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❤ Soulmate Drabble (12/13) ❤

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Member: Wonwoo
Genre: So fluffy I may have cried writing it
Word Count: 489

You can hear your soulmate’s voice in your head, but only when they sing.

You had met your soulmate a long time ago. You and Wonwoo had been together since you were barely more than children. You’d heard him singing along to a song on his ipod and immediately fell in love with him. The thing was, you had been all the way in the front of the bus, and he had been all the way in the back. You hadn’t heard him singing with your ears. You had heard him with both your mind and your heart that day. That’s when you knew you were meant to be.

Since then you’d dated, gone on adventures with, even married each other. You’d been with him through all of his busy career, and him being in an idol group meant that he was singing pretty often, which meant that your head was never quiet. That could have been annoying, but it was a blessing. Even when you were continents apart, he was always with you. You were a little glad that he was a rapper, though, since rap didn’t really come through in your mind as loud. You couldn’t imagine what Seokmin or Seungkwan’s soulmates had to go through on a daily basis. You hoped they had some advil for the headaches.

Of course, Wonwoo could hear you when you sang as well. You didn’t do it nearly as much as he did, but sometimes when you were far apart you’d sing the song you danced to at your wedding softly as you cleaned up to let him know that you were thinking about him. Sometimes he’d sing it back and you’d have a little private duet thousands of miles away. You always joked that it was like a musical film where the two protagonists burst into song simultaneously no matter where they were.

You remembered the time when Wonwoo had broken his phone while on tour, and had resorted to singing you how he was doing. You sang back well wishes for him, and musically chastised him for dropping his phone into the toilet. He got a kick out of that one.

It wasn’t often that you were the one who had to leave, but at one point you had to go to a friend’s weekend getaway for her bachelorette party. You had had a great time, but you couldn’t help but miss your husband and the newest addition to your family. You were getting ready for bed on the last night of your trip when you heard something that made your heart melt. You heard Wonwoo singing the sweetest of lullabies to your infant daughter. It carried the tune of several familiar lullabies, but it was wordless and more of a vocal hum. Your heart filled with love for him (for about the millionth time). You couldn’t wait to get back to him and your baby. You sent him a quick text to say goodnight, and fell asleep dreaming of his embrace.  

- Marcy

Since I’m so far away from all the meet-ups and stuck in a town with 1000 people, I decided to do something on my own at our local monument. I wrote Chester a letter and picked some flowers. I put everything up and then sang One More Light and then played Leave Out All The Rest on my iPod. I also talked to him for a bit. I just had to do something, I don’t know what else to do with all the grief.

It was gray and some rain thing. The car’s wipers had trouble giving us clear vision and everything was soppy, muddled, and splayed. I had fallen asleep and had my cheek pressed to the window as she drove. It was cold only in the way that windows hold cold and I let the glass before me fog up and clear, fog up and clear, fog up – 

It’s heartbreaking to return to your hometown in the rain. You have to be more attentive. Everything seems foreign and sapped of detail like a hard to find memory. There are surprises and hidden things you never really had to think about before and all the things you relied on some years ago are gone, covered up, or wrong. All this makes you feel age and you’re glad you don’t have to do this trip alone.

She wanted to be married. There was a five year plan and now there isn’t. Her boy that she’d loved since college gradually turned into a squingy man who had simplified his life to a three part routine of alcohol, sleep, and some work following a few heavy bouts with depression. Last I’d seen him we were sharing a gin before the movie theater while waiting for the girls and he mentioned the one distinction he couldn’t help but reminding me of again and again. He’d tell me that there is a difference between wanting to die and being suicidal. You can want to die and not be suicidal. You can be both. You can be neither. You don’t have to be both. I told him I understood. Then the girls came and we picked a movie.

She’s not with him anymore. She mentioned that she left in the worst of it. There was obvious guilt when she described why she left. She tried harder to convince than to portray. When people speak in this way, they lean forward to find some support or reaction. They’re also more emotive. They’re spilling out from themselves. It was like that fucking rain.

