so i wasn't gonna stop

I find it strange that people are complaining about all the salt inspired by the last two chapters in Erwin/Eruri enthusiasts.

Listen. We’ve had to deal with Erwin hate that’s been backed up by baseless reasons for YEARS, and now when we complain about EM for how they’ve literally not spared a thought for Humanity and attacked a superior despite WILLINGLY having joined the SC, the fandom is suddenly asking for the salt to subside?

Like, ha ha, are you even for real? That’s just going to add more salt to everything.

Imagine them kissing


um no offense but why does like half of the twitter phandom assume that a lot of the tumblr phandom also isn’t in the twitter phandom. if you’re going to be rude, at least @ the people you’re making fun of.

link to the thread

honestly I’ve never had a vegan bother me abt my diet in my entire life but whenever i would give up meat for whatever reason you bet your ass i would hear something about how good bacon is whenever it was brought up

ok but seriously can people stop with this double standarded crap?

i’m tired of this and it’s been going on since 5x08 basically. people are so quick to jump and defend killian, flat out screaming how none of the things he did as the dark one were actually him but then end the same sentence with how emma terribly wronged him by turning him into a dark one against his will when he was dying, while she herself was the fucking dark one.

i agree it wasn’t them. i really do. but i agree it wasn’t either of them.

if you’re going to hold one of them to that standard then hold the other one too myb? i agree it was wrong of emma to turn him into the dark one when he told her not to, but killian was also wrong wanting to kill everyone and im not gonna bring up the 5x09 fuckery, yet no one will mention his actions again because it wasn’t him and it’s unfair to hold him responsible. but emma couldn’t bear losing killian and turned him into a dark one bc of it, and she’s The WorstTM so its ok to hold her responsible and killian has every right to be pissed?

give me a fucking break