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Title: Bliss

Summary: Life with Dean Winchester is like a Ferris-wheel; intense, exciting and unpredictable. You don’t mind one bit. 

Author: deanssweetheart23

Characters: Dean Winchester x reader

Word count: 1053

Warnings: Very, very light smut, and fluff. So much fluff, guys. So much of it.

Author’s Notes: So I wrote this ficlet ages ago after a conversation I had with my twin @ravengirl94 about domestic Dean, but never actually posted it, and I figured why not do it today, since it’s Fluff Day? So. Please, enjoy. 

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Most of the time, people think of Dean Winchester as a gruff man.

They take in the rough edges and the outward confidence, the machismo and the wise-cracking and tend to believe that they have him figured out, that there’s absolutely nothing else to him, just a man’s man off to save the world with his brother.

They couldn’t be more wrong.

Dean is a hero, of course. He’s one of the noblest men you know and, admittedly, he’s dangerous and fierce and rambunctious but all these things, all that coarseness melts away the moment he lays eyes on someone he cares about.

Because, despite the way he’s been raised, the toughness and the discipline and the soldier-like upbringing, Dean is soft, gentle love, heart beating on nothing but emotion and loyalty for others.

And you love that about him.

You love how affectionate and doting he is, how his kindness and goodness are much greater than any mistake he’s ever made. You love that he’s home, tenderness and affection wrapping around you like the warmest of blankets, and you love that you have a life with him and that he lets himself have a life with you, even though it’s not always easy.

In fact, there are times that life with Dean is nothing but peril and chaos, bullets and knives and punches. It’s nights painted with whiskey and blood, needles that pierce through freshly wounded skin, scars and fear and bone-crushing hugs that leave you breathless and bring you to your knees because you realize that it’s all over and you’re both still there, alive and concrete and real, and it’s just too much.

But it’s not just that.

It’s never just that.

Life with Dean is brilliant Sunday mornings wrapped up in the scent of coffee and waffles and love. It’s the lazy morning kiss you share when he wakes you up and the long shower you take together, the Zeppelin songs he hums under his breath while he makes breakfast for you and Sam, hair sticking in every direction possible. It’s the way he smiles when you walk into the kitchen and the way he grins as he notices you’re wearing one of his flannels again, goofy and just a tad cheeky.

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I LOL-ed on public transit today because in Ethan Mordden’s “On Sondheim” book he unwittingly weighs in on the “did sweeeny todd and mrs. lovett fuck?” question that plagued broadway tumblr this summer. (Which i blessedly know about because i follow @godlessondheimite)

Also, for what it’s worth, I think it’s a more interesting show if they didn’t fuck, so I’m gonna disagree with mordden on this one.

a blessed Mabon, everyone!! i’m a little, tiny bit sad, only because the vibes i’m feeling today aren’t *as* strong and witchy as last year’s holiday, but i’m a happy girl all the same. rain has graced my town, and i’m so glad about the dropping temperatures. i began the day with a small workout in the dim light of my living room, then had a cup of chai tea that my mom bought for me yesterday. i think i am going to do some autumn-cleaning to make my living space fresh and new, and burn some palo santo. later, i am selling some witchy things to a younger high school friend of mine - she’s so sweet and, for some reason, looks up to me lots, which confuses me but touches my heart all the same! i hope your own days are beautiful and productive and rejuvenating, be it for your mind, body, and/or soul. remember to be thankful for what you have. 😌🍂✨🙏🏻

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if ur still taking prompts, for pynch: the first time either or both drop a love confession?? love ur writing!!

thank you so much I love yours too! <3 

I love this prompt because it can be written so many different ways, the possibilities are endless. like, if I sat down to write it another day we’d probably end up with an entirely different fic. as it is, I wrote it today and this is what I came up with :) (read on ao3 if you prefer)

(also I only have one more prompt to write after this one so if anyone’s interested feel free to send me more! I’m using them as an exercise to try and write quickly)


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yo nikki hit me up w some parental royed fic recs pls!!! i think i've read just about everything i could find and i need. more. also brotherly fluff recs???? pls i'm desparate ;-;

I GOTCHU PAL. A lot of these I’ve recommended before so you might’ve read them but i tRIED MY BEST

Papa Roy:

