so i was stabbed in the lower back

So, the bare bones of a scar/full-body ref for Armiin. This is messy and MAY be fixed up later to make it look nicer and not just scribbles of color; but for now, have the gist of it all.

Most are from animals, a few from battles, and a blotching of burns from his own mishaps. He has some on his back as well that I may or may not get to, but the prominent ones would be the horn marks on his lower back, and a few stab wounds around his shoulders and spine. 

And have his ankle charms for an added bonus. Woop. 

So to sum up, Henry has seen Henchman!David stab Deckhand!Hook in the back, Light One!Rumple stab Fugitive!Regina in the stomach, and DO Emma stab DO Killian in the chest. Now, based on the filming spoilers from last night, he’s going to get to see Emma get stabbed by a mysterious cloaked figure.

I like the spec I’ve seen that the fight is a dream sequence.  I’m going to speculate that the dream sequence is Emma’s, she doesn’t know who she is fighting, she loses and gets stabbed in the stomach/chest, and the hooded figure lowers its hood to reveal Killian’s face. 

But, J! Killian is standing there comforting Henry who just saw another parental unit stabbed before his very eyes. I know. I know, but its a dream sequence, easily plausible to have one character in multiple places, lends to the shock factor. Emma’s guilt over the DS thing hasn’t gone away, she’s trying to avoid the cricket because she can handle a couple of bad dreams, but then this happens and she realizes that the dreams are more insidious than originally suspected (maybe something carries through to the waking world) and the new adventure begins.