During the drive she said that people aren’t supposed to love everything that they love. She said things are never fair and that she didn’t really understand that until our friend’s wedding and there were people dancing, eating, laughing. She said all she thought about were how she wanted to forget this day like so many other days because it brought up thoughts that she had tried so hard to ignore so that she could love him in the way that she had thought she should love him. She said at that point she felt that she didn’t want to know anyone anymore and that she didn’t want to do anything anymore. And oh god, she’d said. That was when she knew that things are never fair and that some people aren’t supposed to love everything they love. She moved out that night. She said that he didn’t even come out from the room to see her leave. He probably couldn’t. She crashed at my place and she slept through an entire day.

We pulled into her mother’s. I had not been here in years. The rain wasn’t letting up so we decided to unload the truck later. We carried some of the bags containing clothes and such. We sat by the heater letting ourselves dry while her mother heated some soup.

Later, she showed me her old bedroom. Her mom hadn’t changed anything. There were unframed pictures stuck up everywhere. There was one of me skinny and not really knowing how to smile. There were posters, awards and trophies, trinkets from travel, a map of Europe with little stars in cities she’d been, and even an old iPod that still worked. She played this song that we’d heard together in high school in the backyard of some friend’s home while sharing earbuds from this same iPod. 

I looked at my friend. I didn’t know what to say or tell her. I felt bad that so many of the promises we thought we had with life when we were young just turned out to be some misunderstanding. We sat side by side on her small twin sized bed listening to old music we used to love and forgot. We stared out the window to the wind and the rain. I felt age. I felt it come and go, disappear and glow, and youth flowering from all the lingering bits of it that they couldn’t shake off.

imagine harry and the missus laying in bed listening to harry’s album for the first time from start to finish. with lots of kisses, smiles, and maybe some happy-/sad tears when the missus would realize, what some of the songs are about. xx.

Oh my goodness. This is so adorable. He’d be so nervous to play it to her for the first time, sitting in bed with her on a lazy Sunday afternoon, the iPod stuck in his drawer that held the final draft of the album set to be released. She’d be sat on his legs, feet entwined with his socked ones, one earbud in her ear and one earbud in his ear, as he let the album play in it’s own order.

“Yeh like it, right?” He’d ask her, lips brushing over the back of her neck, “yeh think it’ll do well with the public?”

“I mean, you had my emotions running crazy, so, yes. This will do so well,” she’d smile, looking up at him and nudging her nose into his stubble dusted chin, “m’so proud of you.” xx


After one day of shopping sickness and hell, the next day a friggin 6 km mud run (I’m dying) (if anyone asked where my weight went, it’s stuck on that damn course) (I got a medal tho) and walking through an old fashioned carnival and village thing today, I AM FINALLY HOME!

Good news, I am dubbing tomorrow.

Bad news, my parents told me to wait until Christmas to get a new computer (FUUUUUUUU)

So since most of my buds know me for my improvising, I’ll be doing dubs the old way I used to. On a flipping iPod XD JK, I’ll use my phone XD

Anyways, I am tired and ready to have he best sleep of my life! I’ll answer a few asks before bed tho XD

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The perfect playlist is absolutely essential when going on a road trip. Great songs make the time go faster, and make being in the car for hours way more fun than it should be. Every one seems to think that the “perfect road trip playlist” has to consist of songs that have something to do with driving, going somewhere, etc. But if you’re looking for “punny road-trippy song titles about driving” songs, that’s not what you’ll get here. So sit back, relax, roll down your windows, and press play!

“Taking My Uzi to the Gym” by The Front Bottoms

Taking My Uzi to the Gym was the first song I ever heard by The Front Bottoms. The subpar basement-recording quality mixed with Brian’s imperfect voice was so different than the other stuff I’d been listening to at the time, and it was honestly a breath of fresh air to come across this song (and band). I always blast this song so loud in my car with the windows down and sing it at the top of my lungs with my hair blowing in the wind. I understand that the quality and his voice take some getting used to for a lot of people, and it may be impossible for someone to enjoy this song as much as I do. But for me, it’s such a great, fun song which makes for the perfect first song on my road trip playlist.