Stairway to Paradise (my fav but I think everyone knows that by now lol) | Mistakes (AU, pretty dark but hella good) | A Boy Named Ed (another AU, not dark, really fluffy actually) | The Winds of Change (Another AU, I cried, brotherly fluff too) | Number Twenty Eight (Chimera AU, also dark but that’s sevlow for ya) | Shadow of a Doubt (I’d give my life for bookwrm389) | Till I’m a Hundred You Idiot (p good mix of one-shots) | Peanut Butter and Bubblegum  | Likeness  | Heart (UM CAMPING TROPE, also some brotherly feels) | Stroke | Luck (idk why this one is so funny to me) | Your Son (you know you like military ball fics, we all do) | The Flame (sad but cute AU omg) | Whiteout Gold from Lead | Crash |Transient | Toy Soldier | Tempest | Starlight, Star Bright | Talking in CodeDead on Arrival (AU!) | Fullmetal and Flame (not really parental, but a really interesting take on their relationship and the story in general, also some sad bro moments) | Forgiveness (AU, when u want something really dark)

Fluffy Elrics:

What Healing Is | The Best Medicine | After All | Quarantine | Heartbeat | Just to Hold You| Nights Whole (all 7 of these are brotherly Al-just-got-his-body-back fics lmao ok now on to a different trope) What Lies Behind Us (FMAB/COS crossover)A Hundred Ways to Say You’re My Brother (oneshot collection) |  The Very Best Christmas (PURE) | Comfort | A Necessary Skill (goofy brothers tbh) | Just Like Mom | Phantom Limb | Gone Fishing | Birthnight | Temporary Measures | Shield Brothers

And of course, I’ve got my fanfic list which you can apply filters to in case I’ve forgotten any lol

I’m determined to keep my spirits up today, despite work being exhausting. So in no particular order, here’s some things I’m excited about:

  • We are going to a fancy ball in the dnd session tonight and I think stuff is gonna go down.
  • The Ren Faire is tomorrow and I’m dressing as a pirate!
  • I’m playing a mermaid with amnesia in a solo game right now and she’s gr8
  • We get our wedding pictures back next week!

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as an ENTP i read somewhere that ENTPs may seem like sociopaths and the personality is strongly linked to sociopathy. do you feel it's true?



So I’ve taken that test and I got high in sociopathy and  psychopathy, so let’s just step back and think about who made this test. Probably not an ENTP, that’s for sure. 

ENTPs are serial overthinkers. We abuse thinking. We drive and think to ourselves… does that red mean go or stop? because it’s too much work to just memorize which one is which… just in case it changes. We like to think functionally about every single heart palpitation if the good lord (who may or may not be real, methinks) lets us. As a result, when it comes to morals, we don’t just take the rules that society sets out for us, we take the pillars and we analyze them. Morals exist because someone made them up… which makes them just as right as any thing as someone declared when they accidentally sailed onto the Americas and decided to kill a ton of people for the greater good (this is sarcasm).

In less dramatic terms, nothing is set in stone. Nothing is without exception. And ENTPs see this. 

Our ability to be extroverted enough to get along with anyone we want to (if we try), but to be introverted enough to sit back and soak up our surroundings kind of meshes into that sociopathic definition of a person who is antisocial and lacks empathy with a weak conscience. In fact, I’m admittedly very antisocial. But a sociopath?

In general, ENTPs can be pretty darn antisocial, and while people who are narrow not thinking may argue that we lack empathy and have a weak conscience, that’s just us trying to understand a full situation… and successfully be able to argue it. It says nothing about our actual beliefs. We’re just thinkers. Extroverted seers, introverted thinkers. 

On top of this, the biggest deciding factor in what makes a psycho and sociopath is the lack of empathy. I would argue that ENTPs can be very very empathetic… or at least perceptive of feelings. It’s how we fit right into a bunch of different groups, it’s how we mesh. And when we love, we don’t feel the need to be antisocial around them. Plus, we care and we fight for those people. We are loyal, and ENTPs are not by definition sociopatic by any means.

So in the end. That test is wrong. There are a lot of things it doesn’t take into account, and i’m 500000% sure it’s faulty.

Lol, so I was talking to my coworker today (since its football season and highschool football just started) about how I used to go to games with my friends. Except we never went to watch the game, it was always to hang out.

And he goes “ooh yeah, hang out, raise hell, check out guys”

And I used to be like, 99% sure I was a lesbian, so this made me laugh (also I was dating a chic in high school) and he kinda stopped and went “check out …. Girls?” And I laughed even harder, and I think my coworker is still confused

Darling Part 4

Reader x Draco

I’m sorry it took me so long! I’m sick and I didn’t have a moo for anything, but here I am with another part. 

