so i was published in the huffington post

melimelo39  asked:

i'm waiting for Darren team decision to thwart all this gay porn star kiss it's gonna be fun or we gonna see how desperate they are. for sure lots of miarren pic to show how straight and in love he is

The thing is. These articles. This is PR as well. Make no mistake. This story was published by numerous publications including Playbill and the Huffington Post. Two reputable sources. These were approved by his Team. No question.

Plus there were 2 blinds yesterday. That were overt. No one could argue that either was not about Darren. And Darren himself tweeting about it.

And remember. That segment of Conan. Absolutely planned. That was nearly half the interview. Questions and answers are planned in advance.

So the question is why? Darren is still playing straight. Beard isn’t gone. (And expect the continued push). Even when she is, as I’ve stated, I expect a long process, in phases. For all we know. It could take years. There is a ton at stake. The current situation for both Chris and Darren is a mess and they have tons of fans invested in the PR relationships. And adamant that Chris and Darren aren’t a couple.

But I would guess. This is laying groundwork. And testing the waters. Starting to reverse the conditioning of his fans to expect every article and every interview to emphasize his straightness. Which this one did. But was completely overshadowed by the gay porn star he didn’t recognize (I loved that Out magazine called him out on that-As well as one of the blinds) whose throat he stuck his tongue down. Not once. But twice.

I think moving forward. We may see more of this. It’s going to be interesting to watch.
Do Ignorant Parents and Teachers Create Banned Books? (Part 1)
“The books that the world calls ‘ immoral’ are books that show the world its own shame.” ~ Oscar Wilde Until we’re adults, our ...

I just discovered this image of mine has been published in the Huffington Post…. yayyy!!😎

A couple of weeks ago I discovered a top literary magazine using an image of mine and not bothering to credit me for it.  They seemed to ignore my tweet to them about it until I reposted it on my own Twitter page to embarrass them.  They asked me to email them to get it sorted.  WTF is wrong with some people?!!!  Why should I have to email a well respected literary magazine to tell them where the link is to the images they’ve already published and how they should be crediting all free creative commons images they use… and they are not.  So not the way to run a literary magazine that’s for sure!!

I will deal with them soon… and they won’t like what I have to say, I know that.

But this has really cheered me up tonight.  If the Huffington Post goes to the trouble of crediting where credit is due… there is hope others may learn pictures are not magically produced by Google. 😑  Someone worked hard to create it.  If you know the source of the photography or art, the least you can do is credit them.

Huffington Post… mm…. feeling very smiley at the moment!! 😁

This Guy Hates Clickbaity Headlines. Here’s Why

Anyone who has ever scrolled through a Facebook newsfeed knows what “clickbait” is—the internet is awash in headlines promising a photo cuter than all other cute photos, an outrage-inducing news item more outrageous than all other news items, a piece of celebrity gossip juicier than all the previous undeniably juicy gossip bits. The key is that these headlines always withhold that critical piece of information: who the best guitarist in the world is, what the bad Republican man actually said, which nutritional supplement will cause spiders to grow in your stomach and eat you from the inside out.

Jake Beckman has achieved a modest amount of internet fame by ruining these headlines and saving people clicks in the process with his aptly named Twitter account @SavedYouAClick. Inoften hilarious fashion Beckman retweets links to stories from websites and publications like theNew York TimesSalon, the AtlanticSlate, the Huffington PostForbes, Upworthy, and Buzzfeed, among others, with a pithy summary of the article’s interesting bits. His tweets save everyone time by boiling down stories into single words (“The World Cup is days away but is Brazil Ready?”“Nope”), but they also should shame people who write misleading or insulting headlines and tweets in the service of drawing traffic to uninteresting stories. @SavedYouAClick has apparently struck a chord, amassing 90,000 followers in just over 400 tweets, and last week, Beckman even got the opportunity to save his followers a click to a story about himself. How charitable of him:

VICE: You told Jack Shafer of Reuters that you don’t have a problem with headlines that ask questions, which leaves only teasing, “curiousity gap"–exploiting tweets in your crosshairs. But you don’t appear to be going after some of the worst clickbait offenders—sites like Upworthy and the God-awful Facebook mom feed, Elite Daily. Are those sites just too easy to target?
Jake Beckman:
 It’s not that headlines with questions are always OK—sometimes they’re legitimate, and sometimes they’re not. What I’m targeting, though, are the tweets: how these articles are positioned on social media in an attempt to score easy traffic. I definitely include Upworthy, and just recently followed Elite Daily—I’m always looking for more publishers to follow. Usually it’s just a matter of timing—when I’m looking for tweets and how recently the offending tweets were published.

Running a Twitter feed doesn’t pay, as much as we all wish that was the case. What do you do for a living?
I run @SavedYouAClick as a personal side project. I work for RebelMouse, a publishing platform with a focus on social content. I used to work in breaking news and editorial at ABC News and Bloomberg TV, so I’m very familiar with how newsrooms work.

Vlogger Shuts Down 'But There Are Good Cops Too' With One Perfect Analogy
Just because there are good cops doesn't mean there's not a problem with the system.

In the video, Kirk draws the parallel between police brutality and clean water. “If I live in a house where the water is coming out dirty sometimes I don’t just say ‘well, it’s not always dirty, so nothing is wrong.’ No, I need to replace the system,” he says.

The video was published on Tumblr August 19 and has received more than 200,000 notes of people sharing or reblogging his post. “I was inspired by the tension in our society in regards to police brutality, especially among black youths,” Kirk told the Huffington Post this week.

Meme Debunking Time

 I’m not sure if people are actually taking this seriously or not, or If everyone’s sarcasm is going over my head, or if there’s some hidden joke that I’m missing but I won’t be able to fall asleep without getting this off my chest. Okay so there’s this meme going around based this screenshot

and I’m not sure if this was meant to be taken seriously or not, but the screenshot is fake. There was not an article published by Cole Delbyck of “The Huffington Post” on January 19, 2016 about the interview(you can check for yourself). There was an article on USA Today in which David Ayer, the director for “The Suicide Squad” was interviewed and said he was slightly put off by Jared Leto being in character for the entirety of the filming because he made such a convincing Joker, but he also said that Leto’s intense method acting and his portrayal of Joker excited him.