedly and unconsciously harm.”

Each member of the Batfamily took a handful of the trackers before Rightwing nodded to you, “What do you get out of this?”

You squared your shoulders, “I’ll be checking up on every location that you drop a beacon at. To help the civilians make claims.”

Nightwing offered out his hand with a friendly smile, “Welcome to the team.“

Wanna One When Their Girlfriend is a Panwink Shipper

A/N: Sorry it took so long! I really enjoyed making it so I hope you enjoy reading it! Whenever I end up having a bf they are gonna have to accept me for the fangirl I am HAHA


Honestly speaking even though you never directly told him that you are shipping panwink (ongniel too but he doesn’t need to know that yet) he could tell every time you both had hung out with the guys. You both had that relationship where you often teased each other and outed each other on the stupidest things. of course you had never minded when Jisung did that because you knew he wasn’t like that all the time, and that when he would do that kind of stuff it wasn’t that serious. While you were just talking to the guys panwink did something very ship worthy that should’ve caught your attention so since you didn’t notice it Jisung decided he would notice it for you. Making it the most dramatic reaction every he had everyone laughing while you were red and flustered because you had just found out that your boyfriend had known your shipped panwink this entire time. 

“OH MY GOD PANWINK IS REALLL!! Did you all see that?! The fangirls would be going crazy right now. This is the quality material fans need while waiting for us to debut.” *cue his clapping in a circle* 

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Although you were on the down low about shipping Panwink, you were always a person that liked to speak out loud. Or more like sometimes say stuff without really realizing and processing it first. So when you accidentally call Jihoon and Guanlin cute for an interaction they had in front of your Sungwoon just laughed and just sat there. He had known that they had people who shipped some of the members together but he would’ve never thought that his own girlfriend was one of them and honestly, he found it pretty cute. 

“Y/N, you were so cute when you saw Jihoon and Guanlin interacting that way together, how come you don’t act like that around me more?” 

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Minhyun didn’t really ask you about what you shipped or not because he didn’t feel like it was something important. You two often had cute dates where you just talked and enjoyed spending time together. Once night he’s showing you some special footage of Wanna One at the dorm and you immediately spot Panwink playing around in background. instantly changing from your quiet self to a now almost really loud fangirl you scare Minhyun and he has to take a moment to calm his heart before pulling you into a hug explaining how scared he was. 

“You scared me! But at least I know what you really like now, I’ll be sure to get more interactions from them for you to see.”

Originally posted by kwonhyunbi-shi


You’ve never really told Sungwoo that you shipped panwink simply because he never asked. So one night he decided to bring you over to the dorm so that you could hang out with everyone. While you all were playing games together he always took little glances towards you. Eventually he noticed your eyes going towards panwink every time one of them did something together, he put the pieces together. No wonder you occasionally sent pictures of panwink to him saying how cute they were. He just thought you thought of them as cute younger siblings. He chuckled under his breath and muttered something only you can hear that makes you flush red from embarrassment. 

“I never knew you were someone who ships people together. It’s okay because it’s pretty cute though.” 

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You and Jaehwan had been dating for a while so of course when you would text him about pd101 it would be either support for him or you showing him really blurry screenshots as to why panwink exists and that he should just accept it already. So one time you go over to the dorm alone since Jaehwan asked you to. You were immediately greeted by panwink themselves and you tried not to die as your shipping thoughts instantly went through your mind. Jaehwan came into the living room and noticed you sitting with them and he felt that you were about to spit out that you shipping them. Taking the initiative he instantly waved his hand for you to follow him. Once you made it into his room he sighed and smiled while you both sat down on the bed.

“Your expression was so cute trying not to internally die from seeing them like that up close.”  

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Daniel decided to take you to his place (aka the Wanna One dorm) and meet the rest of the Wanna One members, you both had began dating recently but since you guys have been friends for a while he knew about your secret ship about panwink. Once you both entered the dorm you had instantly spotted Panwink playing together to which you whispered, “Panwink is real, I’m witnessing this in real life.” And upon hearing that Daniel would just burst out in laughter, causing everyone to stop and look at the both of you, but he also earned a death glare from you. Later he’ll pull you aside and just smile a bright smile while also putting his hands to your cheeks, 

“You’re so cute but please keep your shipping to a minimum!” 

