so i watched this for the first time today

First time watching Critical Role live last night - I’m a night owl, but watching from 2-6am (curse you GMT) was just a leeetle bit too much for me after a full day of work followed by a couple of hours of my own DnD group - and so, felt it was right for a first time drawing Vex while I attempted to not fall asleep today ;D

Women are my weakness, I just never draw ‘em, so it was another drawing-from-a-ref (or a couple in fact) practice C:

Also on my twitter C:


I hate the way you talk to me, and the way you cut your hair. I hate the way you drive my car. I hate it when you stare. I hate your big dumb combat boots, and the way you read my mind. I hate you so much it makes me sick; it even makes me rhyme. I hate it, I hate the way you’re always right. I hate it when you lie. I hate it when you make me laugh, even worse when you make me cry. I hate it when you’re not around, and the fact that you didn’t call. But mostly I hate the way I don’t hate you. Not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all.

10 Things I Hate About You (1999), dir. Gil Junger


I just finished my sketchbook, and every page is now full. I’m a little sad, I really liked that sketchbook.
But I had a few drawings of @thatsthat24 in there (which I already posted) and then I had these, one inspired by his song Birds and one inspired by Anything, both from Ultimate Storytime. Yes I know one of those 3 is not Thomas’s song, it’s from All Time Low by Jon Bellion. There’s a reason it’s included.
The 2nd and 3rd drawings are my first and last drawings in my sketchbook. The first sketch was a vent from a few months ago when I started in the sketchbook. I was feeling crappy and like nothing would get better and was extremely suicidal. The last one is from today, and I’ve been watching Thomas all the time and I’ve become much happier and confident and self-loving than ever before really.

I’m going to try to keep this post about Thomas relatively short (all of my posts about him are so long eek! He just means so much to me!!) but thank you to @thatsthat24 for just being great, I love you!

reasons to watch bojack horseman

  • realistic and super honest portrayal of depression, anxiety, loneliness and identity issues
  • super fleshed out and endearing characters
  • crazy good continuity, like, shit man, just the best. no loose ends, ever.  
  • SUPER clever writing, overarching plot lines are done SO WELL. 
  • u can rewatch it so many times and still find new and incredibly clever themes, foreshadowing and references (i speak from experience, i have watched the first two seasons at least 5 times each)
  • cast of incredible voice acting talent, including kristen schaal, aaron paul, stanley tucci, ben schwartz, lisa kudrow and kristen chenoweth, to name  a FEW
  • as well as a metric fuck tonne of special guest voices, including daniel freaking radcliffe, tatiana maslany, wallace shawn, lance bass, and john krasinski 
  • excellent portrayal of a character having an abortion in which they do not experience any guilt or turmoil over the decision, and the character receives great support from their partner and friends.
  • CANON ACE CHARACTER WHO IS AN ACTUAL RAY OF SUNSHINE. just trust me. my sweet child, i love them. 
  • in conclusion, this show is so good, and so validating without being condescending or romanticising very real struggles. 10/10. pls watch.

Les Amis: Then and Now

George Blagden as Grantaire | Killian Donnelly as Combeferre | Fra Fee as Courfeyrac | Aaron Tveit as Enjolras | Hugh Skinner as Joly

In honor of the four year anniversary of seeing this film for the first time, I watched it again today – and I was so struck by how beautifully they have all grown up since then.  


I had CA: TWS playing in the background at work today, and something caught my attention that I have idly wondered about before, but this time, it was like a great big flashing sign. So much so that I had to go back and replay the scene.

Pierce: The timetable has moved. Our window is limited. Two targets, level six. He already cost me Zola. I want confirmed death in ten hours.

I saw that then I watched the scene on the bridge. Watch the Winter Soldier. He comes in for the attack, and the first person he takes out of the equation is Jasper Sitwell. AKA the man who let the Lumerian Star get captured by pirates. AKA the reason Fury got the intel and had his suspicions raised. AKA the reason that the timetable was moved. AKA the reason they lost Zola.

I always assumed it was Steve and Natasha he was coming after, but no. Steve is Level 8.

Just watch the way TWS attacks. He doesn’t go for Steve or Sam directly. He takes out Sitwell, the easy target, first then aims through the roof of the car at Natasha first. And when the car crashes, he doesn’t go after Steve.

