so i was watching the magic bullet

* (Frisk watches Caddy intently as he summons some of his magic bullets. He makes it look so easy…)

* (Sans seems to find the human’s eagerness amusing. Or perhaps endearing?)

Sans: heh. go for it, kiddo.

* (Frisk tries to copy what Caddy just did. They take a deep breath…)

* (…close their eyes, and…)

* (… That’s not a bullet.)

Sans: guess you really had your heart set on making something appear, huh? 

still, this is new.

[Frisk’s Dialogue]

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I live in a dorm w/o a roommate and I’m a scaredy cat so I sleep with the tv on so I don’t feel alone, but I get really scared at 3am bc that’s when the tv shows end and the infomercials begin for most networks and watching them feels unclean, so then I have to go to sleep w/o the tv on cuz I refuse to get brainwashed by hour and a half magic bullet commercials

Barnes, Barton, and Nine Brats

Ok, so the eternal de-aging trope. Let’s try de-aged Avengers today. Did I post this already? I feel like I’ve talked about this but oh well.

It’s a fight. It’s got magic and bullets and robots and everything at once. It’s why everybody’s there. Even Barnes, although he shouldn’t be anywhere near civilization right now, but Steve’s convincing when he wants to be.

It’s one of those convergence moments when everyone is on the ground except for him and Barton, and they watch a cloud of multicolored smoke poof over everyone in the streets. He and Barton end up watching it dissipate, only to leave behind… children. All of the Avengers plus a few police officers. Tiny things screaming their heads off.

Only… they’re not really kids. They’re their grownup selves in small bodies and Barnes is not happy for having to carry three of the brats, Steve and Tony tucked under his arms, Sam on his shoulders. Barton bounces Natasha on his hip until she threatens gruesome murder. Vision is harder to catch, since he can still fly, but Barton somehow convinces him to float quietly around them. James doesn’t need no know the details. What he’d like to know is why an android of all things would be shaped like a child. It makes no sense. Rhodey demands Clint’s shoulders and tries to high five Sam, but they can’t really reach other. James shifts closer to Barton with a roll of his eyes. Thor’s the tallest kid there, so he walks between James and Barton theorizing about the origin of the magic, dragging Mjolnir behind him. Wanda and Pietro are really refusing to let go of each other, so Barton scoops them up on his free arm, holds them close to his chest while Natasha pats their heads and tells them something too low for James to hear over the chaos. Of course, that’s when Steve and Tony start fighting each other.

By the time they reach the Tower, they’re already exhausted.

Strangely, all the kids fall asleep not half an hour later. They wake up just kids, without prior memories of their lives and that’s when the fun really starts, because James and Barton are the only ones left to look after the gaggle, while everyone else scrambles for a cure, Pepper and Jane at the front lines. They’ve even managed to track Banner down to help, even if only through online communication.

And now they’ve got nine kids when neither is equipped to even deal with children.

What are they going to do? They did the things! 


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Sleepy Hollow/Bones crossover

I would call the crossover a decent success. I will say if I was a Bones fan I wouldn’t be thrilled with that ball of weirdness crashing onto my show, but all in all, they did a fair job of keeping each show distinct and melding the disparate worlds together (except Crane – more on that in a minute). But it also drove home some important truths.

1.      Sleepy Hollow is trying to be Bones. When I watched Bones, many years ago, it was a pleasant sort of show. But it wasn’t the sort of show you sit down and watch with rapt attention. It’s background noise. It’s what you watch when you’re folding laundry or cooking dinner. That’s why it’s been so successful in syndication.

And so far this season, that’s largely what Sleepy Hollow has been. I’ve even become somewhat discouraged from writing meta because everything is just right there on the surface. I don’t feel like there are dots to connect; I feel like whatever this fandom comes up with is more compelling than the milquetoast the show will eventually feed us. But maybe that’s what it wants to be.

This isn’t a slam. There is a place for laundry folding shows. I’m just not sure it works for Sleepy Hollow.

2.      Bones is so confident and sure in what it wants to be. Part of that is from 11 seasons, sure, but from the very first minute it has its shit handled. The tone is consistent throughout. Even when things are moderately more serious (not much of that in this episode), it still feels like itself. Sleepy Hollow hasn’t figured out how to do that. It’s always struggled with this, but the balancing of the magical and the mundane has really been hurt this season. Sleepy Hollow needs to figure out what it wants to be and own it.

3.      Sleepy Hollow needs to learn how to light its people. Going from the crisp, clear Bones cinematography into the BLUE LENS FLARE HELL that Sleepy Hollow has become was jarring.

4.      Anyone who says the show would be about romance if the leads got together needs to freaking watch Bones. Both their primary and MAIN SECONDARY characters are married with children. It was mentioned in casual, breezy passing. I don’t think we ever actually saw a child or a kiss. It was just part of the background. So let’s stop the nonsense.