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You and Jihoon would just be hanging out at the dorm playing games in his room when Guanlin enters and sits next to Jihoon, casually putting his arm around Jihoon and asking what you guys were doing. This caused you to gasp while watching them out of the corner of your eye, sure you were DATING jihoon but that didn’t stop you from shipping them. “oh my gosh i never thought I would see panwink in real life.” This would cause to Jihoon to just pause the game and put his hands over his face and just be so done with life while you are just still fangirling over the fact that you were blessed with seeing panwink interact in front of you.

“Sometime’s I wonder why I didn’t find out about you shipping panwink earlier.” 

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You hadn’t really told Woojin that you shipped Panwink, but you did openly fangirl about the group to him which he really enjoyed. One day you both are just hanging out together cuddling on the couch at your place when a Panwink interaction happens on screen. Unable to keep yourself together you start fangirling a little which surprises Woojin. He smiles a little but then sits up earning an embarrassed look from you. He just picks at his eye and smiles a little before looking back at you. 

“I never thought one of your cutest moments would be when you fangirl about two boys interacting together.”

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Jinyoung had known you shipped Panwink (you both agreed to have no secrets since you trusted each other) but he didn’t really know to what extent. He teased you about it when you guys would watch things that would have Wanna One in it. One day though, you are with the Wanna One members and start fangirling a little when you notice that panwink are basically glued together. Jinyoung notices this and just rubs his eyes and cringes a little. He still loves you but he just cringed a little because you almost openly fangirled about Panwink. 

“Oh Y/N don’t do that in front of them.”

(imagine this without the smile, like jinyoung is trying to cringe at you lowkey but it’s very noticeable HAHA)

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You and Daehwi really only have had really cute dates alone together so you were pumped when he really wanted to show you off to the rest of the Wanna One members. Daehwi knew that you liked talking about your favorite groups but he didn’t know that you hardcore shipped anyone from his group. So while you were just getting to know the members you spotted Panwink doing something, you smiled a little and Daehwi spotted it. When you took a glance at Daehwi he just gave you teasing eyes meaning that he now knows your secret making you flush red. 

“You can’t hide that from me any more! You should’ve just told me you shipped them in the first place.”

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Guanlin might not even know what shipping is really but he’ll probably figure it out every time you mention an interaction you saw with him and Jihoon. He wouldn’t really think about it but when you openly start just almost fangirl about Panwink he’ll just laugh and cover up his face to try and keep his composure because this is the exact reason why he likes you so much. Because your eyes always lit up whenever you talked about something that you really liked and appreciated. 

“You’re so cute when you’re talking about something you love.”

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An Accidental Break-in

A/N: Sorry this is short, I had it written for a while but just had to write a beginning to it. I also had no idea how to continue it so it ends in a weird spot. I hope you enjoy it, sorry for not posting a lot.

J growled at his phone, worried for his henchman. A robbery went wrong and he and Frost got separated.

Just go to the safe house. Frost sent him the address. It wasn’t far away, and he kept to dark alleys to get there. It was just what looked like a run down apartment complex. He went to the room number Frost texted him but the door was locked, which made him decide to climb through the window. The Joker was exhausted, he rarely slept anyways and this night didn’t do anything but give him a temporary rush and cost him money. He went straight to the bed, not even turning on the lights. He found that he slept better than most nights but he just cast that thought away, figuring it was the exhaustion.


Y/N woke up warm, which was surprising since she was so cheap that she doesn’t turn her heat on. Rolling over, her eyes snapped open when she hit something hard. There was a man, extremely pale with green hair and a myriad of tattoos.

“Holy…” She mouthed as she fell off the side of her bed. She got up, unsure whether to run or kill him while she could. What if he is a ghost? Y/N blinked that thought away. Shut the hell up, brain. Giving him a slight poke, she then jumped away. Should I wake him up? Her phone was on the other side of the bed, right next to him. Since her room was so small she decided to climb over him. She placed her knee beside his hip, bringing the other one down on the other side. Grabbing her phone, her eyes didn’t leave his face and she figured she would take a picture.  She positioned the camera above his face and her finger hit the button just as his eyes snapped open. He was met with the sight of the flash and Y/N stared back at him, eyes wide. Neither of them moved, just staring at each other. A grin broke out on his face and she snapped another picture just as his hand wrapped around his throat. She gave a yelp as he flipped her over, now straddling her.

