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Planet Lance Part 3/6

“How dare she! How quiznaking dare she! I will skin her alive and feed her to a fish!” Lance was sobbing by the end of his sentence. He fell to his knees now screaming wordlessly. His friend was dead. Lance had told him to stop, to not do it but he didn’t listen. Why didn’t he listen? 


Lance didn’t have the energy to struggle in Genus’ arms but he sure did find some when Culus started walking toward them. 

“What do you think your doing?” Genus seemed to panic at the question so Lance took it upon himself to answer.

“He was just taking me to the next test.” Culus seemed to be content with that answer and turned to lead the way. 

“The next test is to once again save the girl but this time you have to climb through the vents to find her while you are being attacked by what you earthlings call spiders.”

Sounds easy enough, right? Wrong. Lance was deeply afraid of both small spaces and spiders. He was barely able to pull Pidge out of the vents of the castle. The only reason he did was because his concern for her health outweighed his fear.  But this time he had to ignore his pain as well as his fear. What also made it worse was it wasn’t mentioned that the spiders were 10x the size that they are on earth. Lance was scared shitless. All he had was a short rusted sword and his claustrophobia. He could hear the girl and she sounded scared. Focusing on her he quickly killed the overgrown arachnids and found her in a room surrounded by the creatures. So thinking like Keith he jumped into battle without a plan. 

Lance was pretty sure if his arms hadn’t been broken before they definitely were now.  His ribs were beyond doubt broken and he had split open the lashes on his back. He ignored it all as he picked up the small seemly helpless girl. His everything hurt and he was relived when he saw Genus running toward him. He was shouting something that Lance couldn’t hear. Then he was going down. Lance dropped the girl that had fired the shot and ran to his new friend.

Whoa! I just hit 500 sometime while I was at the con so I thought I’d make a personal thank you before I took all my stuff off tonight~ Sorry I didn’t bother to do my makeup today, I almost didn’t go but I couldn’t bring myself to go through all that again. :|

I still have stories to tell about AVCON and some awesome pictures I wanna share but I was there from 9-5 yesterday and 9-7 (closing) today so I’m mega sore and tired. I need some time to recharge…. *passes out*

She’s the betta half of the two



my daily to-do lists are shorter this summer because i’m working full time, so i’m experimenting with spreads a little. last week’s was “3 things i’m proud i accomplished each day.”


January 14th, 2014. Detectives Peralta and Santiago conducted surveillance from a rooftop at 397 Barton Street. This is where we came the night I won our bet and you fell in love with me.


“The night that you flirted with me for 20 seconds and I became obsessed with you forever.”

So how about an Otayuri mafia AU where Yurio is the rebellious troublemaker grandson of the mob boss and Otabek is hired to protect him (from himself, and others). Because I can’t stop thinking about it :’)


Rough sketches of Commander Clarke and some of her tattoos for In the Shallows because I know a few people expressed interest in seeing them a while ago. 


do you know that (7/8) : jungkook edition

Kirishima was simply amazing in chapter 143

Everyone is either sad or satisfied (or both) with what Kirishima endured in chapter 143, for a reason, but I wanted to add that, just, Kirishima was so brave and strong in that chapter I’m just…! I’m really impressed by his genuine devotion and pure will to protect FatGum. Fat is a pro hero, he’s handling the fight somehow but Kirishima has no means to know that; he’s not in Fat’s head as we are, they don’t communicate, he doesn’t know Fat has a plan and is stocking all those punches to give Rappa a taste of his own medicine. All that he can see is that Fat is in real danger, and even though he’s in pain and terribly scared, even if he’s been broken when he thought he was finally strong, he won’t allow himself to let Fat endure everything and desperately tries to find something he can do even though the situation is unbalanced and he’s clueless as to what to do because he knows he’s not strong enough. But then, he went anyway.

Even Tengai thought he was too scared to move and was helpless, and he was, but then Kirishima stepped up, put himself in first line and protected Fat, holding purely on his will and desperate need to do something to help and protect him. 

I find this panel very powerful: he is unbreakable, he doesn’t crumble and stands right on his feet. He clenched his teeth and faced all those punches, and even went and tried to give a punch back against that terribly powerful villain, almost landing a hit, if not for Tengai’s barrier.

He’s just… Kirishima is just incredibly amazing and brave. He truly was heroic. He wasn’t suddenly not scared or didn’t powered up; he took his fears and doubts, and decided, with so little that he had to present, to face adversity and Go Beyond.