so i was like yeah why not

  • Shiro: I can’t keep doing this. I’m not your mom!
  • Pidge: well…
  • Keith: You do exhibit rather…motherly behavior, Shiro…
  • Pidge: Yeah, I mean my parents live in Bermuda, and Lance’s parents died in that train accident.
  • Lance: Trains are fast.
  • Pidge: So you’re like our mom. Team Mom. Team Mom, Team Mom, Team Mom!
  • Shiro: I’m not the Team Mom-!
  • Everyone: Team Mom, Team Mom, Team Mom!
  • Shiro: Keith, why are you chanting?!
  • Keith: it’s a catchy chant…
  • Lance: ….Team M-!
  • Shiro: One more chant and no slushies after practice!

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aw thank you so much!!! i’ve been surprised by how many people got excited by me drawing jojo fanart tbh but YEAH i love it!! i powered thru reading and watching part 2 - 8 in under a month (i had read and watched p1 in like 2015 but never continued?? why)….i’ve doodled more fanart of it in the past month or two than any other franchise i’ve ever gotten into (mostly on twitter/insta rather than tumblr), i bought fucking merch. i broke my own rule of only buying nge items in an attempt to save money!!!!! i’m in hell!!!!!!

it’s all i can think about anymore, my family has left me, my home is in shambles, my wallets are empty, araki ruined my life, but jjba is very good and i die willingly.

I just got home y’all, tonight was such a magical experience.
I cried. I screamed. I felt really blessed to have experienced it with two wonderful friends and I love all of BTS 10x more now, I don’t know how explain it fully…

But I’m really happy right now.

America: So.. I was reading about how alcoholics can be found in like, everyone’s lives. It’s a common issue, ya know

Canada: Oh yeah, I bet we can even name some people in this room.


England: Why are all of you looking at me?! 

Prussia: And me! What are you trying to say?

England: What the hell?

Prussia: Hey, do you want to go to the pub after this? Talk about this bullshit?

England: Yes. Actually. I do. 

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I work in retail in California. Also in one of the greenest cities in the state. So yeah we charge for bags. been like this for five years. They. Still. Bitch. Like one person had the audacity to ask me why??? Uh so we cut costs??? To keep our ocean clean? So our landfills are not fucking up our eco system? Do you know how much oil it takes to make bags? Do you know how much the coast guard is paid to clean the ocean? Like you're bitching about my store but Costco does it and it's fine!? Shut up


Hands down my all-time favorite MST3k joke. It’s so specifically written to Baby Boomer Midwesterners, because no one else would get the multiple layers of this.

A OF ALL: It’s a fucking Sven and Ole joke, which—if you didn’t grow up with Norwegian-extraction grandparents who literally kept books of Dumb Scandinavian jokes on the living room table, you’d never understand.

And then it’s fucking Ingmar Bergman, which is just so pretentious and so like Midwesterners, to be like, oh yeah, of course we’ll do a laboriously drawn-out joke about the most famous Swede, he was horrible, why not

And then, and fucking then, it’s a goddamn Schlitz beer tagline joke. Literally. Have you ever even heard of Schlitz Beer? Of course not. Of course fucking not. IT’S AN ADVERTISING JOKE FROM THE 1960S. I’m ruining it by explaining the joke, but good God: 


aaaaaaaa omg today was so great, honestly. idk why but i just woke up happier AND i found my headphones!!!! and in school, my friend went to do idk what so i stayed alone and i was like oh fuck but then i saw my crush and she like smiled so i went to her and we talked a bit and she finally sent me a message, so now i have her number!!!!! (she said she kept forgetting bc she doesnt use the app a lot but anyway it doesnt matter) also later when she was leaving she hugged me!!!!!!! i mean, yeah she hugged her other friend too but i’m not happy about it bc of hope or smth, i’m just !!!!!!!!!! she hugged me!!!!! and her hug is so great!!!!!!!!! oh god shes so pretty omg aND HER SMILE!!!!!! okay just kill me now

Okay so, anyone who’s like “BLUH BLUH Belle is a bad Disney Princess because she wants more in life even though people are working are hard why can’t girls just shut up and be content bluh bluh” can MEET ME IN THE FUCKING PIT. (Using the 1991 movie for ref here, since I haven’t seen the live-action. Maybe live-action Belle is shittier.) 

