so i was trying to be kawaii

i actually put effort into this oh lord 

I hadnt seen a cage skirt code, i own one irl and i love it, SO!  i wanted to try and make one for my lil mayor!! and for all of you baes too 
if tumblr happens to mess up my image size, here’s a fuller sized image of it ! I hope you guys like it!! ꒰˘̩̩̩⌣˘̩̩̩๑꒱♡


Time for another inki-Drop Kickstarter! :O I’m keeping this one SMALL and trying out some slogans combined with my work this time, on fun and funky enamel pins~

I was a little nervous to try artwork that relies on text so heavily, so I hope you like the result!!

Each pin measures 1.5″ and are only $12 each. Shipping is FREE within the United States. Can’t beat that. :D

I also have original art for sale! Deets are on the project page. <3

Here’s a link to all the shiny goodness:

prostudy’s★彡 stationery haul

i just recently went to little tokyo in los angeles for a little spring break trip and visited daiso and some really cute little shops nearby! so here’s an overview of all the stuff i got, i’m trying to edit a youtube video on this haul which you can check out here once i upload it  (∪ ◡ ∪)

studygram + music

So on the 15th this month my friend had a birthday party. We invited some mutuals along and had a good time watching anime, which she is a big fan of, and goofing off. We start off by watching a couple of spoofy shows like gakuen handsome, nyan sugar neko girls, and sugoi quest for kokoro (all are hilarious in their own way btw check them out if you haven’t already). We’re all sort of silly people and at one point we start to horse around say things like “wow you are so kawaii nya rawr” jokingly. You know, it’s the end of a long week and we’re all being a bit louder, rowdier, and weebier than we normally would be. So one guy mutual isn’t saying much-he’s a shy dude so we didn’t think much of it-but he’s on Snapchat and taking pictures/video a lot. No big, I am too. He brushes us off whenever we try to bring him into the fun (“hey x, who’s YOUR waifu?”) and even straight up refuses to eat any cake. Oh well, more for us! So the party goes on for a couple hours and we have a great time and go home around 11. The next day I check his story and it is no joke full of things like “the animation on this show is so cringey” (picture of gakuen handsome which is supposed to look bad?? did he miss the point or something) or “the people here just said kawaii unironically… Cringe” for about 15 pictures and video. And it’s like ??? ok you want to take advantage of someone’s hospitality and then insult them behind their back (only I have Snapchat and/or him added in the group that was there). What makes it worse is that one of the girls we invited, a grade level below me, added me and later posted something about “I had fun and made new friends! I’m so happy!” Honestly that guy was the real cringe and he sure as hell ain’t coming to no more parties with us

hello! I am tempest shadow and im the daughter of sombrah and I have edgy hair so sharp i don’t even need a weaopon cause i can cuts you with it. I am evil because of my cursed horn but I want 2 be gud so I broked it off so i can be good. I can stilll doo magic tho and WILL DESTROY my enemies if they hurtz my friends. My armour is made from the crushed bones of my enemies and give me super special kawaii desu powers so I can fly even tho I don’t have wings. I am more op than all 5 alicorns COMBINED and I have defeated tiredk and discord and now they want to be my special somponies but I’m 3 cool 5 them. everyone loves me and twilight wants to be my student but i’m too busy trying to stay in control of my shadowy demonic powers. I am also kinda insane and have multiplies personalities and sometimes i want 2 murder ponies but its a gud thing my mom, the fusion of twilight and luna, taught me how to be good and never give into the the hate and anger that the luna halfof my mom did. I can also turn into anything like chrysalis and chrysalis is gay for me. i am also related to nightmare moooon and can move the sun and moon and when there is an eclipse (which i cans make XD) i turn into my super saiyen dark form. i am immortalz but I haz been reborn many times in the past because my dark side took over and i had to sacrifice myself to save the world from myself and that is how I got this scar. I am half vampire (the kind that sparkles) half werewolf, half minotaur, half cerberous, half ghost, half mermaid, half bat, half dragon, half fairy, half demon, half cat, angel, half goddess, half zebrah, half alicorn, and timelord. My eyes change colours to match my emotions and i have purple blood so i am a royal and i am bffs with equius. I have conquierred a lot of plannets but i am a good ruler and am nice to all my sujects and everyone loves me. I am pokemon master and my starter was mewtwo. i am pretty much all powerful cause my power level is OVER 9000 but I am just a regular pony. will u want to be my friedn?

Here’s most of my Human Ahsoka Tano cosplay looks I posted, though the bottom right photo is new :). 

It was very fun to try to do a human version of this character, I was definitely inspired by the art of her on tumblr, so thanks to the artists! & thank you for the kind feedback you all been giving me, I truly appreciate it :).

Which look is your favorite :)?

…idk why i made sangwoo cutesy wootsey doki doki kawaii desunee but i had fun doing this LOL I found this korean chibi and im like okay lemme try that style aaaaaaand so this happened… anyways! Hope you guys like it! and omg who reads killing stalking here? Coz omg that is just HNNNGH!! the angst bruh! Also a fair warning killing stalking has explicit content and i only recommend it to those who are 18 or older! if you’re below that you might wanna skip this manhwa since it can get pretty intense ALSO! Gonna make this as a doki doki keychain !

Cutie Sans

Omg lmao;; a good night sketch.. im srsly so tired;; >u<

well.. I need to sleep >u< good night !!

Im still not sure.. about the style.. but we will see <3 

(Im happy abouut my sans skeleton etc etc improvement the last days)

Requests are open,

u can request me via the ‘’Ask me anything’’ option

I need to practice .. and need more Ideas ~~ xD
so .. i will try to draw every request xd

I tested some photoshop brushes ! Photoshop is so hard to hande ! TwT i use to draw on clip studio (manga studio) but the best brushes seem to be on photoshop, so i wanted to give it a try once again. ^^“
Still lots of practise to do but well, i like it better than other drawings i have done with a outline. ^^ (i mean, drawings different from my usual painting process)