“Super Rich Kids” by Frank Ocean

Channel Orange is the most nostalgic album for me to this day. It brings back a flood of memories from the summer before my senior year of high school, hanging out and driving around with my friends every single night. Super Rich Kids specifically brings back memories of driving around after work with my friend Selina waiting for plans to be made. You have Frank Ocean’s amazing voice, then you have it broken up in such a perfect way by Earl Sweatshirt’s rapping. It’s such a chilled out, laid back song that you can easily sing along to in the car on a summer night.

“I’m Writing a Novel” by Father John Misty

There is absolutely no way for me to be in a bad mood while listening to this song. Whenever I drive to work, I put this song on to put me in a good mood and prepare me for the long day ahead. My sister actually introduced this song to me while we were driving in her car and I’ve loved it so much ever since. The part that officially got me hooked is when he says, “the dog ran out and said ‘you can’t turn nothing into nothingness with me no more!’ Well I’m no doctor, but that monkey might be right.” What the heck is he saying?! That’s what makes this song so fun for me. Songs that put you in a good mood are perfect for a road trip, and this is definitely one of them. 

“The Spins” by Mac Miller

Ooooh, ooooh, OOOOH, honey I need you!!! A diverse playlist for a long car ride is a must. “The Spins” is different than what I usually listen to (mainly because of the lyrics) but it was my guilty pleasure throughout high school. This song samples “Half Mast” by Empire of the Sun, and the beat alone is enough to have you dancing in your seat. I can’t help but let this song play every time it comes up on my iPod. The catchy beat and lyrics of “The Spins” are sure to be stuck in your head for days after listening. 

“Crystal Baller” by Third Eye Blind

Oh, the memories this song brings back…sitting in the back of my mom’s car with my sister, screaming the lyrics and thinking the words “crystal baller” were so funny. It starts off so slow and mysterious, and then turns into such a fun, upbeat song. About 10 years have gone by since this song has come out and to this day my sister and I still sing it the same way every single time. This song always lands a spot on my road trip playlist because of the great memories it brings back.

“Going to California” by Led Zeppelin

This song is one of the very few that manages to give me the chills every single time I hear it. It’s so slow and sweet, and another great sing along. The title being a perfect road trip title is always a plus, too. There are so many great Led Zeppelin songs to listen to on a road trip, but this song has such a calming, gentle feeling. If I were stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic on a road trip, this is the song that would make me feel at ease.

“Love Me” by The 1975

**unfortunately there are no videos made for the song yet because it’s so new, so the video in the link is just the preview video**

This song was just released a few days ago, and after a couple hours of my boyfriend telling me to listen to it, I did. It was more than worth it. “Love Me” is already at 37 plays on my iPod…it’s such a fun, upbeat song. The awesome guitar riff and beat, mixed Matty Healy’s screamy (amazing) voice makes for the perfect song to end your road trip. Ever since it came out, every time I’m in the car (or in the shower…or doing homework…or going to class…) I play this song AT LEAST twice. A lot of people were surprised that I like this song considering it’s not “emo or goth” as my friends say my music typically is (ha ha ha..), but how could anyone NOT like it? It’s such a catchy tune that’ll definitely be stuck in your head after you listen.

Whether you’re driving somewhere two hours away or across the entire country, a great playlist is essential in making that car ride bearable. No one enjoys being in a car for longer than ten minutes, but with the perfect playlist and good friends, it can be the best time of your life!

Get You Love Drunk - Dean Winchester x Reader

Author:                @supernaturallymarvellous

Characters:         Dean Winchester x reader, Sam Winchester (brief mention)

Word Count:      1986

Warnings:          Some strong language (F word)

Author Note:     This is my entry to the Cheesy Song Decades Challenge hosted by @cici0507.  The song I was given was the truly wonderful 2005 hit “My Humps” by the Black Eyed Peas.