Honestly, this should be the last part, and I think for me this is good ending, but as always, if you guys want another part, let me know. But this time, the fifth one would definitely be last.

Also, today I started writing first of some requests so hopefully soon I will post it. 

PS.: I have been writing this fanfiction about Draco and girl character I made up, she is Harry’s twin sister and she’s a slytherin. I really like it and have a big plans with it so if you guys would want to read at least first chapter, let me know too :)

Imagine: You and Draco are best friends but things change rapidly when he starts dating Pansy Parkinson and your friendship with him is going down.

Warnings: Language


“Wait, what? What did you do?” you asked shocked ignoring the joy in your heart.

“You heard me, darling.” he said, grinning.

“Why on earth would you do that?!” you screamed while crossing your arms on your chest ignoring that your heart was suddenly beating faster.

“You should sit down, Y/N, you’re still drunk.” said Draco as he tried to put you on his bed, but you refused.

“I’m completely fine! Tell me why the hell would you breaking up with Parkinson?!” you screamed again pushing his hands away from your body.

“I realized I can’t date someone who is trying to push you out of my life.” he said looking into your Y/E/C eyes.

“Really? Now you’ve realized that? And why should I believe you, Malfoy?” you snapped.

“Because that’s just how the two of us works, Y/N. We trust each other blindly no matter what, it has always been like that.” said Draco looking down at his arms.

Why was he nervous? You could tell he was, you knew how he acted when he was nervous. He always looked down on his pale hands and started playing with his long fingers. His eyebrows was curved into one line and so was his lips.

But this was you. His best friend, he was never nervous when it came to you. With you, he could act like he wanted, say whatever he wanted and do whatever he wanted without feeling nervous or embarrassed. So what was different now?

You said nothing just sat down on the edge of his bed, thinking. Everything around you was still a bit shaking thanks to that few shots of firewhiskey you had not even an hour ago.

“Please, Y/N, can we now go back to where we were before all of this?” he said suddenly looking at you. “Please, I’m begging you, Y/N, it’s not just that I miss you and hell I do, but I need you. I can’t live in a world and not have you by my side, I just can’t.”

You grinned. You forgot about this fluffy side Draco had deep inside him and showed it only to you.

“Yeah, you wouldn’t last much long without me, I can’t let you die.” you showed him your grin and within a seconds his tightened face relaxed and smile appeared on his lips as he put you up on your feet and hugged you.

“I knew it.” he said laughing. “I knew you wouldn’t dare to say no to me.”

“Okay, okay, enough.” you laughed with him as you pushed him away.  “Can we now go back? I need to get drunk again.”

“Go back? I thought you wanted to go sleep?” he smirked.

“Yes, well that was when I was still upset, but now-“ you made your way to the door, but Draco grabbed your wrist and made you stop.

“Let’s stay here.” he said simply.

“Like seriously? Malfoy, it’s always you who want to go to parties and stuff!”

“Yeah, but now I just want to stay here with you. Is that that much of a problem for you, darling?”

“Stop calling me that! Weirdo.” you murmured to yourself as you made your way back on his bed where you sat crossing your legs and arms. “So, what do you wanna do?” you asked him

“You can’t be seriously asking me this question, Y/L/N!” he snapped with smile on his face as he jumped on the bed right next to you. “We are gonna talk, which is something we haven’t done for a weeks because someone here was ignoring me!”

“Just to get this straight, that someone here was ignoring you because you were acting like a complete asshole to that person!“

“Yeah, I was, but after all those years one would expect that someone would get used to it.” he said, still smirking.

“Well at least you can see how much of a gold person you have in your life and that you can still loose it whenever you expect it or not.”

“I don’t.” said Draco with suddenly deadly serious face.

“What?” you asked still smiling a bit.

“I don’t ever wanna loose you again. Not even for a minute. Ever.” he told you and you just prayed in your mind not to blush.

“Nicely said, Malfoy.” was all you said.

“Why do you still keep calling me that?” he asked you taking a pillow and resting his head on it.

“It’s your name, everyone is calling you that.” you said confused.

“Yeah, everyone, but not you. I don’t want you to call me that.”

“I don’t want you to call me darling either, and you’re still doing that.” you smirked.

“And I’ll never stop, darling.”

“Then I’ll never stop calling you Malfoy.”

“We’ll see about that.” he grinned and you knew exactly what was happening in his mind.

“You git!” you screamed and took the pillow he was laying on and punched him with it right in the face.

“So,” started Y/F/N the next morning at breakfast in the Great Hall. “How was your night?” she asked you hiding her obvious smirk.