Like, yeah, she’s a flawed human being who tends to be so lost in fantasy worlds that she doesn’t recognize what’s around her beyond a judgey surface glance. The whole POINT of the movie is both her AND the Beast are learning to see what’s beautiful beneath the surface. She doesn’t get handed a new world because she wanted it real bad–she had to learn, first, to be less judgmental of things that don’t fit her fantasy book ideal. ONLY THEN does she get what she wants.

But you know what she DIDN’T have to learn, because it WASN’T a flaw? She didn’t have to learn that just because someone else is suffering worse than you, you should accept your lot in life. She put up with ZERO of the Beast’s shit, even when she knew he was cursed. He had it bad, but he was being an asshole, so she refused it, because she knew he could be more, and better.

There’s a HUGE stigma, especially around girls, that wanting more than what you have is inherently selfish and bad. Girls shouldn’t have wants–don’t you see that that people around you are trying to feed their families?? Who are you to complain??? Do you think that person struggling to survive is a worse person than you, then???? Girls are CONSTANTLY expected to give up their dreams to raise children, to help others, to not make their boyfriend feel jealous, to cut themselves down, to be lesser, lesser, lesser. Dream of less, don’t reach so high, just surviving is okay. 

Belle is a great Disney Princess. Yes, she’s flawed. She’s idealistic, she’s judgmental, she’s weird, she’s impulsive and occasionally outright mean. But she knows what she wants, she works hard for it, she takes no bullshit. She doesn’t forget her roots–she risks her life to save Maurice–but she doesn’t blindly accept them, either. She GETS MORE IN LIFE. 

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Hey I just wanna let u know your art inspires me a lot. My art style is kinda like your small art style, (soft,round, kinda simple) and I get down on myself a lot abt it tbh, like I feel my art cant be good at all bc its really simple and cartoony. But when I see your art and I see how its really good it makes me feel better about my own cause its like "hey, his art style is very cartoony and good, yours can be too!" And so yeah ur gr8 just thought id let u know

Yes!!! I’m so glad to hear that!!!

Every art style is different, it has their very own way to look like, because you’re putting your feelings and your soul into it.

And we’re all different.

We create our own universes. And there’s people out there who are really interested about it! You just don’t know who these people are. That’s why you gotta go out there and be like ‘’I did this thing!!’’

Some people see the colors as a first thing, the palettes that you use, others sees the line art. Some people like detailed drawings, other like realistic ones, others just stick to the simple. We all have different likes and dislikes because that’s how we work. Because that makes us ourselves.

Honestly, going out there and show people what you do it’s kind of a hard process. But believe me, it’s totally worth it.

@dent-de-leon replied to your post “I feel like Pidge’s shield doesn’t get talked about enough. Like,…”

id also say it shows pidge’s nature as being more protective as opposed to head-on offensive. and being that her lion’s aspect is the forrest (which carries nature symbolism for nurturing growth, life, ect), and also how well she mastered the olkari belief all life is connected, it makes sense why she has the shield—something to protect and preserve—and not a weapon like keith. another thing, pidge is someone who endures and thinks long term. shield could = perseverance

Yeah, I think Pidge has definitely grown to see the team as people inside her sphere of protection and as such it makes sense that she shields them, but she didn’t always think that way. In the beginning she hadn’t yet decided these people were worth her time and effort, even going so far as almost leaving them, before she realizes wait I want to be there for them. 

And there could possibly be a parallel to how she doesn’t really start getting the hang of her shield until after the fall of the Castle and her change of heart. Correct me if I’m wrong but Voltron’s shield isn’t used at all in the first battle against Sendak’s ship right? And then it makes its first appearance in the fight against Myzax, where Pidge fumbles it and clearly doesn’t know how to use it. This could of course be attributed to the team being unfamiliar with Voltron at this early stage in the show, but it could also mean that Pidge hasn’t fully accepted her place on the team and her role as Defense for Voltron. After she decides to stay, after she decides she cares about these people and their cause enough to delay her search for her family, she becomes much more proficient at wielding the shield. And I think that’s because she has accepted them into her “group of people I care about and want to protect” list.