“Now, now. Let’s try that again, shall we?” His other hand went up to the one clutching the phone and he took it from her. He growled in annoyance before glaring at her.

“What’s your password?” Y/N’s chest was heaving as she struggled to remember it, her nerves getting the best of her.

“Uh,um… PB&Jlover123… with the and symbol instead of the ‘and’. Y’know like an 8-” He glared at her until she mumbled a, ‘sorry’, He typed agonizingly slow, and then he raised an eyebrow.

“Look what we have here.” He turned the phone towards her, showing a picture she had of her when she was little.

“Oh, god why is that in there-” J chuckled as he continued to flip through her photos.

“These are some interesting photos.” He said with a smile. Her face turned red, knowing she always screenshotted the fanfictions she wanted to read later. Please don’t be any smut, please don’t be any smut…

“You into this stuff?”

“Uhh, not very?” If she wasn’t too afraid to move she would have facepalmed. “I-I like your tattoos.” OK think, Y/N, what were the things to do if you got kidnapped? She thought back to the article she read on WikiHow. Sympathize with them? Care about what they have to say? Create a bond?

“I respect your opinion.” He gave her a weird look, before continuing to scroll through the photos. Way to go, why don’t you just tell him he has a nice ass while you’re at it?

“I work out too, y’know. We have that in common. The working out part, like I lift weights, and I enjoy going to the bank, which you do to right? See, we have that in common.” Lies, lies, lies, lies…

“Ah, here we are. Oh, I look good in this one.” He found the pictures she took and deleted them.

“Y-yeah I think so too. We have another thing in common, thinking you look good.” She grunted after that sentence, desperately wanting to stitch her mouth up. His eyes moved from the phone to her and he smiled, getting close to her face and laughing his weird laugh. He leaned back and exhaled, rolling his eyes toward the ceiling before looking back down at her.

“So, what are you doing in my house?” He questioned as his hand crept up to tug on a lock of her hair.

“Um, excuse me? This is my house-” The man lost all trace of amusement on his face and she could tell he was thinking about what she told him.

“What’s the address?” She told him the address of the hotel and watched his eyes roll shut in annoyance, mumbling a, “God dammit Frost.” So his name was Frost? He seems like the person to talk to himself.

“Listen, Frost, it’s no problem. It was just a misunderstanding, trust me, I get lost a lot too.” Which is another thing we have in common. She noticed the guy’s eyes widen when she called him ‘Frost’ and he looked amused as hell.

“How long have you lived here?”

“Um, a week? Three, maybe. Thought Gotham would have something to offer, but I can’t seem to find a job.”

“Something tells me you’ll find one.” He leans down in her face, smiling. She can’t help to notice that he has beautiful eyes, but there was something about them that scared her.

“So, uh, that’s what this was, right? You just getting lost? I mean, we didn’t do anything, right?” His eyes locked with hers and he purred.

“Oh I hope we did.” He leaned in close growling, making her eyes widen and her head pushing back against the pillows. He laughed at her discomfort and got off. “C’mon then, girlfriend. Make me some breakfast.”

JB Imagine - Hate & 25 min girlfriend - (Best Friend)

A/N: My apologies for being really inactive on here, school was keeping me really busy this year, but now I’m finally on summer break for more than a month so yeah. Hope you enjoy and be sure to send some requests in my Ask as well as send me some feedback. Much love .xx

(Part 1)

(Part 2) | (Part 3) | (Part 4)

Warning : Language & Violence

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What comes to mind when you think about your friendship with your best friend ? Love…right ? Well that doesn’t seem to exist anymore between Justin and I. We’ve been friends for 8 years and all I get in return is a stab in the back. I love him, always have and possibly always will, which is my problem.

We’ve dated for a while back a couple years ago for some time, though he thought it didn’t work out between us and therefore we broke up. My problem is that even though a new girl within a matter of a week changed him, my love for him is still there. How do I get over it ?

Drama. Drama. Drama…and guess what ? More Drama. It all started when he went on his trip to Hawaii, yeah and guess who wasn’t invited ? Me. He went nude in front of the group of girls that joined him, might I add that I have a niece and cousins at the ages of 6-12 that idolise him. Yeah I understand he’s an adult, he can make decisions of his own and needs his privacy to be respected, but where is the respect for him if he goes nude in front of these girls who he knew for a couple of days.

