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Neighbors AU Prompts
  • I come home and find your cat in my sink after I get home from work.
  • I just moved into the building and I found banana bread on my doorstep. I probably shouldn’t eat it cause I have no idea where it came from buT IT’S DELICIOUS 
  • I work at home and I haven’t left my house in a while and you think I’m dead in my house.
  • Your cat always fucking pisses on my doormat. 
  • I can always hear you singing Phantom of the Opera so I decided to sing the duet with you.
  • It’s the middle of winter and my heater went out and you let me stay at your place so I don’t freeze to death. God bless you.
  • You’re so sweet and nice to everyone and I wanna be your friend but I’m basically a hermit. 
  • I heard constant coughing in your apartment it sounded like you were choking so I panicked and kicked down your door to come save you. Wait, you’re not choking and just have a bad cold? Oh my god I’M sO SORrY. I’LL PAY FOR THE DOOR. I’LL ALSO MAKE YOU SOME SOUP.
  • I know this is really creepy but I can always hear your music through the walls and I noticed we like all the same music. There’s a music festival coming up and I have an extra ticket. Do you wanna go? 
  • I broke my coffee maker and you noticed how miserable I’ve been, so you let me come over and have a few cups of coffee. Thank you so much.
  • Why are you crying in the hallway?? Are you okay?? Let’s go to my place, I have ice cream and Netflix.

Not a fuck customers, more like a wtf customers

A guy came up to my register today to buy a little wifi USB thing. It was something we offer extra warranty on, so I asked if he’d like to add that on. I hadn’t finished getting through the whole spiel that I need to do when he says ‘I don’t think my mum’s going to live that long. It’s for her while she’s in hospital’

Like, oh my god??? What do you say to that?? He was a really nice customer and patient when his card didn’t work the first time and I felt really bad

Your internet died while you were doing research for one of Jim’s high end clients and you ran to the nearest cafe with wifi. Jim called you to ask where you were and you told him where you were.

JM: You’re conducting your research here?

[Y/N]: Internet at my place is dead.

JM: Well this is boring. I was going to take you out on a date.

[Y/N]: We’re already out. And our date will start as soon as i’m done hacking.

Jim nodded and stayed quiet while you focus on your work. A little later you looked over.

He looked so normal and innocent you cant help but take a picture.


My family and I are tight on money. We had to sell our home and buy or new home in the country side since we had no other cheaper housing options. By the time I get there on the first of Feb my fam and I will be out of our jobs and looking for new ones. But the scary part is that I’ll need to help sustain myself and my family as we float jobless. And not to mention I’ll be moving again in march for school, but I’ll be alone. So in hopes of preparing I need some extra work while I’m looking for a part time job. I’m hoping to get a minimum of 3 commissions slots filled and done this week. When I arrive at my new place I won’t have any wifi so I’ll have get as many commissions as I can get done this week. Please consider spreading the word, reblogging this or my commission post on tumblr
Anything helps! Thank you for reading

Commission examples:

✧BUST - $10





What to Know Before Applying

*I generally accept anything (nsfw, anthro, ocs, idc). But I will refuse commissions that involve offensive, pedophilia, overly gory content, or anything I’m not comfortable drawing.

*I draw and color the same way I do in my commission samples. If you want the coloring or drawing style done another way I won’t mind; as long as you provide a clear description of what you want and a reference before payment. (Nothing too elaborate pls)

*Price of commissions are set (not wanting shading does not affect the price)

*Asking for color alterations after payment is fine, but asking for drastic changes in the line work is a no no. All issues with proportions, positioning etc should be pointed out prior to payment.

*I will ask for your permission prior to posting finished commission on tumblr/twitter

*I don’t include backgrounds as an option (for now)

*No refunds

How to Apply

1. Shoot me an email at

2. Write ‘Commission’ as the subject title

3. Tell me what you want in a clear detailed description

4. Attach reference photo(s)

What Now?