Hunting took its toll on the body.  You were always covered in bruises and cuts and, after particularly gruelling jobs, you were more often than not left with a trail of stitches from one wound or another.  

The most recent hunt had been exhausting - chasing a shifter across three states.  Spending hours cooped up in the car, interviewing witnesses, sleeping in cheap motels, not to mention finally catching the creature and being tossed about like a ragdoll before finally dispatching it – all of this had left you worn out, hurt and in desperate need of some rest and recuperation.  

Luckily, you’d been close enough to home at the end of the hunt that you, Sam and Dean had managed to get back to the bunker, shower away the blood and grime, and then crawl into the comfort of your own beds before letting sleep take over.

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Nickname: rey i guess
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Time: 10:57am
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Favorite Solo Artist(s): dean, chungha, iu, miso
Song Stuck in my Head: a girl like me by gugudan

Last Movie I Watched: when marnie was there

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Do You Get Asks: sometimes
Why Did You Choose This Blog Name: i like the cold & i love space so 😬
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Average Hours of Sleep: 8-9
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Instruments: clarinet & guitar
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How Many Blankets Do I Sleep With: 1 or 2
Dream Job: astronomer
Dream Trip: japan, italy or sk
Favorite Food: chinese food
Nationality: american

Favorite Song Now: i don’t like your girlfriend by weki meki

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I finally have the mental energy to write down the tale that preceded this photograph.
It’s a tale, so grab a cup of tea, a snack and settle in for the ride of a lifetime. (Or just like a slightly interesting story)
As we all know I headed off on a photo roadtrip to capture a series. The stirling ranges was going to be THE shot, this epic photo of Grace on the summit of bluff knoll, a beautiful sunset, windswept hair. Just basically this really stunning photo that inspires awe in everyone that sees it. We got in the car and started driving, admiring the blue skies, the picturesque white fluffy clouds. We were laughing, the hot air was blowing through our hair reminding us that summer was just around the corner, we were happy and loving life BUT ALAS! As we drove, the clouds began rolling in, I looked nervously at the sky and knew the photo i’d imagined was not to be.
We arrived. It was 3pm, the sign told us it was a 3-4 hour return hike, (the sun was setting in 3.5 hours) the sky was looking ominous and it had started sprinkling with rain. I considered bailing and coming back another time.BUT we were there, we didn’t have time to waste, so we hiked. Oh boy how we hiked, ipod in, gym playlist blaring, we powered it up in record time. The rain truly set in and everything was wet, the wind was chilling us to our bones, I hadn’t been prepared  for such bad weather so my camera was definitely getting damp, much like my mood and soul. (SIDE NOTE: I stepped on a cactus last week and i still have pieces stuck in my foot, they dislodged on the hike and caused true agony with every step. BUT KEEP WALKING I DID!) After what felt like a century in the north pole, we finally arrived at the summit. But a cloud had been conveniently following in our wake, and also blew in, completely obscuring our view. We were standing there waiting for the cloud to pass, in the wind, in the rain, soaked to our very core. I could hardly even use my camera my fingers were so cold. Eventually I decided we would just shoot anyway. The shot was the complete opposite of what i’d imagined but I knew it would still work in the series. Grace got changed into a thin dress, took her shoes off and stood on the cold wet rocks, in the face of the icey wind. As I took my photo I started noticing snow flying past. Anyone that was reading this thinking ‘yeah, as if it was even that cold, this is Western Australia’ YEAH THATS RIGHT! SNOW! I was so cold i could hardly photograph, i was genuinely worried about Grace getting ill, and I knew we still had to hike back down, and cactus feet over here would be slowing us down. I hoped i’d got a good photo but I really couldn’t even tell, my eyes hardly knew what was going on. So Grace got changed, as she put her last item of clothing back on THE CLOUD CLEARED and we knew we had to give it a go. So the clothes and shoes came back off and she stood nearly dying on the summit unprotected from the elements. Usually I shoot for longer, I like to move around a bit more and find the best shot, but time was of the essence here so I took a photo and yelled at Grace, OK LETS GO! She asked if I had the shot and I genuinely didn’t know. I couldn’t even focus on my screen to check. As we started walking back, a fateful rumble of thunder rolled through and we looked at each other in fear just as the torrential downpour started. The water was running in rivers down the side of the mountain and we started moving as fast as we could. Although my cactus feet were in agony, they were so cold I could hardly feel it (there is always a silver lining in every situation) but running/hobbling we finally made it back alive in one piece (at least on the outside, my sould was semi broken through the experience)  I’ve climbed a few mountains in my time but that was the worst hiking experience i’ve ever had. The entire time i was hobbling down i was questioning my life decisions. 'I’ve just booked a ticket to Nepal, how can i consider climbing everest base camp if i can’t even tackle Bluff Knoll’ 'I consider myself an adventurer, but this is horrible, who even am i?’ 'I’ve asked people to give me money to capture this series, is the entire thing going to fail miserably?’
I spent a horrible night doubting every single decision i’d ever made and considered quitting photography all together. But the next day I nervously looked at the photos and I was pretty happy with what I saw. It was the complete opposite to anything I’d considered for that location but it’s still an epic photo.
For those that read this entire story, well done! Thanks for staying, even though the end was super anticlimactic. As a reward for sticking through the entire saga, i’ve written an alternate ending for you.
The thunder rolled in and we looked at each other in fear. The torrential downpour started and we were stuck in a flood, our feet came out from under us and we were spinning down the side of the mountain hitting rocks and trees and getting struck by lightening. Alas on the way down I hit a rock and sadly died, but Grace made it down, she found my camera bag and looked at the photos. She knew these were the greatest photos ever taken and released them in my memory. The name Louise Coghill went down in history as being one of the bravest, most daring and talented photographers that has ever graced this earth.
The end. 

