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I was finally rewatching the (Barba) episodes of season 18 so far (and it wasn’t fun but I had to take some screencaps for a long-term project) and for the first time in a long while I noticed a rather drastic change in Raúl’s hair (and I have to admit that I’m a person who never catches the more subtle changes in someone’s hairstyle, lol).

The above screencaps are from 18.09 ‘Decline and Fall’ (left) and 18.13 ‘Genes’ (right).

It looks like he’s growing it out even more? And also what I noticed in this scene from ‘Genes’ is that the grey in his hair seems to be completely gone?

The last time I remember such a drastic change in one season was during season 15 where he started with REALLY short hair, then let it grow REALLY long (for season 2 Chilton) and then cut it pretty short again for the last few episodes of the season.

@earthwenchesareeasy replied to your photoset:anyway here are some more pointless pictures of…

please dont make me look at his face without a beard its so sad ;~;    

listen I didn’t take all these screencaps just to not torture people with them

I really want to join you guys’ discussion ln AO!! ep24 but the Chinese version won’t release until Sat so……
I don’t want to cry too early??? I am sorry 😭😭😭😭plz let me join y'all later!!

Plus I finally get my Ebumi figure and his hair is so spiky it feels like I am touching a cactus. 😂

Also one important thing here: Never. NEVER HATE MATSUO IN EP24 HE IS ALREADY DOING HIS BEST AND IT’S OKAY IF OUR BEST IS NOT 100%. Fyi, manga vol. 11 has another part of the Matsuo story and let’s not judge too fast!! There should definitely be a second season of anime!!!