Now I for one have come to a point where I can’t deal with this anymore, I totally understand Selena’s perspective as to why they aren’t together anymore. Here he is doing messed up shit all over again, yet he says he’s trying to become a better person. Bish where ?

That moment your ex-girlfriend tries to save your fans, while you’re trying to back up your 25 minute girlfriend.

Where is the logic ? Who has been here longer, the fans or that Sofia girl ?

Laying flat on our vintage red couch in utter silence, I was scrolling through Instagram and came across one of Justin’s fans account on the explore page. Yeah we stay together at his house. The post was of a screenshot that his Instagram is deleted. Wait..what ?!

I sat up and became more intrigued, usually just typing the letters J and U show Justins account, but now theirs absolutely nothing. Are you frickking kidding me ?

The front door unlocked, hearing laughs and footsteps across the hall, I turned around to find Justin and Sofia hand-in-hand. No. “Hey” he plainly said. “Uhm Justin, may I speak to you in private ?” I got up from my seat to approach them. “Uh yeah sure” he rolled his eyes. “Excuse us” I shouted as I ran up the stairs and pulling Justin along with me. I locked the door behind us of our room.

“Talk to me” he sat at my study desk, propping his feet on the table. “What the fuck is wrong with you ?” I blurted. “Well what did I do now ? What is it with you girls being bitchy ? Are you also against Sofia ?” he questioned. “Justin what is this that I’m seeing you deleted your Instagram account and you called out Selena ? What happen to her being your first love ? What happened to you trying to change for the better ?” I stated.

“Listen here Y/N I don’t have time for what you have to say” he stood up trying to walk past me. I stood in front of the door locking it. “You aren’t going anywhere, so sit back down” I pointed my finger at him. “Make me” he huffed. I slapped him across his face.

“What the fuck ? You fucking bitch let me go” he held his hand on his cheek. Excuse me. “You have the actual audacity to call me of all people a bitch ? First of all speak for yourself or your stupid ass gold digger of a girlfriend. What happened to the down to earth and sweet Justin I once knew” the tears were at the brim of my eyes.

I lightly laughed to myself and let the tears to fall “You changed Justin. You aren’t the same. Everything is just all about fame and money now. What about your beliebers ? Whose been here more longer, please do tell me. You just met this girl and all of a sudden you’re in love with her ? Yet every other day you always mention how you miss Selena” his eyes turned a darker shade of brown.

“She doesn’t deserve you, she deserves better. I’m really disappointed in you Justin, you messed this up all on your own. In my opinion; their is no fake or true beliebers when it comes to your relationship. Whether they support it or not, you shouldn’t be worried anyways. For all I know this Sofia is probably one of your one night stands”

It all happened so fast, I felt a sting on my cheek. “How could you !” I screamed holding onto my cheek. “You deserved it. You had no right to even talk. You don’t have a say in this. Stay away from me and go join Selena’s clan” he pushed pass me unlocking the door. I followed him downstairs and walked towards the dining table grabbing my bag.

“You know what, fuck you asshole. You think just because you have so much of money and you’re so famous now, that you’re something. Tonight think long and hard the change in your life when you have no fans or a best friend by your side” I shouted at him, I honestly didn’t care if she was in the room.

“Why haven’t you fucking left already ?” He questioned from where he sat on the couch. “Just a reminder that you’re being used and watch how your life changes in the next 24 hours. Have fun and good luck with whatever else shitty choices you have in mind, I’m sure she can help you” I faked a smile.

Ugh my clothes are here though. I looked at the ring one last time on my hands, tears still daring to spill, I’m such a mess. I walked up to him and pulled out his hand and placing my friendship ring he gave me. I looked into his eyes “So much for a best friend and strong friendship. Look where money and immaturity gets you. Give it to her, I’m pretty sure she’s more loyal then I’ll ever be” I kept a straight face and headed towards the front door.

Sore Losers - Kim Taehyung x Reader

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Title: Sore Losers
Pairing: Kim Taehyung x Reader
Prompt: “You’re seriously going to make me sleep on the couch because I BEAT YOU IN MONOPOLY!?“
Rating: Fluffy !!!!