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cotton candy, strawberry, and rocky road

cotton candy: three places you want to travel to?

Japan, literally anywhere in Europe, Argentina, Brazil or Peru 

I know that’s more than 3 but there’s a lot in the world I haven’t seen yet. 

strawberry: a language you wish you could speak?

Aside from having better fluency in Spanish & Japanese

French maybe? or Italian? 

rocky road: favorite songs at the moment?

Aogashima Island (remix by Macross 82-99 but it’s a remix of a Mari Iijima song)

And this came on my ipod on my way to work so now it’s stuck in my head and I’m wondering why I never noticed it before, “Ai wo Mou Ichidou” from Future Boy Conan

Put your iTunes on shuffle. Give me the first 6 songs that pop up.

I was tagged by @helloanime247, thanks so much!! <3 I was so worried about this one because I haven’t updated my iTunes/iPod in like… at least 2-3 years lol oops… it didn’t turn out TOO embarrassing though! ^^”

1. ‘Walk’ by OLDCODEX (KnB ending 3)

2. ‘Kiss with a Fist’ by Florence and the Machine

3. ‘My Fault’ by Imagine Dragons

4. ‘When Love Takes Over’ by David Guetta feat. Kelly Rowland

5. ‘One of These Days’ by Shane Filan

6. ‘Ao no Kanata’ by Nobunaga Shimazaki (Free! - one of Haru’s character songs lol)

(Cheating and adding in a 7th song because it was ‘Uragiri no Yuuyake’ by Theatre Book which is a Durarara!! OP and is such a tune! <3)

Thanks again for the tag!! <3


If only New York wasn’t so far away
I promise the city won’t get in our way
When you’re scared and alone,
Just know that I’m already home

So this song started playing on my iTunes shuffle and as soon as I heard those lyrics I thought of Newt and Tina being stuck in different countries (Newt in London/England and Tina in New York/America). Honestly, this song is so early-Newtina it hurts.

(A/N.: I used to fancy the fuck out of Darren Criss, who stars in this video, so this video is also wonderful because look at this curly haired dork)

Let me cheek the last time I worked on It: “27 of June 2014” Oh yeah….huh…well then… 

Yeah when I just cheeked my sai works and I found this … It was for some “Kings” Story [Not even a story just pics] or something.
I tried Digital Painting that use most of Game Character Development Artist. The technique I tries was the paint in one cape, and do It in black and white then later when you done add the colour job. But It stuck there. 

