so i was watching it


‘’But let me just say for the record: Freckles are beautiful. Like people with really freckly faces, you know what I’m talking about with really freckly cheeks. I know that some people see, you know, conventional, perfect, beige skin and they don’t like it but trust me, a lot of people like freckles, think they’re very beautiful and unique. If you have freckles, do not feel insecure. They’re like an upgrade. They’re like a bonus you unlock in a video game’’

url mooboard : @freckleddaniei

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sheith + stargazing
  • keith: *pointing at the sky* look at that star, it's beautiful!
  • shiro: *turns to loving look at keith*
  • keith: what?
  • shiro: i'm just looking at my star, it's more beautiful
  • keith: *blushing and stuttering*
  • shiro: i know, i love you too

since supergirl is coming back soon, i feel the need to remind everyone that mon el is an abusive person who owned slaves that never once actually apologized about any of his actions and deserves no redemption as of right now.

also, karamel is an abusive relationship, destroyed kara’s character, and is plain nasty.

i don´t think i´ve ever felt this conflicted about an episode of emmerdale before.