Everything was silent.

The room was dark.

“Guess the power went out.” A male’s voice rang through the room, various footsteps were heard, bumping into furniture, an opening of a cabinet, dragging of metal and a strike of a match. “Tae,” A girl’s voice called, a little bit father away from the boy’s current location. “Instead of lighting the match and failing miserably, we have a lighter in the kitchen.”

“But this is faster and we can resume our game.” The male responded, taking out a another match and ran it quickly against the sandpaper. “Let there be light!” He exclaimed as the candle lit slowly, the flame glowing bigger and brighter as oxygen had hit it.

Taehyung’s face glowed in the light, holding out the candleholder out to light his path as he walked. “You know, jagi, I think we need more than one candle…”

“You think?” She replied and got up, holding out her hands in front of her to feel her way through the room she was in. “I think the rest are somewhere,” Her voice drifted off as she moved farther away from the room they were in. “Upstairs?” She then held onto the banister. As she put her foot slowly and cautiously on the first carpeted step, strong, muscular arms wrapped around her midsection. “You’ll hurt yourself if you go upstairs.”

“But that’s where all the candles are.” She replied in the same aegyo voice he had used on her. “So I have to go upstairs.”

“We can just use flashlights.”

“Those are old and we don’t even know if the batteries still work. I have to buy more Triple A batteries over at the Dollarama.”

“It’s worth a shot, though,” Taehyung replied, burying his face in the back of her neck. He was almost like a little doggy in a way. “I don’t want you hurt.”

“You weirdo, I won’t get hurt climbing a bunch of stairs.”

“In the dark, you will.”

“Fine,” She quickly gave in, sighing and turning slightly, so that she could see the outline of Taehyung’s face in the dark. “Flashlights it is.”

Flashlights were now on, placed on their cylindrical bases, around various places in the room - which happened to be the dining room - like on top of the cabinet, a few scattered around the game board, and some littering the table.“I wonder where we get all the flashlights.” The girl mumbled, as she shook the dice in her enclosed hand. She then tossed them a couple centimeters in front of her and picked up her player piece, which was a sack of money - her lucky player piece - and moved it the amount of spaces the die had displayed. “I got the GO space! That means you owe me money, Mr. Banker!”

“You also have a couple of spaces to go.”

“Well, money first because I want to buy the property that you’re going to land on, on your next turn.” She taunted with a small smirk as Taehyung handed her the colored Monopoly money. Then she confidently moved the couple of spaces she needed to go before handing the money she saved up to buy property, counting it diligently in front of her boyfriend just to taunt and tease him further, and handed the money over with a small smile. “Baltic Avenue. Property now belongs to me!” She then placed a small, green house on the property before handing the pair of dice to Taehyung.

“I’ll get you back,” He replied with a small smirk, loving the competitive side that was showing off during this game. It made things quite fun. “Just watch you back, love.”

“You should be the one who should watch his back!” She retorted and giggled, watching as Taehyung rolled his dice, hoping he’ll land on her properties and especially her new one - Baltic Avenue.

Their game was coming to a close, each side had an equal amount of properties around the board. (Y/N) was cutting it close, her piece, her lucky piece was rectangles away from Taehyung’s property, just two spaces away.

Pretty please, Lady Luck, please.

Please, let luck be on my side today.

She picked up her dice, where Taehyung had placed them in the middle of the board, a small smirk on his face. “I bet you anything that you’ll get a two.”

“Don’t you dare jinx me, V.” The dice was slowly shook in her two enclosed hands, hoping that she’ll get over the number two.

Anything but two ones, please.

The die was then tossed centimeters in front of her, rolling a bit. “Please, at least be anything but double ones.”

“Double ones!” Taehyung chanted as the dice slowly stopped turning and landed on…

double ones.

“Noooo!!!” She cried and threw her hands up in the air. “I refuse to loose!”

“Don’t be a sore loser,” Taehyung replied, smiling as he leaned over the table and took the rest of her Monopoly money. “And according to the rules of the game, I win.” He then chuckled as the female in front of him pouted and crossed her arms, watching as Taehyung placed his Monopoly money in the black, plastic storage unit, making sure each different colored Monopoly money was paired with the right color and packed the game away.

As she planned the greatest idea ever, the lights turned on.