- I’ll email you a response (this process can take a few days depending on how busy I am) with a summary of what you ordered, the total, and a watermarked sketch of your commission

- If you want an alteration of the sketch let me know and I’ll send back another editted sketch

-If you’re satisfied with the sketch, give me the go ahead and pay me the agreed price through paypal to and I’ll get crackin

-Once I’m done I’ll email you a high resolution transparent png of your finished commission

Got any questions? Just ask! _(:3」∠)_






  • You is a very tired uni student , who is also an athlete, and is trying to keep her grades afloat.
  • Riko is a barista working at a coffee shop, trying to get money to pay for college books,tuition, rent  because her scholarship doesn’t cover everything.
  • The other two members of guilty kiss work with Riko at the shop. Mari is their manager who likes to tease her coworkers while Yoshiko is a college freshman who just got hired (does yoshiko have free time who knows)
  • Anyway, You shows up everyday at said coffee shop with bags under her eyes because balancing athletics and classes is hard work and is taking a huge chunk from her sleeping schedule.
  • Plus she’s on a tight budget so she orders the cheapest stuff on the menu to use the wifi at the shop.
  • Riko is usually the one receiving orders when You drops by and has started paying attention to her over the past couple of weeks, because hey its not often a cute athlete shows up routinely where you work.
  • One day Riko notices that You has been glaring at her computer screen for the past hour and looks nearly in tears. 
  • So she musters up her courage on her break and approaches You  hoping she doesn’t sound too weird/creepy offering help to a person she doesn’t even know.
  • You is actually startled when Riko talks to her because “wow who is she?? I’m gay but I have no chance right now”, but manages to have a decent conversation. When Riko brings up the topic if You needs help , You  jokingly asks if Riko is good at math.
  • Turns out Riko is awesome at it and manages to explain everything to You during her lunch break. You is amazed beyond words and starts thanking her.
  • Riko is embarrassed by the praise she’s getting but also is pleased that she was able to help out You.
  • After Riko gets back to work, You leaves shortly after and Riko notices that she’s left a slip of paper behind. 
  • Riko is about to chase after her when she notices that the paper is addressed with her name on it , a phone number , a little doodle and a note saying “Hey you seem like an interesting person, call me when you have the time! ”
  • Riko’s internal reaction is basically : “HOLY FUCK DID I ACTUALLY GET THIS CUTE GIRLS NUMBER JUST BY GIVING A MATH LESSON?!?!?!” and *GAY INTERNAL SCREAMING* and she’s super flustered but she’s also grinning and she makes a note to call her later.
I promised you a post and one is forthcoming

Gimme a few days. It’ll be good. I’ll be holed up in my coworker/friend ashley’s apartment, (while she is conveniently in Mexico) until my new one is ready. I will have wifi and a kitty and some (mental) breathing room. 

And then I will weave you a tale. Or 2. I might weave 100 tales. I haven’t woven much lately.

We’ll laugh, we’ll cry; We’ll giggle when someone anonymously messages me to call me an idiotic, arrogant slut or something. 

Point is, I’ll be back shortly. I have a lot to say, about -9 fucks to give, and a really boss apartment that costs more than i should be paying so I’ll have no option but to buy wine at work on my discount and wax poetic about my bs philosophy and self-righteous life advice here on tumblr, a place that was seemingly designed solely for that purpose.

We’re gonna have some good times here soon, you and me. 

And thanks for stickin around in the meantime, while I mindlessly reblogged pictures of volcanoes and outfits I thought were cool. It’s been a long year and a fairly one-sided relationship, wherein you post thoughtful content and I give you photos of vapid male models in return (I know, I’m male moddle shaming, not every pretty person has the IQ of an Orange Mocha Frappuccino)

Thanks, bitches, you da best.


I shall be going on a little road trip tomorrow... I won't be able to post for a while, unless I find safety (WiFi Hotspot) BUT I will probs be working the Phanfic on the way there. So stay tuned for chapter two! Goodnight my lovely people!
Let Me Look

Author Note: Hey all! So sorry it’s been awhile since I’ve written anything..this no wifi deal is really annoying but my boyfriend and I will be getting internet at the end of this month, so expect much more imagines and finally getting your requests out that have been growing dust now…i am so sorry about that, I promise to make it up.

Reader is in the leading staff of the medical wing on the Star Killer base as well as The First Order in general. Kylo comes in suddenly as his face has been burnt by another saber. Reader cares for him.

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Woooow look who managed to find wifi again for a little time!!