“What are you talking about, Y/F/N?” you asked her suspiciously.

“Oh come on! You and Draco disappeared together and people say they saw you both entering his dorm! And you’ve slept there so I’m asking you once again, Y/N, how was your night?” she giggled.

Before you could reply, Draco did it for you as he just joined you at the table.

“Actually, Y/F/N, if you have to know, it was totally awesome, but I’m afraid my bed is broken a bit.” Draco said with totally serious expression.

“Wha-Malfoy!” you screamed at him and punched him slightly to the shoulder as he sat down next to you. “First, we would have to date and then maybe I would have sex with him.” you said talking to your friend now.

“Maybe?” he said probably offended.

“Well, the whole Slytherin house thinks you two are dating, so…” giggled Y/F/N before drowning herself in her pumpkin juice.

“I don’t give a damn what they think.” you snapped rolling your eyes.

“Woah, what’s wrong, darling, you don’t like people thinking you’re my girlfriend?” said Draco smirking while he put his hand around your shoulder.

“Shut up, Malfoy.” you said pushing his hand away. “We’re not dating and we never will, deal with it.” you added smiling at him.

“I wouldn’t be so sure about it, at the end, I’m sure even you won’t be able to resist my charm.” smirked Draco while you kept looking into his grey eyes.


story time

So today at work I was talking to my best friend/co worker about Teen Wolf(like always) and one of my 5 year olds heard us and she’s like “oh I watch Teen Wolf with my sister” and my friend and I are thinking “yeah okay whatever” because she’s 5 right? So I said “oh yeah?” and, I shit you not, she goes “yeah my sisters favorite character is Scott but he’s not even a cute boy, I think Stiles is a cute boy” (side note her and her 4 year old friend always ask me why I’m not married and I never have a reason to give them because🤷🏻‍♀️but they really want me to get married for some reason lol) and then she proceeded to tell me that I should marry Stiles so long story short I have a new favorite student😂🙃

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Heyo~ im kinda curious, i think i saw you tweet that you kinda learned or worked on improving your art just to draw akihiko and stuff, so im curioud about how that went down like, thats a lot of dedication if we look how good your art is at today. I just have no motivation for anything and im interested in knowning how that worked out for you :o.

hi there!! akihiko was definitely my drive to draw. but just bc akihiko was my drive, doesn’t mean that’s where it ends too. if i didn’t challenge myself to certain goals like “i want to make him look less lanky” or “i want to get better at drawing couples” then i would just have drawn akihiko 700 times in a ¾ view bust giving me almost no improvement at all bc it’s all the same thing over and over. so, you need to find your drive and utilize them to achieve your goals. they will be your “partner in crime” u feel me?

like, sometimes i would be really frustrated in drawing/practicing but the fact that i’m drawing /him/ makes it less miserable bc hey, i’m drawing for myself and what i want so it could be worse. yknow?? this is why i advocate drawing what you love bc it can make your process less dreadful even a little. now i enjoy practicing bc i do studies that i can include akihiko in lol sometimes it’s even more fun the other way around: instead of including my studies in akihiko, i can challenge myself to find a way to include akihiko in my studies, giving me more room to expand and explore.

and motivation is a little bitch. i’ve learned the hard way that if you wait for motivation to come, it might never will. you have to really push yourself out there buddy. you can- YOU SHOULD take breaks but u should also know the difference between not being in the mood and being lazy. sometimes you have to make it a habit to draw at least a little everyday, even if it’s just little doodles. it will help build up the momentum gradually until you eventually find yourself wanting to do a full blown piece. just take it easy but with determination.

that’s my experience. this can all differ from each person ofc, not everyone will harmonize with every method. u just gotta keep trying until you find what works for u! so take what i say with a grain of salt. but regardless, i hope this helps at least a little! i wish u luck!

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Ive been told the only good thing about me is my long hair. Today I decided to cut it from my elbow length to my neck, and I'm starting to freak out about going back tomorrow. Help?

Hey Princess Leia, there is so much else that is amazing about you and there’s nothing wrong with wanting a change! You’re bold and courageous and cool AND so good with a blaster, and that’s infinitely more important than hair. Also PS I think shorter hair looks cuter anyway.