Oh, we’ll find who’s going to be a sore loser tonight.

During the making of dinner, which was literally Taehyung ‘trying’ to help her with cooking - trying as in, whining about how the pot wasn’t boiling yet so the pasta wasn’t able to be put in yet, though he forgot the key ingredient to make water boil quicker; salt. - and ended up just setting the table instead.

“You aren’t mad about what happened earlier right?” He hesitantly asked, nearing his girlfriend and wrapping his arms around her waist. “I mean, it’s just a game right, jagiya?”

“Totally, TaeTae.” She replied, keeping a straight face, trying not to smirk. She then turned her face slightly and kissed his cheek before turning off the electrical stove. Taehyung smiled as he let go, letting his wonderful girlfriend take control of dinner.

Ahhh, payback is going to be a bitch.

Soon bedtime rolled around, as Taehyung was taking a shower, (Y/N) snickered as she took Taehyung’s pillow from his side of the bed and the comforter from their bed and dragged them downstairs, onto the couch.

Now who’s the sore loser now.

She then ran up the stairs, into their bedroom, dropped a pair of boxers and sleepwear pants outside the door, closed it and locked it. For once, she was glad Taehyung was taking a shower in the other bathroom and not in the master’s ensuite.

Once he was done showering, stepping out of the bathroom, towel hanging loosely from his hips, he walked over, running his hand through his brown locks and huffed as soon as he saw his clean clothes on the carpeted floor. “(Y/N), what’s the purpose of this.”

“You’re sleeping on the couch tonight,” She replied through the door, holding in her laugh. She bit her lip as Taehyung groaned from outside the door. “And, just in case you try, I locked the door.”

“Oh, c'mon, jagiya, what did I do to deserve this?” Which in turn he got the silent treatment. The female smiled to herself and laid down, getting comfortable in the queen sized mattress, pulling up another comforter - which she had gotten from underneath their clothes in the walk-in closet of their room - up to her chin, nestling in. “Jagi,” Taehyung whined, trying to catch the girl’s attention. “Jagiiiyaa~!”

Finding it didn’t work after a couple of tries, he sighed and walked back into the bathroom, changing into the clothes she had supplied for him and went downstairs, finding the couch already set up for him. He huffed and made his way over, plopping into the stupid couch, a big puppy dog pout on his face.

A few moments of shifting into different positions on the cramped couch, it hit him. The reason for all of this torture.

“I seriously cannot believe she’s making me sleep on the couch for winning a damn game of Monopoly,” He muttered to himself, pulling the blankets onto him hastily. “Shouldn’t it be the other way around since she lost?”

Back upstairs, the mastermind of the plan smiled to herself as she closed her eyes. “Don’t be a sore loser, Tae…” She whispered with a slight chuckle.

A/N: Sorry everything took too long to write! I’ve been taking care of my dog, Hiro, and my brother. Plus this is literally the last week before school. Ew, school, gross.


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Inspired by h3h3 200 shirt dance. Reader embarrasses boyfriend Michael in a group livestream by dancing in a horrible but funny outfit/costume. The Chat and other people on the stream all tease him about it too.

Pairing: Michael x Reader
Words: 830
Warnings: Swearing

The boys were currently doing a Six Siege livestream, and as per usual they weren’t doing great. A lot of swearing, especially towards Geoff who had just accidentally killed their hostage. You were there for moral support, also because you had nothing better to do than watch your colleagues and boyfriend play the same game for two hours. The couch was your current abode, lying down with your head resting up so you could watch The Lads’ screens.

“Has it really only been an hour since we started this stream” Gavin whined, as he got killed once more, going back to watching the other play from their perspectives.

“Yes, it also may be dragging because you suck at this” Michael said, in a teasing tone.

“You’re not much better” You commented, looking up from your phone to smile at Michael. A chorus of ‘Ooohs’ sounded from the rest of the group with some light laughter as well.

He turn slightly in his chair, glaring at you in a sarcastic way before turning back around to look at his screen. “Shut up, bitch” he said, obviously not meaning it offensively.

“A lot of people are asking what they missed, why we were laughing” Jeremy commented, seeing the YouTube live chat. “Basically Michael was owned by y/n, in pure loving fashion”

“Cut to my screen to see y/n’s head, she’s lying on the couch” Gavin added, seeing his total views rise a little as people went to see you.