For this point I think you guessed who the model is. Vikk, and the story was for, like I said a kings au I guess, but Vikk was a knight, with his own army whose king was Rob [More pics below]

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This is going to be a long post (I made a tl;dr at the bottom). I just want to share my experience, fandom- wise and I hope this post can help you realize stuff in your life. So here goes my last seven years:

I think this is one of the most interesting thing to talk about especially if you’re making new friends in the fandom, the ‘how did you get into kpop anyway’? For me, I was browsing the TV when I saw this music video promoting Seoul featuring SuJu and SNSD, it was  really cool and catchy, that time, the first guy I noticed was Ryeowook, he is my bias and first KPOP crush.

I am pretty lucky to discover KPOP at that time because I strongly believe that these were the golden years. The songs popular that time were: Sorry Sorry, Neorago, Oh, Genie, Lucifer, Bingeul Bingeul, I Don’t Care, Fire etc. They were awesooome, and I just can see why people would be into this music. The scene was super cool, the songs were good, I can even name rookie groups that time and their debut songs are good too (Teen Top, B2ST, CN Blue etc). I was a full time ELF, I was able to watch their concert (Super Show 2) here too, but my ticket that time was only upper box because I don’t have money, so I vowed that the next time Suju will be here, I will be  in the VIP section.

After discovering KPOP, of course you fall in love with the groups, my top group that time was Super Junior but I am a big fan of SM Town already, I know all the famous groups there. My soul was sold to kpop this time, like I know  all the latest updates, the new songs, I watch everything, all the variety shows AND STUFF, I KNOW YOU KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT, JUST BEING THE ULTIMATE FANGIRL. I started saving like crazy too because Suju announces SS3 Manila leg AND I NEED TO GO, almost 90% of my allowance (I swear I stopped eating at school) went to buying merch and album, and going to KPOP
conventions here. I was able to watch SS3, my ticket was standing VIP, I will never forget about that experience and I got to touch Siwon’s hand too!

Shortly after this, I discovered TVXQ, by this time they are already going through lawsuit and in hiatus, but I am positive I am going to love the five of them forever. I did not leave the Suju fandom but I got into DB5K more, I mean TO ME THEY ARE PERFECT PERFORMERS COME ON, THEY CAN ALL DANCE, THEY CAN ALL SING, THEY ALL LOOK SO FREAKING HOT AND EVERYTHING. This is my top group so I did a lot of catching up- the songs, the variety shows, the concert DVDs, I watched EVERYTHING. My ultimate bias now is Shim Changmin. In this fandom, I got to meet a lot of people and friends, to the point that I even went to sleep over at their houses.

This is like the honeymoon phase where I am super in love with everything KPOP and ready to do just whatever it takes to support my idols.

This was the time I start questioning like 'do I really need this album?’, 'do I really need to buy this magazine?’, and stuff, I am still a fangirl but I felt like I am getting tired of KPOP. This year JYJ and 2VXQ came back to the scene, this was the year EXO debuted, I was there from the start, with all the teasers and MAMA and History days. I was an instant EXO fan too, but like in moderation. My EXO bias is Sehun.

2012, I was a sophomore in college, and I just found it hard to study with too much distraction, plus it’s getting too childish for me now (like I can do something more meaningful with my time and I started joining college orgs), so I left the fandom slowly. For three years, I did not have ANY UPDATES AT ALL. The only thing I knew then were the biggest news just like when Sungmin got married, Kris leaving and who’s entering the army. But I really don’t care much now. I still wish for DB5K to be successful in their paths, I don’t obsess about them now, I get
to watch them from time to time especially since they ventured into acting too, I think, honestly, these five men will  always have a special place in my heart (but as I said, I don’t obsess about them now, I don’t even follow their SNS, and I DON'T have a SINGLE song of them in my iPod).