All right, let’s get into our bullet points:

  • Oh wow. I forgot how many maggots there are on Bones. All righty, then.
  • Despite the magic, demons, and sexy snake people on Sleepy Hollow, Angela’s computer is more supernatural than any of them. Changing someone’s hair and giving them face studs does not change their physiognomy and thus would not affect face-recognition software. And I swear to God, when she called up candlelight on her computer and it worked I gave this crazy bark of laughter and scared the cat. That is not even a little bit how that works.
  • So, let’s tally up all the relationship metaphors in this episode: They’re like Brennan/Booth! They’re like Angela/Hodgins! Oh hey, the murder victim was in an odd-couple relationship with a good Catholic boy and it all just worked! HM.
  • All right. Let’s do this. ICHABOD CRANE, FIGHT ME. All season he has been both overly aggressive and overly regressive. It feels like he’s moved backwards, been actively infantilized. The way he acts around mundanes is unacceptable. He has been in the present day for more than two years now. HE WAS A DAMN SPY. In this episode Howe praises him for his stealth! Yet we have him talking to Brennan and Angela like a complete freak I suspect would have been out of place even in 1781. Look. I get it. That’s the Crane schtick, Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer. But it’s not funny to have him behave in these ways. It’s quite frankly rude and off-putting. His insistence on acting like an offended owl when people look at him funny is just absurd. He used to value manners; good manners is making other people comfortable. He’s actively refusing. I understand wanting to cling to your identity. I understand that the show wants to cling to its identity. But at least in public, he needs to tone his shit down. Let him be flowery and weird in private, let us see him working hard to fit in. But he’s honestly a danger to himself and Abbie acting the way he does and I’m sick of it. I honestly do not like him even a little bit now. And Tom Mison (yes young man, I’m using your real name so you know it’s serious), you’re not helping. I understand being frustrated with this show. But it’s your job and you’re overacting all over the place and throwing so many eyebrows I think you poked my eyeball out with one.
  • People casually referring to Abbie as “Agent Mills” makes me happy. But I swear I haven’t heard so many people referring to each other as “Mr.” or “Ms.” since I was 8. Do people still do this?
  • Brennan telling him that he and Abbie need to bone: If the possibility wasn’t there before, it is now. If you don’t know, now you know.
  • Also, Crane looking scandalized when Hodgins fistbumped him proves that it’s a sex metaphor.

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Juvia's Water Body

Okay so I’m a little tired of people thinking that Juvia’s water body is impervious to all attacks. This is my theory on Juvia’s water body.

Juvia’s water body is only impervious to physical attacks caused by inanimate objects.

Juvia can be hurt by magical attacks and direct attacks by other mages.

Mages probably have the ability to touch Juvia because they have magic flowing though them.

Tremendous force can still affect Juvia.

Questions people might have:
Q: Why didn’t Vidaldua’s hair affect Juvia?
A: Either, Vidaldua hair was fake, which is why it fell out at the end, or that there wasn’t enough magic in it to affect Juvia.

Q: Why was Juvia surprise that Merudy’s attacks can hit her?
A: This is up for speculation. In the English dubbed, Erza said that Merudy can summons weapons just like her. Juvia probably thought that the swords were like Gray’s ice, they were made of magic but since they were still swords they couldn’t affect her.

Q: But in the anime-
A: I’m not touching the anime. One, there’s already one glaring flaw. Juvia couldn’t be affected by magic bullets at the tower of heaven (where in the manga, it was ordinary weapons) but she got damaged by magic bullets in the movie. Plus, I only watch dubbed so I’m not caught up in the anime.

Has anyone analyzed this video? It’s old, but I just happened to notice it while watching something on youtube and it once again proved that nothing done on the show is an accident or a mistake. Like Norman said, every detail matters. 

  • They are soooooooo careful about how they do their special effects. They are sooooo particular about every little detail. Like in 5b Rick still has that scar from when Morgan stabbed him back in s3? Yeah. So the Coda fiasco and magic bullet trajectory my ass. How can someone who is so crazy about making it all look as good as possible not see the position of Dawn’s gun if not while shooting than while editing? The reporter says they have a maniacal attention to detail so that everything looks believable and realistic. Beth’s headwound is not a detail, it’s a freaking hole. In the forehead. In midseason finale. The final shot. THE event. They couldn’t have not pay enough attention to the most important shocking thing in the episode that is followed by a three months hiatus. Here’s a quote “They also pay meticulous attention to realism in the weapons department.” So they do research. Dawn’s gun has no justification.
  • When talking about what different people love about they show, they say that someone likes gore but someone likes character development and out of all the possible scenes and scenarios they chose to show Bethyl moments from Still. When Greg Nicotero talks about Daryl’s love interests and interactions with women, the editor decided to put in scenes from Still. Because Bethyl is sellable. We saw it over and over again with the “Will there be a Bethyl reunion” campaign before s5. They teased the damn reunion so much and did we get one? No. Then they used that poster with he scene from Coda to advertise 5b. We all thought that it was so that people would get prepared for Daryl experiencing Beth’s funeral or something. Did we get the funeral? No. So they freaking used Bethyl to promote 5a and to promote 5b and when 5a and 5b actually happened there was nothing except constant reminders of Beth and Daryl’s grief for her. Bethyl is sellable and they know it.
  • They showed all the big spoiling sites. They know about spoilers. So if they are so careful and paranoid about spoilers getting out, how come there aren’t just spoilers getting out, but whole episodes?