The way their cameras were positioned did mean you were completely out of view, accept for Gavin’s where you could see your head in the corner if you were laying down. You did an exaggerated wave so people could find you and laughed to yourself as you started getting screenshots sent to you on twitter.

“She’s just an attention whore, don’t give her the satisfaction” Michael groaned, seeing the YouTube chat talk about you.

That flicked a switch in you, knowing how to embarrass Michael and make him regret that statement. Earlier that day you had opened some packages on AHWU that had T-shirts in, each with a quote from one of the boys printed on them. There were about 40 shirts, which you went over a grabbed from the pile while the boys went into another match. You decided to go to the editor’s office to change, and also have help getting into all the shirts.

After about 10 minutes of struggling, as well as having Trevor and Andy help pull the shirt down over you, you finally had the 30 shirt on over you original clothes. It was very hot but you knew it was amusing, having Trevor have a laughing fit after stepping back to look at you was a good sign. You walked back into the AH room as casually as you could, Trevor behind you with his phone ready to blast some random music. No one had turned around or see you yet, apart from the people watching Gavin’s camera. You gave Treyco the signal and Staying Alive was suddenly filling the room with sound. You started to dance as badly as you could, honestly not being as hard as you thought. You threw your arms up in the air and started to shimmy towards Michael who was trying not to look behind him but he could see you in his webcam.

The rest of the crew had stopped and were laughing, Gavin had his phone out and was recording you as you tried to twerk and drop in your large mass of clothing. Soon you were fed up of Michael facing the wrong way, so you pushed his chair till he was facing you. You did the best you could and sat on his lap, attempting to give him a lap dance but the 1000′s of layers made movements minimal.

“Oh my god” Michael mumbled through laughter, sat there doing nothing but his cheeks were beet red and his head was shaking.

The song was coming to an end so you hopped off Michael and did some old school disco moves to finish. You bowed at the end and cheers, clapping and whistles came from around the room. Michael still sat there, face redder than you had ever seen. You could tell you may have been the same colour from being so hot, but it was worth it.

You strode towards Michael and sat back on his lap, “So.. Am I still an attention whore or..”

Michael shook his head and grinned, “Yes.. but now you’re also the most embarrassing person I have ever known”

“That’s I title I’d like to keep” You smiled,

He shook his head once more before leaning forwards and placing a soft kiss to your lips.

“Well, I was about to ask whether the camera saw all that but by the looks of things they did” you commented with a laugh, seeing the chat blown up with people talking about your moves.

Ethan Dolan - So-called feud


“Hey guys, so as I promised, I’m here today to answer your questions in an amazing Q&A video, because it’s been a while since I did something like that, so let’s get started!” I smiled into the camera that was recording. I grabbed my phone from the table and opened the questions I chose for the video and started to answer them.

Most of them were in connection with my older videos, about the last VidCon I attended and how it felt meeting some amazing people, and then there were this one:

“How do you feel about Ethan Dolan?” I read the question and then put down my phone to think about my answer. “Well, first of all, I don’t know him, I, like, once saw him at an event from the other side of the room, but never talked to him. Second of all, I have no opinion on him or whatsoever, I don’t really follow what he and his brother do, so I don’t feel anything about him, sorry.”

I thought this was a pretty diplomatic answer, I didn’t know what else should have I said of a guy I knew absolutely nothing about.
I answered some more questions and then turned the camera off. After done editing it I uploaded it and I went to bed. I liked to wait for the reactions and then read them at once, but I wasn’t expecting what really happened. As I woke up and started to read the comments and tweets on my phone my eyes went wide. Ethan Dolan was tagged in almost every each of them saying like “lol Ethan is so sassy, I can’t wait for her reaction” or like “Ethan don’t listen to her, you rule!”. I immediately opened Ethan’s profile and started to look for anything he wrote about me.

@Y/T/N So I don’t even exist in your world. Good to know.

“What the fuck?” I hissed looking at the tweet not even understanding why he would write something like this. What I said in the video was nothing near what he tweeted and I didn’t like being in the middle of a drama that was nonsense. So I quickly sent him a DM.

“Hey Ethan, I really don’t understand your latest tweet. I didn’t mean to hurt you with anything I said in my video.”