Here are little doodles I made today and yesterday. Gaster w/ Betelgeuse chibi version, and a little relaxed Undyne! <33

Also wow guys, thank you so much for all the sweet messages you sent me while I was gone!! Also, don’t hesitate to send me more ZT asks!! I’m still working on the answers even with no wifi <333 >//v//<

EXOs Reaction to Accidentally Hurting You

So, I tweaked this request a bit to fit all three of these requests, mostly for variety’s sake. I hope you guys don’t mind~! siwon-silost​, patatasisawesome​, and Anon, thank you! I appreciate your requests! (:
Also, just allow me to throw a little side note in here: Our other admin, Eru, has been having trouble with her wifi lately, and is therefore unable to post. She is working on getting it in working condition, but it may or may not take a while. So, for the time being, I hope all of y'all are content with my little posts while we wait for her return, and I will be trying my best to knock down some of the requests that we have on our plates!♥

Kyungsoo: Kyungsoo had planned to surprise you with your favourite meal, but what came as more of a surprise was when you tried to scare him while he was cooking. He had turned around quickly, cooking utensils still in hand, and the hot pan had accidentally made contact with the skin of your arm, leaving a bright red burn mark that quickly began to bubble and blister. Kyungsoo would panic, but not a single word would slip from his lips as he’d bustle around his place, trying to find some kind of medicinal lotion and bandages for it. He’d secretly be waiting for you to scold him for being careless.

Tao: Tao had warned you countless times to steer clear of him when he was practicing his wushu, but had you listened? Apparently not, because as he was performing some basics movements, you had walked straight into his path and ended up getting knocked back from him rather roughly, landing on the floor with a distinct thud. When he heard the sound, he’d turn towards you and make a point of scolding you before holding his hand out to help you up.

Chen: What had started as an innocent poke to Chen’s ribs quickly escalated into an all-out tickle war. Each one of you had become determined to find the other’s weak points, poking and prodding at every available surface of skin. It would be a surprise when you’d found Chen’s most ticklish spot, as your fingers would dance carelessly on his sides. Loud laughter would spurt from his lips and his body would begin squirming, limbs flailing every which way. But, that would be when his uncontrollable spasms caused his elbow to fly up and hit you square in the jaw. Once he’d realize you weren’t seriously hurt, he’d chuckle and tease you, but he’d place gentle kisses on the sore spot, just to reassure you.“I’m not gonna say sorry, ‘cause it was kind of your fault, Jagi~”

Lay: You had thought you were being sneaky, creeping up behind Lay to put your plan to tease the poor boy in motion. When you’d reach him, you’d make an 'O’ shape with your lips and gently blow on the delicate and sensitive skin of his neck, knowing that it was almost torture for him. The moment your breath hit his skin, he’d lose control, his arm swinging backwards in surprise and colliding with the side of your head. When he’d hear you cry out in pain, he’d turn around with a worried gaze, regret etched on his face. “I’m sorry, baobei! I didn’t know it was you, I swear!”

Kai: You’d be elated when Kai agreed to teach you a few dance moves. He’d be very patient each time you goofed something up, trying his best to be a good teacher. But, there would be a time where you turned left when you were supposed to turn right, and Kai’s flying hand would come at you, whacking you on the side of the head. His reaction would be instantaneous. His arms would be around you quickly, pulling you into a tight hug as he whispered apologies into your ear.

Suho: You’d be siting atop Suho’s lap, straddling him with one leg on either side of him. Your lips would be connected in a heated kiss as your hands gently tugged on the hem of his shirt, clearly indicating what you wanted. You’d pull back for a quick breather and Suho’s large hands would cup your face, his thumbs exploring the surface of your skin. But, his thumb would accidentally travel too far north, and he’d end up sharply poking you in the eye. Your hand would shoot up to clutch at the sore eye as you glared at him with your good one. The look on his face would be a mix of regret and shame, with just a tiny bit of sadness, and a frown would creep to his face. “I ruined the moment, didn’t I?”

Kris: Kris hadn’t realized that you were following so closely behind him, so when he had stopped and turned around abruptly, you’d run into his chest, his larger body forcing yours to bounce backwards. As you began to fall towards the floor, his strong hands would grip your waist and hold you in place, saving you from the unforgiving hardness of the ground below. He had thought he’d done well, until you began to complain how much it hurt to run head-first into his body and he’d be a little shocked that you didn’t thank him for saving you from falling. “Well, maybe you should watch where you’re going, Y/N.”