I graduated from college and is now working. I stumbled upon SHINee’s View MV and liked it instantly so I started catching up a bit, but I realized how different I am now than I was four years ago. So now, I still watch MVs and variety shows but for pure entertainment purposes only.

I was a typical fangirl, yes I also went into that delusional stage (I THINK THAT IT’S NORMAL TO HAVE A DELUSIONAL PHASE, JUST GROW
UP AND DON’T GET STUCK IN HERE), I even found an old diary entry where I wrote that I am sure Changmin and I are meant to be and we will end up together or something, reading it now, I find it funny.
I was so naive back then, during album launch, I even go to the mall super early so I can be first in line, and when I think about all the money I spent, (my parent’s money) and all the efforts and all the time I invested to KPOP, I mean my whole adolescent life almost revolved around KPOP)

Thinking about it now, it’s very cringe worthy but if I can turn back time, I will not change anything. I was a fangirl, I will tell my friends stories about how addicted I was and we will have a laugh or two about it.

I don’t get people who say that KPOP ruined them, because it wasn’t supposed to be that complicated, in the end it was your fault for going in too deep, I had that time too, where I feel sad when I think that I will never get to meet these people in real life, but that’s over now, AND BELIEVE ME WHEN I SAY, SOONER OR LATER, YOU WILL MOVE ON. But the experience you had while you were still a fan stays with you, and they will all be good memories if you choose to make good memories. I MEAN COME ON, I WAS ABLE TO TOUCH SIWON’S HAND. I don’t obsess about it, but I don’t think I will forget that ever.


Now, when I see Suju or TVXQ somewhere, I just pray that they get married already or find a more stable happiness aside from their careers. God, I hope they get married soon because they are not getting any younger. I may not be here to support them for every step of the way, but we will always have 2010-2011, and I am sure that’s enough, because we need to move on to more important things in life at some point.

TL;DR: every fangirl goes through these stages at some point, and you will too, and you will move on too, so don’t let kpop ruin you and instead make good memories out of it :)


This was for my writers block.

Nico had long ago turned off his own music and casually leaned over to listen to the humming of the cheery blond boy on the opposite lounge. He was bored, he was tired, he was low on caffeine and his flight had been delayed overnight; plus the guy had a decent voice on him.

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Imagine an AU where during practice the teams try to fluster the crap out of some of the players on another team so now its a thing to do between Nekoma and Karasuno and they can do anything (that doesn't hurt anyone) and one day Kuroo comes up with a brilliant idea to make Nekoma!Yamguchi sing and fluster Tsukki, who had been eyeing Yamaguchi at almost every practice match and Yamaguchi sings Fall For You (Secondhand Serenade) and ---

That song has been on my ipod shuffle since like 2009 I stg never let your older sister fill your ipod up with music bc then she’ll forget the itunes password and then you can’t add any more music and you’re stuck with early 2000′s music for the rest of your life. 

Kuroo had his eyes on Tsukishima for a while. He was the perfect prey. Someone who, if he could pull this off, both Nekoma and Karasuno would never suspect. All he had to do was find the right moment to attack. 

See, Kuroo’s seen the way Tsukishima looks at Nekoma’s precious Tadashi. He knows Tsukishima has a thing for him. It was painstakingly obvious to anyone who looked at the way he looked at him, and Kuroo didn’t particularly like that. Tsukishima was as douche-y as douchebags got, and he’d undoubtedly break Tadashi’s poor heart if they were to get together, so he was doing everyone a favor, really. Embarrass Tsukishima, make Tadashi think he’s lame, thus cutting off any chances of them getting together. 

“Hey, Tadashi, what was that song?” 

Both teams were cooling off and waiting for the bus to arrive to pick up Karasuno. 

“That’s really vague, Kuroo-san, could you elaborate?”

“That one,” Kuroo says, using even more vague hand-gestures. “The one you had on in the weight room this morning. The slow one.” 

Tadashi raises an eyebrow. “What?”