I nervously kept reading the comments and tweets about our non-existing feud while waiting for him to answer which by the way happened quite quickly.

“Good morning Y/N. I’m willing to talk to you and make a deal, add me on Skype.”

Then he sent me his Skype name and I immediately added him. Five minutes later I was waiting for him to answer the call and when I saw him half naked on my screen I just felt even more nervous. I had never liked drama and never wanted to cause it, so I just wanted to end it right there.

“Hey!” he waved at me with a wide smile.

“Hi. Thanks for answering, I just wanted to make sure that there is no real feud between us, because I don’t want to end up being the drama queen,” I said running my fingers through my hair. He lightly chuckled confusing me even more.

“Okay, I’ll be honest with you,” he said. I heard some muttering from around him, I guess he wasn’t alone, then he even picked up something from besides him and then gave it to someone who was behind the camera and then he turned back to me. “You didn’t say anything provocative, I just wanted to get your attention.”

At first I thought I heard him wrong. Then I furrowed my eyebrows trying to find the right words. Was this a joke? Did he really cause drama just to get my attention? I couldn’t decide if it was the sweetest or stupidest thing I had ever heard.

“Look, I’m really sorry, I admit it wasn’t the best idea, but I have been following you since forever but you seem to ignore my existence and I just wanted to have a chance to talk to you.”

“I’m ignoring you?” I asked in confusion.

“Well, yes. My biggest achievement that you are following me on Twitter, but no matter what I do you never react to anything I do or say, like you just don’t give a shit about me.”

“Maybe because we don’t know each other and I’m not a big fan of faking a friendship just for the entertainment,” I replied raising my eyebrows at the picture of him.

“Who was talking about friendship here?” he asked lightly chuckling and I was a bit taken aback. “I’m trying to get your attention so I can ask you out for a date.”

I heard some quiet whistling from the background, I guess his brother or his friends were amused by the boldness of how he smoothly asked me out.

I let out a bit awkward laugh not really knowing how to deal with the sudden situation. Ethan was a very good-looking guy and I appreciated the efforts he did just to get to me.

“Well, it would be a bit confusing to the people if we suddenly were seen on a date after our so-called feud,” I answered trying to hide my smile.

“I can help with that. Let me take a screenshot quickly.”

I didn’t understand why he needed a screenshot, but I tried to look decent, and then watched as he started to type something. When he was done he told me to check my Twitter. I saw that he just tweeted a photo, the screenshot of us talking on Skype with the following caption:

“Guys, I was just messing with you. I’m having the best conversation on Skype with her right now.”

I laughed seeing how confused the fans were about the sudden change of mind Ethan just showed.

“Nice move,” I said smiling at him at the camera.

“So are you free tonight?” he asked wiggling his eyebrows at me.

“Let me check my schedule,” I sighed pretending to do it, but in the meanwhile I typed in my reply to his tweet.

@Ethan Dolan
I love seeing my awful morning look on the internet. See you later, in person.

I heard his phone vibrate and he immediately checked it and reading my tweet he grinned up at me before speaking up.

“I’ll pick you up at six. Send me your address in DM,” he said and then ended the call.


Fandom: Sherlock

Word count: 1867

Characters: Sherlock x reader, Lestrade, John

Warnings: mentions of graphic murder and drug dealinge, Sherlock being arrogant

Summary: Requested by @littlemercedesstuff. Lestrade, your boss, asks you to work a case with two of his friends.

You liked it in your office. It was calm and peaceful, organised just the way you liked it, and no one disturbed you there. You could work by yourself, without anyone else to distract you. Not to mention that you had an amazing view- it was three floors up, and you could see what felt like the whole of London.

And you needed the peace to try and work out this particular case. It had been bugging the police for weeks- a lot of couples had been brutally murdered in their flats. They were all young, apparently happy, and on the way to being successful, but there was no apparent motive and no other link between them. Whoever was killing them was also apparently very good at hiding their tracks.

Leaning back in your chair, you flicked through the latest file, hoping to see something you’d missed. These murders felt personal to the killer. At the crime scenes you’d attended, you had picked up a sense of viciousness, of the killer letting go- maybe taking their anger out on the couples? That would suggest that they were in a relationship they weren’t happy in, but still didn’t give you any idea who they might be. Or who they would attack next.

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