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Xiumin: You had decided to tag along with Xiumin to the gym, thinking it would be a good little outing for the two of you, but instead of joining him in his workouts, you took much more pleasure in simply watching him, which made me a little embarrassed, but flattered. You’d stare on as Xiumin prepped to begin lifting weights, but you’d be standing far too close. As he’d go to lift one of them, his sweaty hands would slip off the cool metal and send his arm flying back with a lot of force. His fist would harshly connect with your nose, which would almost instantly begin gushing blood. He’d be one to act quickly, though, grabbing the nearest towel and pressing it gently to your face to slow the flow. He’d wrap his free arm around your shoulders and lead you to a seat, sitting with you until your nose stopped bleeding. “I’m sorry, Y/N. I guess we should be more careful from now on, huh?”

Luhan: You and Luhan would be passing your time on a boring day with a lively game of one-on-one basketball. He’d be getting a little more frustrated each time you sunk the ball into the high net, not wanting to believe that you were better than him. He’d take his chances when the net was open and toss the ball with a little too much force. It would hit the rim of the net and come flying back at you, hitting you on the side of the head before you had time to react. Any of Luhan’s frustration would slip away and he’d rush to your side, draping his arm around your shoulders and caressing your head carefully with a sad expression. “Shit, I’m sorry, Y/N! I didn’t mean for that to happen.”

Baekhyun: Baekhyun would be telling you a story and using very animated gestures to make his points. At some point, he’d use his legs to illustrate one point of his story, but he’d lose his balance and his leg would shoot out and catch you in the stomach. You’d clutch at your stomach as you doubled over in an attempt to stop the pain, and you’d scold him for being an idiot and needing to use self control a little more, and he’d just begin sassing you. “Well, I was going to comfort you and make sure you’re okay, but fine. If you want to be like that, I won’t bother~”

Chanyeol: You and Chanyeol had decided to spend a quiet night at home together, wasting your night away on the computer, watching funny videos of your favourite Youtubers and searching through silly GIFs. The air would be filled with both yours and Chanyeol’s laughter. You’d have found an exceptionally funny video and showed it to Chanyeol, causing him to roar with laughter as he threw his body back against the couch, but his flailing arm would accidentally hit you, rather roughly, on its way back.
Chanyeol’s laughter would die down almost immediately as he sat up straight again, inspecting the area that he had hit. “Oh, damn. Are you okay, Jagi? I’m sorry, I guess I lost control!”

Sehun: You and Sehun would be fooling around on your bed, but you’d be teasing him, leaving gentle touches in some of his most sensitive areas, only to quickly pull your hand away with a smirk on your face. It wouldn’t be long before Sehun would get fed up with the teasing and he’d try to trap you underneath his body. But, you’d wiggle out of his grip with a giggle and try to put distance between you, but you’d get tangled in the sheets and end up not-so-gracefully tumbling to the hard, unforgiving floor. Sehun would simply look down at you from the bed, taking an odd amount of satisfaction at the pained look on your face and getting a good laugh out of it. “I guess that’s what you get for teasing me, Y/N.”

I made this one a little longer. I feel like the last few reactions that I’ve posted have been lacking a certain something-something. Also, I’m sorry if the GIFs don’t exactly match the writing. I wrote it all out first and THEN chose the GIFs, which is the opposite of what I normally do, so I feel like some of 'em don’t quite fit. ^^”

What Happened (Hamilton x reader)

AN: I’m so sorry this is a day late!!!!  My WiFi stopped working last night and I couldn’t finish the fic.  I am so sorry!!!  Anyway–enjoy!

With a tired sigh, you closed your computer.  It was late, and as you crawled out your office you realized someone had turned the hallway lights off.

Halfway down the hall, you bumped into someone in the darkness and fell.  A hand reached out to you and you took it, letting it pull you back up.

‘Are you okay, Y/N?’  It was Alexander.

‘I’m fine, but you need to stop working this late,’ you teased.