Also I just want to say I really like your last point about Pidge enduring and thinking long term

my stepdad does not contribute SHIT to he and my mom’s marriage and house and drains her finances and offers zero kind of emotional support and it bums me out bc my mom stays with him when he causes her so much stress. i come home and he’s literally sitting on the couch, watching golf, with dishes piled in the sink and–upon seeing me do the dishes and then sweep, he goes “ahh lots of cat hair?”

yeah you fucking worthless, mooching piece of shit. why don’t you show my mom some respect and basic kindness and get off your ass instead of only working when you feel like it, spending her money on camera equipment, and huffing and puffing about me living here for a couple of months as if you in any way paid for THIS HOUSE. 

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Honestly? I think they really lost their mind. Have you read that horrible Moffat-Interview? That Sherlock wears the head because of Mary!!!? I can't even comment this. My biggest nightmare. For them everything J&S do and the reason they are so good friends is Mary. I want to vomit. How can they not see, that M was the killer (not savoir), the liar (not saint), the scissors (not the glue)??? f thats their opinion, i expect bombs, supernatural things and Mary-Flashbacks in S5. Mary- their fav!!!

Hey Nonny,

Yeah, I think that the interview was bullshit, to be honest. Like… they KNEW what they were doing. They know that there’s the subtext there – Mark even admitted to it – so why they praised Mary so hard, I have no idea. I’ve written extensive meta on Mary and how both John and Sherlock do not like her, so I won’t get into it here too much, but essentially, I feel like they’re purposely trying to make people angered by her presence in S4, because she literally became the main character in E1, and was constantly between them in E2, and then in TFP she has the “final” word on the series, which isn’t right; she became the narrator of the story. I find it so hard to believe that Mofftiss actually believe that Mary was the glue when for years before S3 even aired they kept talking about how much John and Sherlock need each other. It’s bizarre. I mean, I know, lying liars who lie, but I’m at the point now where I have no idea which lies I’m to disregard and which ones are lies.

But yeah, IF they continue down this path that cannot possibly be real, then I also foresee a lot more Mary flashbacks and interruptions that completely halt the pace of the show. *sighs*


After eating dinner with my mom and sister we watched a few movies. Once the last movie ended I decided to head outside and call Adrian.

“Hey Adrian, how are you and Phoebe doing?”

“We’re doing fine, how is it going at your mom’s?”

“Surprisingly it’s going really well… I honestly think my mom has changed a lot.”

“That’s good to hear, you will be home Sunday night right?”

“Yeah I will, we should all go out to eat and I’ll tell you guys everything.”

“Sounds like a plan.., well I’m gonna head to bed, goodnight Rosemary.”

“Goodnight Adrian.”

I don’t know why but Adrian is always the first person I go to when I want to talk. I think it is because he is so nonjudgmental and always listens to what I have to say. I’m glad to have him a friend and a roommate.

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Ya know it kinda hurt me when Lauren called us "invasive, scary, delusional, disrespectful." Like yeah I had fun with camren and the idea but I never actually thought they were together. 😞

some people took it too far and that’s why she sees it so negatively

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You can't honestly tell me that if you weren't a "Larrie" you would still doubt Louis' relationship with Eleanor.

okay so normally i dont like to have eleanor on my blog but for you ill make an exception 

but yeah i can honestly tell you

if i was not a larrie

i still wouldnt believe



It rains. I probably failed this math test but you know what? i’m happy! you know why? Because i went to buy my mom’s bday present today, saw two ladies searching for their next reads and i went to meet them holding a copy of All the light we cannot see by Anthony Doerr, being kike “if i may, this book was awesome,  i loved i t you should definitely read it!” and after talking with them, the woman and her friend actually bought it! reason number 1 why i feel happy at the moment! Then i actually bought the present for my mom and the cashier told me  that it was cheaper than it was told on the DVD! i spared money! reason number 2! But then i went to the bookstore…. and bought a new book XD I knew i shouldn’t have ask for this book rec to the librarian :))) So yeah i’m coming home with The Son by Philipp Meyer and i hope i’ll like it! REsaon number 3! Buying a book always makes me happy and some math and rain clouds won’! t change it ! byeeeeeeee

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I just never understood why everyone could forgive Damon but not Katherine. They celebrated when she died but everyone was like "oh Damon don't sacrifice yourself for this town, you've already done enough"

Well they do that with every villain. Yeah, OK, Tyler wanting to take down Klaus because he killed his mother is understandable but you’re sharing a drink with the man who killed your uncle. LIKE? The show just turned everyone into hypocrites so Damon could be in the friend group.