Instead, he fires towards Natasha, and only misses because Steve pushes her out of the line of fire. The blast sends Steve hurtling over the ledge. You would think he would be a priority target after that, but TWS ignores him. Instead, he calmly stalks after Natasha like a predator.

The other HYDRA operatives are firing like mad, shooting at everything, but he just watches for Natasha. He doesn’t fire until he has her in his sites. He only fires three times when she’s still on the bridge, and each shot only just misses her. (Speaking of, I love that the only thing that makes him lose his cool and fire as wildly as the other HYDRA agents, is when she manages to land a hit on him. That’s the one time he doesn’t aim)

When he gets given the machinegun, he also doesn’t waste his ammunition once she’s out of range. He hops over the edge of the bridge and goes after her on foot. The only time he actually bothers himself with fighting Steve is when Steve attacks him.

Also, I think this whole scene really demonstrates the difference between the design of the Winter Soldier as a weapon and the way HYDRA have used him. HYDRA tends to be very much smash in and “KILL THEM ALL WITH FIRE!” style, whereas the Winter Soldier is very much carefully aimed and positioned. Just watch the way he moves when he’s hunting. Or even when he’s firing. He is absolute stillness and quiet, compared to the chaos and destruction of the HYDRA boys. He just walks into a scene, lifts his gun, fires, and just like that, is gone.


My little sister watched riverdale today for the first time, and when I asked her how she felt about it she said

“I feel like… when you open a water bottle and you’re accidentally squeezing too tight, so when the top comes off it spills all over you.”

I don’t know if this was the most in depth philosophical answer in the world, or she genuinely is just a seven year old.

Good For You

Summary: Tom had a bad day at work and thought you should treat him right for the night by looking good for him.

Characters: Reader x Tom Holland

Warnings: NSFW?, semi-smut

Word Count: 799

A/N: We’ve all seen the Vogue Italia pictures. Those pictures inspired this. I suggest listening to Selena Gomez’s “Good For You” while you read this and die. I wrote it listening to the song and it was the end of me. Enjoy.

Disclaimer: I’ve never been in a relationship or kissed anyone, so this is what I know from watching movies and TV shows. lol. Also, my first time writing stuff like this in awhile. 

Earlier today, you’ve heard from your boyfriend, Tom, that he had a bad day on the set while filming his new movie. You knew he would be stressed out because he cares a lot about his acting and always wants to get his performance 100% right. It’s been awhile since you had properly dressed up for him and thought that tonight would be the perfect opportunity to cheer him up.

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Rogue One: Second Viewing

- link to my other Rogue One blabberings -

Watched Rogue One for the second time today on the big screen.  Here are some more thoughts since I’m not inundated by “HOLY SHIT” feelings from experiencing it the first time. There may be some repeat thoughts.

NB, as usual: have only seen the movie and read a small portion of its prequel Catalyst so far. I try to talk about individual characters themselves, but shipping thoughts concerning RebelCaptain (Jyn/Cassian) and SpiritAssassin (Chirrut/Baze) still occur.

Warning: THIS IS REALLY, REALLY LONG. Not exaggerating in any way.

  • Quick General Thoughts 
    • I’d seen the movie a little more than a month ago and have swamped myself in fandom, so I thought I wouldn’t have Extreme Emotions from seeing it again. I even thought I’d be bored for some bits.
      • I was wrong.
    • It’s a beautiful movie, and I honestly liked every single performance by the actors and actresses. I thought they were all really good or amazing.
    • By far one of the most intense movies that I’ve seen in general, not just the Star Wars ‘verse.
  • Lah’mu
    • There’s a piece of symbolism in some Rogue One book material that talks about how the movie bookends the theme of “Jyn” and “home.” AKA: Jyn starts the movie by having a home, and Jyn ends the movie by rediscovering home. Figuratively, this is shown by Lah’mu with her parents (start) and the Scarif beach with Cassian (end) (or you could argue the entire Rogue One team becoming family, a la Baze’s “little sister”, as “home”).
      • However, now I can see there’s also a literal interpretation of this: Jyn’s Lah’mu home is next to a beach. And you remember where she dies? A BEACH.
    • If one of the Stormtroopers was taught even a little bit of forensic science, Jyn would have absolutely been found underneath that damn rock. They live on rich, loamy soil. Anyone heard of footprints or tracks? I guess Death Troopers are too busy learning how to kill people.