The two of you fell into step with each other, but Alexander didn’t let go of your hand.  A giddy feeling spread throughout your body like a wave of electricity and nervousness.

You’d been feeling funny around Alexander for a while now, and you couldn’t place why.  When he smiled, there was fluttering feeling in your stomach, and his laugh was brilliant and contagious.

You were jerked out of your thoughts when Alexander stopped walking, yanking you back to him.

‘Alexander?’ you murmured, confused.  His arms had snaked around your waist and he was staring into your eyes.  You let yourself get lost and barely noticed when Alexander began to lean in–

‘Alexander!  I’ve been looking for you everywhere!’

The lights flipped on and Alexander jumped back as John Laurens turned the corner.

‘I was waiting for you outside but you took so long I began to think something was wrong–oh hey Y/N!’  John finally noticed you were standing there behind Alexander, still looking thoroughly out of it.

As Alexander and John waved goodbye, you could only think one thing:

What just happened?

You worked late again the next day, and when you got home you collapsed onto the sofa.  You really wanted nothing more than to fall asleep, but some impulse drove you to text Alexander.

want 2 come over rn?

After a few minutes, you got a response:

i’ll be right there.

Suddenly, you were filled with trepidation–you weren’t quite sure why you’d invited Alexander over in the first place, and you had no idea what you were going to do once he got there.  You quickly began microwaving some popcorn and grabbed a DVD of The Little Mermaid–although Alexander would never admit it, you knew he loved that movie to death.

The popcorn finished just as the doorbell rang and you breathed a sigh of relief.  After you’d poured it all into a bowl, you went to answer the door.

Alexander was fidgeting on the porch, eyes darting back and forth.

‘Hey Alexander!’ you said, drawing his attention to you.  ‘Come inside.’

He smiled warmly and you felt your heart flutter.  He sat down on the couch and you handed him the popcorn, snuggling up next to him as you hit play.

When the Disney intro began, he looked at you with wide eyes.

‘Is this what I think it is…?’

Alexander flipped out when the actual movie started, which was really adorable and made you laugh.  In fact, you didn’t take your eyes off him after that, just watching his face as he stared intently at the TV.

Alexander began fidgeting under your gaze, and it made you smile.  After a while, he tore his eyes away from the screen to stare at you–you saw he was smiling in turn.  Something drew you closer until you were practically in his lap.  Alexander’s eyes were dark and–

a knock came from the door.  You scrambled off the couch to answer it–it was Herc.

‘Hey Y/N–I was just wondering if you still had that sweater that needed mending?’

‘Oh yeah, let me just go grab it…’

By the time you got back to the couch, the moment had passed, leaving you to wonder:

What had just happened?

Just one day later you were back at work, and you had plans to go out for lunch with everyone.  When you arrived at the small restaurant, however, Alexander was the only one there.

‘They cancelled,’ he said, by way of explanation.  ‘’

You laughed and let Alexander lead you in.  The two of you sat at a secluded table in the back, after having to explain that you were down three as Laf, Herc and John couldn’t make it.

The two of you sat opposite each other and a happy feeling welled up inside you, sitting in a secluded corner of a restaurant with just Alexander, it almost felt  like a–

‘Do you want anything to drink?’  The waitress had a tired look on her face.

‘Just some tap water, thanks!’ you responded, making sure to smile.

The waitress nodded and left.

You began to look through the menu.  You could feel Alexander looking at you and you began to blush, trying to distract yourself by listing off salad ingredients.

Minced garlic…

Egg yolk…

Romaine lettuce…

Parmesan, croutons…

When you heard Alexander laugh, you realized you’d been talking out loud.  Your blush intensified, which only made him laugh more.  When Alexander finally sobered, he spoke:

‘You’re really something, Y/N.’  The sincere look on his face went straight to your heart and it was like butterflies.  When he reached his hand out across the table, you took it and a warm feeling spread through you.  When he leaned in, you didn’t hesitate to lean in too.

‘Salut Alexander, mon ami!’  Lafayette, John and Herc all came tumbling down onto the seats next to you.  Alexander shot them all a withering glare, clearly frustrated.

‘For God’s sake!’ he exclaimed before slamming his mouth onto yours.  The kiss was hungry yet quick and left you breathless as it promised more.