“The one with the– the fighting lyric.”


By now, both teams were looking at them. Perfect. Just as planned. 

“That one– ‘the best thing ‘bout tonight’ I think is how it starts.”

“Oh! That one! It’s–”

“Could you sing it? So I know for sure it’s the one?..” 

“Um…” Tadashi bites his lip, before shrugging and humming the first note before singing the first couple lines. 

The entirety of the two teams goes silent listening, and a few people look surprised. As predicted, Tsukishima’s face was beet-red, and he grins to himself.

“Yep! That’s it!”

“Wh- why did you want to know?”

“Oh, I just wanted to hear you sing. Your voice is pretty, Tadashi~”

Tadashi’s cheeks tinge pink. “Thanks, Kuroo-san,” He mumbles. 

Kuroo leans back against the wall he was sitting against, and crosses his arms. A few people comment about Tadashi’s voice, and he accepts the compliments graciously, blush gracing his tan cheeks. But there’s someone missing…

“Th– that…” 


“Your– your voice i– is really…nice…”

Tadashi giggles. “Thanks, Tsukki.” 

“Ts- Tsukki?”

“Hm? Isn’t that your name?”

“No…It– it’s Tsuki…shima…”

“Oh! Whoops! Sorry!”

“No, no– I– I like it…”

Tadashi giggles, and alarm bells start going off in Kuroo’s head. “Oh. Ok, Tsukki!”

No no no no, this isn’t how it was supposed to go–

“Hey, can I get your number?..I– I’ve been meaning t- to get it.”

Tadashi, I swear to god, you’d better say no to that boy–


Damn it. 

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#18 with Cas x Reader, please?????

You had hardly made it past the first sentence of your prayer before Cas was by your side, angel blade in hand, his eyes wild and alert.

“God, Cas, put that away. What are you doing?” you chided gently as he looked around the bunker’s hallway where you stood. His eyes landed on you.

“You prayed for help.”

“Not that kind of help.”

He narrowed his eyes at you, stowing his blade for the moment.

“What are you doing?”

You peered around the corner of the hallway, ensuring that you were alone—or at least out of earshot— before you answered.

“Dean’s been dicking with my stuff,” you said, continuing on despite the disapproving look from Cas. “It started out as an accident; he grabbed my duffel instead of his when he went on a hunt a few days ago and brought it back all beat up. But when he saw how mad I got about it, he thought it was funny. And now he’s been moving things in my room, putting my blade in weird places. Just…generally being—“

“Being a dick,” Cas finished for you, and you laughed to hear it coming from him.


“I’m sorry you’re having to deal with this, but I’m still not sure why you prayed to me, Y/N.”

You placed a hand on Cas’ arm, steeling yourself with your most serious face.

“I need you to help me, Cas.”

“You’ve never prayed for my help before. Not even when you were bleeding out after the vampire hunt in Omaha last year,” he said, eyes dark at the memory. You waved him off, shaking your head.

“This is more serious than that.”

“I highly doubt that.”

“This is personal now, Cas. He changed every single playlist on my iPod. It’s all Rick Astley! Do you understand? He came into my home and rick-rolled me. I didn’t even know he knew what rick-rolling was,” you said, talking faster as the old anger came back. You looked back up at Cas, noting the slight curve of his lips as he listened to you.

“So what’s your plan then?”

“Revenge. Old-fashioned revenge.”

“I’m familiar with the concept. What are the specifics?” he asked. You smiled wide at him, glad he had stuck around this long.

“The Impala,” you said, raising your eyebrows at him. He paused a moment, considering you, waiting you out to see if you were serious.

“What are you going to do to it?” he asked slowly. Your smile widened, you gave his arm a little squeeze, and for just a flash of a second, the two of you were co-conspirators.

“Tell me you’re in and you find out,” you replied. He glanced at your hand on his arm and let out a long sigh.

“This is without a doubt the stupidest plan you’ve ever had,” he said, but then, before your heart had time to deflate at the thought of him leaving again, he added, “Of course I’m in.”