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this is a little football headcanon aka a little treat from moi to myself. so i already said once that isak is a manchester united supporter and even is a liverpool supporter. and, once again, all you need to know is that there’s a big rivalry between these two clubs, and today they were playing against each other 

so of course, isak and even have been expecting this match, it’s the first time their teams are facing each other since they got together. they teased each other the night before and everything. “sooo, what am i getting when my team completely destroys yours?” “you mean, what am i getting when my team wins by like….three goals?” and in the end they settle on a movie night, whoever wins has to take out the other to the movies 

they don’t actually watch matches every weekend religiously, they do when they have the time and they’re in the mood. they’ll usually watch them in isak’s room, with beers and chips and pillows they can squeeze when the referee makes a bad decision and they’re like “oh, come on”. especially isak. oh god, he can get so grumpy when his team loses, and then even will try to kiss the pout away. which works, without fail 

so the match begins and liverpool scores at the 27th minute and even just wiggles his eyebrows at isak, leaning toward him and isak pushes his face away. “this means nothing, there’s still, like….60 minutes left” and even just chuckles and says “jeez, you’re so competitive” and isak’s eyes get all wide and he replies “me? competitive??” 

and time passes and no one scores and then there’s just 15 minutes left and even says “i’ll let you choose the movie, as a consolation -” and isak puts a finger on even’s mouth and actually shushes him before replying “it’s not over until the final whistle”. and then, isak’s team scores minutes before the match is over and he claps his hands loudly and he says “fuck yeah” and even just sits there, a little dumbfounded 

in the end, none of the teams wins, the final score is 1-1 and isak says “this is lame” and, well, this is something they both agree on. and then they turn off the tv and they’re just chilling on isak’s bed like they usually do, facing each other, chatting, kissing. and isak is resting his face in the crook of even’s neck when he asks “wait. who’s paying for the movie now?” and even runs his fingers through isak’s hair and he answers “hmm, i get the tickets and you get the popcorn?” he can feel the movement of isak’s lips on his skin as he lets out a little laugh, can feel the soft and warm breath that escapes his mouth and his nose before he says “okay, deal” 

// first time in an AMC theatre today, heated recliners to sit in while watching the movie, automated tickets and a bar built in holy shit where have I been all my life :’)


- Pft, A big brother? Have you even met him? This boy has been in a gang before if he tries to fight over her Zen will square up so fast.

- The he meets 6 overprotective big brothers.

- Six.

- Seriously you couldn’t have mentioned that before MC?!

- They’re all so intimidating because of Zens looks, they think he’s only with you for other reasons.

- But he’s like no no!! Not at all!

- He loves MC for your mind and personality, not just your body.

- Although.. that is an added benefit.

- He’s so nervous around them all but eventually he’ll calm down a little and settle into them, even if they’ll bite his head off for holding your hand at the least.


- Definitely.. Intimidating? To say the least.

- I mean come on, he works with tons of people on a daily basis so he knows how to make people like him.

- Despite the over protectiveness he thinks your brother is very kind, he’s determined to teach him that Jumin Han wasn’t some million dollar playboy.

- He’ll wean his way into your brothers brain somehow no matter how tough that is, no one can keep him from his MC regardless but he still wants to be on good terms with your family.


- Physically shudders when your brother stares at him while tearing a banana in half

- like good god MC save me

- he’s panic! !!!

- honestly he doesn’t know what to do and will cry ( in private ) because he doesn’t want your family to dislike him.

- He tries /so/ hard to get your brother to like him but it just doesn’t seem to work? and he hates disappointing people.

- finally with your help he’ll gather the strength to confront your brother about it, even though his visibly shaking.

- your brother finally confesses Yoosung isn’t a bad guy, it’s just he hates the idea of his little sister/brother dating someone.

- pHEW HES SO SHOOK HOO BOY that’s a relief

- he’ll try his best to understand and still tries to get as close as possible to everyone, including your brother.


- He’s a little worried but just brushes it off like pft i’m the king of memes no one could dislike me

- but when your brother just sits there with a straight face after one of his best jokes yet he’s like

- shit this guy is tough

- he’ll try so hard

- /so hard/

- to make him laugh but it doesn’t work

- eventually he’s like “ okay listen here you stale piece of shit ”

- no he won’t say that don’t worry

- but he does ask what’s up with him and they’ll talk it out a little

- it’s nice and not so awkward afterwards, finally gets a laugh at his joke which is a huge accomplishment!!