Still holding Alexander’s hand, he dragged you out of the restaurant and the two of you ran away, laughing together as you went to find someplace to be finally private.  A small part of you couldn’t help but think:

So that’s what happened.

alright technically I’m onto the 15th page (I’m at 14.5 pages) of this essay and I still have until friday at  roughly noon AND it only /has/ to be 18 pages anyway so I’m gonna. go back to my wifi-less apartment and sleep early

also I got all my other work for the week done while I was procrastinating

like. literally all of it. the only thing I have to do this week aside from work is finish this essay, go to my classes, and do some grocery shopping and embroidery

Let us in part 3

part 1 is here

part 2 is here 

John Laurens x reader 

(omg im sorry this one took a while. if you’re following me you know I got drunk on the first day (and wrote a joke part 3) and today my friend asked me to be his freaking bf so a lot is happening but no worries I’m still writing! )

HERCULESM: I’m done at 7. I know Alexander is done around 6:30 (you are not working extra hours tonight! ) so should we maybe meet around 8 the usual place? 

lafayette: Sounds cool 

A.Ham: All right 

TURTLELOVER: I’m cool with that. What about you (Y/N)? 

HERCULESM: It says she is offline right now but she will see this once she gets online 

TURTLELOVER: aight I’l see y’all tonight

the ‘usual place’ was a small cafe that served about pretty much anything, it was nice, not too expensive and had free wifi. what more could you ask for. 

Hercules showed up first, 10 minutes early, then Lafayette and John, Alexander came 10 minutes late. But there was still no sign of you. the group stayed and chatted for a while. 

“Is (Y/N) not coming?” John asked the group 

Alexander and Hercules looked at each other, confused about why you were not here yet. 

Lafayette quickly replied “She is! I’m sure of it! She is probably still just getting ready! I can call her to be sure yes?” 

“No. If she doesn’t want to come it’s fine we shouldn’t force her” John looked down at his coffee cup as he said that, Obviously a bit upset. was 


“Laf. Don’t call her ok?” 



“yes yes. But i have to go the bathroom now” 

 “are you going in there to call her?” 

“I am shocked! You think I would betray a promise? shame on you” with that he ran into the bathroom he locked himself in and grabbed his phone and dialed your number

You woke up to the sound of your phone ringing you reached for your phone and answered “ hello?” 

“Did you just wake up?” 

“Lafayette? ugh yeah I was pretty tired. What time is it?” 

“It’s around 9 pm! We were all supposed to meet here at 8! We’ve been sending you messages!” 

“Oh shit I overslept. Do I -Wait why is your voice so echo-y? are you in the bathroom? oh my god Lafayette-” 

“Unimportant! We are waiting! What were you going to say Do you?” 

“ugh, Do I have time to get ready?” 

“oooooo wanna look pretty for John?” You could practically hear his grin 

“….Do I have time?” 

“Nope! get over here as soon as possible we can’t wait much longer for the fifth member of our group We are incomplete (Y/N). How can you do this to usss?” 

“Fine. I will be over soon” You got up and saw you had some missed messages from the group chat you quickly looked through them to see where they told you to meet them since Lafayette didn’t mention it in the phone call . You charged your phone while you quickly changed clothes and fixed your hair. You tried to get a little ready as soon as possible. Once you were done you put on your shoes and left.  You decided to walk since the weather wasn’t so bad. It took you about 15 minutes to get there walking. . You walked in and it didn’t take long for you to spot the table where your group of friends were at. They were always the loudest ones. 

You approached the table 

“(Y/N) YOU CAME!!” Lafayette shouted 

“Well yeah you cal-” 

“ssshh” you raised a brow as he rudely shushed you. 

“Okay?” You sat down next to your friends and greeted them 

“Where’s John?” You asked them they all reacted with huge grins

“aww miss your boyfriend?” Hercules asked 

“He’s not my boyfriend! Just tell me where he is!” 

“He is just in the bathroom” Alexander said before taking a sip from his cup. 

John came back and sat down next to you 

“Hi (Y/N)” 

“Hey John! Sorry I’m late ” 

“It’s fine” 

Lafayette sighed and turned to Alexander “This is awkward to watch, He is usually a flirt I wanna see something happen” He whispered to him 

“You know you whisper really loudly” you said obviously annoyed 

“hah. Sorry” 

the next hour you spent with your friends chatting, You tried to have conversations with John but he kept giving you short simple answers. It seemed as if he was annoyed. 