I feel like I should be over this but I’ve been dealing with people shitting on U2 for so long and like - fuck! I just want to be able to tell people I love my favourite band without having to deal with their bullshit. Like wtf I don’t shit on people for liking indie bands that I think are crap. No one thinks the worse of anyone for liking “cool” bands. But every goddamn time I tell someone I love U2 I have to hear about how Bono’s a piece of shit, or how Edge can’t play guitar, or fucking iPhones, like ??? No, I don’t want to hear you insult something I really adore??Every time I go to tell someone irl about this huge part of my life I start with “Don’t judge me, but…” and I really shouldn’t feel the need to. Fuckity fuck fuck fuck. 

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Modern au idea; Link and Zelda with matching "I was too lazy to do my hair today" buns, gossiping about the hot guys and gals they've met, eating junk food and just being THE BEST bffs. They live together, and everyone thinks they're dating because their tiny shitty apartment only has room for the one bed, but nah, they're both hella gay. Sidon goes to bed with Link, wakes up with Link AND Zelda snuggled up to him and is. Just. So Confused.

!!!!! this is !!!!!!! the zelink tht i lov !!!!!!!!!!! best fucking friends but not datin or anythn bc they r both gay !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sidons double confused abt waking up not only next to link but also next 2 zelda bc he coulda sworn link said she wasnt home ??? is this like ???? a regular thing btwn them ??????? (yes)

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hi ! im so so nervous !! i go to college tomorrow (oh god) and i don't think i'll be able to sleep tonight :^) and one paper for tuition had to get there by today and i can't be sure it did!! so for all i know i might be short over $5000 in loans and somehow have to cover that !! i really i think i need to calm down before i work myself into a panic attack but idk how !

Hi!! Oh my, first day at college, that’s exciting!! I know it can be horrifying (I’m always nervous when anything new’s about to happen) BUT! It’s all gonna be okay I promise! All you have to do now is distract yourself, don’t just lay in bed and worry about everything – let’s start by agreeing that there’s nothing you can do about the money and no amount of worrying will help it (I’m sure it got there tho don’t worry!). So let’s just take a deep breath in, deep breath out, and say it’s all gonna be fine. Step two is the distractions which means that if you can’t fall asleep, just go watch sth nice – cat videos on youtube, your fav movie, an interview with your fav artist… get sth that will make you happy and forget about college for a while (that’s what I do whenever I’m stressed about sth and believe me it’s much better than turing in bed being sleepless & shaking in worries). And lastly, remember that you’re not alone in this, TONS of people are having their first day at college and they’re as nervous as you, it’s normal! You’ll see that it won’t be as bad as you imagine it!

I wish you a great first day and a calm night!! You are amazing!! I believe in you!!

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I really respect... I have no idea what you look like or what even your name is but I respect you. The way you answer some anons and the way you care for complete strangers is admirable... to me at least. You just seem like a person I would want as a friend or older sister and I'd probably have you as a role model. I honestly don't know why but you give me really good vibes. Just wanted to let you know.

Today at work, I went off on a tirade to a Vice President about how I think he should fire everybody who works in this one department that reports to him.  He told me, “You don’t really like people, do you?”

Originally posted by elf-tastingtheadventure

Actually, I’m trying my best to be a decent person – so it means a lot that you think I’m doing something right.

here’s the plan y’all

  • finish making the List to go through the end of september 
  • gotta a lil fic i might try to get out today (anybody interested in new fic? it’s going to be called on a tuesday afternoon overlooking the thames, just a lil philosophical rambling sort of thing tbh. sometimes i think thoughts! and i give them to john & sherlock so they don’t have to live in my own head) 
  • keep on keeping on with a study in scarlet (literally the name of the book is allegedly about lips in a biblical love song i’m……deeply in love with the guy who annotated this edition) (it was ed glinert btw) (also i’m keeping tabs of biblical references in canon and so far they’re all gay) 
  • can i illegally download kingsman 2 yet. i heard it was bad but i still want to see it for colin firth reasons. 
  • buy a copy of wonder woman and watch it 30000 times in a row
  • check my bank account & make a payment on my cc
  • gotta run up to the store and buy a pot and potting soil and re-pot a plant before it dies 
  • also to vacuum up the dirt mess where the pot fell over like last weekend which i never cleaned up bc i’ve been sick all week (it’s fine it’s like, behind a table where you can’t see it unless you’re sitting on a sofa in just this one exact spot) 
  • put some stuff up on ebay to sell
  • finish reworking this cross stitch pattern i’m building 
  • decide how i’m gonna tackle this list this weekend bc things are getting real outta control on it and i gotta do it. i gotta do better on it. i wanted to get down to under 500 things by the end of september and i….did not do that.

good plan good plan let’s go team!