Your mind started racing. Why did he seem annoyed? Was he annoyed at you? Did he not want you here? Is he mad you accidentally announced in the group chat about your crush? have your friends been bothering him with his and now he’s annoyed? 

before you could think about this more Lafayette stood up 

“It’s getting late. I should go I have to be up early and so do Alexander and Hercules. lets go” before you and John could react Lafayette had grabbed the two men and practically ran out. 

It was quiet for a little bit before John said “I should probably go too.” He stood up and walked away you instantly followed him outside the cafe and grabbed his arm making him turn around. 

“Are you mad at me?” 


“Are you mad at me? We can usually talk for hours and hours sometimes even about just the same thing but you have barely said a word to me tonight. Are you mad?” 

“You didn’t come at first. I know Lafayette called you to get you to come, it was obvious. You didn’t want to see me right? Did you send that text to the group on purpose? to see what I would say? Embarrass me? If you don’t want me around you that’s fine I can go” 

You stared at him for a second, hurt he would actually think you would hurt  him “He did call me yes. I was asleep and he woke me up. I fell asleep because I was so nervous about seeing you tonight. I did not send that on purpose, that was really embarrassing for me I meant to send it to Angelica. I really do like you. I’ve had the biggest crush on you for so long. You are my best friend I feel like I can always talk to you I would never try to embarrass you. I would never hurt you , John” you let go off his arm as you said the last part.

He held on to both of your hands “I’m sorry (Y/N) I shouldn’t have assumed. I just really like you a lot and I just got nervous about thinking that maybe you didn’t want me around and just-” 

“You don’t have to apologize. I’m just glad I know you aren’t mad at me” 

You both stood there for half a moment just staring at each other and smiling 

“This is the part where you kiss me” You whispered. John chuckled and placed his hand on your hip, pulling you a little closer and placed his other palm on your cheek and leaned in to kiss you

It didn’t last long but it was perfect, His lips were soft and perfect for yours you didn’t want it to end but then he pulled away, you looked at him with the biggest smile on your face you glanced to the side and looked at John right away again bursting into laughter 

“What? What’s so funny” 

you pointed in the direction with your head while still laughing

John looked in the direction, it was across the street a bar and in the window you could see , Alexander, Lafayette and Hercules all looking at you two but trying to seem as if they weren’t it didn’t take long for John to start laughing too “I can’t believe they have been spying this whole time” 

You looked in their direction again and waved the 3 men looked embarrassed and looked away right away

as soon as you two stopped laughing you were both looking at each other still smiling 

“So (Y/N) How would you feel about heading back to my place?” 

“On the first date? Oh mister Laurens how scandalous” you joked 

“Just to watch a movie maybe cuddle and see how things go?” 

“I’d like that” 

His smile grew wider and he held on to your hand and lead the way, You knew your friends were watching from the bar trying to figure out where you were going, You knew it wouldn’t take long for them to figure it out and the next time they would see you the jokes wouldn’t end but you didn’t care you all ready had it planned out to just make out with John in front of them to make them (mostly Lafayette) uncomfortable if they joked about you two. This night is going to be fun and the next time you see your friends will be too. 

((AAAAAAA I’m sorry I know this is short and I know it isn’t as good as part 2 omg I was just so nervous about writing part 3 and ahh its 5 am im tired, I tried writing part 3 like 500 times and decided to just use this one and hope at least some of you like it (I’l double check for spelling mistakes in the morning im too tired right now rip ) oh and also you can send requests!! )))

the wifi smuggler

so at school today, I turned on my hotspot so I can use it. I didn’t realize my hotspot name was meme lord, and just, so many people just started laughing.

So I just gave up, and named the hotspot to ‘just ask for the password’ and lately I’ve had so many people walk up to me.

So I just told them 'don’t tell anyone but it’s going secret in two days, you’re the only one that knows’ and their eyes just light up.

So pretty much I smuggle in actual working wifi into the school while people come up to me in a fUCKING LINE TO GET THE WIFI PASSWORD